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No answer on their phones just asks to leave a message

No answer on their phones just asks to leave a message and currently need a new meter as my solar feed in is actuallly adding to my buy in usage

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Hi Jordan, QEnergy apologises we have not been able to answer your call during the time you have tried to contact us. We have a telephone system that is answered by our energy specialists, however, on some occasions, the lines are busy and it is unavoidable and we ask that you leave us a message. We endeavour to respond to all messages within 24 hours. We thank you for your understanding and as you are aware we are taking corrective measures as discussed with you. -Your QEnergy Team

Consumer's beware, 200% increase in electricity rates.

Signed up with QEnergy for a 24 month contract of discounted electricity, charged at 19cents per Kw. Promised at sign up that I would have my own personal account manager who would communicate personally with me any issues or changes to my account. Had no problem with them throughout the course of my contract and was fairly happy with my electricity bill of around $3000 per quarter for a small business operator. Come the time of recontracting they sent me an email 20 days prior to my contract end date advising me that me rates will increase 200% to 39cents per Kw. Unfortunately for me, this email ended up in our spam folder and I overlooked it. Nonethless, as I did not respond to the email, they automatically recontracted me at the higher rate. This saw my quarterly bill increase from $3000 to more than $6000. By law they are supposed to give 20-40 days notice before the contract end date. QEnergy chose the 20 day option, knowing that to organise a transfer to another provider and arrange a meter reading within 20 days is near to impossible. I raised the issue with EWON, but despite advertising they accept complaints based on high rates, they are powerless to take action on such as rates are not regulated by governments. Also, it appeared QEnergy had deleted my recorded interview at signup, denying the offers made of my personal account manager. Read on and you'll find numerous other reviews with experiences similar to mine. This is a familiar tactic used by QEnergy. They get you in on promises of cheap energy rates and false promises of personalised customer service, then slug you with an unrealistic and unfair price rise at the end of the contract with little or no time to act. Avoid by all costs.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Changed meter, reduced my fuse size, didnt advise. not fixed 3 weeks later

Misleading claims on their pricing structure re: solar
Added solar meter and made unauthorised change to my mains fuse and I have been following up for over 3 weeks. Constant run around, no action.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees


I joined QEnergy about 12 months ago and got a 24% discount with the contract. 2 months ago I moved from this address and re-connected with QEnergy in my new unit. I recieved my first bill for the new address and saw that my price per KW was doubled to 38.00C/KWH. When I called to see why I was not getting any discount anymore the customer service rep told me that discount was no longer available. I the spoke to the "Loyalty team" and was told this is the case. I asked if they would put me back onto the same contract and was told no. I asked what if any discount I might expect and was also told none. Even when I said this is not good enough and let them know I would not be staying with them. I was told to "Have a nice day" Within minutes I had found another company willing to take my business with 23% discount. they can go jump, Ripped off!!

Hi Aaron, we apologise we appear to have failed to meet your expectations. We understand and acknowledge our rates may not always suit your needs and we are pleased to hear we could service your requirements with a suitable rate during the previous contract term. At times, like all businesses, we may need to adjust our rates to respond to market influences and commercial factors. QEnergy is continually reviewing our products and offering our most competitive pricing available at the time. We value your feedback and are sorry it was not possible to offer you a discounted rate at that time that met your needs. If you wish to discuss further we would welcome the opportunity and encourage you to contact us at 1300 QEnergy. - Your QEnergy TeamThank you for your response. Unfortunately Given the fact that I joined QEnergy for the discounted rate in the first place, and always paid on time. And showed Loyalty by reconnecting when moving addresses. You fail to understand that I would be an idiot to accept full retail pricing with you when re-connected. I gave the customer service team an opportunity to make at least an offer but none given. And why would I need to discuss this further if I`m going to be told the same thing again? I would only consider staying if you would adjust the invoice for this quarter and supply the same discount as previous.

Qenergy affordable, reliable power!

Commercial house power, along with excellent pricing & customer relations. Qenergy has extremely reliable power with very little power drop outs, highly recommended a ***** 5 star ***** service!.

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Hi FalconX, thank you for that great review! We are happy to hear that we have been able to impress you with our service and rates. Here at QEnergy, we always strive our best to cater to our customers’ needs, so we are glad that you appreciate our efforts. We do have a refer a friend offer, where every successful referral you make who switches to QEnergy you can both earn a $50 credit on your next invoice, you can see further information on this offer on our website, http://www.qenergy.com.au/Refer-A-Friend. If you have any questions, please call our hotline 1300 QENERGY. – Your QEnergy Team

Do not go near this company. Accounting system is inaccurate. Contracts are inaccurate.

Choice transformer arranged a switch for me. Within a month I was advised the meter was faulty and needed replacing. We do not know if it was faulty but I did discover the supplier had notified the previous retailer in feb 2018 that it was faulty and that retailer did not advise us nor do anything about it. Suspect it was overcharging. So the meter was replaced and within 4 weeks Qenergy issue notification that because a new meter was installed they have to change the billing system - why??? - and issue a new contract which I may choose or not to , sign. The peak rate went from 20.79 c/kWh to 37.62ckWh. Supply access from 0.77 day to 0.88 day. In 2 months I have made 4 payments on the initial contract, not 2 . Their communications usually arrive Friday and as there is no weekend office you have to wait until Monday, hence losing 2 days of contract time. I could go on ....... Please be warned.

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Hi Elizabeth, we understand your frustration and as previously advised it was your Network that made the decision to update the tariff on your account, in conjunction with the Meter Exchange, which has resulting in us having to supply a new contract. Unfortunately, QEnergy have no control of this tariff change process and we acknowledge that our rates may not always suit your needs. QEnergy cannot comment on other retailers practices however, as soon as practical, QEnergy actions these requests from the Network on meter fault notifications to prevent any potential future issues with meter readings and incorrect billing which could arise from a fault or end of life meter. We are happy to discuss this in more detail with you and encourage you to contact our Escalations team so we can resolve the accounting query and provide you further clarity and options on the tariff change. -Your QEnergy Team

Quite incompetent.

We have had nothing but headache after headache trying to have our QEnergy service disconnected after moving out of an apartment.
They stuff up the final invoice every time, throw new charges on there, try to bill us for the wrong period etc etc. It's now 3 months since we moved out and they're still sending me incorrect invoices which are a huge pain to follow up.
If only I could bill them for my wasted time.

Hi Dan, We apologise we appear to have failed to meet your expectations. We would welcome the opportunity to review and resolve the issues and would encourage you to contact us on 1300 69 89 92. -Your QEnergy TeamThanks but I'm currently waiting for an amended invoice from your team already. We'll see if that one is correct or if you still try to charge me for energy used after the agreed move-out date of 23 September on my file.

Very difficult to deal with, lucky some customer service staff are better than others

The problem is not with getting the electricity turned on, its with getting the electricity turned off. I am operating a pop up shop on a short term lease. I made Qenergy aware of this when I connected - I phoned to let them know that I was vacating the premises and needed the electricity disconnected (providing 3 days notice) on a particular date and time. I was informed that I would need to be on site five days later to allow the meter reader to do the final reading, here lies the problem, I will no longer have the keys nor access to this premises as I would need to hand the keys back - I asked could they provide a time that the meter reader would arrive so that the real estate agent might be able to provide access, I was told no - they could not give me those details. So clearly we have a problem, I can not get access and they cannot disconnect the service! I asked them to take notes that I will no longer be at the premises and that I was not prepared to pay for any money electricity after that date - I was told by a very rude customer service person that it was bad luck and that I was still liable until the meter reader could get access to read the meter. This went around in circles - I informed them that I would photograph the meter reading to provide proof of usage - I was told that this was unacceptible also. I dont know what to do. Their customer service people do not offer customer service just customer distress. I subsequently phoned back and spoke to somebody different who is trying to rectify the situation.

Price per KWH doubled

Similar to other Victorian customers my price per KWH DOUBLED in March this year. Unfortunately I've only just picked this up with my latest bill. QEnergy claim to have sent an email with the price changes back in March. I've gone back though all my emails to February and have not received any notification of a price rise. I received all their bills though. I asked QEnergy for evidence an email was sent and I got emailed an image that showed a date and my email address. This basically tells me nothing and proves nothing. They also claim they had met their legal obligations and that they have a right to vary their prices from time to time. I don't have a problem with them changing their prices. I have a huge problem with not being adequately informed and know this is a direct violation of consumer laws. I suspect they snuck the new charges in a way customers would not notice. So much for honesty and transparency with their pricing. Their conduct is disgraceful. I've changed providers and will be lodging a complaint to the electricity and water utilities ombudsmen.

Qenergy cheating company

Should never take connections from Qenergy as it is fake company without a billing system if you have multiple connections be sure they will cheat you by making you to pay the same bills again can.

In my case they connected the shop near to my home and when requested to disconnect and connect my home they Added my home to the connection and still not disconnected the shop telling the reason that no one else is connecting it.

Customer service is the worst.

On moving out they will not disconnect and make you to someone else’s bill.
Don’t use it.

June 13th 2019 Update: Cheating company.

Very bad in billing doesn’t have a billing system hence will keep on sending the bills even after paid and will spoil your credit history by sending it to external collections

My connection address can be shared if product review requires

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

So far, so good...

I live in regional NSW and, for lack of choice, was a long time customer of Origin Energy.
When more competitively priced electricity providers started servicing this area, I joined QEnergy for the cheaper rates.
I signed up for a 2 year contract and the cheap rates that originally attracted me have not changed in the 10 months I've been with them.
(Once I overlooked paying a bill on time and received a courteous phone call reminder 5 days after due date - I appreciated that.)
I have 14 months left on my contract and, after reading all the previous reviews/complaints about the huge increase in rates when a contract expires, I have written myself a fridge door note with the date my contract ends and a reminder to give 20 days notice if I decide not to stay with them. Thanks for the warnings.
I'm almost scared to say (touch wood!), but, so far, I am a happy, satisfied customer.

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Hi Arabella, thank you so much! We are glad to hear that you are happy with our rates and service. The majority of our poor reviews were mostly from Victorian customers, after QEnergy significantly increased prices there in January, following a spike in wholesale costs. Victoria is a much smaller market for QEnergy than NSW, so we did not have as much buying power to absorb wholesale volatility. QEnergy is confident it won’t need to put up charges in NSW, unless there are big jumps in the wholesale market. We are pleased to hear you have set a reminder to monitor your contract expiry and we confirm we would notify you in advance, in writing, of any changes and you would be free to discuss other options or leave without an exit fee. At QEnergy, we strive to do our best in providing an excellent customer experience hence receiving this type of feedback only encourages us to do better. Feel free to contact us at 1300 QENERGY if you have any queries, lines are open 9 am - 6 pm every weekday. Your QEnergy Team

Disgusting insulting company!!

After being with Qenergy for many many, years & believing I was still getting a good rate, I was made aware by another company that my rates had gone up to ridiculous prices 26.6940 per kwh & $1.57.11 per day!! I have never received any notification what so ever that they had!! I had recently made arrangements to change to EA but out of the blue (not likely) QE sends me a letter with a much lower rate!!! 18.11c/kwh & .98.44c per day So I rang QE today & decided I will stay with them with the new rate offered. Thinking it was all settled & after confirming "I could continue with the bpay payments that I had been paying every fortnight" they rang me back later saying I would have to pay out my current QE bill immediately to stay with them saying it is a new contract & they can't connect until the bill is paid as I was a risk to them with new bill!! I was so insulted as I have been with them for app 8 plus years & never once have missed a payment, or been in arrears, no such thing as loyalty with this disgusting insulting company & totally rude customer service (when you can understand them) after I asked why was this had changed from earlier conversation. Told them to cancel the service as they obviously don't care about losing a customer!! What annoys me also is how many people I have convinced to sign up with QE, now I will be letting them all know to cancel & go elsewhere!!

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Watch for contract renewal

Just over two years ago I shopped around and found QEnergy.
Prices were acceptable and started a 24 month not locked in contract.
Renewal terms went to my junk mail. Didn't see the email.
My next bill was more than double the cost of my initial contract.
They said they offered me the best available terms at the time. Having not responded to their offer the new terms kicked in automatically.
When I called about this they were able to offer me terms in line with the initial contract.
Said they can't help me with current bill.
Find it hard to believe the initial terms offered in renewal were the best available and when I called pricing had just changed.
Note to self, and everyone - check your bills, emails junk, emails, make note of contract end/renewal dates.
They are happy to have my money; I'd have been happier.

First 12 months fine. Then..:..

Fine supply. First 12 months was most competitive pricing. After we were out of contract they TRIPPLED our rates and buried the changes in a PDF attached to an email which said “details of our contract and your service MAY have changed. If you wish to stay with us do nothing... Yada yada yada”. May have changed? May have? How about hiked our charges by 300%.


What to do: Complain to the EWO (electricity and water ombudsman) for your state. qenergy immediately reduced the invoice by 60%. But maintains they followed legislation so aren’t guilty of anything. Disgusting anti-consumer, deceptive and anticompetitive business behaviours.

Do not deal with these crooks.

August 29th 2018 Update: Bait and switch

Increased our supply costs by 300% in blatant “bait and switch” tactics - hiding changes to contract in vague, fine print.

One day these guys will be regulated.

In the meantime, contact the EWO (energy and water ombudsman) for your state. They’re a toothless tiger but at least it COSTS QEnergy for each complaint received by the EWO against them.

Bill double the price

Do not go with these scammers! Like other posts apparently an email was sent with new rates which i never received and my bill is now double!! called to discuss and they couldn't do anything except put me on a payment plan. Canceling my plan and going elsewhere they are a joke.

They are a SCAM. Look cheap to start with but they will cheat you.

They offer cheap prices to lure you in. They then increase your price without notice, and you cant change until the next meter reading. In the mean time they rip you off.
They increased my rate 50%, you only find out when they send you the bill. They say that they can do it in their contract. Im complaining to the ACCC as they are breaching many consumer laws IMO.

Worst energy company ever. 1 star is even too good for them.

Double your energy rate without telling you what the new rates are in the notification email. This company should be punished.

same as the rest

Just very aware with these people. our rates have over doubled and they have not notified us of the price increase this has happen not once but twice. am changing providers today. make sure they have to contact you in person by phone to change your rates.

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Hi GPR, While QEnergy always follow the correct notification requirements and timeframes it is not possible for us to contact customers by telephone which is why we communicate, through your nominated communication method of post or email, before making any changes to our customers’ accounts. QEnergy is continually reviewing our products and offering our most competitive pricing available at the time. We are always happy to review customers’ current price plans and discuss options, so if you wish to contact us we can, potentially, provide a better rate moving forward. --Your QEnergy Team

Cheating! Price doubled!

The rate went up by more than 50% without telling customers the exact new rate. I was shocked when receiving the new bill. Transfer to another company. Never go back! ! !

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Hi Angela, We understand your frustration and acknowledge that our rates may not always suit your needs. QEnergy always follows the correct notification requirements and timeframes before making any changes to our customers’ accounts. Our pricing may need to be updated, from time to time, to reflect the cost of energy in the market and we understand the rising costs of electricity across Australia is of concern to all customers. QEnergy is continually reviewing our products and offering our most competitive pricing available at the time. We are always happy to review customers’ current price plans and discuss options, so if you wish to contact us we can, potentially, provide a better rate moving forward. -Your QEnergy Team

Beware - contract rolled over & doubled our rates

Do not sign up with Q ENERGY. Since this company moved off shore it delves in criminal activity!! I don't use those words lightly however we missed their sneaky contract roll over email which came under a different email address to the one the invoices are submitted on and we didn't know until the next bill came through that we had been stung with doubled rates. Try someone else but stay clear of this lot.

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How can I switch to your company?
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Hi Ann, you may call us at 1300 QEnergy or visit our website qenergy.com.au to see our latest offers. -Your QEnergy Teamwhy would you want to switch to them.... I only owed them $700/ and was disconnected. Yes, I fell back with my payments, but I have a good reason " I had no money ". and now.... no electricity. I called them and was told that if I can pay half at the time of call they can put in the request for re connection which will take any time between 24 - 48hrs and the full balance must be paid the next day. Since i was still struggling financially I asked if I pay the requested half now can the balance please be made $100 a week (next 3 weeks) to which she said, I will have to put you through to the supervisor. When the supervisor came on she just rudely said, as they have been patient for the last few months I have only ONE option and that is to pay the full amount to get re connection done. Even though I explained that the lady before offered to take only half to get reconnection she insisted that I now have to pay pretty much the full amount. got nowhere with my begging and she just said " ïf you dont want to pay then i am just going to end the call" - and so she did. By the way almost 5 yrs of service and i have never let bills get to this. this is loyalty. There is NO care anymore.. its all about the money. anyway, guess other retailers must be same. but i doubt they will disconnect for just $700 (that actually included the bill due end of this month too)

qenergy i switched to you months ago as i have a smart meter and pay as i use ive not received my smart cards to pay im disgusted how you havent sent my cards as i have clocked a debt up now i wanted to change back to my old surplyer only to here off them to say i cant switch back as you have blocked them soon as my cards come im paying the bill and switching back to my old surplyer and were is your contact number as i cant get hold of you with a complaint eithe over this
2 answers
Thank you for the feedback Antony, our contact number is 1300 44 85 35. Without having further details on your account it is difficult for us to answer your feedback. Please contact us so we can help resolve this issue for you. -Your QEnergy Teami tried to ring you my phone wont let me get through to you i live at 150 albert rd farnworth bolton bl49hu its mr a hardman all i want is these cards to come to my address so i can pay this bill;l ive clocked up on my smart meter ive had no cards delivered for months still waiting you told me i had a 2 week period to cancel i tried to go back to my old energy company only to here off them that i cant because im in areas through your company not sending the gas and electric cards im in debt now when i wasnt before get these cards sent to my address right now so i can pay my debt and get rid of you its disgusting get them cards to my address right now

What is your rates per kilowatt? We have solar?
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Hi Sandra, Thanks for your enquiry. Our rates differ depending on your tariff. You can check some of our offers here simply by entering your postcode, http://www.qenergy.com.au/Electricity-Offers . May we ask for your contact details for further assistance? Let us know your preferred time for a phone call. You can also reach us by calling 1300 QEnergy (1300 44 85 35)lines are open 9am - 6pm every week day or email us at enquiries@qenergy.com.au - Your QEnergy Team