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Philips Sonicare AirFloss HX8111/02 (Original)

Philips Sonicare AirFloss HX8111/02 (Original)

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very average

i guess it worked well but i soon returned to regular flossing after buying as it felt like it did a better job. it dies super fast and just isnt worth it

Purchased in April 2018.

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Hello Emma, Thank you for your feedback. We regret to hear that our AirFloss gave up on you and, therefore, did not live up to your expectations. We can imagine this must have been quite disappointing. Can we suggest a small tip that might bring your AirFloss back to life? That would be to reset it back to its factory settings. This means, charging it for 24 hours, and then pressing the power button for 5-7 seconds, while it's still on its charger. Could you try this and let us know? If this does not apply to your case, please feel free to get back to us. Alternatively, you could reach out to our Consumer Support team on 1300 363 391. We'd love to get you back to AirFlossing. Thank you in advance. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Works well but I went back to regular flossing soon after buying.

Works well but I went back to regular flossing soon after buying. It feels like i was doing a better job with regular floss and I had issues using the AirFloss between some of my teeth due to the tight space.

Purchased in June 2017.

One my second one in less than a year and it has just died exactly as the first one did..

One my second one in less than a year and it has just died exactly as the first one did. Tried charging for 24 hours and that did nothing. From reading the reviews here this is not uncommon. I wish i had seen these reviews before purchasing. I'll buy a waterpik instead and bin the one i have.

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Hi there Bryan. Thanks for sharing your experience with the AirFloss. We really appreciate all feedback on our products, negative or positive. Could you please contact us on 1300-363-391, reachable from Mondays to Saturdays: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm EST. We would like to see if there is something we can do to help you out with the issues you're having. Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

Philips Sonicare AirFloss

The main function of electric toothbrush is of course to better whiten my teeth and protect my mouth

Through the rapid rotation or vibration of the motor movements, the brush head can generate high-frequency vibration, instantly decompose the toothpaste into fine foam, and deeply clean the teeth gaps. Meanwhile, the vibration of the brush hair can promote blood circulation in the mouth and have a massage effect on gingival tissue.

The battery is so powerful that I only charge it once every two weeks

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We're glad to hear this and thanks for sharing! :) Spread the word. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

I like it

Strong pressure, I like it. I wish there is a bigger space to store water.

Battery amazingly last for ages after full charge. I use mouthwash no alc instead of water and it’s grwat

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Hi there Brian, We appreciate the kind words. :) We wish you a lot of enjoyment of the Airfloss! Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

I tried two both expired working shortly after guarantee expired.

This is a great product while it works. I bought a replacement when it stopped short one day never to run again. The replacement was great while it worked but it stopped yesterday. Product life seems to be a problem with all Philips AirFloss models. Will I replace it with a third? Despite of a 20% off voucher from Philips I have decided NO. Don't reinforce failure. I will try the Waterpik offering as there are no reported unit failures shortly after the elapse of the guarantee and while bulkier in size reviews rate them better at cleaning tartar. It was a great product but lasted too short twice.
If they lasted more than one and a half years before expiring I would have awarded. Too expensive factoring in such a short life.

Hi Leon, Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback here. We can imagine you'd like to have enjoyed the Airfloss longer. If there's anything we can do at this stage, please let us know. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamPhilips offered me a 20 percent off voucher as a gesture since both were past guarantee cover period. Given my experience and that of others the product’s tendency to early life failure has influenced me not to buy a replacement from Philip’s range. To be objective, it’s a great product and but for it’s reported early life failures would recommend it without reservation. A longer guarantee period would change the consideration. Only buy if you are comfortable in buying a replacement every year and a half or thereabouts.

Good Product but not at all recommended

I have purchased two of these in last 2 years owing to the fact the they are really useful when they work but will just die all of sudden. Great product in terms of what it does but noting the price and the life span, it is not at all recommended. My issue with the airflosser has been that it will turn on but will not floss i.e. there will be no air and water/mouthwash droplets that will come out of it.

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Hi, Maldee. Thanks for sharing your experience on this platform. However, we are sorry to hear that your Airfloss suddenly died. That isn't supposed to happen, of course. Have you tried to charge the appliance for 24 hours yet? This sometimes does the trick. If this doesn't work and you would like more assistance, please give us a call! This is our phone number in Australia: 1300 363 391. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Defect In Product; Warranty Not Being Honored!!

I purchased 2 Sonicare Air Floss Pro, one in November 2015 and one in January 2016; one for myself and one for my husband. I registered the products online and the product was supposed to in warranty for 2 1/2 years. Like so many other users have experienced, the products fail after a few months of use with a similar issue each time: the unit locks up and does not turn on even though it has a full charge!! I have had each of these products replaced twice (and returned the defective model to Phillps). Today I call because one of the airfloss stopped working yet again. PHILLIPS refused to replace the product even though there is a year left on the warranty!! I was offered a 10% discount coupon. Phillips has to know that there is an ongoing issue with this product but still refuses to replace or refund the purchase price!! This is a wonderful product (when it works) but Phillips needs to step up and honor their warranty or issue a refund!!

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Hi Darlene, We appreciate that you took the time and effort to share this with us. Sorry to hear that your experience with the product and our customer service wasn't what you expected. Our colleagues of the Sonicare team asked us for you contact details, so they can take another look into this. We will send you a private message right now. Could you share your phone number and email address there? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

Will Philips Sonicare backup their product - what is a fair use?

Now on to my third Sonicare in four years. The first failed, then the second replaced under warranty. Now it has failed again - the motor died. I have looked after the unit properly. Rang the help line - after a wait on the phone I was told - sorry - it is an old model, we only have 3% failure rate - but it is out of warranty. I don't think that is good enough for a premium brand and product. What is a fair lifetime for a product? - in my case it works out at 1.3 years per unit - that is not fair or reasonable. The Sonicare Airflosser does a good job, but it appears if you are one of those 3% they (at least the person I spoke to) won't recognise that there must be a manufacturing defect in that particular unit and backup their product. Peter.

Hi Peter, thanks for the 4 out of 5 stars review. We can understand that three Sonicare toothbrushes in four years isn't what you expected. We'd like to help you. Charging the toothbrush for 24 hours sometimes solves the issues that you're experiencing with Sonicare. We're not sure if you already called these phone numbers, but these people are our colleagues and would love to assist you with anything. For Australia, please call 1300 363 391, and if you're resided in New Zealand, please call 0800 658 224. Moreover, feel free to ask questions here. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThanks Philips - I had already tried that number and got a response that did not fairly or reasonably respond to the circumstances in my case - I couldn't get the message across - hence my post here. My 4 stars are for the product concept, the other essential part of customer fulfillment is the measure of the manufacturer's customer support and belief in their product and it's quality, reliability, and reputation and presentation to the market. At the moment that isn't 4 stars for clear reasons to me, but to be fair - if Philips can take the opportunity to review this given the situation described it would be appreciated - an average life of 1.3 years isn't what is expected of any Brand, least Philips. Peter.Thank you for getting back to us, Peter. We completely understand and appreciate you taking the time to write a review for our product. Could you share your personal details with us in a private message? We would like for our product specialists to look into this further. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

4 broken down

My 4th one just broke down, all broke down in less than a year, so each only worked for a few months or so. I do think it is a very effective way of flossing, but the continued breaking down is ridiculous!

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Hi there Adrienna, thank you for your feedback. We see your point, the Airfloss breaking down four times is far from ideal. We believe you've already been in touch with our team for assistance, but just to be sure we'll share the number you can reach them on. 1300 363 391 for Australia and 0800 658 224 for New Zealand, they'll be happy to help out. Kind regards, the Philips Australia team.

Third time lucky?

Liked the first one which I bought second hand but it only lasted a couple of months. Bought a new one and it lasted about 4 months. Totally unsatisfactory in my opinion.


I am on my second and it has failed after 9 months, the first lasted 10 months and I didn't have the receipt so bought another as the concept is very good. I rang the 1300 number about my recent fail and this time I had kept everything in case. The fellow was quite unpleasant telling me it was an old model. There is no expiry date on the box!!! and I bought it in good faith. Anyway I will proceed with my claim and hope that there are no problems gaining a replacement. It seems they do not last which makes the whole business rather expensive. Perhaps there is a more reliable alternative?

Hey Jan, Thank you for your review and sorry to hear about the issues you mentioned. As this indeed is a warranty related issue and you are probably (based on your story) within warranty, your claim should be legit. However, if you are facing problems, please let us know and we will look into it from here. To answer your last question, we may have an alternative for you, the Airfloss Ultra: http://bit.ly/22i2jfg Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThanks for the reply and when I go to a large shopping centre I will look for the Ultra model.

Reliability issues

As others have found, this is not a reliable product. My first one died after 6 months. SHAVERSHOP were very good in replacing it with no questions asked. Full credit to Shavershop but Philips really need to lift their game with this. I like the concept but am not fully convinced that this flosser actually removes all the gungy bits like real flossing does and may lead to people think they are flossing well, but they are not!

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Hi there, It's a pity to read that the AirFloss did not really meet your expectations. We would like to see if we can help. If you're in Australia, please call 1300 363 391 to get in touch with our team of specialists. They might be able to help. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great product but unreliable

I loved my air flosser and used every day. I even purchased one as a Christmas gift. However, mine stopped charging and a replacement was issued. Since it has come back it does absolutely nothing. I have used and have to floss straight after. The air coming out is weak and useless. And the one I purchased st Christmas is also broken, and it was only used for 2 weeks. I was told if I wanted a another replacement I would have to over postage etc. not very good service considering I have spent close to $400 on items that are both useless now. Very disappointed

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Hi Bianca. Sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced. Have you tried returning it to the retailer with your receipt? Don't know with which team you've spoken regarding this, but please know that our colleagues at 1300 363 391, option 4 (for AU) or at 0800 658 224, option 4 (for NZ) are willing to look into it.

love it

This flosser is so good as i am a quadriplegic and cant floss by myself but i can now thanks to this. Got it last Christmas and it is still going strong, found a great tip by putting listerine in the water compartment.

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Hey Shane, we're thrilled to hear that you are so happy with the Airfloss. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experience, we really appreciate that. Mouth water is indeed a good tip, but be careful! Mouthwashes containing Isopropyl Myristate should not be used in the AirFloss as this can harm the plastics in the device. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Pretty awful

Having purchased 3 models in 3 years with preliminary recommendations from my dental surgeon, this is a very fragile, poorly assembled and short acting product. My dentist agrees. a very poor warranty as well. Would never recommend
Very expensive and almost seems like an expensive novelty product.

Hello Geoff. That does not sound too good. 3 units in 3 years sounds awful. Can you tell us what happened with the 3 units? And have you tried to contact our product specialists at: 1300 363 391, option 4 (for AU) or at 0800 658 224, option 4 (for NZ)? Hello There, The initial unit was purchased via my dental surgeon who had been trying it himself only just before I purchased it. I plan to ask the practice for their comments on the airflosser now some 2 years later. The other 2 purchases were made from whitegood retailers who told me guarantee was out of date. The power to the head of the flosser just stops, meaning the button on top of the flosser ceases to work. The same thing happened on all 3 units despite careful reading of the intructions each time. I see other people have similar comments. Thanks Geoff ColeMmhh, that doesn't sound good Geoff. We'd like to ask you to call us about this in order to help you in a fast and more personal way. Thanks a lot!

Worst Flosser I have ever used

I bought this flosser, thinking it would be better than the Panasonic and the WaterPik flosser I used prior to buying the Philips. Worst mistake ever. After flossing with the Sonicare AirFloss I then have to use my wife's WaterPik to actually get the pieces of food out from between my teeth.
I'm actually, very disappointed...last time I buy something just based on a BIG name.

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Hi there. It's a pity to read about your negative experiences with the Airfloss. We take this as valuable feedback and we'll make sure that it will reach our development team. Thanks for taking the time to review this item.


My philips airflosser that I bought in December 2014 has finally died. It did not even last a year. It was a present so I do not even have the receipt. Terrible product.

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Hi Lesley, we're sorry to hear that and would like to see what we can do to help. If you are based in Australia, please reach out to us via 1300 363 391 to speak to one of our product specialists. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Problems quickly resolved by returning it to my retailer

I see a few reviews complaining about reliability. I had 2 fail in warranty and they were immediately replaced without question when I returned them to my retailer - Shaver Shop in Adelaide. I suspect there was a number of units sold with suspect batteries. Lesson here is find a good retailer and keep your receipt.
On the plus side I now use it every day ( in the shower to avoid splatter problems) and at my last dentist visit I was given a glowing report given that I normally get a telling off by my Gen Y hygienist for poor flossing technique.
Thoroughly recommend.

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Good to hear, John! We hope it lastst you a lifetime.:)

Bought my 2nd air floss

First sonic air floss died just outside of warranty
bought 2nd one & exactly same thing happened last week. Seems to be the charger that is the issue.
Very hesitant about buying another one. I will look at other options

Hi Sharon. We understand your concern. It should function longer than just the warranty time. Would you mind to give our customer care center a call on 1300 363 391 (option 4)? They might be able to help you. I have just called the number & they can't help me till until Monday next week!!! The girl who handles warranty issues doesn't work on FridaysHi Sharon, That doesn’t sound right. Can you please send us a private message with your contact details and we will have someone call you.

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I watched a video demo on You Tube of the Philips AirFloss. It seemed to give out a fairly powerful shot which I would expect to give a proper clean, however, I have sensitive teeth and gums and I'm wondering if the shot action can hurt at all?
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Hello! The shot action dose not hurt but might make your gums bleed. However any floss makes your gum bleed. I found that over time this stops. It might give you a bit of a fright because the air/water shot is powerful, hehe. It's a great product and I love it. Keeps my gums and teeth really clean!!!! I hope this helps.....Hi it is a short firm blast, it takes a little perseverance , I had sensitive gums and using a mouthwash in the blast tank cleaned and aerated my gums, don't overdo it and just do one shot at a time between the teeth this should ensure healthy gums in a few weeks making them less sensitive as well.thanks for answering my question

The device is wonderful, but I have problem with its life. I bought one from HK International Airport last November, and started having difficulty with the battery this April. Instead of allowing you using for a couple weeks between charge, I had to charge it almost everyday. Recently, the battery seemed to be totally dead. As the battery is not replaceable, this means that my device is also dead. As I did not buy it in OZ, I do not know whom I should go for advice.
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Ours died in the battery as well. Philips is looking at repair/replacement.Dear Jerry, Regarding your Philips Sonicare AirFloss, please contact our Consumer Care Centre on Ph: 1300 363 391 (Option) 4, as the Philips Sonicare products are sold with a two year International Warranty.I have just contacted BPM Australia Pty Ltd, the agent looking after this device. To my surprise, the replacement has been shipped to me right away. I am very happy with the service!


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