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Dont need to add much more to the below. Been 2 years since I've ordered, raised a question on Facebook and they blocked me.

Might give consumer affairs a go

Fake.scammers many more words

Brought something in 2015/16 preorder hulk hogan I had paid it off was told Feb would be sent out anyway Feb come and went 2 years later still tryna sort it out. No response communication nothing got 1 reply saying employing people to respond to emails. Anyway last year 2017 towards the end of the year got customer affairs involved abit of a wait and process but got my money back. Dirty scammers full of lies i tell you do not trust them! Years of pain getting your money back not worth it ! Stuff em

Don’t not buy from these scammers

I pre-ordered a hot toys figurea few weeks ago, after having paid the full amount, I received an email, telling me they would not be getting the stock in and that my payment was voided. I tried to reply to the email asking about my refund, but their email is not reachable and no way to contact them. Their website currently still says the hot toys figure is available for pre order.

They are thieves & scam artists

I preordered Hot Toys Black Panther cost AUD279 back in October 2016 with an ETA March 2017 then it was changed to June 2017 then Dec 2017. I emailed numerous times & received 1 reply to say they were receiving limited stock soon & I wouldn't be on the list. I emailed to cancel my order & asked for a credit card refund...no reply again & again...I contacted Mastercard but as the time elapsed had past 12months they said it was unlikely there was anything they could do...I believe the time elapsed was a ploy by Premium collectibles as they knew all along how hard it would be to claim a refund. My son also has lost approximately AUD2000 on 3 Transformer orders made in 2017. I hope Premium Collectibles are prosecuted by Fair Trading & not allowed to reopen under another name to rip off more honest collectors.

Do not trust DWYER's Premium Collectibles

The company known as Premium Collectibles has received numerous slander in the 1000s for not just being the worst service in terms of customer satisfaction, but knowingly scammed many for free money. I lost over $1000 and could not get all my money back. I managed to get $423 back, but the Coles Mastercard is not a reliable credit card company to use (so I found). So to others please ensure you have a reliable credit card company with chargeback facilities (unlike Coles) so that you can get a refund from any scams such as Premium Collectibles. I hear the company has closed but may reopen under a new name for the con artist to do so again. Careful with online trading. The old story as it says: "If it sounds to good to be true, then it ain't true."

No more Credit Card Protection from 04/06/2018 - be careful

I received over $4,000 back in pre-orders that had passed their ETA (no communication from the owner) by using the VISA Chargeback process. All cases were found in my favour, using the "goods not supplied" code on the VISA dispute form. Premium Collectibles is no longer accepting Credit Card payments, only Crypto and direct deposit, meaning you lose the right to contest goods not delivered through your merchant. A HUGE risk, as this was the only way I could secure a refund for items not delivered. As the owner does not respond to emails sent, its virtually impossible to secure a refund direct with the site. I would hate to think how hard it is without credit card protection. Buyer beware!

Non delivery

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Took over $400 form me on pre orders and nothing has arrived. I emailed them many times with no response. Do not deal with them unless you want to loose your money.

Destroying people's hobbies through silence and false promises

Started using them mid 2015. Bought several transformers on pre-order. Was going great, you had to wait but they delivered. Things started unraveling end of 2016. ETAs started being changed from month to month. Emails were replied to but with etas that kept changing. Products came into stock with other retailers but PC still had none. Ended up with massive disappointment and lots of time and effort chasing them up on email with no success. Ended up doing charge backs on all outstanding orders. Fortunately for me, my bank ruled in my favour for all and got funds back. Not worth the effort for saving $$$ on toys! I'm sticking to buying from Amazon.jp and other Japanese/Asian retailers that have delivered thus far (and actually reply to emails with actual dates and information!) Have since purchased all the stock I was waiting from PC from other retailers. Had to pay more, but it's a lesson learned. If the solid mass of negative reviews staring back at you on this website is not enough 'evidence' for you, I don't know what else to tell you. Now their website is down. Can't believe PC has not been shut down and the people/person behind it have not come under scrutiny from the law. This is thievery, done on the backs of people who just want to revisit a little bit of their childhood, but has now been soured by this whole experience.

Where are you

I have been a PC customer, with multiple thousands of $ in unfulfilled orders.

Initial all seem fine, until Aug 2017. I had to bring in consumer affairs, finally got a response only to be deceived by [name removed] again.

After joining the PC Complaints facebook, I commenced seeking support from my Credit Card financial institution, I was able to claw back monies for 24 orders which took until Mar 2018.

3 more orders remain which included store credit as part payment needing to be recovered. To do this i initiated a dispute through VCAT as a small business claims. Part of this process requires, me the applicant, to send claim information (verified by stat declaration that this was done) my claim to business owner, [name removed].

I physically mail (registered mail) this to PC's ASIC registered business address, as well as electronically via PC email address, including [name removed] email address (no reply).
19 days later I received the registered mail return to sender with comment "signed by accident not at this address".
(Given ASIC doesn't know about this address change, PC has already breached a trading law)

The tribunal was held on 9th May 2018, [name removed] did not attend. The ruling was in my favour for $1320+ and all costs to be paid by [name removed] to me.
A few days later the PC website went down. I am one on many people this business has scammed money from, I write this review in hope message will get to [name removed], my next step is to take my claim to Sheriff of the Magistrates court Office to have my claim enforced.

So anyone who knows or deals with PC and [name removed] give him this message, my claim on him will hang over
him for many years to come, so ignoring it, will not work this time.
Unless he digs a hole and hides in it, for the rest of his time, he will be found.

Scammers!!!!!!!! Dont believe the cheap prices!!!!!!

Had on order placed over a year ago, item has been available for at least 8 months and have still not received it! Sent an email and after ages got a reply saying I will receive the item in Feb, it is now May had previously sent an email in march requesting a refund and got no reply. They take your money and send you nothing, think about it seriously, the prices they offer on Hot Toys are not realistic especially when you factor in loyalty points and the 20 percent off sales you are paying less than cost. Sounds too good to be true because it is!!! Save your money and pay retail with Popcultcha or some other reputable company its not worth the stress and disappointment. I will be contacting Queensland police and A Current Affair about their business practices as they are stealing money!!!!

How Is This Company Still In Business....???

How this company is still functioning is beyond my understanding.... Pre-orders that are delayed from month to month then from year to year. No communication concerning updates on orders apart from the same messages posted on the website communicating supplier relationship breakdowns and stock unavailability (yet the website still enables you to purchase the items communicated as unavailable....). The amount of times that the company has communicated change of customer service contact e-mail addresses is a definite sign of foul behavior and blamed server crashes as the result of the influx of customer inquiries sent to them for not replying to order inquiries is of an extremely unprofessional manner. This company is some how working within the shadows of some law to still function as I have not heard a single positive comment about the experience supplied. My guess is the pre-order amounts are placed into an account that gains interest and the owner of the company is laundering the amount that is gained by the money siting in the account for long enough. I could not stress to someone who is considering purchasing from them not to. The worst representation of what an online shop should be. Extremely unprofessional and fraudulent. I had to go through my bank to retrieve the amounts paid back. Orders from this company are online apparitions: you will never see them.

Ripped Me Off Too

Same as everyone else, 3 pre orders still waiting 2 years later and no response from the Premium Rip off artists. NEVER buy from them.


Ordered Black Panther Marvel Legends set back in December 2017 with ETA of Jan/Feb 2018. Mid March 2018 asked why the hold up. No response. Total waste of time. Now I've missed out on the set! I'd give them -100,000 stars if I could!!!

Pathetic Company

Like everyone else, I too spent a large amount of money placing preorders with Premium Collectables only to have them miss their due date by months and months and months. Whenever I contacted them, I received no reply. After many late orders and no responses I had to go through the ordeal of getting a chargeback for each of my orders. Fortunately my credit card company was aware of the poor business practices of Premium Collectables and I recovered the thousands of dollars owed to me. My advice would be to use a better store such as Popcultcha or Sideshow. Their prices / rewards programs mean that you get very close to the Premium Collectables prices, plus they are more reliable, provide way better communication and fast delivery. Please don't make the same mistakes I did.

A layer cake of lies. I feel like such an idiot.

I got strung along so easily by the many stories spun by this clown I feel ashamed of myself. Just like what all of the other reviewers have said, the price IS too good to be true. Customer service is non existent, he lies and lies, and lies some more on his website and is only interested in finding new ways to take your money. Multiple orders outstanding since 2016, nothing sent since mid 2017. DONT SHOP HERE! And do you best to get your money back NOW.


I placed over 50 orders with PC over a 2-year period, only 18 orders were fulfilled, that’s 36% fulfil rate (yes I actually received some orders from them). I was patient at first as I thought that a bit of wait time for a cheaper priced item was a fair trade. However, things started to go downhill in 2017, as they stopped answering my email enquires (the only way to contact them), and being one of their so called “VIP” made no difference whatsoever. I eventually lost my patience and started the chargeback process with my credit card company for over $5500 of unfulfilled goods. After a long and frustrating period of dealing with the credit card company regarding the chargebacks, I was lucky enough to have all my chargeback requests approved and money refunded to me.

I also joined a group on Facebook (Premium Collectables - Complaint Advice Forum) that’s dedicated to help people by providing advice on how to get their money back from PC, and I couldn’t thank the people in the group enough for all the great advice provided regarding the chargeback process. Having nearly 500 members in a group that’s dedicated to help people getting their money back from a retailer is the biggest red flag for you to stay away from that retailer. Some of the people in the group have shared their experiences such as PC openly told them (in writing) to request chargeback from their credit card company instead of just providing refunds for orders they couldn’t fulfill (is this even legal?), and not to mention that if someone paid by EFT, they are pretty much screwed.

You have been warned, if you are still tempted by their cheap prices and willing to take the gamble after reading all the negative reviews of PC, proceed at your own risk. If there is a option for a zero star rating for my review, I would have chosen that.

Used to be good, but now terrible

Premium Collectables used to be good value and reliable, but in 2016 they started going downhill. By mid 2017 they stopped sending anything out, stopped responding to emails, constantly gave excuses on their website about support staff and shipping problems and every other excuse under the sun. Some items were over a year late. No communication left me worried about my $2000 worth of items that I had not received. By late 2017 I had to get my money back for multiple orders via credit card chargeback. Avoid!

Don't buy from this "company", will steal your money!!

Have been waiting up to two years on items. Have sent multiple email's with no response and now i'm fighting to get my money back off this fraudster. $700 out of pocket. spend your money elsewhere and stay well clear of PC. I am one of many customers still trying to get there money back.

If there was a 0 star i would rate that

What a rip off merchant, has over $800 of my money and wont give it back, is not contactable and down right dishonest. Do not buy from the website, pay the little extra and get the product through someone that will actually get it for you.

I wish I'd never heard of them.

These guys appear to be scammers. They took $200 up front for a pre-order that never arrived. 6 months later I tried several times to contact them but they never replied to any emails. Fortunately for me, my bank did a Chargeback, so I got my money back (no thanks to Premium collectables, who ignored my requests) but I feel sorry for the many who have not been as lucky - and from what I've read, there are many victims of this scam business. Beware.

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How can I get back my money? I ordered 8items from there and paid on credit card
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initial chargeback from your bank. there is a facebook group to assist. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1531356990256107/?ref=group_header

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