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Rapid Loss Shakes

Rapid Loss Shakes

Banana, Choc Mint, Chocolate, Latte, Salted Caramel and 2 more
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This has changed my wellbeing for the better

So I'm now on day 6 of having my
strawberry flavour shakes. Haven't weighed myself. But it has flushed out heavy toxins in my body that I didn't know I even had ( could tell from the egg like smell when passing gas). Not only do I feel like I have a lot more energy but prior to taking rapid loss after giving birth last year (2018) my menstrual cycles were clotting a lot. 6 months after giving birth I had gallstones from my pregnancy which became inflamed and had to have my gallbladder removed. After surgery my menstrual cycle was all over the place I went from having normal cycles that would last up to 6-7 days and I always had a month in between my cycles, I did have the heavy clotting from after giving birth which I thought was normal. However after my surgery my cycles would go from being light up to 7 days to being extremely heavy, and lasting from anywhere between 3-5 weeks, and then returning within a week. I went to see my GP all my results were fine, but they did say my iron was a bit high but not at risk. Now your probably Wondering what "Rapid Loss" has to do with all this, well I'm not sure what my body was lacking but not only has "Rapid Loss" flushed out heavy toxins from my body but it has also fixed the issue with my menstrual cycle. I had my cycle two day before I had started using rapid loss and on day 4 of using rapid loss ( day 6 of my menstrual cycle) my cycle had lightened rite up and also stopped that day
So I would just like to say a huge thank you to "Rapid Loss". I should probably weigh myself next week too to see how much weight I have lost already. I have x1 strawberry shake per day , Muesli or oats for breakfast, Toast or a salad for lunch and my " Rapid Loss " shake for dinner.
Now I'm not saying that it fixes menstrual cycles but from my personal experience it has resolved my major menstrual cycle issue.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $40.00.

Additional Physical Activities None
Weight LostYes

Ok... BUT..... anyone else???

I have been doing Rapid Loss for about 1.5 weeks now... at first I was loosing weight started at 113kg lowest I got to was 111kg now I am back up to 113kg. I feel very bloated. Which is not how I felt in the first few days I felt great. But during the 1.5 weeks in about Day 7 I got my period (sorry TMI) I’m hoping it’s that making me feel bloated but it’s not normal for me to be bloated for any more then 3 days I now been bloated for about 5 days. Anyone else experience this?


Started this Shake yesterday and I must say it is so Tasty.
Thought I would try it whilst it is half price at Coles at the moment
(From $40 to $20 for a 750 gram) I tried it and decided to buy another
2 today as it was that good. I am not too sure if I would buy it for full price
but I have 3 to get through so everytime it goes on special I will stock up again.
It is like a treat for me which should make things easier.
I also like the fact that you mix it with milk instead of water and its
calories is about the same as other ones on the market that you mix
with water. 150 calories with lite milk seems pretty good to me
(not too keen on the skim milk option so have it with lite milk instead)
It has heaps of good additives all the vitamins and minerals you'll
need.I can say that you do feel satisfied after having a shake but
I am having fruit with mine at the same time to keep me going.
Today I had the shake , 300 grams of cherries and 2 nectarines for
a total of 400 calories for breakfast which is pretty good going considering I'm trying to stick to
a 1500 calorie plan. I will have another one for lunch and dinner yet with a light meal
to take me up to 1500 calories by the end of the day.
All going well At the moment. And I look forward to my next one. TASTES GREAT!

Bloody tastey

Seems to have alot of sugar but seeing as that's what carbs are made from I'm sure it's good stuff. Just started on them keeps me full till lunch time.

Love the chocolate flavour one!

This product is amaze balls!!

I use to drink Usana as a replacement shake ($130) for 30 sachets!!! But i liked it for the taste! Tasted like a chocolate thick shake!!! But then i started to worry about my budget!!! It was costing me too much to tell u the truth.

So i started experimenting different shakes, i had ones from the worst to average which wasnt good enough for me as i want to enjoy what i drink in the mornings!!!

So after a few trials here and there i found this amazing product!!! I love the chocolate flavoured ones, even chocolate mint!!! yum!! i didn’t like the latte one though. But i will be drinking this everyday now... i can’t live without it!!! it has help me lose weight. i lost 12 kg so far with my hypoxi workout plus the shakes and low calories/carb diet!! it works and it’s so yummy!!!!!! i love this product, I bought over 5 containers cuz i am that addicted! and i am a sweet tooth :)

Go try and tell me what you think of this product. It’s smooth, it’s sweet but not too sweet, just right.. it’s filling, and u can have it with soy milk.... and i have lactose intolerance but i can drink this even thought it has milk powder in the shake!!!

They sell in smaller containers if u like to try first. I will never regret buying this product!!

Great shakes !

Only problem is ' please make the handles on your scoops "LONGER" hard for people with big hands. Having said that they are the best shakes on the market regardless of flavour. Keep up the good work rapid loss.

Best economical shake

I have tried the latte and strawberry flavours. They are very delicious. No after taste at all. I only use the snack portion as meals but still managed to lose weight. Their website has discounts all the time for bulk purchase. So it’s definitely worth it. Don’t pay heaps of money buying expensive shakes when this one works as well if not better.

love it

latte flavour is the best. Always have this after a workout, makes you eat less too Always check out Woolies or Coles sometimes on sale for $19. Latte and banana are flavors to get

Great tasting and it works!

I've read so many reviews of Rapid Loss, but ultimately I decided to give them a try. Their website offers afterpay, and a variety of flavours that are literally half the price you pay at Woolworths. For $86, I bought two shakers, a 750g Strawberry, a 750g Chocolate, 3 x 450g Lemon Cheesecake and 3 x 450g Chai Latte.

The flavours are surprisingly tasty. My favourite is the strawberry, which reminds me a lot of strawberry Nesquik, but not quite as sweet. Following the directions exactly, I haven't been hungry once, and my sweet cravings are sated. I weighed myself this morning, after testing the shakes for a week, and I've already lost 2kgs before I've even started exercising!

I can't wait to see what adding exercise next week will bring.

Terrible Customer Service

Product is ok, but you can get the same results from other products with less sugar and leaving more full. I have bought this product on several occasions from different sources and the Rapid Loss Team seem to be the worst. Took nearly a month to get to me and I live in the city. Emailed Rapid Loss to follow up on my order after 3 weeks and they responded a week later saying that it had been delivered. Well of course it had. You took over a week to respond.

Pass on your personal details to third party

Beware. Purchased this product online and my details were passed onto a third party who are now charging me for things I didn’t order. Still have not received the product from Rapid Loss, don’t answer my emails. Left a review on their Facebook page, they then sent me an insulting email and got Facebook to remove the post. Truth hurts and they don’t like the truth been told.

I felt hungry and way too much sugar

I've use da few different weight loss shakes and had much better success with others. I bought this one because it was on sale but felt constantly hungry. It didn't fill me up at all and I wouldn't recommend it. I tried both the chocolate and vanilla flavours.

They didn't seem as thick or filling as other brands and when I checked, it could have something to do with the high levels of sugar compared to others I have tried.

The taste itself was good and similar to other options, but the purpose is to lose weight and use them as a meal replacement which these don't work for.

SO much sugar in this product!

The chocolate shake (and probably the others too) has 27,6 grams of sugar per serve. This is almost 7 teaspoons!! The World Health Organization recommends 6 teaspoons a day. Sugar turns into fat in the body very quickly, so it's highly unlikely to lose weight on this program.

have you experienced any side effects?

I tried the chocolate flavor , it tasted very good but after a hour or so i am feeling
I have seen there are many side effects
Has any one experienced hair fall?

So tasty and so filling

I tried vanilla, banana, and strawberry flavours and I loved all of them but vanilla was my most fav and I kept going back for it again and again. It is a thick shake and very filling too. I never reached out for anything else to eat after having my shake.

Appalling Service - Takes Money, Doesn't Deliver Goods & Hangs up the Phone when trying to resolve.

Buyer Beware - In addition to not receiving 3 Months supply of shakes, the only thing you loss, is your money..... Rapid loss takes your money but doesn't deliver product - Waited weeks, without delivery, contacted [name removed] who mans ALL of the Rapid Loss phones, who confirms items are in the warehouse and not delivered, but will do nothing about it. Cannot get information about when shakes equating to $184 will be delivered, [name removed] continually hangs up the phone - Have to try get a refund through PayPal.

Lost 17kg using this product

I use rapid loss about two years 3 ago. And lost 17 kgs .. Then went to gym and lost another 10 kgs .. I have put on 15kgs in the last 12 months due to going back to bad eating habits. But using this again as of today .. Cheers to losing wait again ..

Not too bad so far....

I have only had one shake so far....for breakfast before work...didn't really feel full, but two days later stomach actually appears tiny bit flatter. Will have shake for breakfast on workdays (start work at 6 am) and see how i go for a couple of weeks.


Strawberry and banana are the best especially if you add ice cubes and blend up the shake a little. Can honestly say I enjoyed drinking these shakes opposed to any others I’ve tried. Even after reaching my goals I still use these shakes to get my day started.

What's with the banana ???

Love this shake and had great success but the last 3 tubs of banana is not like it used to be ? Has it been changed?? It's not nice anymore

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Hi, Tis really looks like a great product to give a try i saw another one today on this review https://bit.ly/2U6p6SD what would be the better option? i think the one of the other review seams al lot more healthy for your body then this one... what do you guys think ?
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I have been using Rapid Loss at breakfast for many years and I can’t say I have lost weight, but I always felt full. It appeared I started to put on weight but I realised I was extremely bloated so I stopped using Rapid Loss and in less than a month the bloating has disappeared and I just wondered what other serious issues using Rapid Loss could occur
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Does Rapid Loss make your poop go orange, anyone?
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