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Provey Conveyancers Melbourne

Provey Conveyancers Melbourne

4.4 from 45 reviews

Amazing Service

Provey made what seemed like a very complex and stressful process, feel very simple and seamless. Would definitely recommend this team to anyone looking to purchase a property or with any other matter.
Thanks again!

True Professionals

A friend put me on to Provey Conveyancer, which turned out to be a true blessing. Fantastic service by the team with special thanks going out to Karen, who acted very professional at all times. Very easy to engage with, provide ample feedback and was always on top of everything. Great job and many many thanks

Provey Was Stress Free

I needed to find a conveyancer in a hurry. Provey were very easy to engage and their online portal is very clear and explains the process well. Peter was on top of everything and was very responsive to all my questions. I would definitely use them again.

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Dear Patrick, We thank you for your valued feedback, we are glad to know that our online portal and process is easy to follow. We hope that you are enjoying your new property. Thank you again and we hope to work with you again very soon!

True professionals - Great Conveyancer

Provey have handled 2 sales for me already and I'm currently using them for a purchase and an off the plan development. I will also use them for the off the plan sales of the development. They make the whole process so easy.

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Dear Sandra, Thank you for your review, we hope our service so far is satisfactory. We always strive to provide an easily accessible service that is easy to follow. We will continue working hard on your purchase and off the plan development, and we hope to work with you in future properties. Thank you again!

Unparalleled service - can't recommend more highly!

I have nothing but unfettered praise for Provey – in particular my assigned conveyancer, Peter Nguyen. Peter swooped in to save the day after my house-buying journey was initially stalled by a ridiculously unreliable conveyancer; he picked up the pieces immediately (thanks to Provey's option for a fast-tracked contract review) and was communicative, clear and proactive throughout. He was also very patient with all of my numerous questions, accommodated my various pedantic requests (including moving up the settlement date to accommodate a personal issue) and, most importantly, gave me regular updates – ensuring that at no point did I feel overwhelmed by what is, ultimately, a very scary, daunting process.

I am now moved into my new apartment – with heaps of boxes still to unpack! – but Peter and Provey's efforts in getting me to this point are nothing short of remarkable.

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Dear Adolfo, We thank you for your kind review and do appreciate having you as our client. We hope you are satisfied with the new property, and the move wasn't too difficult. Thank you again, and we look forward in working with you again!

Helpful and thorough

Thanks Liyxi for being so easy to deal with. Liyxi managed a complicated nomination sale involving a number of different parties. Throughout the process, Liyxi diligently answered our questions, kept us informed of progress and chased all the relevant parties. We were very happy with her service.

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Dear Jess, Thank you for your review, we are happy to hear that your experience with Liyxi was satisfying and easy. We hope to work with you again for future conveyancing matters.

Very good conveyancers - would recommend.

Peter made the seemingly daunting process of buying a house feel very easy - he was very communicative and helpful, keeping us up to date frequently and answering our questions very promptly. When there was a delay in our settlement from the vendor's end, Peter helped us promptly organise a license agreement with the vendor so we could still move in before official settlement.

Provey came recommended to us, and I would happily recommend them to anyone else.

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Dear Tom, Thank you for your kind review, and hope you are satisfied with your new property. We are happy to hear your time with Peter was seamless and provided ease to your purchase. We hope to work with you again for any future conveyancing matters.

Seamless and helpful

Thanks Peter for your help in making it a smooth and simple process! Almost everything was done online and you were accessible by phone when I had questions.

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Dear Nghiep, Thank you for your review, we will pass the feedback onto to Peter. We hope you are satisfied with our service; hope to work with you again!

Great conveyancers

Karen from Provey Legal was very easy to deal with. We were constantly kept up to date with everything and all questions were easily answered.

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Dear Jill, Thank you for your review, we'll pass this feedback to our staff. We thank you for choosing our for the conveyancing of your property.

Excellent conveyancing services

My experience with Provey has been very satisfying. Provey were very professional and answered my queries patiently. I would admit I made numerous calls whilst Karen and Kenneth were very patient and responsive.

I would like to thank Karen and team to help me settle my properties in a very short timeframe.

- Rishi

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Dear Rishi, We thank you so much for sticking with us and choosing our company for your properties. Our company values feedback and strive to improve ourselves. Enjoy your new properties and hope to hear from you soon!

Extremely professional and organised!!

My wife and I were forced to look for a new conveyancer at short notice as our initial conveyancer stopped responding to calls and emails for several weeks. He later told us he had gone on holidays which was just shocking in itself. After doing a bit of research I contacted Provey Legal and got allocated Peter as our new conveyancer. Great move!! Peter stepped in and just controlled everything, we needed changes made to our contract as it still had the old conveyancer listed. Peter took care of everything for us and kept us updated via email at every stage. We settled right on time yesterday morning and now own our land. Immediately after settlement Peter of course contacted us to say everything had gone through and that he had enjoyed working with us.
The beauty of Provey is that they just seem to be so organised and efficient which is awesome as purchasing land is stressful enough. We would definitely recommend Provey Legal to anyone looking for a conveyancer.

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Dear Pat, We thank you for your kind review and highly value your feedback. Our company aims to improve ourselves utilizing words from our valued clients. We hope to hear from you again with any future properties. Thanks again!

Very impressed

The entire process occurred online. I may have had one phone call with my conveyancer, Peter, but otherwise the whole thing takes place electronically, with updates via e-mail and on the web, using their settlement tracker. For me, this was ideal, as I'm terrible with answering my phone and much better with e-mail. Peter was extremely professional, quick, and gracious in our correspondence, despite my utter cluelessness about the settlement process. Our settlement was very tight (~3 weeks!), and Peter handled my queries and anxiety gracefully and on time.

I'd highly recommend Provey for those who are comfortable with a predominantly online conveyancing process. I can't say whether they'd be great for people who prefer a more traditional face-to-face process, as this was not part of my experience. Frankly, I have no idea if they offer such a service. But for us, it was exactly what we needed at a very reasonable price.

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Dear Bryan, We thank you so much for your review, and appreciate your time in writing your thoughts. Please note that any sort of feedback is beneficial in improving our company in any sort of way. We hope your move to your new property went smoothly, and currently enjoying your new house. Hope to work with you again soon!

Soooooo Good

Peter of Provey Conveyancers without doubt saved the day...Peter was acting on behalf of our Daughter & Son-in-Law in the purchase of their first home. The service was great from day one. When it came to settlement The Vendors Agent stuffed up such a simple matter, but that stuff up stopped settlement taking place...With all the calm professionalism in the world Peter worked for several hours, including pointing the Vendors Totally Useless Agent in the right direction, to make settlement happen. He kept our Daughter fully informed & instilled calmness. This extra work came as part of their brilliant service fee.....Would I use this firm.....Yes, without hesitation, & although the firm probably has several solicitors to oversee settlements I would ask for Peter.

Very professional

Used then when my other conveyancers left in a ditch and they managed to sort out all the issues and settle the land in record time. Can't thank you enough!

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Dear Dez, We would like to personally thank you for your review and feedback. Our team values feedback highly, and we constantly aim to improve our services for our clients. We hope to come into contact with you again.

Don't bother

Selling our property in Abbotsford. As Provey assisted us with the purchase, we thought it logical to appoint them again. Bad move. Day 1 (just after paying the deposit) I had a couple of questions that I felt were better addressed on the phone. Despite leaving 2 messages and an email requesting a call, no phone call has ever been made to me. I've since asked for a refund. Not a good start Provey.

Dear Dee, We thank you for choosing our company once again for your property, however, we deeply apologise for failing to satisfy your services. We always strive to provide a professional outlook towards our work, and ensure that all clients are equally accounted for. As such, in order for us to grow and improve, we would like to offer the opportunity to discuss your feedback in greater detail. Please contact our office manager by emailing officemanager@provey.com.au or telephoning us at 03 8609 1200. Thank you once again, and hope we can get in touch soon.Hi Provey, Feel free to contact me to discuss my experience. You have my number! Dee

We could manage to settle on time.

My land settlement notice came up quickly and we had only 14 days to sort everything out quickly. With the help of Provey team we could do it. My cordial thanks to everyone involved. My main point of contact went on maternal leave and his colleague did an amazing job to back her up. Well done guys.

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Dear Altynbek, we kindly appreciate your review and rating, and take feedback very seriously. I would like to congratulate you on your purchased property, and I hope we can touch base in the future.

Provey Conveyancing Review

I encountered no problems with Provey during the long wait for my apartment purchase.Enquiries were always answered promptly.Very good service.

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Dear Fred, Firstly, we appreciate your time and your decision to use our company. We would also like to express our thanks for your kind words and rating, every word of feedback improves the status of our staff and work ethic. We hope to one day work with you again.

Very professional service

We've been with Provey for 4 years already. We bought a vacant land using their service 4 years ago and bought another house with them which just settled last week. Their service is always up to standard and very professional. The customer service is excellent as well. Emma is always able to answer my queries in a timely manner. I will for sure recommend this business, no doubt. It's hassle-free.

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Dear Vikki, We appreciate your ongoing service and choice to utilise our company, for the purchase of your properties. Thank you again for your feedback, as it will greatly improve our services. We hope to come into contact in the future, in the meantime, enjoy your property.

Cut our losses and chose another conveyancer

We originally chose provey over another conveyancer despite their pricing being more dear, as we had read many good reviews online about them. All was well in the beginning, until we actually needed them to do their job and we found nothing was being done.
- Emailed them our land contract, got a reply saying they will process it and prepare the appropriate documents for us to sign. Never heard from them again. Months later, contacted them again about a different matter and our conveyancer stated they still haven’t received our land contract and if we can send it to them. DESPITE getting a reply months beforehand saying they DID receive it.
- Our land settlement got delayed 5 months. Our developer contacted our conveyancer to pass on the message to us (to sign the appropriate paperwork so we can get compensated, which needed to be submitted before a certain date). Our conveyancer never contacted us/informed us of what was going on. If our land developer didn't contact us directly themselves, we would have never even known our land settlement was delayed by 5 months.
So what exactly were we paying Provey to even do? We decided to cut our losses with the non-refundable deposit and find a different conveyancer who actually got the job done.

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Provey Conveyancing takes feedback from our clients very seriously. As such we conduct reviews and identify any process errors that may have occurred. This means moving forward we can ensure all conveyancing processes are streamlined and legally correct. We regret any time a client feels our communication was not to a standard they expect. In fact our open communication is one of our most well regarded services by our clients. We have implemented response emails to every conveyancing process with steps that come next and what to expect. Our conveyancers are always available by email and phone and will respond to any queries as soon as possible. Urgent enquiries are treated as such and responded to on a priority basis and where possible immediately. Conveyancing involves many parties and sometimes mistakes by 3rd parties can impact on the timeline of conveyancing. In such cases we advise our client and advise on options. As we are a law firm operating with a team of lawyers and qualified conveyancers, we can provide full legal advice, meaning you do not need to go elsewhere and have more delays. As stated previously we take any and all client feedback with the utmost seriousness and can assure all current and future clients we have thoroughly looked into any negative client feedback. And taken all steps to understand the issues and implement any process needed. If you wish to discuss your case with us please reach out to aftercare@provey.com.au

Average service

My conveyancer was [name removed]. I engaged Provey because of good reviews on this site. It was a short settlement so I suppose there was a lot for her to do, however she was never around when I tried to call, took days to respond to emails, then on settlement date she miscalculated sums (I was owed rent money by previous owners, but she calculated that I owed them, which I paid and then there was a whole process later of chasing that money back). And most importantly, 12 monhts later now I realise there was a building permit in place on the property that was never finalised, and [name removed] should have easily picked that up had she done the proper checks with local council. But she hadn't (even though I got charged for that service). When I contacted her about it, I received no response. So now I am responsible for organising inspections and seeking extensions for work that I never had done in the first place, or had knowledge of. Overall, perhaps the agency is ok and you might have better luck with someone else, but this was my experience and I wanted to share it.

We take all feedback seriously and take steps to address any areas of concern. If any of our conveyancing processes have not been met or we identify any missing steps, we take action. This may be implementing new steps to prevent any further client miscommunication or to introduce new communication protocols with clients. We have property lawyers overlook the conveyancing work and to advise on the implementation of better steps and processes. We take tremendous pride in providing our clients with the best possible experience. We regret any time a client feels their service with us was not to their standard and expectation. Please contact aftercare@provey.com.au to discuss your matter further.I tried sending an email to this address but it always bounces back as non existent. I also sent an email to Provey customer service which I found on the website, and I never received a reply.Dear Ana, I would like to discuss further however we cannot identify you through this website. To avoid any further delay let me have your contact details. Alternative please telephone our office and ask for our complaints manager on 03 8609 1200 (officemanager@provey.com.au)

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