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Powershop Australia

Powershop Australia

2.7 from 344 reviews

Expensive! Terrible! Worse energy company I have been with.

The way they bill is to choose different discount packs and it’s always for a time period that’s in advance. So you prepay for a period and it’s estimated rates.

Too expensive !
They complicate and confuse you with their supposed power packs discounts but mostly it’s estimated rates that you are paying for.
Very very complicated and expensive

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
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Hi Emilia, thanks for taking the time to write a review. I’d love to clarify a couple of the points you’ve made. If you have a basic meter, we’ll only get a reading every three months from your distribution network. This means that the usage data is estimated during these times. However if you want to improve the accuracy of your app, you can either enter self reads (through the app or send us photos), or we can install a smart meter for you (which is free in most cases). Whilst the usage shown can be estimated as explained above, your rates aren’t estimated. On every Powerpack page, you can see the usage & supply charge you get when you purchase the Powerpack. We’ll also tell you how much you’ve said by proactively purchasing Powerpacks each month when we send you your Account Review. If you prefer a more set-and-forget experience, we also have PowershopLITE. This means no shopping for power, just a great rate every time. I also note you’ve rated us 1 star for customer service. We’d love to understand why you gave us that rating, as looking after our customers is something we pride ourselves on. Thanks again for your feedback, Peter

Need getting used to, otherwise perfect

It works very differently on how you pay for the electricity / gas. You buy powerpacks which have a certain amount of "electricity" and will get depleted as you keep using it.

The app provides tons of info that other company does not, which makes day to day power tracking extremely easy.

You will get notifications when a special pack is released so you don't need to keep checking the app for special offers.

If anyone is interested, make sure you use my invite link, you'll get $75 off from your usage for free!
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Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Too expensive? Just ridiculous!

Not happy with powershop at all. Had it installed in mid-august 2018, for a single person working 6 days a week, powershop bills are too much monthly. While all my friends use heaps of electricity and pay roughly $150 every quarterly with other companies, i pay wayy too much every month.
was away for 3 weeeks, with only the fridge running & all other switches off, i paid $65 for last month. Very unhappy.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Hi Meenal, thanks for reaching out. It seems that your high bills are probably linked to estimated meter readings since you don't have a smart meter. We're currently offering these at no upfront costs to our customers in most circumstances. We would love to look into your account to investigate and chat further. Could you share your account details privately with us? Thanks.Yes a further chat would be fantastic.

Don't recommend Powershop

First 3 months great.Live alone in a unit. Bill $50 -$60 a month first 3 months. Just received a bill for almost $300 for the 4th month. That is $300 for 1 person living alone. Done nothing different this month. Enjoy 3 month holiday period then expect to be ripped off beyond belief. $50 to $60 a month for 1 person is reasonable. A jump to $300 for the 4th month is not.

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Hi Susan, thanks for reaching out. Can you please send us your account details by private message, so we can look into your account to see what's happening?

Great company - would recommend!

I'm living in a 2 bedroom apartment in Brisbane, QLD and I've never had a problem with them.
I love the fact that you pay monthly, rather than getting issued a bigger quarterly bill.
You can monitor your electricity usage via the easy to use app which is fantastic so you don't receive any unexpected bills.
You can also receive a discount if you pay before the due date.
Just ensure you install a smart meter, which determines the electricity usage from your unit itself, rather than going off an average in the building complex. It's much cheaper..

Bascially you pay $100 a month for an APP

Do the Numbers people... they are SERIOUSLY overcharging, then "Discounting"...
Here is my example... I have 2 meters on my property, 1 Meter is, Peak, Off Peak & Shoulder. Other Meter is Flat Rate.
Here are my numbers so you can see what they are doing...this is for 4 DEC to 1st Jan
Powershop charged me 24.37c/kWh (Off Peak) 38.20c/kWh (Peak) 30.41c/kwh (Shoulder) And a supply charge of 141.03 c/day
Now they also charge 30.14c/kWh on their Flat rate (this is where we use our main power...using 751Kw for the month. With the Supply charge 141.03c/day
So my total bill was $598.70, with Power Packs made it $550.22

So I priced Tango Energy...heres how they came out
17.71 Off Peak, 27.72 Peak , 22.22 Shoulder and Daily supply charge of 110 c/day
This is the jawdropper... 18.63 FLAT RATE!!!! and supply charge of 105.60
Add this all together and my bill for the month of December would have been..... $402.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!With Tango
This is TANGOS rates all the time... no discounts... just normal rates.

So in conclusion, POWERSHOP are inflating their rates then giving you these 'Power Saver Packs' where you 'save' 20-24%, but your not saving anything, you are paying more...
If anything... you are paying for the MOST EXPENSIVE APP ON THE MARKET...at least $1200 a year for an APP, no one would buy that normally, but I did, for 4 years.

Get your bill, call other companies and get their rates... then work it out for yourself. Powershop say that they are giving you these discounts for buying upfront... but its a sham.

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Hi there, thanks for reaching out. Could you please share with us your account details privately so we can look into your account to investigate further?

pros and cons for Powershop

I agree with most of the reviews, good and bad. 3 & 1/2 stars actually.
First the cons: Powershop does issue complicated bills that take ages to understand if you can make proper sense of them at all. Also they do take money out of my account automatically and I would like to have the credit that has accumulated, courtesy of my solar panels, given to me rather than held in some holding pattern only Powershop has. This is very disconcerting.
Pros: Their prices are ok compared with other providers. Where they are good though is with the power packages they sell which do give good discounts. Yes it takes work on my part to get the discounts by buying power packages. Now that I'm used to their weird software program I have made it work for me.
Don't expect to have the same process as with other providers which are simpler. Depends on your energy and time to make it work for you.

For my electricity situation I found Powershop to be perfect. I would recommend them, if their deals

I would recommend them, if their deals suit your electricity situation. My friends in a group house hold have been very happy with Powershop too. I found that they suited me. I am not with this company any more, as I live in a situation where I cannot choose the power company.

Avoid this company!

I was an electricity customer of Powershop for 2 years and I found their billing to be deceptive and unnecessarily complicated. When closing my account with them it took months to finalise with continual inexplicable bills. Communication is appalling and I would recommend against using them.

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Sorry Val, that doesn't sound like a good experience. Could we have a chat to see what we could have done better?


Fabulous well trained, helpful & friendly staff. Great discounts & you can buy power as you go to recieve awesome discounts & to keep on top of your bill. Option of using green energy for the environmentally conscious.

The worst - most complicated energy provider

They have to be the most complicated power supplier out there... transferred and in 4 months spent the same as I did in a whole year with my previous supplier. You have to wait for an email then buy a special package or use the app to get the discount you were told you were getting in the first place. Great I guess if you have the spare time to waste in working to get a good rate on your power bill every single month - but I just want to use my electricity and pay for it at the best rate I was told I would be getting. Customer service completely useless and apathetic.

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Hi Meg, thanks for the feedback. Understand the shopping for power model is not for everyone, but we have alternative options for customers who would like to set and forget. We'd be very happy to have a chat to you about this.

clear information via the app that keeps you in control

We have been with Powershop for 4 years now, and have been very happy from the start. I like that with the very well designed app I am in control of how I purchase my power, and with our digital meter we're able to track our usage to help keep our usage down. I purchase our power in blocks about 3 months ahead of time, which means we're always able to make sure of bulk discounts and I am always on top of our bills.

Satisfied customer

We have used Powershop for 3 homes over the last 5 years. I can’t understand reviews that are negative. There should be no bill shock if you use the app correctly. If you want to know how much that oil heater is to run a day look at rhe App! Don’t whinge afterwards when you use it for a month. It is the most transparent power company I’ve used. The secret to Powershop is to prepurchase your packs that offer the biggest discounts, buy the future packs, bulk packs and the occasional special occasion packs offered and get your account in credit. Be aware what you are buying eg..green power is more expensive. And thank you Powershop that when I call which is very rare that I get to speak to you quickly. Also no contracts, no penalties, no problems.
I would recommend Powershop to anyone as long as you are proactive to know about your power usage and willing to prepurchase packs to help you budget.

Good if you know what your doing

If you are one of those people that uses power and waits for a bill every quarter, stay away from powershop, its not for you. If you are someone who wants to understand power usage, pay upfront to get discounts and have a better visual via an app of what is going on then you'll love it. Have been with powershop over 2 years across 2 properties. Current house I get a daily update broken down hourly of my power consumption including solar export via the smart meter. Great way to understand & manage power usage.

Time Wasters - Avoid the Frustration

Powershop was recommended to me by a friend. My power was to be connected on Friday the 30th of December. Monday it remained unconnected so I cancelled. Such an inconvenience when plnning to move in on a weekend. No apologizes for the inconvenience, no customer service, no phone calls returned. Absolutely hopeless a waste of my time. Give this crowd a miss!

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Hi Jan, we're really sorry about this. It is definitely too late, but we're very keen to investigate this to see what happened.


Was great and easy to setup power for my new rental unit however noticed I was paying quite a bit - between $200 and $250 a month. I live alone in a small unit; no TV but do have washing machine, oven cooktop, small bar fridge and average lighting. The only thing I could think of to account for this pricing is an oil heater I used during the winter months but when asked Customer Service about this recently (late Spring) I was advised to wait until my next Meter reading.. Cannot fathom what has caused such a high price for power in my situation. Will be switching providers.

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Hi Betty, sorry for the late response. Have you considered getting a smart meter? These will put an end to estimated bills. We're currently offering these at no upfront cost to our customers in most circumstances. You can find more info about this here: https://www.powershop.com.au/smart-meter-request/

Constantly over charging, extremely poor customer service, real rip off

Powershop is dodgy. They constantly over charge. Despite my account in credit, they keep charging me the bill amount every month. They reverse it eventually but it's a month afterwards after they have been sitting on the money. Pretty sure this is illegal. They also completely screwed up the meter read. One of their meter readers put the decimal point in the wrong place and charged me an extra $10k. Took me 6 months to get them to admit they screwed up and they ignored numerous emails showing they still overcharged me and eventually gave me a measly discount that didn't even cover the charges. I ended up leaving and closed my account. I had two properties with them. They closed one and left the other one running. When I complained they said they will back date the charges based on estimate daily rate. From beginning to end Powershop has been a nightmare to deal with and real rip off artists.

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Hi Clark, thanks for the feedback. That doesn't sound like a good experience at all. Sorry, we've had trouble getting notifications - so we're just looking at this now. If you're able to privately share your account details, we're very keen to investigate this.

Terrible don't use them.

Unless you buy the packages you pay more than other companies for your usage. Also they just take money from your account when ever they like only giving you a couple hours notice sometimes via email. You don't get a discount for paying on time via direct debt. It's very expensive. My bills have been $200-280 per month for just a single mum and the rest of my appliances are gas. Only electronics I use are washing machine, TV and phone charger and usually have 1 light on at night. Rest of the switches are turned off. My bills started off great and seemed well priced then started getting stupid and I use less electricity now than before. Keep away. Your better to go for company that actually has decent prices per kw and has pay on time discounts.

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Hi Ashy, sorry we've had trouble getting notifications and so we're only looking at this now. Could you please share your account details privately, so we can look into this?

Love the app and the upfront discounts!

Never experienced a drop out. Great service thus far. Love the daily analytics and the environmentally friendly approach. Highly recommend

Stay away from POWERSHOP!

Stay far far away from this company!!!! They make their pricing guide so difficult to read and understand and are so deceptive with their marketing. If you aren't prepared to buy their pre-paid packs which they advertise as "want to save even MORE on your bill? - then purchase this pack" as opposed to what it SHOULD say is "You will receive zero discounts and pay a whopping 46c per kwh if you don't but any of our packs or bundles!!" and you get ZERO discounts on your final bill if you don't. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!! NO-ONE explains or emphasizes this when you sign up and even in the welcome pack they send you when you sign up they make the pricing and fee's so difficult to read and understand and so hard to gauge what you are paying. And again, their 'package and bundle' adds are marked as how to make additional savings NOT as the only saving you will get. We got slugged with an $827 bill for the MONTH!!!!! That is literally what we paid with Energy Australia for the QUARTER!!! Stay away from these thieves and criminals - an absolutely horrible company to deal with!!!

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WOW! I tried signing up to powershop today through RAY WHITE NOW. A bit later I received a call from Powershop which made me jump through so many hoops including giving my bank details of my debit card,then said they would take out $1 to confirm its a working account. At first I thought thats strange. 1 hour after being told my power will be connected in the next 2 days I was sent a text saying that my application was cancelled due to a so called poor credit rating. I know I have a very good credit rating thank you very much!!! Just checked my bank account and sure enough this company has taken the $1 from it. They haven't supplied me with a service yet take my money and now Ive been forced to cancel my debit card. I would like my $1 back. Or is this company just scammers like most typical kiwis?
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How do you cancel a contract with Powershop? There is no information whatsoever available on the website. I wish these companies would be honest and open and not make cancelling a standard business contract such a time wasting experience.
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How do I cancel Powershop as my energy retailer?
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