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Shocking service and pay rate

Paying under the award rate and the communication skills of the Canberra education area consultants was poor. I am an experienced person and they wanted to pay me the lowest rate on the scale.

Disgusting Company

As a job seeker I was approached by a consultant in Perth, WA. All seemed fine and the consultants intentions seemed genuine until he abused his position and sent explicit and revolting messages.

Unfortunately this consultant is still working in the Perth based office as HR only care for money and not clients of their business. Purely disgusting to harass vulnerable women.

Randstad - Poor communication

Registered with Randstad approximately 1 month ago who were very enthusiastic and so excited to have someone with my experience on their books. The don't respond to emails in a timely manner. I sent an email 10 days ago and the email was only read when I rang and asked the consultant if they had an opportunity to read my email. Randstad will not provide feedback and tell me when I have left or decided if I want to leave my current position, I should let them know. Too bad if you want to have a new position lined up before you leave your current one.

Disorganised and highly unprofessional

Was promised to be considered for a job and rushed to collect tons of little forms plus video with 2 min per question! It was not 2 min in total as was told at the start. In the end no call back, no interview! More than 20 plus emails from the agency to say they didn’t get my email! Very disappointed.

Worse experience ever

Was told temp job was garuanteed with electrol Commission, was told to be available for weeks, I rejected other offer bc of this only to be told that I was NOT successful. It would be fine if they didn't asked specifically if I was available for shifts and I said yes to all... still didn't get it. Was specifically told not to call, I only should sit and wait for text. Can't even list all the things that are bad with Randstad, would not recommend to anyone, waist of time. They are beyond rude and unprofessional.


So unorganised!! Called my partner up to work half an hour b4 it starts, can u work? Like are your serious? 30 minutes b4 hand? Then received a text 5 something in the morning for a shift at 6 am. Just unprofessional

Never returned calls

I was contacted by an agent via sms regarding upcoming opportunities. I followed up via text, phonecall and email and never got a response. It seems they were just phishing to get names for their database. It is such bad practice to not return phonecalls. Job hunting is hard enough without this poor practice added to the mix.

Waste of time

Waste of time, they string you along for months just to tell you when you call them, since no one calls you back or always in a "meeting" that your NOT even applied to Ranstad! Even though you have fill in all the paperwork, pass their fitness test and get sent to interviews in the past 3 months while waiting for a position that they clearly stated that you have got a spot, just waiting for the start date of the job. If your not taking people in Randstad, tell them upfront so they are not wasting thier time with your agency!!!! Pfft, that you don't meet up to "Ranstad standards" and when you ask what their standards are they just tell you "there are no particular standards" like seriously??? If your going to give me a bad answer at least come up with a better answer, is it because I wasn't praising you guys up to the sun?! Overall WASTE.OF.TIME. go somewhere else!

rude unethical and incompetent

I rang up the relevant consultant about a job that was posted on seek and which i applied for. The consultant i spoke to had no idea that the job was even advertised let alone what it was about. She was rude and could not have cared less what i was talking about. I would not deal with these incompetent clowns again.

Appalling Standard of Practice

One worker demanded I provide them with intimate details regarding my banking and health prior to me even being offered an interview by the employing organisation. They went so far as to require consent for Randstad to contact my medical practitioners.
That worker, after a month of follow ups, visit to their office and so on, then advised the position was not actually available.
Randstad had failed to ensure their own information regarding the advertised position was accurate or up to date.
Another worker failed to respond to an email enquiry resulting in the position being closed without opportunity for myself to apply.
They really seem to have no idea what they are doing.
It appears that Randstad are better at selling the idea of what they do than being able to do what they are supposed to do.
I would never recommend anyone engage with this organisation, and I would never again apply for a position that they are managing.

Bloody rude and accused me of being 'defensive'

After contacting Randstad looking for contract work I had a call one of the rudest calls from a young lady who decided to contact me about a position a applied for. Said she had my resume and then asked me 'what are you good at' cut me off during my answer with 'I know what job you do now you don't need to tell me that I want to know what your skills are' quite frankly if she had bothered to read my resume it would have been clear. I will not be dealing with Randstad again!!!

Inexperienced little kiddies

I signed up with this place at their Derrimut office after I took a redundancy from my last job and they're constantly advertising for drivers.Almost 30 years experience in my game I'm being interviewed by some schoolgirl with an ego,waste of time,never got 1 call for employment, luckily I signed up with Driver hire as well and have had constant work for 6 months, I don't take kindly to someone with no experience questioning my experience,should be zero stars I say.

Time wasters and liars

I have applied for a few of their jobs, only ever received 1 call only to be told that I had to come into their office immediately, pretty much drop everything NOW!

Having fallen into that trap before with other Recruitment Agencies I asked the question was the position still available?

I was in another assignment and could not drop everything to go into their office immediately.
I was then put on hold and transferred to another staff member whom kept asking me questions but made no mention of the job I had applied for. When I asked the question again, I was told that the position had been filled.

They are time wasters and only want you to come into their office to make themselves look busy.

Have not heard from them since.

Bad service

I applied for a job then I had spent 3 hours in interview on Saturday and check documents and after call and call they reply badly. I suppose they gave a job to a cousin of them bad service ever.

Useless service and rude, unprofessional people.

I applied for a job through this company, should’ve seen the warning bells at the beginning. The person from Ranstad was pushy, calling sometimes 5 times in a row (you would think after the first time that I am unavailable and that I’ll call back when I can?), at one point she called me 3 times at 8pm. 8pm is well outside of business hours and highly inappropriate to me, she then send me text messages until I called her back only to find out the call was just a “friendly reminder” to check an email she sent me and then said there was no rush in sending it back, then why was I harassed until I left my family dinner to call back? You can tell all they care about is their own commission and this was very clear when I questioned the medical they were asking me to attend and the ranstad worker accused me of being on drugs and asking why I have a problem with the medical. Asking a question is not the same as having a problem with something. They need serious training or to not operate at all anymore. The ranstad worker obviously had no idea what the job was like because the way she described the environment, job roles, and management was NOTHING like it was when I got the job and subsequently I left very quickly, only to be bombarded with calls from the same worker again, none of which I answered. The Parramatta office is also atrocious, the room they conducted my interview in had holes punched in the walls, pen written all over the walls, chairs broken, no receptionist at the reception desk. Very dodgy looking office and even dodgier staff. I would never apply for another position that has their name attached to it and I’ve told friends and family to do the same.

Don't bother.

Never get back to. Real amateurs. I had three different "consultants" call me and ask me the same question. Real time wasters.

Zero feedback given

Been there for interviews but even after several attempts i couldn't get any Feedbacks or work from this company. Do not recommend for anyone.

Waste of Time

I contacted them earlier this year, and they one of the consultants was very excited about my resume. He told me he'd put me forward for a job, and I just had to keep on at him for an update. No proactive communication coming from them. A long line of promising to call and never calling back. 5 months down the line and now I'm being told to call him weekly. Just a total joke.

Unprofessional Amateurs Boasted By Ego !


I was recently contacted by a RANDSTAD STAFF MEMBER via LinkedIn.

I was told, they were "Currently I am recruiting for a successful global business".
I was told - " I am Seeking experienced Relationship and Business Development Professionals from within the Professional Services/SaaS space".
I was then told in writing - " From your LinkedIn profile I wanted to reach out to see if you would be open to having a discussion around this opportunity"?
My experience with the Recruiter at Randstad Australia ([name initials removed]) - "Specialist Sales"

I then called Ms [name initials removed] and sent her all my personal details, CV, work profile believing this scammer and unprofessional job recruiter.
I sent the email on the 18 May 2018.
I did not hear back at all, I then set an email follow up and the agent simply ignored all phone calls left at her voicemail too.
Nil email update either.....
Just tell me the truth.......
Why will you ignore the client - who may be a potential client in the future? ??

Just pathetic, unprofessional and off putting...

I lost all my privacy and power, once I released my personal information to this company, that

How does Randstad Australia consider themselves as a professional legitimate business??



Waste of my time

Both times I went there it was a waste of my time, pretty much.

First time, I just had a general chat about me and my resume. Usual questions regarding my employment history, professional skills, expectations, etc. Didn’t hear back from anyone since then, except for the text notifications regarding new vacancies they signed me up for (and those were not suitable vacancies, in my opinion).

Second time, I sent them an absolutely new resume and spoke to a different lady which scheduled an interview with me on Friday morning. Thursday night, I get a call from the same lady I spoke to, asking if I’m still looking for a job (“Yes…”) and whether I would be interested to come for an interview (“I’m sorry but we already spoke with you and scheduled an interview tomorrow morning”). Ok, whatever.

I come for an interview next morning, not expecting much but still giving it a go, hoping it would be worth my while. Soon enough, things start rubbing me the wrong way:

1) Apparently, I sent them my new resume (which I put a lot of time and effort into ON PURPOSE) for the position I thought we would be discussing. When the interviewer enters the room, I see that she still has my old resume in front of her. Duh.

2) I clearly stated my legal status in Australia even on my old resume. The interviewer still asks me the question, “What are your working rights?” Moreover, she invites another colleague in, and the latter asks me the exact same question, having my old resume in front of her which clearly states my working rights in Australia. DUH.

3) Both times I went for an interview with them, I was asked to bring along copies of my academic transcripts/diplomas and other personal documentation. The first time, they were quickly looked at and, basically, disregarded. The second time, they were not checked at all. Why bother asking me to bring them along in the first place? Duh.

I must admit, the first lady I spoke to gave me some really good, helpful advice during our interview, and otherwise looked professional and seemed to genuinely care.

Anyway, soon after the interview was finished, I looked up the name of their client at one of the employment marketplaces – and guess what. That same job vacancy we discussed was posted on behalf of the company anyway a few days ago. So I might have as well just skipped the entire ‘recruitment agency’ link in the chain and applied directly to the company.

Not enthusiastic to deal with recruitment agencies anymore. Sorry.

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