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RACQ Roadside Assistance

RACQ Roadside Assistance

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Fast, Friendly and Professional

I've been a member of RACQ since 2004. I have had always received prompt and professional service when needed. Today's experience was no exception. Went away on a 2 week holiday and came back to a car with a dead battery. Rang RACQ...phone response was prompt and friendly. Fortunately, a mechanic was available nearby and arrived within half an hour. They had the type of battery on hand (AGM type) and we were all good with 20 minutes. Patrick the mechanic was very courteous and professional knowing exactly what he was doing. Thank you!
I can see some negative experiences of other members in this site as well but we must be reasonable when external conditions are contributing to the times when high demand is placed on limited resources.

Dale - roadside mechanic

Dale from Gold Coast roadside assist was a fantastic help. Very informative and friendly. Took the time to explain things and provide suggestions whilst efficiently solving the issue. Thanks Dale.

Graig from Ipswich Roadside Assist

Gaig from roadside assist Ipswich Queensland was amazing ,knew his work 100%
I very happy customer.
He arrived on time,and nothing was a problem,very polite friendly and knows his job ..very impressed


Received excellent Roadside Assistance from Shane (478) starting my Kombi Kamper again!! Prompt, courteous and professional service as always. Worth every cent to be a member and have this resource to call on when needed.

Appalling service and complaint resolution.

Last Tuesday I called for roadside assistance after my car failed to start, the Attendant showed up relatively fast but that is where the good service stopped.

The attendant jumped started my car and let run for only a couple of minutes (not allowing any charge to get in) before turning off the car, giving an intimidating ultimatum of buy a $210 battery from him or walk over a km to super cheap and buy a $190 battery from them and they would charge $20 to fit it... not great options considering we had a toddler, 6 week old and two dogs with nowhere safe to sit other than the curb of a busy petrol station or in the hot car. We then called our mechanic (racq approved) for a second opinion who asked the attendant to restart the car and let it charge for a while so we could drive home. The attendant refused and then proceeded to tighten the terminal bolts with his rattle gun and left us there with the only option of walking to buy a new battery. No offer of towing, nothing. My husband then walked to buy a battery and tools to fit it leaving me with both kids and the dogs. While he was gone the attendant returned and gloated about how we had to put a new battery in as though we had any other choice, I then hid in the car while he waited around for a few minutes for some unknown reason.

Needless to say I submitted a complaint and expected to hear something other than ‘sorry, we will review it internally but cannot let you know the outcome due to privacy’. Wow, helpful.

I am extremely disappointed with this service after being a member for over 10 years, luckily my renewal is coming up soon and I can review my options. I hope that no one else has to deal with this situation of being stranded with no assistance especially with two kids and two dogs alongside.

upgraded early

Would like to thank RACQ for upgrading my account a year early and for no more $$. They offered this to me without me asking. I have been loyal to RACQ for many years and am grateful that they take care of their customers. Great Job keep it up

RACQ I will never jump ship again, you are THE best

I have been in RACQ since 1999, always amazing service, got me out of a few spots of trouble in my time, including towing at no charge! Silly me got new insurance with a different company so I flicked racq and took up the new companies roadside assist. Hah! They shouldn't be allowed to call it that when they say, "We will get into your car, but if the driver has to use the jumper leads it's another $90." What the heck, thats not roadside assistance then is it! THEN, the driver (bless him he did try but poor equipment) could not actually get into the car so I was left stranded, lucky I was not far from my mums. Go home, sign up to RACQ again, wait the 24 hours and take two. The RACQ dude not only could flick the switch to unlock my car within moments, which actually didnt work as it had ceased, he then proceeded to use his tool (not that it was advanced, but his skills were! wow) to get into my glovebox (from outside the vehicle remember), find the spare key buried at the back and unlock the car with said spare key! What a legend!! RACQ you've done it again, I will never ever let my membership expire of jump ships again. Always had top service from these guys.

RACQ Battery failed under warranty - they wouldnt replace it

I wartched my single mother neighbour being bullied and not being heard - the driver was beligerent and dismissive. After paying for a report from an Auto Electrician, getting RACQ out - wouldnt replace, then getting a report from Battery World and threatening to cancel all policies (after 2 days) they decided to replace as requested originally under warranty. Disgraceful treatment of a customer.

RACQ battery failed one month after warranty expired

Bought a battery from RACQ when they came out to our vehicle, was more expensive than the stores but was convenient. Battery had a 2 year warranty, it failed after 2 years and one month. Rang RACQ and they told me they are very strict with their warranty dates.

Thank you so much.

Battery issues, engine problems, trapped somewhere, general engine problems, old car issues, even petrol locks not opening. Emergency fueling. Thank you so much. You guys are always fast and extra helpful.

Ok service insane pricing for items.

Battery went flat on my car ,RACQ told me that they have a suitable battery for $278 and that I wouldnt be able to buy it cheaper anywhere else; this is for a 96 commodore so that made no sense, rang around to a few battery/auto stores most expensive was much less than this and I got one for $128. All stores had the battery in stock so no idea why RACQ told me such a stupid lie.

Wait time is ridiculous

Everytime I call for assistance no matter the time or day the recording always saus 'we are experiencing a high volume of calls'. Always! If they are always experiencing a high volume of calls they obviosly need more mechanics.

Scammed into buying a battery charger

Called for a flat battery. The guy said it was practically brand new, nothing wrong. Just a light left on from not shutting my boot properly, hence the flat battery. I was in a hurry he told me I needed to buy a battery charger. In haste i went ahead & did. Phoned RACQ 3hrs after to inform them. They've essentially told me it will have to go through an investigation process & even then no guarantee of a refund. This cost me $125 for a device I didn't want or require & haven't even taken out of it's packaging. It's shameful.

Scammed into battery replacement nightmare

Absolute joke of customer service, my girlfriend has been swindled into buying a new battery when she didn't need one. Been sent into the never-ending feedback loop of "contacting customer relations claims officers" and getting nothing sorted. Very dodgy practices preying on those who don't know better.

When we called again just now, we asked for help with the battery situation. The first man was very helpful and said he would put us to the battery department. Where we ended up was an unhelpful, rude and aggressive woman claiming to be the supervisor of a completely different department. WHY were we transferred to the wrong department and dismissed?

What a Joke!

Received a renewal today addressed to my mothers estate - she passed away in March last year. Thought I would do the right thing and tell them not to send any more mail. It was address to the estate so I guessed they knew she had passed. After selecting from 7 choice son the phone; keying in membership number and date of birth - they ended up call me back.

Did not want to speak to me until I send a copy of the Death Certificate..... REALLY!

Didn't need that detail when we closed her insurance policies.

In the end just threw the renewal in the bin. Wonder If there will be a reminder

Very bad service, Will take your money but will not provide service

I got a racv road side assistance about 2 weeks ago but still no membership mail or even any email nor they reply to emails that i already send them via their website. I don't even know what service that i am in and what is the coverage. Online chat is literally a joke. I got only one advise, Stay away!!

Life Savers!!

I would like to thank RACQ for organising the tow for our vehicle from the M1 on 25.1.19 by the Dept of Transport because of the road works but they could only take us to a certain area where we had to ring RACQ again to arrange pick up (unfortunately another tow) to home. It was very hot and we had 2 children which made the degrees even hotter! but the response was excellent and our driver was very helpful and amazing. The only issue is that were we were towed to was the 7 Eleven Depot Road Deagon and they did not have a toilet for us to use. With 2 children and a sick husband this was very frustrating and the attendant was very rude and did not know where the closest public toilet was. I would suggest that Department of Transport and RACQ avoid this Service Station and it doesn't know what service is. I have sent a complaint to the 7 Eleven Franchise Master and I am waiting for the Manager of this store to ring me to discuss this further. Also I have had legal advice that all Service Stations are to provide amenities for all patrons. Thank you again RACQ. So pleased I'm a member. Regards, Sandy Hahn

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Rubbish batteries.

I called RACQ to replace 2 batteries. Service was great but 1 battery lasted less than 12 months. They replaced it, but the other one failed just outside the warranty period.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

Quick and efficient

This morning my car wouldn’t start so I had to call RACQ roadside assist , they arrived within 15 minutes, found that my battery was dead and immediately offered to replace it, which only took 5 minutes! That was the quickest car service I’ve ever had! Thank you Andrew from Gold Coast RACQ, I was even able to get on to my appointment on time

Roadside Assistance RequestedNo

Roadside assistance is a joke

Engine overheats due to lack of coolant... calls RACQ who proceeds to put in normal water and says it's fine to drive & overrides the cutoff, within 5 minutes the engine stops dead.... whole new engine required at a cost of $6000.... it really isn't worth getting them out it'll cost you heaps more in the long term!

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes

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Questions & Answers

If I cancel my roadside assist that I have paid for the whole 12 months, will I get any of my money back? I no longer need the roadside assist.
1 answer
With RACQ you will not get a cent back unless you have another vehicle with them, and even then they will first tell you NO REFUND but if you bar up they change their mind. Appalling service even though I did get what I wanted. Personally if it's not illegal then it is simply disgusting company policy. If there was any other option I would be out of RACQ in a flash - and I'm a Silver member with over 20 years membership....

How much does it cost for a mitisbishi lancer 2009 model 4 cl sedan?
No answers

When did the RACQ legal advisory services for car related issues stop? I was told it was 3 to 4 years ago? Was their consultation? I've asked RACQ to bring it back but if you also find it useful it would be helpful for you to reply so RACQ knows it's not just me who misses it.
No answers

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