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Happy outcome

I have made 7 books and have been delighted with them, however on the last book the quality was not up to their usual excellent standard. I took it up with their customer service and all my issues were addressed. My book was reprinted and I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you, happy customer.

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Hi Larraine, I'm sorry to hear that there was an issue with the Photobook sent to you. We are glad to hear that the issue has been resolved. Thank you Larraine

Poor Customer Service

I don't have any issues with their product however their customer service is non existent. I've had 11 books printed by them and all are excellent. I've emailed on numerous occasions and they never respond. They have been using a courier to deliver to the inner west of Sydney and they never attempt to deliver but drop off at a Newsagent and don't send any notification. I've had a shipment left there for 6 weeks with no contact from courier or newsagent. I've recently emailed to have an out of date code reactivated and no response. There are other photobook companies in Australia and it may be time to try them.

I am addicted!

I have now made 12 books, usually 100 pages and am delighted with them all. Have ordered an extra 6 of various ones for travel friends. Thank you so much. Just one thing I have noticed is that I have to keep the front page pictures a little smaller as they want to ride up a little. Not a problem but something for me to remember.

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Thank you for your lovely review Rosie! :)

So happy

First time I have used Photobooks Express. Created a 120 page book and so happy. The book was shipped within the 7 working days and delivery took 3 days. Quality of the book is fantastic & very happy with the clarity of the printing and quality of the paper. Will be creating more books - at a great price! M

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Thank you for your lovely review! :)

Perfect in quality and service!

This is the 2nd photo book I have created with the help of Photobook Express. I received it today and couldn’t be any happier. I was just as impressed with my first book. Both books were 100 pagers and they mean the world to me - so many wonderful memories all captured in one unique book. Thank you so much for the ease, quality and quick (and secure) delivery!!!!!!!!
I’m now onto my 3rd book....

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Thank you for your wonderful review JaeBea! :)

Taken my money and 2 months later have still not received the books. No one answers my calls and the

I ordered 29 books from this company. They sent me 21 and forgot 8 of them. I contacted them and was told they were on their way. I contacted them a week later and they told me that I had already received them. I told them I had not. 2 months later after numerous phone calls and no one answering the phone I am still waiting. I now have to buy these books again because parents from my class I teach had brought them. I am now going to be out of pocket of about $500 to replace these books. Stay well away from this company. I am now going to get in touch with Consumer Protection about them because I believe they are a sham. On one phone call when I spoke to someone it was an Indian guy who had a dog barking in the background. I asked him was I actually talking with someone from the company and he said he was at home and the workers work from home. It all sounds like a big cone so don't be fooled by their cheap prices!

Very unhappy, photo book is almost black

Photos in my new 130 page photo book are so dark I can't see most of the details, this is the case for every page in the book. No phone support. Online support is always offline. Submitted a ticket for help but despite now being allocated to two people, have received no response or update.


I would highly recommend your company as producing a very high quality product and delivering it within 2 days to acommodate my deadline.. The service is excellant and the assistance through the help line is spot on. Thank you photobooks express.

Great Product, Worst Shipping I've Ever Come Acros

I bought a voucher to purchase 4 photobooks of our wedding as christmas presents for our parents/grandparents. The product is great quality, particularly for the price. I am overall very satisfied with the customer service and products from photobooksexpress.

HOWEVER, they sent the product using Fastway couriers, a company with hundreds of reviews, average of 1 star rating. My shipping was quoted as costing $40. I had to chase up the product via phone, email and facebook (where my comments were deleted) because the courier company failed to deliver/scan in the tracking number/leave correct numbers on calling cards. This situation is not specific to myself, but many people receiving goods from Fastway couriers. It was incredibly stressful going through this as these gifts are to send overseas and were therefore needed ASAP.
I would have given 5 stars had the delivery been smooth, please choose to send via a different courier photobooksexpress.

Great service

I emailed Photobookexpress on Monday to complain my book was printed too dark. They asked me for samples of the photos, explained why they had printed so dark and gave me hints of how to avoid this in future. They then offered to run the book through their software and reprint it. Here it is Friday and I have just received my reprint book and it's perfect. Couldn't ask for better service.

Don't trust the international phone staff!

Ordered for my father-in-laws 70th birthday - called to make sure I would get it in time. Got told no problems no need to upgrade your order. Surprise surprise there is no photo book! Thanks for ruining my gift for my father-in-law. Never ever again!

Very bad service

My previous experience with photo express was good. However, 3 weeks ago I purchased 2 vouchers to reproduce 2 photobooks of the photo book i had done previously. Following their email instructions, I was not unable to upload the photobook for production. I have phoned and left messages, emailed 3 times, phoned again and their phone cuts out. And I have not received one response to help me with my problem. I am stuck with 2 vouchers and no one is getting back to me. I am now very concerned that i have lost the money i have paid photobookexpress.

fabulous photo book and service

I've used photo books express for several books and calendars and the quality is excellent. I would recommend the service to everyone! In the past 100 books, calendars etc ordered there was only an issue with one book and it was reprinted and delivered with no hassles. Keep up the good work!

I Love these books

I have done 9 books now and have another 3 in the pipeline. The programme is easy to use and the end product is really good. The quality of the paper and colours are great, the paper is a heavier weight than others and the gloss pages are lovely.

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I have just done a canvas picture and yet another 120 page photo book for a friends wedding photos and I am as always thrilled with how quickly they were done and the quality of the colours and product. Every book I do I discover new things in the programme that I didn't know before and each book is looking more professional each time. Now I have worked out how to make my own backgrounds and also how to add scrap-booking extras I have been having fun trolling google images and adding all sorts of things. I was looking at some of the 'terrible' reviews and think that a lot of that is just experience and the quality of the photos. I guess the 'rubbish in- rubbish out' principle works here. There is an option to enhance the photos which I often use, and I have often left in photos that have come up as poorer quality by the checker that have come back just fine but maybe not quite as sharp which I would expect anyway.I think the secret is to check and double check the book before sending it off.

Not enough stars!! Fantastic Service & Product

I have just completed my first Photobook Express Flat Lay Book. The program is similar to other photobooks however Photobook Express have online and telephone support which is absolutely fantastic. These guys clearly know their product and how to answer questions such that a non-computer literate person like myself can understand. Thanks guys!!! If necessary they can take control of your computer or send you individual instructions. Unlike most call centre environments, they will and do spend the time with you.

The book quality and image quality are fantastic and I believe superior to other companies I have used. Thank you just doesn't seem to say enough to a company that helps you publish treasured memories and photos.

PS A word caution, once you complete your first book, you will be addicted to your new hobby.........

I finally made my recipe book.

I have been threatening for years and finally purchased a recipe book voucher. Lovingly spent hours collating and sourcing matching photos for my family favourite recipes. I am so thrilled with the result. The first friend I showed it to, requested the name of the company so she can make books for her daughters in law. I'm now adding more 'family and friend's recipes to add an extra 20 pages to my duplicated book which I plan on buying multiple copies of and giving as presents to the family / friends. Couldn't be happier.

Thanks for the good service!

Requested an extension to two previously purchased vouchers. Immediate, positive service. Thanks for the consideration and prompt reply to my request!

No problems so far - but I hate their logo on the back of the photo books

I've made 2 books so far with Photo Books Express and have had no problems with the finished product. Their standard quality paper is very good - slightly heavier and glossy compared to other companies I've used. The software takes a bit of getting use to, but I found it quite good once I'd used it a number of times and made my own templates for setting out pages (very important as it reduces the time it takes to set thing out). I prefer to download their software and use it offline and then upload the book at the end. Fix all your photos (crop, redeye reduce, correct colour, etc) in some other software BEFORE you upload the photos to their software - it's easier and other software does a better job. You need to review and review and review again - and then get someone else to check it BEFORE you submit it. It seems to be an automated process with no one looking at your order before or after it gets printed so there is no quality control - it's all up to you to check before you submit - I assume this is how they can keep their prices so low. The thing I hate the most is that they put their very ugly, yucky coloured logo on the back cover of all photo books and blot out part of my photo on the cover - why can't they place it inside the back cover? Their prices are excellent - I always buy my vouchers when there is a sale on, but don't submit my order during busy times as I think that they rush orders through and that's when problems start. I'm looking forward to trying the new lie-flat books next time as I like to make my best photos take up the whole page and use some panorama photos to cross over the two pages - friends think these pages look the best and so do I.

Really nice photobooks...best & easiest software out there

Have made three photobooks so far with Photobooks Express. I am happy with their quality and service and will continue to use them. From the very first book I thought the printed photos were not as sharp as I had imagined they would be even though I used the highest resolution photos...but I put this down to the limitations of the printing process and have learned to accept it and am satisfied. I have downloaded and used the software from the other photobook suppliers and Photobooks Express downloadable software (haven't used the online version yet) is by far the best and easiest to use....being able view the project in full screen is just wonderful...as opposed for example to the one provided by H****y N****n Photos which is absolutely awful and complete rubbish for designing a photobook. This is the photobooks company I would definitely recommend to my friends and family.

Wonderful products and fantastic quality.

I have made numerous books and other products with this company and I find their software very easy to use and the books are such good quality. My friends can't believe how beautiful they are, when you purchase a voucher the prices are unbelievably cheap for such amazing products. This is a wonderful company who have great products!!

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Questions & Answers

Is photobook express the same as photobook Aust??
1 answer
Hi Mozza, Photobook Express is not affiliated with Photobook Australia.

How can I change the font and size and save so it is the default for this book I am doing?
2 answers
Set a Default Font Simply add a text box, type in your text and highlight the text, then right click your mouse and select ‘Use current style as default text style’.Thank you Lorraine. I had forgotten and worked a treat. JSH

Can people in New Zealand use this site?
2 answers
I think you should be able to Donna - their website gives delivery times for Australia and also New Zealand. Just to make sure I suggest emailing them - I have always found them very helpful. My tip when making a photobook - make sure you auto enhance all your photos to ensure they are light enough, otherwise the photos may look a bit dark in the printed book.Hi Donna, We do have a sister website that is user friendly for our New Zealand customers. Please follow the link below. https://www.photobookshop.co.nz/ Thank you Donna