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RACQ Car Insurance

RACQ Car Insurance

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Beware of hidden traps in their policies

RACQ do not issue refunds on prepaid insurances or prepaid roadside assistance. If you happen to sell a car and take out new insurance and cancel the old one, they will not issue you a refund on the unused part of the premiums. But they are sure quick to take your money on the new vehicle. When comparing insurances, take this into consideration.

When you try to discuss this with their customer service, they are incredibly rude. Basically it's too bad, we're keeping your money and we don't care. There is no need for them to be rude, they don't even try to be nice about it.

Just imagine the millions they are making for no service. And typically, the government authorities set up to regulate insurance providers, allow it to happen.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelFord Escape
Claim MadeNo

Scammed into buying new battery

Absolute joke of customer service, my girlfriend has been swindled into buying a new battery when she didn't need one. Been sent into the never-ending feedback loop of "contacting customer relations claims officers" and getting nothing sorted. Very dodgy practices preying on those who don't know better.

When we called again just now, we asked for help with the battery situation. The first man was very helpful and said he would put us to the battery department. Where we ended up was an unhelpful, rude and aggressive woman claiming to be the supervisor of a completely different department. WHY were we transferred to the wrong department and dismissed?

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeCompulsory Third Party, Third Party Property Damage and Third Party, Fire and Theft
Plan covers drivers under 25Yes
Car ModelMazda 3
Claim MadeNo

Terrible claim service, useless staff, will always take the easy way and your money

My husband and I were the target of a very obvious scam in a parking lot. With zero damage to our vehicle, which was parked outside of the car park where the claimed accident took place. The photo provided by the other party itself was proof of both of these things, and we witness the actual vehicle which likely caused the accident enter and leave the parking lot at the same time we parked outside it, although we couldn't see the plates. And yet RACQ wanted us to admit fault, pay the excess fee and lose our perfect no claim bonus. For something we clearly didn't do. They refused to do anything else. We spent a year trying to fight it and get them to do the right thing but still they wouldn't. Here is something you should know, if you walk or drive into a parking lot, damage someone's vehicle, then simply take a photo of whichever other vehicle you like and blame them for it. You WILL get away with it if their insurer is the pathetic RACQ. AVOID at all costs.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeThird Party, Fire and Theft
Plan covers drivers under 25Yes
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months

Roadside assistance

Signed up for roadside assistance in Nov and it’s January and I’ve just sold my car. At the moment I don't know when i’ll buy my next car. They don't give any type of refund or even put the account on pause. Only option was to cancel or give it to someone I know. It cost $167. A lot more expensive then a few years back. I feel at the least they could put it on pause for a few months.

Insurance claim madeNo

Very bad business.Shameful.

I am very disappointed that I was made to pay the remaining 4 months of my years policy after my car was written off. After paying nearly 2 years of insurance, and having 5 policies with RACQ the customer service rep spoke to the CS03 and I was told that the $180 would not be waved.
I have a strong understanding or contract law and I know that as the contract holder RACQ can wave the charges. In fact NRMA have done just that for me prior to me moving to RACQ.
At the end of my year I will definitely not be renewing my contract unless this decision is over turned. Disgusting that we show royalty to RACQ and they show nothing back. $180 means a lot to me after losing my car. $180 means RACQ will never get my business again and will receive a bad review. Very bad business.Shameful. These insurance companies make billions out of interest alone.....

I will say that Liz was very professional and helpful during the process.

Insurance claim madeYes


Don't get caught out with this mob. This is one of the few comprehensive car insurers whose policy "excludes" car damage caused by rats/mice in their PDS. Silly me for trusting them just because of being a GOLD long term of member of their auto club. Just a con.

Insurance claim madeNo

Don’t let RACQ devalue your car

I have always had my own Smash Repairer.
They are professional and trustworthy.
I recently damaged my car. I called the claims department at RACQ where I was bullied into using one of their repairers. Not only did they bully me at the first point of contact but the ASSESSOR called me to try to get me to change my mind and hand my car over to their repairer. The assessor told me lies about the warranty offered by my chosen repairer and other various lies to try to convince me to use their repairer.
I googled the Gemini shop they wanted me to go to and the reviews were disgraceful.
Always make sure you have choice of repairer on your car insurance policy and Do not let racq steer you into a gemini repairer. You will regret it. Read the reviews yourself.

Insurance claim madeYes

Hopeless insurance

How come any insurance company road off any vehicle without giving it its market value price ,, they offered 3 times lower the market value , what a joke

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't trust them.

After a two year battle with them through the ombudsman, the case was found in my favour because RACQ decided they didn't need to supply any evidence to support their case.

Make sure you record every phone call you have with them. They are not above lying, and never wanting to put anything they say over the phone in writing.

Insurance claim madeYes

Both car and home insurance is up to 30% dearer than counterpart in other states eg; NRMA on same ca

I am a 78 years old gold RACQ member and cant work out why I need to go back to NSW to obtain a better deal on insurance not just a little better but a whopping 30+%.To add to our frustration we tried to open a bank account and were treated so badly we came away feeling as though we were applying for a loan much less trying to deposit over $35000..So ok we realise that there would be nobody in this organisation who would understand just how and why the RACQ was established but surely there has to be principles to stand by.

Insurance claim madeNo

I wish I could score lower.

I received a letter in the mail saying hi there valued customer, your premium is now $30 more than it was for no reason.

When I phoned to catch you guys out, not only did I get laughed at but it simply got brushed off saying “it fell through the cracks”.

Not good enough. Terrible service all round. There was no remorse and attempt to fix the customer relationship, only to defend themselves for legal reasons.

Insurance claim madeNo


Went to buy movie tickets, it wants a membership number that is miles long and no where to be found in your paperwork. When I paid for the ticket it charged me twice ( which was $120) !! and came up with a message that it failed to generate my ticket. Wasted an hour of my life on the phone only to have to ring my bank toy cancel the payments.

Insurance claim madeNo

Exceptional EXPERIENCE

My first ever claim after 31yrs driving, we hit a roo heading to Mt Isa!
Upon phoning RACQ and submitting a claim, to getting our vehicle repaired!
We can not fault their Professionalism, the gentleman I submitted my claim couldn’t have been more helpful and their Recommended Repairer, was outstanding!

Being with RACQ made our unfortunate accident seem very painless.
I worked for a rival company for over 10 yrs and I have to say, RACQ has most definitely proved to me why we remain with them year after year.

They most definitely deliver what they promise and even though they maybe a little dearer, I can absolutely assure anyone, it’s worth it!

Thanks RACQ

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible customer service, unreal expectations

Would not recommend.
Declined for a car loan after 3 weeks of waiting for a response as being asked for every bit of paperwork I own, due to too many enquiries on my credit rating, only 6 in the last 5 years with everything paid off early, never with a default, plenty of savings, and above average income with one other small personal loan that I am 12 months ahead of! If they aren’t prepared to lend money they shouldn’t advertise and make enquiries themselves.

Insurance claim madeNo

I'm a happy racq customer

I have been with racq for around 4 years, full comprehensive insurance for my car and racq have been awesome, so happy cos i know my blu car is covered.

Insurance claim madeYes


My wife had a battery in her can that decided to die at the Mt Pleasant shopping centre Mackay. After phoning the RACQ to get assistance she waited up to 21/2 hrs before assistance arrived. I have been a member for 42 years have not made a claim in this time and when we needed assistance we found it terribly lacking in service. Thinking seriously of pulling the plug on my association with RACQ. Plenty of competition now which outdates the old mindsets.

Insurance claim madeNo

Cheap! They have gone the cheapest option

RACQ Went the cheapest option to REPAIR a minor dent in my bonnet! 3 months later I still have no car @$###@ now 4 times later I am picking my car up yet again tomorrow. Lets hope it's ok aaarrrggg. 25 years a member and I've been stuffed around. The least they could do is give me back my excess!

First and last claim through RACQ!

Insurance claim madeYes

Satisfied Customer

I cant fault customer service, always of great help when needed. I had my car repaired on two occassions , one was road accident , the latest was car vandalising, On 2 incidents RACQ done its best..although took a 4 wks waiting..Policy is easy to purchase online, premium is just ok the last 3 yrs..hope wont be up next renewal. Recommending to others because it is easy to make a claim..will consider renewal for sure.

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst service. No customer loyalty whatsoever

20 years as a Gold card member and RACQ still wouldn't come to my home to sell me a battery for one of my cars because I wasn't able to stand next to it. Thank you so much Battery World Cannon Hill for saving the day.

Insurance claim madeNo

Good experience, for a change

I am surprised to see so many bad reviews for RACQ as I had completely different one. Last year, in September, I had not-at-fault accident when another car slammed into back of my car. I called RACQ and the claim has been completed over the phone with help of their staff. Luckily, my car was still drivable and I was using it while waiting for panel beater booking. I had to wait about 3 weeks until the repairer could fit me in in October.
I didn't have to pay any excess money (as it should be) because it was not my fault. They also organised hire car for the duration of the repairs, about 10 days.
The repairs were done very well. There was 2 days delay with repairs and I had to extend car hire but it was all covered.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

We have submitted a car insurance claim on the second of March. To this day, we haven' heard anything form RACQ. We called them several times, and they say that they are trying to get in contact with the other insurance company. Is this delay standard? I have been an RACQ/NRMA member for 25 years and an insurance policy holder (of various types) as well. I am seriously considering cancelling my other two policies if this is the service i will receive when i need them.
No answers

My insurance payment didnt go through. Will they try again?
No answers

If I fix a repairable write off can it be insured again?
1 answer
yes, it can be insured again, but after fixing repairable write off, you have to get Inspection certificate.

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