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Radio Rentals SA

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Excellent Service

Had a great experience at the Salisbury store today. They were very helpful and gave us all the information that we were needing to make a decision on our purchase.

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Customer Service
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Have been renting and buying products from this company for years and so have all my family. Never had a problem. They delivered on time and with care. If l had an issue l would ring store or service and they would help. Fantastic service!

Excellent service

We were very happy with the service we received today from a gentleman called Alen De Vincentis and the staff from the new marion store. (All so experienced and very helpful..)
Even impressed with the cash back we’re getting soon!!

Fantastic customer service

Radio rentals Gepps Cross, absolutely lovely and helpful staff, highly recommend them, not pushy salepeople and just there to help, had an issue with ex rental tv and had it replaced within an hour. Will buy from again

If you don’t contact them you pay forever

They don’t tell you that your rental contact is up and just let you keep paying if you don’t contact them. We were waiting for a letter or something from them. Never ever again!!! We have spend ten thousands of dollars for a retail value of 4000 and now the shop we rented from is closed and they don’t even know where we can drop our stuff off as well live very remote. They never told us that after 3 years we still have to buy our furniture out as we were under the impression that it was ours to keep after 3 years.. We are now in arrears because we stopped paying after our 3 year contract and apparently we just have to keep paying monthly until the arrears are payed and the stuff is returned. Even though they don’t know where we have to return it too! Grrrr what a scam they are. Please people don't go down that road! We have learned our lesson the hard way.

Customer friendly

As a long term customer i am greatfull that r/rentals exsist my experience has been that as a pensioner where most companies wont assist you r/rentals will and when you do the right thing by them they more than go out of there way to help you and making you feel valued i have been thru the best and the worst financially and thru out r/rentals has remained understanding and helpful and as a result i willingly continue to be a loyal customer. Thankyou r/rentals

Extremely unhappy

The credit department is absolutely disgusting the lack of respect for people is outrageous, they pushed and pushed me to pay more and more money I didn't have, I already put in a complaint to the state manager about the credit department and got my fees reduced because of it, I am writing this so people know how disgraceful they really are, I will never ever deal with Radio Rentals again, in the end I said they can pick up what I'm renting and they can get a measly 10 dollars a fortnight till the contract is finished, absolutely disgusting!!!! If I could put no stars I would but one is the minimum

Part of my essentials in life.

I have been a Gold Star customer for over 20yrs..never had any problems...deliveries for TVs.. washing machine etc over the years when upgraded were always set up for me...very happy...

IPay pay pay for poor quality crap

I paid rent to buy by time you finish paying for it its falling apart leather lounge cost me 2500 by time I paid it off I paid 10000 they told me it was soft leather nothing but a cheap imitation.

Beware Beware Beware

Does anyone else want to join me in a class action against this lying Fraudulent mob enough is enough I thought I was being offered a rental contract that could be terminated or paid out but then found the contract the salesman had conveniently filled out for me was for tripple the price and even after I asked to cancel and returned the PC then they said if I don't give them $3454.00 then they will destroy my credit rating by putting my name on Veda the PC was originally only $900

Avoid this dirty deceiving company.

I went to get a computer from the RR store in Mt barker SA and asked for it I could get it more monthly payments of $70 a month until it was paid off think it was 3 years. The person (who looked like he was still in high school) said yes and drew up the contract, I read the contract and it said everything from the length of time to $70 a month. Then he disappeared into the staff office behind the counter for at least 15 minutes I thought it was odd him being gone for that long but when he came out with a copy of the contract for me then I took the computer and was on my way. Come time for the first payment they try to take $140 out of my bank and of course it didn't work because I put aside for $70, rang them up and they start going on about it being $140, I looked at the contract think they were just being greedy and there it was $140 a month and not for 3 years but renting for 5 years!! I read the contract through 3 times when first presented with the contract and it defiantly said $70 and month and to be paid of in 3 years, no I realised what the little scammer was doing for those 15 minutes, he must of after getting my signature changed the contract and then I was stuck with this contract I didn't agree to but of course couldn't prove it. Then of course the stupid thing stopped working and they refused to fix it because I had erras of $200, I paid it and then they come back and say still owe 4150, I then told them to go to hell, eventually I refused to pay it and took it back to the store and told them to shove it, they threatened me with a black mark on my credit lasting for 5 years, but because of two other loans I'm in no position to borrow for another 6 years due to my wage anyway, felt liberating telling them where to go and no longer paying amount I never agreed to. Proves if the low life staff disappear after you signed read it again, even better just don't buy from this hack company.

Rip offs an put a note on my credit rating worst mistake of my life

I hate this company I was young an dumb and had no family no help an I obviously need the bar necessities for household an I've been ripped off nearly 7000 dollar first off I thought my contract was 2 years turns out I ring last year 2016 they told me it was actually four year then I ring up today an apparently it's 5 years and I've got 18 months left what a joke you are have made me so depressed wasting so much money should be shut down what an evil company you are all so nice when your trying get the sale then turn super vicious after we have just signed our payments for next 4/5 years biggest mistake ever oh an the only bad note on my credit rating is from you guys which stops me from get personal loan to build my credit rating to eventually get home loan can't even get credit card thanks a lot..

Mark on credit rating for no reason

There has been a mark put on my credit report veda even said cause it hasn't been repo and I'm still renting it should not be there and radio rentals are refusing to remove it. I'm very angry and frustrated as it stop me from getting bank loan and also my item had to be repaired it took over 6 months for them to repair it but I had to keep renting it when I didn't have it.


If your considering renting a product from Radio Rentals don't. Product is over priced & Service department is extremely slow. Should have gone to Harvey Norman or JB HiFi.

You got it no way not even one star

Just been rending to very negative comments about RR south aust and I can't agree more.

My advice is to stay away.

My store experience is poor customer service and technical service. If you ask them a technical question about a TV they do not know.

The sales people are rude; they do not help you carry the goods to your vehicle.

This is there scam.
If you buy second hand item x rental for say $900 tv you get a six mouth warranty.

What the scam is they cost the item at $450 and give you other goods to the value of $450 so then the warranty is now 3 mouths.

One good point is lots of stock.

Renter beware.

Warning! If your considering renting a product from Radio Rentals - ask for a copy of the contract to take home and read!. I used to work for these guys for ten years and I can assure you - they want you to RENT! Everything they do is to suit the company - NOT YOU! If the rate of rental was converted to an interest rate its well over 35% on some items. Computers or products that have poor re-sale value (when they get them back) are generally the highest rate and will cost you more in the long run. As I always used to say - no one forced you to sign the contract, but how some sales staff "trick" people into doing so is a little "shonky"to say the least... I have heard hundreds of stories of customers wanting Interest free contracts and being fooled into signing rental contracts instead.

Do your homework - ask questions - ask home much it will cost in the end.. don't be a fool and sign a contract, just because you want to get a credit rating - rental contracts have not only a way of creating a credit rating, they can destroy one just as quick.

If the salesperson wont answer your questions - get up and walk out.

Long term renters are treated like dirt as well - I had customers with over $50,000 on the books and received no cut in rates or discounts for years of return loyalty.

Loyalty is not rewarded here

We have been loyal customers for over 20 years. We always found your customer service good and when our computer broke your tech support were great.....BUT when we overlooked a missed periodical payment and had not received any notification of this we were slugged $$$$ hundreds of dollars in penalties and threatened repossession if we didn't pay the arrears asap. This was the first time that we had missed a payment and the first we heard of it was a sms notification of a bailiff being instructed to seize the computer. When we rang to query this, we were told that we had missed a payment 6 months prior and we had been notified. BUT WE HADN'T. The staff said that letters were sent out, which we never got. No one could explain why we didn't get a SMS or even a phone call.
The people who we had to deal with were rude and aggressive and treated us like we were criminals.
NEVER AGAIN WILL WE BUY FROM RADIO RENTALS. Loyalty and respect doesn't mean a thing to you guys.

Back to the 50s

I went to the Adelaide store yesterday to buy a toaster, kettle and microwave for a rental property we have just purchased. It was like visiting a store in the process of closing down. The service was pathetic. The lack of choice was extraordinary. Guess how many toasters they had to choose from ---one (1).

Anything you want or need?

I wanted to get a paddling pool for my 4 and a half year old son that has global developmental delay, they said they didnt sell any?! What the hell???

Stay Away

I will start by saying they are a great way to increase your credit rating but beware.

I have been renting with them since I got my first job. Always a computer and always upgraded as soon as possible to keep the technology current. I never had a problem with the costs involved as I use my computer everyday.

I am now in a position where I need to either pay off or return my computer as I'm moving overseas and can't really take it with me.

The computer cost approx $1049. I've been paying $90 a month for 2 years which is automatically twice what it is worth. But because I choose to do a 3 year contract it will either cost me $650 to buy it out or $950 to return it... Nearly a whole new computer.

No they don't charge interest on their 'loans' or contracts but they definitely hit you hard when it's time to part ways.

If you value your money, Stay away from them!

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Questions & Answers

We have signed a contract today but the costs etc don't seem right we questioned the sales lady and she didn't really explain now we feel uneasy and don't want to proceed, can we cancel, we haven't received the goods yet?
1 answer
You could have tried to cancel if goods hadn't been received.

They said you get a cash back one year later. When do you get it?
1 answer
Ive never heard of getting cash back?

We have been renting through radio rentals for almost a year now. We rent a full house full of things. Our washing machine has decided to crap out. It will do half the job but then wont go any further to spin out or drain our washing. We canont even open the washing machine as it has a lock on it. We are renting our furniture through them on a 48 month contract and as we are still renting should they be the one to fix and repair this since we are still paying them every week? HEEEEEEELP!!!!
1 answer
well they should fix it but then who knows with these horrible company i wouldnt recomend them to anyone ever