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Buyer Beware.

Went there for my prescription. All smiles and service, handed me the pills and the price was twice as much as I usually pay. I said excuse me that's too much. The reply was "ohh did I price that wrong" repriced it and it was 42% higher than I normal pay. So I challenged it again and he asked for proof. Showed the Chemist Warehouse website and it was listed there at the lower price. I also produced a receipt from my prior purchase at Chemist warehouse. He then matched the price, gave me some story about "I don't know how they can do that". If i didnt know my prices he would have made me pay so much more. I won't shop here again.

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Great Pharmacists and salesperson

It’s always nice to be here , pharmacy staffs are very friendly, they truly service with their heart ..
Store staffs are very helpful, always available, informative and attentive to customer..
Keep up the good job !!!!!!’

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Prices better at Chemist Warehouse

Was at Officeworks Five Dock this week so popped into this chemist which is next door and purchased some sore throat medicine assuming it was well priced compared to Chemist Warehouse.
Big mistake as Chemist Warehouse much cheaper as per their website.
Betadine ready to use - $9.99 vs $8.39
Betadine lozenges (36) - $8.99 vs $6.39

Anyway just rang them and they do price matching. I should have asked at the time.

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This is a brilliant pharmacy and Excellent service

An absolutely fantastic pharmacy with brilliant owners and all of the staff are great and very very helpful. Everything is easy to find in this store and if you can't find it _ they will go out of their way to find the product you want. And a very compassionate approach which is a rare gift these day
Mary Sloan a very satisfied customer

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Wonderful Service

Marnie at Pharmacy 4 Less in Top Ryde is an outstanding employee - she is really personable, cheerful and incredibly efficient !! Thank you so much for looking after us Marnie!

Lana Lubimoff

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Ashfield store staff

I requested for recyclable bag but staff refused. Also did not provide appropriate edicine dropper for syrup I purchased for my toddler. Only found out when I got home that Im supposed to give 2ml of the medicine but I have nothing to use to administer it accurately!

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Only good experience

I have been using Pharmacy for Less for a number of years and always found them to have a good range of products and quite cheap prices actually. They are cheaper than the major supermarket chains and that can only be a good thing. Online orders come quickly

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Great prices and range

I have only bought from the pharmacy 4 less at Top Ryde City shopping centre, but I can say they are the cheapest for vitamins and got a really huge range. If it's available, you will generally find it here. The pharmacist is a nice man too, very friendly.

Beat any prices

The pharmacist is so rude in melbourne central
This company states we beat any price but they dont
I ask the staff and pharmacist shouted and stated its not true!!!!!! Such a bad service and false advertising and false information from their signage


Was made to wait 2 hours in the pharmacy to get my medication that was only dispensed at that chemist as directed by the script. When the owner of the chemist arrived i thought i would be able to receive my medication. I waited around another 30 minutes and was told by the owner not to re enter the shop and the owner stated " i will rip you're head off here right now in front of everyone and i know were you live " i had spoken to a friend who happened to enter the chemist and a worker repeated our conversation to the owner, i was also abused for speaking to this friend and told how dare i speak to a customer, what i experienced was extremely disturbing and upsetting, and it left myself in complete shock that another person let alone a person who is running a chemist would behave in that manner. How he went from being so aggressive to so nice to other customers was alarming. I was distressed and even other customers asked if i aas ok whilst i waited for my medication after waiting for 2 hours my medication was finally handed to myself. It has been reported to the authorities that are relevant

Professional and knowledgeable with great prices

Finally a pharmacy that understand what they are talking about but don’t overcharge. Converted for all my scripts and shopping now.

Great service

Very happy with the service. Who else gives you that kind of service when your child is sick at 3am


This is my favourite Pharmacy at Keysborough South. It has excellent service, curteous staff, are helpful & with great prices!

Horrible service from 1 staff member!

I went in to the Belmont store on high street to purchase some medication for my baby who had a cough, the lady who served me was very rude, and short with me, she made me feel like a nuisance for being there! She kept looking past me and turning away from me as I was speaking to her. Was very hurtful as I was a bit overwhelmed as it is being a first time mum. I left without buying and went to the other pharmacy up the road. The service I received from [name remvoved] and pharmacy for less Belmont was very distressing and upsetting

Pharmacy Service at Watsonia Rd, Watsonia,

In store at Watsonia Road store, Watsonia. The phamacists are excellent and offer professional advise on prescriptions. The staff are very caring and go out of their way to help. Well done Mo and his team.

Dreadful Experience

I will do my absolute best NOT to give my money to pharmacy4less from now on. Dreadful experience. I'd bought a nail varnish the day before. Today I bought two more for my daughter and as I was paying, I asked the girl at the register about testers for the lipsticks from the same range. There were some which looked like tester lipsticks, but they were sealed. I didn't want to open any in case they were not testers. The girl said she'd ask someone about it. I said not to worry, I'd look back next time I was in town, but off she went. She returned with an odd older woman who said in her loud voice that there were no testers for that range, seeing they were so cheap. Maybe she thought she was still working in a boutique in 1969 or something, who knows. But she intended her remark to be a put-down, which doesn't speak well for pharmacy4less customer 'service'. After all, isn't 'cheapness' what Pharmacy4less promotes ? Or do they think we go to Pharmacy4less to find expensive items? I finished what I was doing and said I understood and that was fine, adding that I'd merely made a simple enquiry, not a criticism. That should have been the end of it, but the odd older woman had to have the last word apparently. As I was about to leave, she said, 'It's not a criticism', which of course didn't make sense.

We entered an exchange of words. I disliked her attitude and said so. I'm a frank and open person when confronted by ignorance and ego. And I'm from an era when retail assistants weren't paid to instigate insults and arguments with customers. A little crowd had gathered, twittering away. The odd older woman appeared comfortable when performing to an audience. She simply would not stop or go away. I told her she was a drama-queen. In the end, I told her to go away and leave me alone and said after all, I was a paying customer whilst she worked there, supposedly to serve customers. Immediately, she insisted she did not work there. I asked why she was speaking to me at all if she didn't work there? Also, I'd seen her in that same pharmacy several times before. She'd spoken to me on those occasions, asking if I needed assistance, etc., and she'd very much appeared to be working there then. She replied she did not work at Pharmacy4less, and said, * I'm a friend *. She did not seem keen to elaborate on THAT

With *friends* like the odd, older woman working for them in service-capacity, Pharmacy4less clearly does NOT want customers !

There was no excuse for the aggressive, stroppy attitude of Pharmacy4lesses *friend* retail-assistant. Maybe pharmacy4less should employ trained staff rather than allow their *friends* to indulge their ego at customers' expense. There was NO need for that woman's attitude today. I simply asked the girl at the register about testers for a lipstick range. It should not have resulted in ANY attempted put-downs from that odd looking older *friend* of Pharmacy4less. Notably, very, very few of the lipsticks in that range had been sold. Most intended buyers, like me, must have looked for testers and also been reluctant to open the lipsticks which are in the tester position on the racks. Surely, instead of trying to insult paying customers for asking a reasonable question (of someone else -- the girl at the register) the strange Pharmacy4less *friend* could have used her initiative and put a notice on the lipstick stand, informing intending buyers that they **should not expect to find testers for such a cheap item**.

I've lived in this suburb for going on 18 years. Needless to say, I will not be recommending Pharmacy4less to anyone.


My mum bought 2 bottles of 365 capsule supplements online and when she received it, it’s going to expire in 6 mos! How can she finish 2 bottles of supplements in 6 mos?! When she inquired to pharmacy4less, customer service was terrible!! They should at least disclose the expiry date online!!!

Refused to refund faulty forehead thermometer, broke Australian Consumer Law

Belmont, Geelong store. Bought a forehead thermometer with claimed 0.2C range. It's either faulty or badly made - varies up to 1 degree. When trying to use on moving surface (like a child), it's even worse. Spoke to "[name removed]" the pharmacist. Very obvious from outset that he wants to refuse refund. Had to explain problem multiple times. He said "I can't put that back on the shelf" as his first excuse. I explained that as the product was either faulty or not fit for purpose, I'm entitled to a refund. He then tried to palm me off to the manufacturer. This is illegal.

I asked him to get his phone out to Google Australian Consumer Law - he refused. He said he was the manager. I asked who the owner was - he refused to tell me.

I told him I'm entitled to a refund under the law. He said I was being "passive aggressive"... in front of customers, so that was wonderfully professional.

I then asked if I could film him refusing to give my refund. He told me to leave and he was calling the police... and he walked off with my goods and receipt. I had to follow him to get them back.

So, now I have a forehead thermometer for $71 that doesn't work properly. [name removed] made no attempt to understand Australian Consumer Law, insulted me in front of other customers and refused a refund that I'm entitled to.

Do not buy from here! If there is something wrong they will breach Australian Consumer Law just to keep your money. Now I have to pursue it via my bank and Consumer Affairs. This place was my go-to chemist near my house -- I'll never go there again so they won't be getting a cent of any future money I would have spent there.

It's just another case of a retailer with zero understanding of consumer rights. Absolutely abysmal customer service too. I was polite and calm, explaining why I believed I was entitled to a refund and I was called "passive aggressive". Even asking him to look it up online so he could do the legal and correct thing was rejected.

No customer service here !

We live close to the Pharmacy4Less store at Lucas, Ballarat. Initially we found the pharmacist excellent but unfortunately he has gone and the replacement (tall) man has no customer service skills whatsoever.
He THROWS (no joke) the medication onto the counter - that is, IF he has it. He is far too keen on THROWING generic brands at customers when they specifically request the name brand. His attitude sucks !
He has limited knowledge (if he is in fact a pharmacist) and he more often that not cannot supply an item, requiring people to return days later.
The store does not carry many of the items shown in their catalogue which is a shame.
The young girls who serve at the register are very good.
Many locals are saying they won't go there, they have returned to the Chemist Warehouse (also nearby).
This is such a shame as we need a good pharmacist and were delighted when the Pharmacy4Less appeared.

Questions & Answers

I visited my doctor for a severe bout of hay fever. He told me to buy an anti histamine nasel spray. I went to pharmacy4less at burwood nsw I purchased the azep nose spray. As soon as I paid for it I went outside to give myself a spray. Because it states on the bottle that “rapid action works within 15 minutes” I waited and waited and it still didn’t work! I was charged for a 20 ml bottle which was over $33. Instead the assistant should have asked me what size do I want. My nose is running profusely as I write this I again read the insert and it states it has to be used within 6 months!! I’m an eighty one year old disabled and suffering from parkinson’s decease. I just cannot afford to buy something that doesn’t work. Can I get a refund or credit voucher for it?
1 answer
I took the nasel spray back to my pharmacy 4less and they were very friendly and helpful. Especially Sharif. Thanks so much for your support Terence

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