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Unsatisfied Customer x 100000000

I honestly really liked the clothes I had received from some orders I placed. However, one time they deducted 3 x $50 amounts all at once and did not inform me of this until I checked my account!!! Really? No replies to my emails, no contact at all. Brought my moneys worth but stopped ordering anything after that.

Bloody Terrible!

Popcherry has vanished off the face of the earth and I had a $70 credit from the “VIP Club”! Thieves who would not refund my credit even after I explained that I’ve put on a few kgs and nothing on their site fits! W*nkers!!!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing Very small
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Popcherry has closed

Looks like Popcherry has closed leaving goodness knows how many girls out of pocket with credit sitting in their so called VIP accounts. Never was sure what to spend the credit on as the clothes were absolutely appalling! I feel for those who lost more $$ than me.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Pop cherry are theives

Had to cancel my card to stop the 50 going out can't get refunded any of the money they took. Their clothes are terrible material and sizing ..absolute joke..bet they have stolen heaps of money from people!!

Product Quality
Sizing Very small
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Terrible Customer Service

If I could rate 0 stars, I would.
I have been in contact with Peter via email in regards to the "VIP Membership" - as they no longer offer this & I currently have a $50.00 credit sitting on my account due to paying for the membership before they stopped it.
I asked for a refund, as I no longer have access to the membership benefits & their quality definitely isn't worth paying full price; only to be told they do not refund credits & apparently the membership was free, even though their website still states '(your credit card will not be charged) $50.00 membership fee'.
I've even tried to call the number on their website to talk to someone that way about resolving this & can't even get through to anyone that way!
This company is an absolute joke!!

Product Quality

Everything was perfect

The lingerie was so beautiful and came in the most cutest bag ! The clothes were also good quality and the perfect size. Delivery was fast and each item was packed separately which I liked. Very very happy and would definitely buy from here again !!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Still waiting to hear from a manager

I have been signed up as a VIP member which deducts $50 a month from my account. I did not know this was happening. When I contacted customer care and asked for a refund I was told I could not have this money back. I asked for the matter to be escalated to a manager and I haven't heard anything since. I've sent two follow up emails to which I have had no reply for their customer care team. Not exactly VIP treatment.

Return Claim MadeNo

Terrible - unable to cancel membership, phone number is disconnected and not responsive to emails

Popcherry states that "You may cancel your POPCHERRY VIP membership anytime and you can either get in touch with us via phone or email" however they are totally unreachable!

This is causing a lot of distress I do not wish to be a member anymore and get charged $50/month. For some weird reason I'm unable to click SKIP THE MONTH for February, it's like they have disabled the link and I'm probably going to get charged $50 again.

Terrible customer service.

I placed an order and forgot to use the site advertised coupon code for the discount. Emailed then straight after I placed my order. No reply and I had to send a follow-up email to get a response. They said once an order is made, they can't change it. I said fine, can I cancel the order and re-order then? Response time was again poor, and my order had been shipped. They said because it was shipped, I can't cancel the order. The only reason it shipped was because they were so slow to respond! They aren't interested in helping their customers, only getting money from them. Very disappointed to say the least.

Frustrating experience, would not recommend

I signed up to be a VIP member and made my order of two dresses, some shirts and a few necklaces as I had to reach the $50 mark. I was told that my order had been shipped but a few days later I received an email saying that one of my tops was not available and hadn't been shipped. They would only give the refund as a store credit too which was annoying.
I eventually received the clothing and they were very poor quality, the material was horrible. I have only worn one of the dresses and I binned the necklaces straight away as they were very cheap, plastic rubbish.
I decided to cancel my membership as I wasn't happy and didn't want $50 taken from me each month. The only way to cancel was to ring up which already was annoying. I rang up probably a dozen times throughout the day and would stay on the line but it was just constantly busy. I tried another day and waited nearly an hour before someone finally picked up and told her that I wanted to cancel my membership. She said I needed a reason for her to cancel it and continuously asked me if I was sure I wanted to cancel. I'm pretty sure she was at her home as you could hear dogs barking in the background.
The entire process was very tedious and wasted so much of my time. They deliberately make it so difficult. Even though the clothes are cheap I do not recommend buying from them!

Poor Quality

Popcherry is marketed towards 16~25 age group. I made the mistake of signing up for a VIP membership that's deducts $50 AUD from me each month, this allows you to get huge discounts, but in saying that, the quality of the clothing is terrible, and i would never pay full price for one of their clothing items. To cancel your membership at the time you had to ring head office in Australia, but they have recently changed the policy where they allow you to cancel via email. The clothing is fast fashion, and its really hard to find any nice classics and basics. I sent an email in regards to a faulty item, I had never worn this item, I washed it and the seams of my garment had unravelled at the bottom, their policy states that you can not return clothing items that are worn or washed, however I believe this is a poor excuse from a company to get away with selling poorly made clothing to their buyers and them not having to take accountability for it. I did receive an email from customer support, they never addressed the complaint, they just cancelled my membership instead and said they don't do refunds

Very good customer service love it!!!

I’m very satisfied with The popcherry customer service excellent. Specially Peter the customer service guy!! Love the dresses and tops on this online shop!! Popcherry is the best!!!5 stars for me!!!

Never experienced such amazing customer service!!

I recently purchased some items on Popcherry that arrived a couple of days ago, I went to wear one of the tops today but it sadly ripped as soon as I lifted it over my head. :( I contacted Popcherry through live chat and started chatting with Peter who was SOO incredibly kind and helpful, he express posted a replacement top and sent a free return label for me to post the faulty one back. Everything was sorted in less than 10 minutes and he was the most polite and lovely person to speak to!!! Not only are the clothes beautiful but the service is amazing. Definitely shopping here again, so happy with this service!!

Terrible service!

I have been a popcherry VIP member since VIP first arrived. I went to shop using my store credit a couple of weeks ago, and to my surprise, my VIP account had been closed. I emailed to ask what was going on, and they said I was no longer a VIP member, my details were wiped, and if I wished to use my store credit, I would have to pay a $1 fee to add my card details, and another 50cents to add the VIP token to my account.

This issue is ongoing, and the only way I can use up my store credit is to now email them whenever I want to place an order. I can no longer place orders via their webpage, because I need a card on file, and they will charge me to add my card.

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Hi Grace, Thank you for leaving a review and it really means a lot that you have been with the POPCHERRY VIP for so long. I want to apologise that your POPCHERRY VIP membership was wrongly cancelled and I am sorry for the inconvenience caused by this error. As mentioned before, you are more than welcome to sign up anytime and the $1 charge is used to establish that you have a valid credit card and will automatically be converted into POPCHERRY store credit. The $0.50 token was an alternate way of rejoining the POPCHERRY VIP and is also converted into store credit that you will have access to spend right away. I understand that you didn't want to have any more store credit added to your account at the moment, so unfortunately there was no other way for you to place an order and receive the VIP prices. I am more than happy to place an order for you internally and will always be able to help out in any way possible. Peter @ POPCHERRY Care Team


Highy recommended.. affordable! good quality, perfectly fit and quick delivery.. looking forward to buy more especially the coat.. thank you popcherry..

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Hey Sharon, Thank you so much for leaving us a review and just love that you were able to pick up some awesome pieces! Amazing to hear that you will be coming back to grab one of our coats, but don't wait too long, our clothes do sell out fast! Thank you again and have a lovely day :) Peter @ POPCHERRY Care Team

Poor quality

I was a VIP member for a couple of years and recently cancelled as I kept forgetting to skip the month (my fault) which resulted in $50 credit each time I forgot.
From being a VIP member you get discounts on their products. However I made multiple online orders to use up my credit and everytime i received a package I was not happy with the products as they were very cheaply made. The quality is unfortunately very poor and sizing is very off.. after getting sick of forgetting to skip the month and the poor quality I cancelled my membership. However this isn’t so simple as you must call them in order to do so, but when you call them they are so pushy in trying to convince you to keep your membership.. I had to just try stand my ground.
After cancelling my membership I still have the remaining credit and therefore I don’t get the discounts anymore. Without the discounted price the items are soo expensive for what they are, even with the discount however I don’t think the clothing is worth it still.

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Hi Moll, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. I can see that your experience shopping with POPCHERRY has not been the best and am deeply sorry that you haven’t been satisfied with the quality of clothing. I would love to find out more about your past purchases and if you can recall any of your order #’s I will investigate these pieces further. All the feedback we receive goes a long way to help us improve and I do believe that quality/sizing has been on the rise - as shown by our latest POPCHERRY Basics collection. In terms of pricing, we have always tried to provide high-quality clothing at the lowest prices and will always beat any competitors price for the same item by 50%. I know that canceling should be a seamless process and would like to personally apologise for your experience with our POPCHERRY Care Team. We have been listening to our customers and if you feel that calling is too cumbersome you can alternatively cancel via email. Peter @ POPCHERRY Care Team

Sizing isn’t the same. Ever

I’ve been VIP at pop cherry for over a year now and I’m just over it. I gave it a good go but in reality, It’s either really poorly made with straps breaking off first time using, stitching coming apart or the clothing is nowhere near the size it should be.... or it fits strangely. They look great online but yeah... frustrating. I’m slim and usually fit in size 8-10’s and always try mediums or large and it’s either too big or so small it’s pointless. So disappointed. I’ve really stuck it out. Now I just have to figure out how to stop them taking the $50 out every month now..

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Hi Georgie, This does sound like a rather frustrating experience and I want to apologise that you have not been satisfied with your orders. We are always working to improve on the quality of our garments and the feedback you have provided will go along way to ensure that these manufacturing issues don’t happen again. If you do remember any pieces and the order number, it would be a huge help for us. In terms of sizing, our products can have a different fit for each individual depending on the style and material. If you do have any questions about sizing our POPCHERRY Care Team and myself are certainly able to help with any measurements you may need. It does mean a lot that you have been part of the POPCHERRY VIP for so long and we have been working on improving the quality and fit of our products - as shown by our latest POPCHERRY Basics collection. The $50 charge is completely optional if you decide to shop or skip the month, however, if you wish to cancel you may call or send us an email anytime. Peter @ POPCHERRY Care Team

Large size very petite

I used the measurements online to order. Ordered a large to be on the safe size (usually I'm a medium). The bodysuit was ridiculously short and not at all a realistic large. Measurements should be adjusted to each brand, not generic, especially if the sizes differ so dramatically.

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Hi Erin, Really sorry to hear that the bodysuit you received was extremely short and we have definitely been looking to implement more brand specific measurements as you have mentioned. I would love to follow up on this bodysuit and would you have an order number that I could look into? While we are still implementing a system for brand specific measurements, you may always get in touch with our POPCHERRY Care team via email or live chat to have any piece/size measured. Peter @ POPCHERRY Care Team

Great customer service!

Purchased online, great customer service and quick delivery! Only complaint is the difference in sizing between different dresses! All 3 dresses were a completely different fit even though the sizes were the same!

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Hey Michelle, Thank you for your review and I am so glad that the POPCHERRY Care Team was able to help you out! Really sorry to hear that the dresses you received didn't have the same fit and I believe this may be a result of us using a range of different suppliers. If you do have any hesitations about sizing because of this experience, I would recommend getting in touch with our always helpful POPCHERRY Care Team who are more than happy to provide any measurements for any piece we have. Peter @ POPCHERRY Care Team

Sizing was really off and the quality was very cheap. The white floral dress was a dirty off white n

Online, took 8 days for delivery. Not happy with quality or sizing. Bought 3 dresses all don't fit and look very cheap, quality is terrible..

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Hi Jacqueline, I want to apologise for your experience with POPCHERRY and would like to follow up on any quality issues ASAP. We do work closely with our suppliers to source high-quality pieces and would you be able to provide your order number so I can double check on the quality of these dresses? I particularly would like to look into this white floral dress that wasn’t the correct colour. I know that sometimes the lighting from the photoshoot can make the piece slightly brighter, however, I would still like to investigate this further. If you do experience any issues with sizing, our POPCHERRY Care Team is always available via email or live chat to help provide any measurements that you may need. Peter @ POPCHERRY Care Team

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Questions & Answers

Can someone please inform me as to what has happened to the popcherry website? I am unable to access it.
3 answers
I have been trying for weeks - looks like it has closed down. Guess our credit has gone :(I'm gona speak to the bank and if I get nowhere with the dispute again for the transactions I disputed last year from these guys I'll be wiritng to the CEO had enough of these companies thinking they can steal money the bank should recall it!!Try the link in their Instagram bio, it’ll send you straight to their website

I can’t find the website, have they shut down?!
1 answer
Hi, I couldn’t find it either when I searched it which is really odd. However, they have a link on their Instagram that sends you straight to the website, hope that works for you :)

hi, I’m trying to get onto the popcherry website and it doesn’t seem to be loading. It’s not an internet problem because everything else is fine. Can you please help me? I want to skip the month before the fifth of this month so need to be able to log in as soon as possible thanks.
1 answer
Try the link in their Instagram bio, it’ll send you straight to their website


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