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Redbook Green Carpets

Redbook Green Carpets

3.0 from 14 reviews

Fantastic carpet 8 years on!!

We installed our carpet in 4 bedrooms a living area & long hallway..2 also have 2 large dogs who sleep indoors.
The carpet is still wonderfully soft & gets comments from our many visitors .
It vacuums well & when we have marked or stained it ...followed the instructions to the letter with as new results !
There was even a particularly bad stain that i allowed to dry & repeated cold water gentle circular motion treatement 4 or 5 times over a month . The stain completely disappeared.
No stains remain on this carpet . Love it will buy again for new home .

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Hi Lisa, How wonderful that you are as happy as we are about the look and feel of our carpet. Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

Misleading and deceptive advertising by Feltex - worst and most expensive carpet we have ever purcha

As per Meg's review, this carpet is shocking. We have followed the cleaning instructions faithfully and it only makes the stain worse. Have had the carpet professionally cleaned and then a rep from Trevor's Carpet and Godfrey Hirst came out. Godfrey Hirst admitted that water cleaning as directed, only cleans the top layer and that chemicals are actually needed to clean the carpet properly, thereby further admitting that every time there was a significant stain, we would need to call a carpet cleaner to remove it and we would need to purchase a Slurpex to clean up the water! This is in stark contrast to their false advertising, which stipulates no chemicals are required and pet stains are subject to a lifetime warranty. We want our money back or the carpet replaced with something more hard wearing. Godfrey Hirst rep said we would have to have it professionally cleaned (again) and pay for it ourselves, where he said the carpet would be "salvageable". This is not satisfactory to us...Waiting to hear back from Trevors Carpets after 4-5 weeks to discuss the matter further with them. If it is not resolved to our satisfaction, we will be pursuing our legal remedies to have the matter dealt with. - Meg & Pete, Perth.

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Dear Meg and Pete, We take your concerns very seriously and would like to learn more about this asap. Would you mind please providing your details privately to social.media@godfreyhirst.com? (Name, address, Trevor's store and after sales reference number if you have it handy). It troubles us greatly that you've had this bad experience to date as Redbook green is a wonderful, high quality product and we would like to promptly investigate and rectify this issue for you. Warm regards, Feltex team


Soft and luscious. Very comfortable to stand and sit on. Too thick for my vacuum so might need to change it. Hope it lasts as long as the previous carpet. Happy with my choice so far, time will tell if I selected a good product.

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Hi Disappointed, we are extremely excited to know that your new carpet is so thick and luxurious. We also thank you for taking time to provide us some feedback. many thanks.

So luxurious

Love it purchased in Gisborne, so, so soft. Love the colour, love the feel, love that it’s Australian, the warranty and the environmental factors.
Everyone whom has seen it comments on how great they think it looks and are utterly amazed at how soft it is.
Highly recommend Redbook green Scenic rise colour is Horizon. Layed on the best underlay for best results.

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Hi EH64, what fabulous feedback, thank you for taking the time to do this. We know you will be enjoying your carpet for many years to come.

The most deceitful advertising it is unbelievable

Do not buy this carpet. Just read the bad reviews on this site - then multiply them by a million and it still won’t fairly explain how gross this carpet gets. The claim that it cleans with water is an absolute disgrace. I won’t buy anything from feltex ever again.

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Hi ArtyC, we are very disappointed to hear that you have not been happy with your Feltex carpet. I would like to know a bit more about what problems you have encountered. Please can you email your contact details and the details of the carpet purchased and receipt to social.media@godfreyhirst.com and we will endeavor to be of some assistance for you. Many thanks

Worst carpet ever, warranty worthless

We have the same problem as [name removed], [name removed] and [name removed] - stains DO NOT come out with water as per the instructions - and, if left at all damp after a cleaning attempt, the damp patch will attract fresh dirt and cause a further stain! We have had the carpet cleaned professionally TWICE in the 13 months we have had it (the 1st time so we could make a warranty claim, the 2nd time, paid for by Redbook after we inquired about a warranty claim and Redbook sent a rep out who said it needed professional cleaning). The stains came back within a day or two both times. We have never had a carpet that stains so easily and is so impossible to clean.
We were told by Redbook’s rep that although other carpet may look and smell clean after cleaning, it actually isn’t, whereas this Redbook green carpet will wick stains up so you can see them to properly remove them (or try to - the professionals can’t even get the dirt, pet urine or other everyday stains out of it with their specialised equipment, let alone with the water that the warranty says should be adequate!!) . What a joke. We have informed our retailer that the professional clean paid for by Redbook has not removed the stains - but we have had zero response.
Our carpet is 13 months old, we paid around $10,000 for a whole house of it, we can’t clean it ourselves with the water method prescribed in the warranty booklet (including using a proper carpet cleaner to flush and extract the water to ensure it was left as dry as possible to prevent further water stains) and nor could 2 different professional carpet cleaners, it looks filthy (see profile pic for an example of recently cleaned carpet) and emits a foul stench when the sun hits the stained patches. How on earth can the carpet be fit for purpose as per the sales representations in these circumstances??? We will either have to take legal action to enforce the warranty or just replace the carpet at our own expense and try to forget this sorry episode.

Dear Chriscaroline, we are upset to hear that you have had troubles with your Redbook carpet. Could you please send through your contact details and those of the carpet and place of purchase. Send them to social.media@godfreyhirst.com. This way we can contact you directly to come to a solution for you. Look forward to assisting you further.Have emailed you the requested details 24/3/2018. Not sure why it has taken posting a public review to get your company interested in addressing our complaint.....Still awaiting a response.....

Red book carpet in Geelong

We have been having the same problem as the first woman. Marks easy and spots just pop up on the carpet. It is like stains and dirt just latch on to it. Very unhappy. Promised a lot, but didn't deliver. What to do now?

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Good Morning Jayne, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your new carpet . I wonder if you would mind sending me the details of where and when you purchased your carpet from. Also the details about what exact carpet you have, as well as your full name and address. Could you please send these details in a email to social.media@godfreyhirst .com. I will get someone from our team to make contact with you as soon as we get these details. Many thanks


I bought this carpet after having my previous carpet down for 25years.
I have stains that will not leave.
I am not a dirty person and my old carpet handled the traffic well.
It looks terrible and it is embarrassing to have people see the carpet.
The carpet I chose because of the stain resistance, pet friendly, the look, the colour, the material it is made of.
But I am so disappointed. I would not recommend this carpet to anyone.

Dear Cathie, We are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with your new carpet, I wonder if you could please email the following thorugh to; social.media@godfreyhirst.com - Full name: - Address: - Retailer (place of purchase): - Invoice Number: - Claim Number (if one has been issued): I look forward to resolving this for you.You have already sent someone out to see the carpet and have said it will take lots of cleaning to get the carpet right. Well that all costs money and time. But the problem is I have had it cleaned and I’m the stains always come back and I bought this carpet as it was sold as pet friendly. Not that my dog uses the carpet as a toilet but he has had a couple of mistakes when he was tiny. I’m sure all the stains aren’t dog wee. But the problem is that the carpet can’t be cleaned.Dear Cathie, If you send through some contact details through to social.media@godfreyhirst.com we can discuss these issues with you in depth to hopefully get a resolution. Many thanks

Very Unhappy

We had Scenic Walk Solitaire carpet laid 3.5 years ago. We stipulated that it had to be for high traffic areas and the sales man assured us it was. After about 2.5 to 3 years the carpet started tracking and no amount of care would bring it back. It now looks as if it has been in use for years, very unsightly. It also forms "waves" when vacuumed. The wastage was unbelievable when it was laid. Would not use this brand of carpet, or the outlet that sold it to us ever again.

April 25th 2018 Update: Follow-up To Previous Review

Our first post was 29 Nov 2017. Received reply from feltex early 2018. After numerous emails and phone calls, (the retail outlet didn't want to know about the problem) we had a feltex rep call in on us 7- 2 - 2018. He sort of suggested it was our fault/that's what carpets do, and he could not see any problem. He took a sample of the carpet to be "tested" in their fantastic machine in Melbourne. As stated, that was 7 - 2 - 2018. It is now 23 - 4 - 2018 and we have not been contacted, received a phone call or anything from feltex. Extremely poor back-up service. Do not buy this carpet as it appears once you have paid your money, you are on your own, and every excuse is used to dodge doing anything about problems, as can be seen from other reviews on this company and their product.

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Dear D.J I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your carpet. We will certainly look into this further for you. If you could email the following details to social.media@godfreyhirst.com - Full name: - Address: - Retailer (place of purchase): - Invoice Number: - Claim Number (if one has been issued): I look forward to resolving this for you.

So Soft!

I love my new Redbook Green Carpet and so does everyone who has seen it. It's so soft, I just want to lay on it. Andersons Carpets in Townsville did a fantastic job!

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Hi Chase, We are thrilled to hear that you're happy with your new Redbook green carpet and thanks for taking the time to review. Warm regards, The Feltex Carpets team

Love it

We've had this carpet for a year now and it's brilliant. We are moving house shortly and have ordered it for the new house.
It's easy to remove stains with warm soapy water.

Hi Judy, Many thanks for taking the time to review your new Redbook green carpet. We are delighted to hear you are enjoying it and wish you all the best comfort for years to come!Actually, I just remembered it’s not warm soapy water, but just cold water that removes stains.


Just over 2 years ago I had the Redbook Discovery carpet laid in my home. I stipulated at the time I needed a carpet that was hard wearing and most of all stain resistant as I had grandchildren and pets I was assured that this carpet met my criteria.. to say that I'm disappointed is an understatement, anything and every thing stains, even the water that I use to clean the stains but even then the actual stain remains too! I'm not in a financial position to spend that sort of money (may not be much to some) on something I consider a big investment to my home to have it underperform in such a way...

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Hi Mel, We're sorry to hear that you're not getting the result you're after here. If possible, could you please email your details to social.media@godfreyhirst.com and we can follow up for you? To assist us with a prompt response, could you please include Full name: Address: Phone number: Product: Retailer: After sales number (if existing): Many thanks

Just installed, so soft

We recently had Redbook Mountain View, extra heavy duty carpet installed. We are very happy with it so far, it is very soft and nice to walk on and was installed well.

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What fabulous news , hope your feet are enjoying the new softness

We love the look and feel of it.

We have only had our carpet for 2 months now and so far it is what it is supposed to be. It is soft, vaccums beautifully, and has stayed clean with 4 kids and one cat. I just hope it stays this way. I don't have any negative things to say about it. I have read people say they can't use a dyson on this carpet but We have a dyson vaccum cleaner with a turbo head and it works well as long as turbo head is turned on if it's off it won't budge.
Like the feel, warranty and it looks great.
Quite expensive but worth it if it delivers.

Questions & Answers

Hi, We have your carpet in our home, we have recently had it cleaned and there are still a lot of stains on it, the carpet cleaner is coming back to have another go at then but said there is a good chance he cant get them out, I am worried we paid a lot of money for a product that I fear is not as advertised. can you give me advice on cleaning stains that I can give to my carpet cleaner? [email removed]
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Hi Lance, can you please email your details to social.media@godfreyhirst.com We would like to know what carpet you purchasedand where and when you purchased. then we can advise futher for you. many thanks

Are eco+ and the green triexta range the same as so far I am concerned about the rviews on the green triexta range?
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Hi Jan,Both Redbook green and eco+ carpet collections are made from our innovative Triexta carpet fibre. Each collection has carpets to suit your needs and meet your budget. Whilst the reviews for Redbook green may appear negative, this collection, like eco+ (at 4/5 stars) has been installed in hundreds of thousands of happy customers’ homes Australia wide since its introduction in 2010. many thanks

Oh my! I have been looking at buying Redbrook - “Armadale” 100% Soft Solution Dyed Nylon Cut Pile Twist. The sales rep said it is the best for pets and staining. After, reading the reviews about Redbrook’s customer care service, I am horrified! Any performance feedback on this carpet?
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Hi there, Thanks for getting in touch as you select your new carpet, We offer two great brands called Redbook and Redbook green. 1. Redbook: Covers all of our nylon and polyester carpets, like the Armadale solution dyed nylon twist pile you're looking at. These are great options and usually have 15 year warranties for stain, soil, wear and fade resistance. 2. Redbook Green: Covers all of our triexta carpets, the latest technology in carpet fibre, sourced in part from plant based materials. These have have lifetime stain, soil and pet warranties along with 25 year wear and colourfast warranties. Details of each warranty can be found on the back of samples instore and on our website. There are many styles under each brand. but as a rule Redbook green carpets are higher performing. The reviews you've read here are in fact for Redbook Green, our highest performing, flagship brand. It's important to understand the small proportion of online reviews amongst all customer experiences. We are fully dedicated to resolving after sales enquiries when they arise and see many happy customers and positive outcomes that are not always published here. If you would like more information about any of our products, we're here to help! Phone: (03) 5225 0147 during business hours or contact us on Facebook.