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Philips PowerPro Active Bagless

Philips PowerPro Active Bagless

FC8631/71, FC8632/72, FC8635/71 and FC8670/71
3.4 from 53 reviews

Great suction power!

This vacuum cleaner is quite powerful, and even after using it for some time, it still has the approx. the same power. The only downside is, it is very hard to find the filters and other parts of this vacuum cleaner. I would strongly suggest to buy some extra filters whenever you purchase any of the Phillips vacuum cleaners.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Hey there, Thank you for providing us with your honest review. Great tips! We'll definitaly take this into consideration, and we're delighted to hear you're happy with your vacuum cleaner. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Good little vacuum

Suction is maintained over a variety of different surfaces and the attachments are diverse enough that it suits all my needs; pet hair, couch, tile floor... Relatively easy to maneuver around. Really like that it is bagless, to reduce waste and eliminate a constant cost. The only complaint I have it the cord wind up seems to be getting slower and slower every time I use it and I feel like it is going to break and I will not be able to wind up the cord any longer. Which doesn't make it function any worse but does mean that storage is a much bigger hassle.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

powerful baby

very happy with this little machine, quite surprise with his ability. clean job well done.
the wire longer enough for move around, only issue I had so far is have to clean the filters after use otherwise he will not suck well.
for a 300 m2 house with carpet for all bedrooms and study, he perform well.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Thanks for taking the time to share your review with us. We're glad to see that the PowerPro has been serving you well, especially so since it has to cover quite a big area. :) Thanks again! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team


Very good product have bit loud noises but ok for
I bought few months back not very expensive just reasonably priced
Good for household chores very powerful motor and very easy to clean as well
Just use the way you want it won’t disappoint
Easy to take care as well

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Hi Aron, thanks for sharing your experiences and feedback here. It's great to hear that you like the vacuum cleaner and that it does the job for you. In case you have any questions about the device, please know that you can always contact our specialists at 1300 363 391. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Was good when working - lasted less than 2 yrs

Not happy Philips. I would have expected it to last a long longer than it did. It had little use as only a professional couple in a brand new house. I have regularly cleaned out the barrel and filter and to look at it, it looks brand new. Today it started making a flapping sound upon turning it on and producing a strong electrical burning smell.

Date PurchasedAug 2015
Hi Carol, Thanks for sharing your experience with the PowerPro. It's unfortunate to hear what happened. We do take an occurrence like this seriously so we would like to get you in touch with a product team to discuss this further. We've sent you a private message and we hope to talk to you soon. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThank you for your prompt reply. I have submitted my details and look forward to hearing from you.Thank you for repairing the vacuum cleaner Philips.


purchsed this model in march of this year only lasted 3 months before it over heated an began to pour out smoke was lucky it did not catch a light. i cleaned the filters after each use so was not that, as for suction it was not to bad just shame it died, got a rrefund

Date PurchasedMar 2017
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Hi there, we regret to hear that you've had such an unfortunate experience with your PowerPro Active. We take cases like these very seriously and we'd like to inform our product specialists about what happened, so they can assist you further. Please share your full name, email address, phone number and home address in a reply to our private message, so our colleagues can create a file for you and can contact you directly. We're hoping to hear from you. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Does the job

For its price, I’ve been very happy with this unit. However, I only have three small rooms with carpet and a couple of mats so its not being heavily used or tested. After 10 months of use, still good suction. Whilst a bit annoying to clean, I would still choose a bagless machine if I had my time over to keep expenses down and minimise environmental impact.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi there, thanks for sharing the valuable feedback and glad to hear you like the product. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Good little vacuum

This is a good vacuum cleaner for the price, although I had to buy a replacement filter after trying to clean it in water and it soon got a mouldy smell. The suction is good and works well on the highest setting for my cats fur and after over a year the hose and attachments have not broken

Date PurchasedApr 2016
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Hi Narelle, Thanks for taking the time to share some thoughts on our FC8635/71. Nice to hear that you are happy with the performance! If you ever do have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us through http://philips.com/support/ or on social media. Have a nice day! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Works Well

My family purchased this unit last year while our Dyson upright vacuum cleaner was in for its 4th repair. The price was extremely reasonable. Not having to purchase replacement dust bags is a bonus. The unit's suction is good; so much so that the filters need to be cleaned often, or the unit loses suction. This is annoying at times, however at least the machine is doing what it is supposed to be doing! The unit is easy to move around. The suction noise level is not what I would call quiet, but probably no noisier than similar machines. We only have two rooms with carpet, so the unit is not used extensively each week. It will be interesting to see how reliable the unit is sometime in the future, after more use. However, for the cost I can buy five of these units to one of the Dyson machines.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
Hi there, We're glad to hear that you and your family have discovered the ease of use and other benefits of the PowerPro Active Bagless vacuum cleaner. Thank you for sharing your experience here with us. Should you have any questions about the PowerPro Active or another one of our products, let us know. Enjoy the rest of your week! Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThank you The Philips Australia Team for your comment.

Good vacuum. Satisfied with it

We haven't had this for long, only about 2 weeks, but so far it's been a nice little vacuum cleaner. It picks up the dirt well. It is mostly easy to operate (exception being slightly awkward cleaning carpets - see later). The unit is fairly light, so there are no problems dragging it around. The noise level seems standard as far as I can tell - quite loud, but so were all my past vacuums (Samsung, Sanyo vacuums). The only fault I'd give this is the lack of an option to adjust the suction power. There is only one setting for suction power and it is very strong. When I'm vacuuming the carpet and pick the vacuum head up to vacuum another spot, the whole carpet sticks to the head and you have to give it a slight pull to detach the carpet. it's a little awkward, but I guess at least it means it's vacuuming up the dirt well.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Hey James, Thank you for your constructive feedback. We're glad to hear you're satisfied with your new vacuum cleaner. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our specialists at 1300 363 391. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.

Not to bad!

This vacuum cleaner definitely does the job! I saw this one for a great price and snapped it up after moving into a new place. Amazing suction! the only fault, if I was to be not picky would be the cord retraction if there's any kink or the cord isn't being fed it can be a little tough to feed back in, but that's not an issue for me!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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Hi there, Thanks for sharing your positive feedback with us. Great to hear your overall experience was positive and thank you for your feedback regarding the cord. We'll make sure to pass this on internally to take on board for the continuous improvement of our products. Should you ever have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our product specialists via 1300 363 391. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

powerful suction

has it for more than a year, i am very satisfied, it always give powerful suction. it also has several head for diferent purposes. i never had any problem. the only negative is the body is a bit bulky, so a bit hard to move freely, especially in small space.

Date PurchasedApr 2016


Worked very well initially, suction was great. However, the head and hose have had to be replaced after 2 years use , and it is next to impossible to get replacement parts for this vacuum cleaner. We are using generic replacement parts , but they don't work as well. Disappointing.

Date PurchasedMar 2015
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Hello Cabeal, thanks for taking your time to write this review. We advise you to contact our Spare Parts and Accessories department here: http://www.philips.com.au/content/B2C/en_AU/support-home/support-contact-page.html We like to get in touch and see if we can help you. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team


I live in a one bed apartment with wooden floors and large rugs. The vac is easy to use and manoeuvre with a good pick up. Great that it is bagless, so easy to clean and empty. I would definitely recommend this machine to my friends and family. Good buy!

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Thanks for the kind words, Hart! :) We're happy to hear you enjoy your FC8670/71 that much. Besides that we're of course very grateful that you even have been recommending our vacuum to your inner-circle. If you ever do have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us about that. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Good consistent performance

Very easy to use on tiles, wood, couch fabric and carpet. Great for dog hair too. Easy to empty. Very happy with this purchase. I have been using it for over 6 months now and it has performed consistently well over this period. Price was also very competitive so I am very happy overall.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hey Patrick, Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We're very happy to hear your enjoying our vacuum cleaner so much. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

I love this vacuum...

The vacuum cleaner is so light to carry especially up the stairs which is normally a challenge.
The suction is great and not having to change the bags is awesome, l will never use a bag cleaner again. I don' t have a large area downstairs as it's tiles and carpet but it's great for both. I do have quite a few stairs which the vacuum maneuvers easily into the hard to get corners. It is a little loud but small price to pay for a good machine.
Thank you Phillips...

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi Sue, thank you for taking the time to review the PowerPro Active Bagless vacuum cleaner. We are glad to hear that it helps you in reaching those corners and in keeping your home tidy. Thank you for sharing this with us. We hope you enjoy your week. Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team

Motor Smoked after 2 years

Small and compact vacuum - powerful for its size. Had to constantly clean the filter to get a good suction as well as empty the unit. Worked well for the last two years but decided it had enough this morning, I switched it on and it started making sounds like it was straining even after I had cleaned it out. In a minute it started to emit smoke from the back of machine. Its out of warranty... Sadly I'm on the hunt for a replacement now.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
Hello there, Thank you for your review. We're happy to hear the device worked well the last two years, but we're a bit taken aback about the fact you saw smoke coming from the appliance the other day. We'd like to ask our colleagues to reach out to you about this. Could you please send us a private message with your contact details? If you have the proof of purchase that would be helpful to share too. Thanks a lot! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.Hi Philips Team, I have sent Philips Australia and email as well as called the customer hotline - the hotline wasn't too sure where to direct the query to as I think you rep a different department. Do you have a number I could ring aside from the main one? Thanks.Hi there, we're sorry to hear about the difficulties you have experienced. We just sent you a private message, we like to gather some more information so our local product experts can look into this. We would like to hear from you. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team


Happy overall with this cleaner easy to use on my carpet and tiled floors.. its light weight and has great suction and easy to clean.
This cleaner stores away easy enough.
Simple pleasure to use this cleaner.
Its also very quiet I can vacuum while my baby's sleeping and not wake them

Date PurchasedJun 2015
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Hi Rowdy, We appreciate the feedback you're sharing with us! Thanks for that. We're happy if you're happy. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

Passing the buck around

I've purchased my vacuum cleaner in August 3, 2015. Two weeks ago, a burning smell started emanating from the vacuum cleaner and then it stopped working. I contacted Target where I purchased the product and they said they can't help me as the product is more than a year old. I contacted the Philips Consumer Service about this and they said that the option at that time was to send the unit to a designated repair centre. I also told them that since it's been over a year now since I purchased the product, the ink from the original receipt has already gone. All I have is a blank paper attached to the manual. They said it's okay. I told them I was working and I could not possible take the a day off just to take the vacuum cleaner for further assessment. You see, taking a day off work means losing money which at the end of the day is not very feasible. I might as well work and use up my earning for the day to buy a new vacuum cleaner. Given that it's under still under two years old, I decided to contact the service centre in the hope that they will be able to assist me. Anyway, since I could not justify taking a day off just to take the vacuum cleaner to a repair centre, I requested that if possible, I would like the unit to be replaced instead.They said they will escalate the situation and that it will take 24-48 hours. That was on the 28/2/2017. Yesterday, 07/3/2017 I got an email from them saying that they tried to contact me. True enough, I did indeed get a missed call from an overseas number. In the email, it states that I could either send the unit to the place where I purchased the product or take it to the designated service centre as originally planned. Given that those were the only options they could give me, I then asked what I had to prepare before going there. They said the receipt. I again explained my problem about the receipt and how Target could not retrieve it back as it has bee nearly two years now since I purchased the product. Instead, they asked for a credit card statement. I gave them what they wanted. Again, I called to ask what was happening. Apparently, my credit cared statement does NOT state that I purchased a vacuum cleaner. WHY OF COURSE!!! IT'S A CREDIT CARD STATEMENT! IT'S NOT A RECEIPT!!! All credit cards do not itemize what you purchased from a store. All they do is put the total amount of money you've spent. Because I only gave a credit card statement, they apparently need another 24-48 hours to escalate another situation-that is, my credit card statement. What a joke!!! i have spent a total of 40 minutes talking to someone on the phone and being put on hold just today. Last week, I spent a total of 38 minutes doing the same. What a waste of time. If Philips could not live up to their two year warranty, then change it to one year!!! I'm so upset with the way this issue has been handled. I felt like everyone was just passing the buck around.

Date PurchasedAug 2015
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Hi Len, we can imagine this has been a frustrating journey for you and want to let you know we take your story seriously. We'd like to look into it and see how we can help you. Also we'd like to make sure this does not happen again. We've sent you a private message asking for your contact details. Hope to hear from you, Kind Regards, The Philips Australia Team

Works well but short life

This model is now discontinued but I would consider the successor model similar.
The vacuum cleaner was easy to handle and had good suction.
Did well on our hard tiled floor and also carpets.
Filters are difficult to find. Target no longer stock them.
After 2 years the telescopic shaft wore out so had to use gaffa to hold it in place.
Now 2 years & 7 months it just died. Not worth getting it repaired.

I would have expected it to last longer but maybe they're
designed to fail after not too long.
They should write on the packaging that this unit is expected to last 2-3 years but of course they wouldn't
do that.

Date PurchasedJun 2014
1 comment
Hi there, Thank you for sharing your story, we are sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve experienced. If you could call us on this number 1300 363 391, we’d like to see if we can help. Hope to hear from you. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I am needing to replace the pre motor filter for vacuum cleaner. I am not able to buy in nz, unless I pay extreme postage and shipping costs. Is there anywhere I can buy direct from. My model number is FC8761/72 thanks
1 answer
Hi there Sue, thanks for asking and sorry for the late reply. We advise you to contact our Spare part team here for further assistance: https://www.philips.co.nz/content/B2C/en_NZ/support-home/support-contact-page.html They should be able to assist you further and if not please let us know. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Hi, I tried to buy a replacement filter kit as mine is full of mold and stinks. I called the above customer service number and was advised to call Optimum Electronics Solution. They gave me $15 for Motor filter, $6 for the exhaust foam filter and another $15 for freight, whereas Target has the whole replacement filter kit for $14. Unfortunately not available in the stock. Could you please advise where I can get one, which costs around $14-15? Appreciate your assistance.
2 answers
Hey Nancy, Please have a look here: http://bit.ly/2lCRnf6. If you click on the 'Target' button, you'll find the purchase link for your replacement kit. :) Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamMine has gone moldy and smelly too. And I always dry it out properly. Not very good at all when its suppose to be a washable component! Now I have to fork out for a new filter after following washing instructions exactly... Rubbish!

Hi, I am planning to buy this vaccum but looking at the review most people are dissatisfied with the fact filter is not available easily. Just wanted to know how much does the filter cost and how frequently we need to change it?
3 answers
Here in NZ Briscoes sells kit for around $17-24 NZ. With regular clean and wash 1 kit can last up to 1 year depending how often and how much filth you have to vacuum. For me filters were list of the problem. Shonky extendable tube and USELESS attachments are much more frustrating. I certainly will never buy Philips junk again.Thank you for reaching out, Anisha. Could you contact us about this via (AU) 1300 363 391 or (NZ) 0800 658 224? We'd like to sort this out for you, so you can make a good choice. :-) Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamI am in NZ too - and can confirm filters are stocked (as above). Most of the people having trouble finding them are posting from AUS (Phillips rep might like to clarify why they seem to be hard to find there). I'm cleaning/washing the foam filter every 2-4 weeks, and have washed the actual HEPA (the rest of the filter body) once. I was a bit apprehensive as the documentation is ambiguous about which Phillips models have washable HEPA. I would agree with interceptor above that the robustness of the tube and attachments could be better. So far I've had no problems (haven't had the cleaner that long mind you), but it should be noted that if you are rough attaching/detaching them you will break something!


Philips PowerPro FC8631/71Philips PowerPro FC8670/71Philips PowerPro FC8632/72Philips PowerPro FC8635/71
CategoryBarrel Vacuum CleanersBarrel Vacuum CleanersBarrel Vacuum CleanersBarrel Vacuum Cleaners
Bin Capacity1.7 L1.7 L1.7 L1.7 L
HEPA FilterNoNoYesYes
Weight6 kg6 kg6 kg6 kg
Cord Length 6 m6 m6 m6 m
Power2,000 W2,000 W2,000 W2,000 W
Suction (Air Watts) 370 AW370 AW370 AW370 AW

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