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Fantastic service

We were very impressed with the personalised service and prompt communication.
We sent them a photo, they contacted us regarding quality and size. After we paid we changed our mind ,regarding the size and they immediately refunded the difference in price.
Tay and his team are to be highly recommended for service and quality.

Great service and high quality prints

Very impressed with the service and quality of received prints on glass. Richard in the Melbourne office did a great job setting up the artwork. Prints well packed and received intact in WA. I will definitely use their services again and recommend to others. Grant Griffin, Exmouth WA.

Cannot fault the product or the service - end result looks fantastic

Initially the reviews were a concern but looking at the timeline they have obviously sorted out their issues. I have now bought two prints from them and cannot fault their service. The order turnaround time was excellent, I was actually surprised at how quickly the end product arrived (600x900 print from approx. 10Mb files on both occasions). My second order photo upload did not work properly but within hours I received an email (which I missed) and then shortly thereafter a phone call to arrange for the another upload - very impressed with their customer service.

The end product is fantastic - print quality and finish is very impressive. Product was well packed and arrived in perfect condition. The mounting instructions and process are very straight forward.

I am now "negotiating" with my wife for more wall space for some additional prints

Fantastic quality and experience

Have just received our 1200 x 800 print from our holiday in Tasmania and are thrilled with it. From the first contact in Melbourne with Richard to the finished product, every step was easy. Communication was frequent and the print arrived in perfect condition and on time. Colors are vibrant and the metallic option was definitely the way to go. We are so happy with it and will definitely be ordering more. Thoroughly recommend Prints on Glass.


We submitted 2 photos from our recent European trip and the results are stunning. Being glass we were concerned about the delivery, but the packaging was excellent, and the courier knew about the streets in our new subdivision - it arrived within 2 days (near Geelong) from Sydney. It took 2 weeks from approval of proofs to notification of dispatch. Mounting on the wall was fairly simple too, using the standard wall mount supplied.

A moment in time to treasure

Couldn't be happier not just a photo but masterpiece created from a special memory thank you for making my print something to treasure

Amazing job, Excellent quality, Timeframe as promised

I can only say what an outstanding job Prints on Glass have done for me. I had an aerial shot taken which I wanted printed on a 1200 x 800 piece of glass. Having dealt with Carly from start to finish , she sent me a proof, I paid the money and the print was delivered within 10 business days and as for the print itself - its incredible. The product was shipped to Tasmania and no issues with that either.
I can totally recommend Prints on Glass and thanks Carly for your help.

I would never use or trust them again. Worst experience of my life,

I ordered 4 large piece of glass for a project in Melbourne and I was told the glass was ready to dispatch & to pay the $3690.00 prior to them sending the glass interstate. I paid in full and after waiting 6 months of them not return my calls, I finally flew to Sydney. They tell me that the owner no longer owns the business & it had nothing to do with them, even though the owner was still working there as the sales manager running the business trading with the same name. I have all emails from them telling me my glass is ready etc. including receipts of payment. I have given them all the time they needed to clean up the mess but they didn't seem to care. I have never reviewed any business before however I hope this review prevents other people from having the same terrible experience as I did dealing with Prints on Glass. I would never trust or deal with them again.

Finished job is fabulous

Prints on Glass are a professional outfit, they delivered on time and have excellent state of the art premises. The finished job turned out looking fabulous.


I have a small photography business and use Prints on Glass for my mounting. I am a perfectionist by nature and it took me over a year to find a product I was happy to provide to my customers. I found it with these guys. The print quality is exceptional, the mounting is high end and the utmost care is taken with packaging and shipping.

Great service - excellent product

I recently dealt with Prints on Glass in Chatswood to have three very large graphic art panels printed and mounted on glass. The team at Prints on Glass provided excellent advice and regular updates throughout the process. The panels were delivered and installed within the required timeframe and look fantastic - even better than I had hoped. Special thanks to David and Carly who worked with me to achieve such a great result and Steven who delivered and installed the panels. Great work - thank you.


I was very worried about placing and order with POG, because of all the poor reviews. So before I placed an order I sent an email to Brad Irwin, the very kind and helpful manager to ask him if he can tell me honestly if I can trust Prints on glass. His reply:

Hi Josh,
Thanks for the email.

The most important thing to look at when reading those reviews is the dates in which they were posted. Most were posted between the period of September 2012 through until April – May 2013. We did go through a bad period during this time that effected both our lead times and the business as a whole. The main contributing factors to this were the voucher orders we sold through both Cudo and Living Social. These two companies had a fantastic medium for creating business but they let us and a lot of other businesses down in the way in which they handled both the sales and their customers. To cut a long story short, we have worked through those issues, serviced those customers and moved on.

We did look at ways in which we could hide those reviews but felt there is a need for them to be there. Although they reflect poorly on us at the time, each and every client was dealt with personally. In saying that its very easy to work in a manner that will get you bad reviews. What is almost impossible to find is good reviews from happy customers. Once they have their product they move on to the next thing. It’s unfortunate but true.

We made significant steps in 2013 to merge with a larger business to help build our way out of the negative press and start to move on. From that merge we have created a better product and even better service model. Lead times are currently 2 – 3 weeks depending on the order being a standard or custom size.

One way to look at it from a business perspective is to not judge us on other customers opinions from so long ago. Judge on the product you receive and on the manner in which you receive it. I am anticipating your order will be shipped from here this coming Monday. I will be in touch with you soon to let you know it’s on its way.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also drop in to our Melbourne office and meet Jack and view products there as well."

Wow, This man was a truly honest person and aside this he also answered all my questions. I was so touched and I was so glad to see that I was not being lied to.

After about 3 weeks I recieved the print, and to me that seemed like a long time. But when I opened the product.... WOWWWW! It was beautiful! The colour, the contrast and the way the photo was printed was beautiful. Glass gives such an amazing appeal and expensive look. I wouldn't mind even waiting a month for prints from POG! It was truly beautiful.

The glass was 6mm thick which gave it a 3d look but not in a cheap way. It was such high quality that it made the photo stand out, and this wasnt even a metallic print.. WOW!

I would just like to thank the team at POG for such an amazing experience, and as I am a photographer who needs a glass print supplier I will now use prints on glass. Please do not look at their other reviews and judge them, and ask if you need help, their customer service is kind and amazing! Every time I phoned I spoke to Roxy in the Melbourne office, and she was unbeliveably kind. She helped me with everything and I really think she should be noticed for her amazing effort. Thank you so much Roxy!

Anyway I am going to soon be buying some 2x1 meter prints for some restaraunts around the Mornington Peninsula.

Thank you so much! I recommend prints on glass to everybody. PLUS its all australian made :D!

Josh Brnjac.


My husband purchased a print (full price) and we had so much trouble getting the order right. Eventually (after demanding our money back) our order finally arrived. We hadn't had the print long and the glue is coming through the print. It looks terrible and is such a waste of money but we can't bear the thought of dealing with the company again....

If I could choose 'ZERO STARS', I would.

I had the same experience as others who have written here. My friend gifted me a living social voucher for a print, and that several hundred dollars have essentially been flushed down the toilet. I attempted to redeem my voucher multiple times before the expiry date, and was met with a web page apologising for the delays due to backlog. I kept trying. Eventually I visited the page again, but the "apology page" had disappeared. I contacted prints on glass and they told me that they were in a dispute with living social and said to "take it up with them". I think this was a cheap "passing the buck".

No communication with customers regarding timeframe for checking back. No web page stating the problem. No attempt to rectify the issue or satisfy customers.

Great product! Poor communication. Expect a delay in delivery.

I ordered three glass prints from Prints on Glass in July 2012 and whilst it took a few months for my order to be fulfilled, the finished product is outstanding and was worth the wait. I couldn't be happier with the end result. The better your image, the better the print output, so get the best image quality you can.

They were shipped in protective foam and corrugated cardboard by courier and were very well packaged.

I think where Prints On Glass falls down is with their communication. People will generally wait if they know about it up front. When I initially ordered I was advised it would be 3-4 weeks for despatch.
Six weeks later I sent a very casual email asking for an update and received a curt letter in reply which included the following line in bold and underlined:
"We would appreciate if you refrain from calling and emailing us, as we are directing all of our resources to getting the prints completed. Time taken away from this will add to lead times."

This is terrible from a customer service perspective. As a customer, if I'm waiting for something I have paid for, I expect some communication when it isn't delivered within the agreed time frames. And to be told to not contact them is simply appalling. I have every right as a consumer to contact the vendor.

Whilst I understand that it does take time to communicate with every customer that is waiting, if realistic expectations were set initially regarding delivery times, then less customers would contact them. Further, if a small amount of time was taken to update customers, I'm sure they would have many more glowing reviews.

I don't actually remember how long it took for delivery, but it wasn't quick by any means. I note a lot of people on here have purchased vouchers. One of the biggest problems with voucher sites is most people wait until they are almost expired before using them, that means the vendor then has to deal with a massive influx of customers.
End result: Great product, poor execution.
Quality, vibrant colour, mounting system
Delivery time was slow, communication from Prints on Glass wasn't great

Terrible Experience

I purchased 2 vouchers via Living Social end of last year, tried to redeem in Feb, received email stating backlog but would honor my voucher and disregard expiry date, tried again in June and received email to say moving premises so couldn't take my order, tried again today and yet another email saying [Personal Name Removed] is on leave! Come on [Personal Name Removed], please honor your voucher and get one of your staff to get back to me so I can arrange to have what I paid for. This is no way to treat your consumers and no way to run a business. You release vouchers to Scoopon, Living Social and Cudo without having the capacity to honor them. All I wantis what I paid for.

They can't honor their vouchers

Appalling Service

I've never written one of these before, but after searching the web for another company who produces the same product, this review came up, and I feel compelled to add to it.
After receiving a voucher as a wedding gift in March 2012, I worked with my photographer to develop two files to be uploaded and printed on glass (cost me $300).
After not being able to get onto their site to redeem the voucher for months towards the end of 2012, but being assured via email from Oct-Jan that redemption's would open again once their back log cleared, I was then told earlier this year that they would no longer honour the voucher.
And that was the end of their conversation with me.
I understand they had issues with Scoopon and the voucher redemption's, but they made no effort, after all of my attempts for months to keep in contact with them, to assist me.

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Lisa, Im sorry for the experience you have been through with our company. We had no issues with Scoopon as a company, we had issues with another group buying company but it certainly wasn't Scoopon. If you have a Scoopon voucher we wouldnt have any trouble redeeming this for you. We ran only one deal with Scoopon in December of last year so could you be mistaken about where you purchased the voucher from? You indicate dates of Oct -Jan that we kept in contact with you so this would suggest maybe your voucher is from the company we had problems with. If you have not received a refund for your voucher please get in touch with me and Ill get this fixed up for you straight away. brad.irwin@printsonglass.com.au Regards Brad Irwin

Still waiting!

I'm not someone that normally writes reviews. But the customer service at this company is terrible. I put in an order in May13 and have not received it. After numerous phone calls and emails. I still have not received any response and cudos won't give me a refund as they say that the 'merchant is still able to provide the product'! So frustrating!

No communication no product

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Jacky, Can you email me the name your order was placed under. I will need the last name. Im not sure what phone numbers your calling, we have customer service teams in Syd Melb and Bris from 8-5 daily. Check our website for the phone numbers. My email, brad.irwin@printsonglass.com.au

Be patient - they have a great product

Yes, I too was concerned by delays in the past. However, I kept in contact with POG and am completely sympathetic to the problems POG encounterec with the volume of vouchers.
Although it took many many months, I have received every one of my orders including two lots of Cudo vouchers and an order direct with POG.
The product is fantastic and although there may be delays etc, the end result is well worth waiting for.
Be patient and maintain contact.
In the end I'm very happy with the beautiful prints on glass in my house.
I will shortly be ordering two more prints on glass directly with POG.
Fantastic product of the highest quality
Regrettably lengthy wait

Been waiting for months and months AND Months

Wow i wiah i had read these reviews BEFORE i bought 2 cudo voucher in Jan 2012 one of which i gave to a friend as a gift. As it seems the same as everybody else it is a disaster!!!!!!! We have been waiting for over 12 months, to say we have given up is an understatement. Very disappointing such bad bad service, hands down the worst experience ever. Just keep getting no where !!!!!!!!!!!

bad service

Good Morning SR, We have completed manufacture of all outstanding voucher orders. If you can provide me with your details or email me at brad.irwin@printsonglass.com.au I will look into why your order has not been received. Regards, BradWell it seems writing a less than favourable review can get things done sadly. I have now recieved both my print and the print purchased for a friend as a gift. We are both very happy with the quality of the prints they do look fantastic it's just such a shame it took 18 months and has left us dissapointed with the whole experienceSarah, As a business owner I am in favor of these review site to an extent, However the disappointing part is we cant control what is said on them. Firstly I started corresponding with you prior to your review being posted. It wasn't until after I posted the comment above, that you notified me who you were. Secondly your order was placed in April of this year not 18 months ago. I understand the delay is inexcusable however you are probably confusing the date you purchased the voucher with the date you actually ordered the Prints. I want to be quite honest about this as we have received allot of negative reviews that are quite wide of the truth and I think at some point I need to defend the lengths my company has gone to to complete orders we were never paid for. I also followed up Allegra's order and believe this was delivered yesterday. That order was also placed in April this year. I apologize for the delay and disappointment but am happy the final result was pleasing. Regards, Brad Irwin

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Questions & Answers

To anyone who has actually received a print - did you get any instructions on how to mount it? It seems I am one of the few who actually received their print (which looks awesome) but there are no mounting instructions and even a professional picture hanger was stumped by the hardware attached to the back of it. I've emailed and rung numerous times, simply asking for the mounting instructions, all to no avail. Can anyone help me please?
2 answers
Can you send me your name and email address, I will send the instructions out to you. Its ver simple to hang. You will notice there are two plates on the bak of the print. One is adhered to the print the other is loose. You will notice they lock together. All you need to do is mount the plate on the wall so the other can lock into it. We may also be able to install for you depending on your location. Regards BradThanks Brad, how do I send my name and email address? I've tried emailing and phoning you to no avail. The hardware attached to the picture is exactly the same as the loose piece that came with it and there is no way to lock them together, and no way to mount the loose plate to the wall. I'm in Adelaide, and have already tried to get it installed by a professional picture hanger, who was also unable to figure out how the hardware could be used.

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