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Platypus Shoes

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Customer service non-existent

I have called 4 times on separate days and no replies from customer service. go to a reputable business this one is far from that. Look at other genuine reviews

Customer service is bad, never felt so upset lol

Yeah look I came in to try some shoes on & didn’t buy it (considering to come back later) but customer service was terrible so it made me not want to buy it even more, will probably never step in to platypus again. I’m sorry

Do not buy from this store/chain

Do not trust this store, the quality of their shoes or their refund/exchange policy. I was given a pair of shoes by my wife and wore them three times. My wife was told by a person in store that these could be exchanged (OR REFUNDED without hastle. Ended up giving me really bad pains in my feet. I took them back within the 30 days and was told I could not exchange them. I then explained that the stitching had started to fall apart on the sides as well. Again, nothing they could do. Thanks Har***, you're a great bloke (sarcasm). Go to Vans across the other side and get some proper service.

Bad service

So i went into the Rockingham Platypus store today. Hughly disgusted and disappointed. Being a manager myself i would be devastated if my team stood behind the counter standing and talking. I walked in the first time looking for Vans. I walked around for like 2 minutes not even approached or greeted, first mistake. So i walked straight out.
Went to 4 opposition stores City Beach, Ozmosis, Footlocker and Universal as i was adamant i was not going back to that store. Unfortunately those 4 opposition stores did not have my shoes i was requiring so i thought i have to go back to Platypus as a last resort, grudgingly
So walked back in and absolutely nothing changed , girls still standing behind the counter talking . After 2 minutes i had to approach them and ask is anyone serving in here. The young girl quickly came over. Unfortunately you did not have my size. So i went back to your opposition and bought something different (Converse) at Universal, i was actually served by there Manager who was amazing. Greeted me at the door with a simple hello and a smile to acknowledge i was in the store again . Pretty simple , Customer Centricity is a imperative part of retail business. These girls you have definitely DO NOT have this. Sad because todays world is a online world its fiercly competitive to bricks and motar. Customer service should be paramount to any retailer. Sorry you have lost my business. I will not even rate this experience as it doesnt deserve even a 1
Disgruntled customer

Don't even waste your time buying online through them.

Ordered a pair of shoes from their online website and paid for express shipping and was told that I would receive the item in 1-2 days, and that I would also receive an email notifying me when the item has been processed and shipped... Its been 5 days already and I still have not received an email saying the item has been shipped, so I emailed them again today asking if they have had any updates on their side just to find out that the customer service person has finished their shift for the day, this was at 2:30pm this afternoon, and was told that I would have a response sometime in the next few days by a computer generated email.

Don't even waste your time buying online through them.
In store however had a much better treatment, the employees were extremely helpful and helped me out as much as possible with sizes and were in for a big chat, however both the style and size that was required were out of stock and I was told to order online and grab a discount code from unidays which I did and you know the rest of the story ^^^

Worse customer service

On feb 2nd of March, I bought a pair of shoes for my boyfriend as his birthday present. When buying the shoes, I told the staff that I wanted 39/49 euro size. He told me they only had size 39.5 which I thought should be fine and further they told me to bring the shoe back in case it doesn’t fit. When my boyfriend tried the shoe, it didn’t fit as they have given me size 41 euro. I went back to the store the next day to exchange the shoe. However, I was told that’s the smallest size they have. I told them if I can get refund but the staff (very rudely) told me, if I have wore the shoe somewhere as there’s a “small hair” inside one shoe. It was absolutely evident that the shoe was new and as it was when i bought it. Moreover, At first the staff was ready to exchange the shoe too as he checked the shoe and went to look if there’s any size smaller. But when I told him I wanted to get refund. His words changed and treated me very disrespectfully. He said that was unhygienic and they can’t sell that shoe to other customer. I mean just because of small hair? (P.s: he even asked me to take the hair first when I told him I wanted to get exchange, which I took out ) but when I said I wanted to get refund , he said he can’t. The staff was very rude and disrespectful.
The store was in : queen street (Brisbane)

Told US7 is same to UK7

Just ordered a pair of Men shoes, Size US7, but it delivered size UK7, when contacted via Live Chat, I was told US7 is same as UK7, and emphasized "what you order, what you receive". US7=UK7?

Quick and super helpful

We ordered a pair of air forces online and they arrived the next day. Unfortunately they were a tad too small so we went into the store and had them ecxchanged within 10 min. The lady at the store was super lovely.

Customer service shocking

I havnt received my item now trying to contact them is disgusting. They haven't even handed over my order to startrak to actually be delivered.Had live chat now cant even do that. I will be putting in complaint with consumer affairs against them. This company is not up to Australian standards. This is disgusting and unreliable. Advice DONT ORDER FROM THEM.

Absolutely Lamentable Company.

I spent one hour shopping for shoes on their online store and after finally finding and purchasing the shoes I wanted I waited two days for the shipment only to get an email telling me they had sold out of the shoe that I purchased that the site said was available. This is absolutely pathetic business. I think a brain dead seven-year old kid runs this shop. It's been four days and I STILL am waiting for my refund to process. What a joke of a business. Be smart,take your hard earned money somewhere where your business is appreciated. Not this joke of Business.

Worst customer service and website

Bought a pair online and they sent me a mens size instead of the womens size even when their website lets you select women sizing for your purchase. And because I used paypal I could not exchange or get a refund in store. So I was forced to send them back at my own expense. Their customer service is SHOCKING as they clearly aren't Australian based and they have no idea what is going on. They very clearly just don't care about their customers.

return process

extremely disappointed in there return process, states that its quick and easy. had to email customer service twice because the return information was difficult to find. went online to discover that the form i need doesn't exist and am having to contact customer service again. would just like to return am item with ease.

Worse customer service ever

We went to the Westfield Marion store today .My daughter had Xmas money to spend , after finding a pair she liked we stood at the counter while all the staff avoided any eye contact and any form of assistance. Finally they responded when I asked if I could measure her foot .No can’t do that you just need to guess .Thats where the fun began , they had 4 visible staff behind the counter , but to try and get one of them to get me a few sizes was met with eye rolling and smug looks .I would have loved to walk out and not purchase a thing from them , but my daughter desperately wanted the sneakers and they were bought. Having read the other similar reviews, this chain has serious customer service issues I’m not sure if they receive any training or being rude is a prerequisite to work there. There was not one person on the shop floor and the shop was busy, oh but the girl dancing out the back had some good moves.

Horrible Customer Service

I bought a pair of vans for my little niece end of November. I kept it excitedly till Xmas to give it to her. It turned out to be too tight for her. I took them to three stores to return and none of them had the size and so I was asked to go to the original store where I bought them. I went there only to be told that I was past the 30 day exchange period and that they could not exchange even though they had the size. I wanted to cry as I have a child with several special needs and can’t go out often as and when I want. I left my details with the Essendon DFO staff to get the manager to call me, but no surprise that anyone cared. Never will I ever shop there or recommend them to anyone.

Terrible. Wrong items delivered. Missing items. Slow unresponsive and non existence "customer servic

Shoddy company who do not deliver items or deliver the wrong items.

Online support take more than a week to respond - if they do and provide vague and unhelpul generic suggestions. Such as "please reply if this is an issue still and we will get back to you in a few days"

Their support phone number goes unanswered.

Bondi Junction Platypus Store

Went to the Bondi Junction store on a busy Saturday. I was trying on multiple pairs and the girl that served me was so friendly, helpful and patient. Having just been to the Vans store downstairs that wasn’t so great this was really refreshing.

Awesome customer experience in the CBD Melbourne store

Every time I go in there, no matter how busy I am always helped and the staff are super friendly. I love that they have after pay & seem to always be carrying my size of shoe too. Winning!

Shockingly poor customer service

This was in the Miranda store. Store wasn’t crowded and there were quite a lot to of staff around but none offered any assistance. I had to get staff attention which isn’t easy when they were busy avoiding customer eye contact and dancing to the overly loud music, or all cooped up behind the cage counter. Finally got a staff member‘s attention and asked for size 8, she brought a size 6. I pointed out that it wasn’t an 8 but she said it was and walked away.
Coupled with the ridiculously loud music, it was like a surreal joke of a shop. Almost like they were doing their utmost to not sell anything.
After reading the reviews here, seems to be endemic. Pity as some of the shoes were nice but just not worth the aggravation to go into a platypus store.

Overall pretty good

Shopped their boxing day sale online, my shoes were delivered quickly, I only wish that they had sent me a tracking number as I didn't know what the Australia Post parcel I was about to be delivered was. No problems with the shoes themselves.

worst customer service i have ever encountered.

Macarthur square platypus was just about the worst ever shopping experience, being boxing day everyone is busy and stores are hectic but every other store did not lack on customer service as did platypus. As me and my partner walked in we were kindly greeted, but that is where the customer service ended, as we approached the shoes we were interested in not one sales person has asked if we need assistance, help or sizes. there was no red sticker or sale price on the shoe as did the whole wall, so we had then asked for assistance, a female worker had asked what was the problem so we had shown to her attention of the sale price missing. without a word she goes on to rip the sticker off infront of us and walks off. as we were confused and waited another female worker who looked to be observing and some what supervising asked if there was a problem she could help assist us with as i told her the female worker had walked off with no word or help, there was no apology or assistance from her either and no care for my situation or service. the first female worker then goes on to serving others as we stand right next to her thinking we were going to be assisted with the price of the nike slides. the second worker then tells the first worker if she had gotten the shoes for us and she runs to the back of the counter and goes on to then put the sticker back and tells us to come to the counter then leaves us there. a man assists us with checkout and then tells us to move to another line ? confused once again we move and it takes us another 20 minutes to simply purchase these slides. honestly the customer service was so poor i will never purchase or walk into another platypus store again.

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Are any of there shoes fake?
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Judging by how they treat their customers. I would avoid and go through a reputable store. 0/10