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Pharmacy Direct
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Delivery is way too slow

Needed to order something that was urgent - it took 4 days to arrive auckland to auckland - this should be at last over night if not same day. I cold have driven and picked it up quicker ,

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Hi Lisa - I think you might have us confused with the NZ Pharmacy Direct https://www.pharmacydirect.co.nz/. We aren't servicing NZ just yet. Kind Regards - Caitlin

Expired items sent

I’m sending them back with the open bottle that appears to be old stock as it’s all clumped together - I don’t know how you sell things like this - you have even sent out three bottles that have expired
You can harm people and you don’t care - I will have to write a review about your company stating how terrible your customer service people are - they lie about orders they lie about emails sent and they lie about information about products - the fish oil does not clump up together - as I went to a local chemist and they had many on the shelve and None were clumped
Im very annoyed and upset

They lied about the price too - they said they were $10.30 online then they sent me less and charged me full price $20.78 per bottle -
I will Never ever order from them again
Check use by date as mine were expired

I have been ordering from them for around eight years never had a problem great

Very satisfied received goods quickly goods service would and do recommend it to anyone. Thank you pharmacy direct. Happy chap

2 months and still waiting for my order!

I ordered Waterpik toothbrush replacement heads on Oct 26 2018. I still have not received my order as of Dec 14 2018. When I enquire the reply is ALWAYS " we are expecting a delivery early next week and we will ship them out to you immediately". I received 4 out of the 10 items I ordered on Dec 7 again with the usual message as above.
I advise all to strongly avoid this company. They have taken my $300 and not supplied the goods after nearly 2 months.

Ordered Hay Fever Spray for Hay Fever Season, which is coming after 2 months (commitment was 2 weeks

Ordered 3 bottles of Hay Fever Spray, I received an next day that they are out of stock and the stock is coming next week. So there will be a little delay, After 3 weeks i sent them another email regarding my Hay fever spray as this is the season, and the answer was "Sorry our stock is coming in late november (so another month) wait, Don't trust them and dont buy anything from them. Medication is a thing which we need urgently not like waiting for months.
I am not able to give them 0 Star.
Pathetic service.

Fantastic site! Honest!

I made the order online, for a product no stores stock anymore. As I am buying bulk, I was worried if this was an honest company.
Well, YES! Pharmacy Direct sent me emails so I could be home for the delivery, I received everything I purchased and this was all within 4days of purchase (Queensland to Melbourne).
I am extremely happy I found my new go to site when I need refills!

Fast shipping Excellent service

Ordered it on Friday and received it on Tuesday. Very Fast shipping , Customer service Excellent ,Will buy it again and again

Excellent service. Can't understand the complaints!

I used to use Pharmacy Direct some years ago but hadn't for a long time...until last week. I placed an order as they had a product I couldn't get anywhere else but then I accidentally read the reviews people had left regarding the poor service since the company moved interstate and they'd been bought out, and I thought....Oh No ...what have I done? So I phoned pharmacy direct- no problem getting a very pleasant girl on the phone, who assured me the company was dealing with my order and it had indeed been dispatched that day. She explained that the relocation of the company had lead to some initial problems which have all been ironed out now. I agree...they are as good as they used to be! My order arrived today (Friday) after being placed on Monday, can't get much better than that. If you are unsure about using this company, think again because their service was exceptional.

Prompt response time, so friendly, and efficient.

After ordering a prescription face cream that I can't get here in the States, I noticed that I had typed the wrong zip code. I messaged Pharmacy Direct with the email they provided on my invoice, gave them my order number, and within 10 minutes (it was business hours over there) they had emailed back letting me know they corrected it and had successfully processed my order.

I was tentative about ordering after seeing all of the negative reviews, but so far I can't help but say this is a success. They respond when you answer, so just be sure to communicate if you have questions about your order, I found them friendly and helpful.

Excellent service

Buy from them all the time. Absolutely no issues. Not sure why all these bad reviews ? FAKE bad reviews. I wold recommend them for any online purchase. Competitive prices, rapid delivery.

No idea why these other reviews are so negative! (June 2017 customer)

The amount of negative reviews here seem very odd.

I ordered four boxes of medication on a Sunday. On Monday I conducted some post-ordering Google searches to look for reviews of Pharmacy Direct (yes, I know I should have looked for reviews BEFORE ordering). All of these one-star reviews freaked me out a little, so I immediately emailed Pharmacy Direct to see if they had the medication in stock. I received a reply WITHIN AN HOUR confirming that everything was in stock and that my order would be shipped that afternoon. True to their word, I received the Australia Post tracking number a few hours later. My package arrived on the Wednesday with everything I ordered safe and secure in the box.

I couldn't be happier with the service I received. I was turned off after reading all of these negative reviews and was prepared for the worst, but this was honestly all so easy. I am not affiliated with Pharmacy Direct in any way; I just wanted to share my experience like everyone else has.

Ridiculous Company- DO NOT USE!!

Purchased a variety of medications almost 3 weeks ago so emailed them questioning the whereabouts. "We were waiting for one of them to come back in stock" was the reply. Didn't receive any email asking if I'd like the others sent first or to cancel that one item so I could buy elsewhere. Am 8.5 months pregnant so was ordering for convenience however will never do so again as uncomfortable I am would have managed sometime to get the medications myself. Absolutely rubbish company.

Poor service- no responses - no care - Do not deal with them

Waited 4 weeks for medication to come from down the road. They do respond to calls and they do not care. I eventually got through to someone and they said they could not help. I suggested that with this level of customer service and the online reviews that their business did not have much of a future and she should look for another job - she agreed.

What happened to this once high performing company? Don't use them at any cost!

I had been using Pharmacy Direct for nearly 20 years. I sent them a new script several weeks ago but never heard back from them which was their normal practise over the years. I rang today and could not get through, they did not return left messages and then I noticed all of these atrocious reviews online. I guess this is another example of a company that performed well, restructured, sacked all their staff and then wondered why their company fell apart when no one would use them anymore. Thankfully this only cost me a script but I certainly won't be risking my money with a company you cannot contact. I look forward to reading about your company's bankruptcy in the news paper. A former customer!!!!

Don't use this company!

I ordered on line 7 working days ago. Order says we're packing your order. How long does it take to pack 2 bottles sunscreen & 1 nasal spray? I rang, no answer just an answering machine, left my number to be called back, no call received, so have emailed about my order and still haven't heard anything. I will never use this company again. I would be happy to get a refund.

NO service, no reply, no phone calls, no delivery

They don't answer phone calls, don't reply to left messages on their message bank, don't reply to e-mails, head office in Sydney say they will get in touch with Brisbane and get you an immediate return phone call, doesn't happen. Placed order on 27/11/2016 and now 06/12/2016 and NO delivery, NO response, NO nothing. This business is obviously on its last legs and scamming customers of as much money as possible before they close down permanently. Now initiated a PayPal dispute to get my money back. Thankfully payed with PayPal.
Edit: Another day, another assurance from Sydney they will contact Brisbane director and *assure* me they will get back to me today. Well of course no communication.
Edit 2: This bunch of incompetent unprofessional fools now known as CHEMPRO ONLINE PTY LTD have dispatched the parcel and have received Australia Post advice. I have cancelled 10 times. Is no longer needed as I had to get the goods elsewhere they failed to deliver. Will be refusing delivery and getting the parcel returned to sender and following through with my PayPal dispute.
Edit 3: This is an Amcal Pharmacy business and now fully understandable why they are so disgustingly bad:
Amcal Chempro Online Chemist
[Details Removed]

13/12/2016 Still no return phone calls or e-mails from this backyard online pharmacy. Have tried phoning and leaving messages six times since the original post and still nothing. THIS IS THE WORST NiGhtMarE DODGY pharmacy and Internet business I have ever come across. Having been on the Internet for over 30 years and always been a heavy online shopper since day one, never ever dealt with such a disgusting useless hopeless business. Interestingly a pharmacy is SUPPOSED to be run by professionals. This pharmacy is obviously run buy Dodgy & Assoc.18/12/2016 thank goodness for PayPal. Got a refund via PayPal dispute: "We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your favour. We were able to recover $XX.XX AUD, and this amount has been credited to you. Back to the Chemist Warehouse where have always had excellent service.

I wish I had looked at Product Review before ordering

I have been ordering from Pharmacy Direct on a 3 monthly basis for several years and had found their
service very good until my online order of November 29.As I had not received the order or any email with
tracking info I emailed them this morning and got the following automated response.I paid through Paypal so
will check the procedure to cancel as a last resort.

Dear Valued Customer,
We are experiencing a high volume of emails and calls at present.
Please be assured we will reply to you as soon as possible.
Please also note Pharmacy Direct is now under new ownership and we have re located to QLD our updated contact details are below:
Phone:1300 934 785 or 07 5510 7759
Fax: 07 55 10 77 66
For all mail orders and prescriptions:
Reply Paid
Pharmacy Direct
Kind Regards,
Phamracy Direct Customer Care Team

Update. After reading other contributions and not having heard again from Pharmacy Direct since yesterday I sent the following email to them this morning "Good morning, As ten days have elapsed since you charged my Paypal account and have not delivered the order I now request that you either deliver the order or refund the amount in full to my Paypal account by Thursday December 15,1916.Otherwise I will refer the matter to the Paypal Resolution Centre without further notice. I enclose copies of the email correspondence on this matter and your acknowledgement of the order.."Update 2 Email reply from Pharmacy Direct "Apologies for the delay. Unfortunately we are still waiting on 1x Proactive multivitamin to come into the warehouse this is due in early next week. Please confirm if you are happy to wait or would you like me to send what we have and refund for the unavailable item?" My reply "Please send what you have and refund for the unavailable item forthwith. Thanks"Update 3. Paypal advised that a refund of $36.69 had been received for the multivitamin.Pharmacy Direct have emailed that the balance of the order will be sent today


We have used Pharmacy Direct for some years, but following its latest change of ownership we've had enough. The website is flakey and we tried for approx 10 days to access order entry.

As others have written communication is zero, stock levels pathetic, and as for delivery - well, how about 2 MONTHS for everyday items we have been ordering for years. Yep, no exaggeration - TWO MONTHS!!! Due to ongoing website errors three orders ended up being processed c. 20 September. The first order took some weeks to be received, with the third arriving c. 20 November incomplete. Once again, goods charged for were not received.

We've given up trying to get a refund. If one is fortunate enough to have the phone answered all one receives are run-arounds. It's not worth the stress and cost of calls trying to get our money back.

It is interesting to note the creative accounting dates on the invoices (ie those that we received!):
a) Order no. 1 - Created 20/09/2016 @ 15.54 Printed: 12/10/2016 @ 12:57
b) Order no. 1 - Created 20/09/2016 @ 15.54 Printed: 15/11/2016 @ 08:48
c) Order no. 2 - "Shipped" 05/10/2016 @ 09:53 Printed: 25/10/2016 @ 15:05 (The invoice came with the goods. Mmmm is the warehouse playing loose with dates to show a less worse performance than reality?)

However, to be fair I must give credit where credit is due. They debited our credit card three times on the date of order. Very quick there.

If you want to use Pharmacy Direct don't say you haven't been warned.

Hopeless communication

8 days after order the items have not been despatched, The wrong phone number is on the order confirmation for questions regarding the order. When you find out the correct one it is busy and the facility to leave a phone message does not appear to work. The main phone number cannot put you through to delivery enquiries


If they actually answer the phone, (unlikely), you will be unable to get what you want, and if by some miracle it is in stock, you will wait two weeks for it to arrive. Absolutely terrible.

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