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Its 100% SCAM!

They do destroy peoples lifes. The company is 100% SCAM! They got support by financials authorities who let them represents itself as a pro trade company! How its can be so? Please anyone in Australia would like to start a legal action against then txt me 0410771975. Im in the prosses to find a lawyer to recover my money. Im a victum. Lost about 60k. My case now with AFCA but doesn't look they can do much. the platform they use must be investigated.

A very bad one Indeed

I just hope you don't experience the hard times I went through after trading with Plus500. They entirely took all I had and left me with nothing. After investing so much with them, they denied my several attempts to get my funds out. All thanks to Prime Finance Recovery who quickly came to my aid. They almost wrecked me to the last if not for the sake of this firm who helped me with my funds out. Visit https://primefinancerecovery.com/ to lodge your complain if you've been in a similar situation.


Registered Scammer

It's a registered casino has nothing to do with investment to take your money legally, They took all my money and when I complained to authorities, they restricted my account from opening any new positions, whatever money you do here you, they will take it back at some stages,


Blowing my account with plus 500

I have lost my entire money through Plus500.
There is a website Giambronelaw who claims for get your money back but I’m considering it might be an impersonating website.
Has anyone have any experience get their money back?


I have been trading with this company fro over two years and when it was time to withdraw my money then went missing .I am open to share my experience and to also enlighten everyone on how i was able to recover my money from plus 500.


Its a scam! Its a simulation platform, no real trade behind it, no real transaction. You would feel like you are a trader, but its a simply gambling.

Great Web Platform

I really love their web platform, everything is transparent and easy to use. My only complaint is that they do not allow scalping & there is some vagueness on what constitutes scalping which made me a little nervous. Therefor I went in search of other CFD brokers who allows scalping so if I make any profits I am allowed to keep my profits no questions asked.

Beware This is a Scam company

This company is a scammer I lost $13000. It was to late when I found out. Please check their thousands of reviews online. How could they legally rob people? how do they exist? Now I saved you and your money so please pray for me.

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I got my money back through paypal as I claimed unauthorised transaction under buyer protection rule. If you want your money back claim that someone used your paypal account without your authority and you can charge back through your bank too by saying unauthorised transaction do not ever say that you authorised it otherwise you won’t get your money back. Another option is FOS where you have to tell your whole true story and also include that you selected sms alert for margin call but they did not send you text and you were sleeping at night and you lost money before you know anything that plus500 will be at fault however a lot of people says FOS is useless but you can give it a try. once you receive all your money back plus500 will terminate your account permanently however who wants to use their platform. Plus500 has 80% loss percentage according to one website Also if all these doesn’t work then there is a law firm specially work against plus500 and was able to recover millions of dollars for victims. This one on base of no win no fees. I have no experience with this lawfirm because before this lawfirm contacted me I received my money back from paypal so I did not need to go ahead further anymore https://www.giambronelaw.com/site/servicesforindividuals/binary-trading-litigation/english/class-action-plus-500/ All new beginners in get trapped by plus500 as their advertise on the top on Google. Plus500 is not a sharemarket. To begin in the sharemarket you need to research a lot. First you need to find reputed, genuine honest broker whome everyone knows, even those who don’t know anything about sharemarket. Who is s there since long long time. Even if they are bit expensive it’s worth paying but more broker’s fees than losing all your money in scam. so who are they? Commsec(commonwealth bank) ANZ, Westpac, etc What to know before buying shares? good ROE( above 10 average last 5 years) and ROA of company, recent performance Invest in the company you know. Apple, TPG, Netflix, Google these ones I know. The ones you know are they good? research a lot before you invest. Uncle Google is there for you. Do not let your emotions take over you during the price goes up and down without any reason think about company if the company has long lasting future” sometime to predict the future of the company you have to look into past of the company as far as you can “ Do not invest more than you afford to lose. Calculate how much can you lose to afford and ask your self what will be consequences if you lose money. Ask your self few times before you invest. always think about in Investing in long term. between 6 months to 10 years. Do not buy CFDs etc, do not involved in day trading buy actuall shares of company which you can sell after even 50 years. buy low risk bluechip stocks. Do not go for cheap stock as they are cheap for a reason. Do not invest in the company which you don’t have knowledge about or education of their business or it’s not your field. check the last 5 years chart of company share history is it falling down or going up? Do not set unrealistic goal. Don’t be greedy. Do not try to become rich quickly there is no such way. If you invest $5000 your goal should be $5000 profit in 1 to 5 years. If you make more then it’s your luck bit don’t think you gonna make $500000 in 1 year from $5000. The world’s best and no 1 investor “warren buffett ‘ took 50 years to reach that level. please read his biography and his principles. Contact me if you need any suggestions 0433261250 Please remember me in your prayers...... Love....Suhel

Initially impressed but back office support is dangerously absent.

This company looks good and appears professional but it seems to be a veneer that is easily undermined once you interact with its trading platform. I deposited money, submitted all my id and was unable to trade still for a number of weeks.

Some research revealed that they have offices in Israel and an Eastern European country, and while they report to have an office in Sydney, I never spoke to anyone based there. I was therefore even more concerned when I discovered that they are using gmail as a platform to communicate with customers, making communication potentially flawed as they send confidential information via a third party platform.

The only support is from people with fake first names who can not string two words together and who portray little confidence that what they are telling you is truthful.

Sadly, I'm left wondering if this company consists of a few Grade 12's that got together to try and set up a trading platform without considering "quality".

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