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Quality of the t-shirt are ok.

Quality was ok and the t-shirts was delivered on time. These t-shirts are slim fit. I normally by slim fit clothes so was alright for me. If you wear your clothes loose then buy one size bigger.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Excellent service Very customer focused

Amazing customer service Responded in a timely manner Website easy to navigate Great selection of infant clothing with prints of Australian animals on them Definitely recommend and use sevice again

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Excellent customer service and communication.

I have no problems with redbubble, have used them several times and have always been happy with the results. Any questions I submitted were quickly answered in a few hrs with a satisfactory solution, no fuss. Would highly recommend them.

Product Quality

Something seems to have changed

Looking at the reviews here, it seems my experience is not unusual. I've bought T-shirts from Redbubble previously, and have had no problems, with the shirts or the postage. This time, the postage was still quick but the quality of the print was inferior to previous times, and definitely inferior compared to the way they looked on the webpage (obviously, there's always some difference but this was more than that, low-res and lacking in detail).

I thought I'd let them know and see what they might offer. I could have tried a replacement but no idea if I'd get the same issue in return.

The reply was prompt and apologetic, and they said no need to return, just maybe gift them to someone else or donate them - and here's a voucher for the same amount to get something new. So that's good PR.

In my enquiry, I mentioned maybe it was a bad batch or something. The reply said, "We would have happily gone ahead and completed a free replacement. Unfortunately, a replacement would produce the same results." So what does that mean? They know the colours are drastically different and can't do anything about it? Just for these ones or for all of them from now on? I've had previous ones which were fine, but after this experience will have to think again about using Redbubble.

I am pleased with the result per se, yet confused.

Inaccurate sizing of T-shirt

No problems finding the perfect T-shirt to wear on my 60th birthday on the Red Bubble website. Paid extra for speedy delivery and did receive it in time. I ordered a Large thinking it be better to be too big than too small. It is so tiny it looks like a child’s Large not a Women’s. So $50au down the drain

Great artwork but average run business

I really love the concept of redbubble and there is some awesome artwork however, my first order never arrived. I followed up. They resent it and then it arrived damaged. I requested a refund and they provided a credit note. I put in a second order which also hasn't arrived on time. Will wait a little longer and see if it turns up, undamaged. It's a shame.

What a shame.

Redbubble used to be so easy to use. Now it's virtually impossible, and products are prohibitively expensive. I wouldn't bother now.

Item never in stock. Was told that weeks later and they still tried to charge me!

Bought a bobs burgers mug for my girlfriend near the end of November. Mid way January well after Xmas after being ignored I contacted paypal to get a refund. Only then did I hear from them, they said sorry it was never available here's a gift voucher. The audacity. After escalating through paypal to push for a refund they then gave it to me. It's a pity I also bought another item with them hassle free.

great customer service

initially bought a unisex t shirt but it was massive on me so I emailed to exchange it. they offered a voucher to buy a new one. so I got a ladies fitted shirt. their sizing is more confusing than expected, I'm usually a size 8-10 Aus but I ended up getting a large and it fits perfectly! figure hugging but not tight. both times the postage was super quick. will shop there again

Bad Quality print not what you meant to pay for

Ordered hoodies with zipped through and t-shirt. One wrong item: just hoodies not zipped. The quality of the print and material of fabric for both items are cheap not worth the price tag. But the customer service are quite good, they refunded me the total amount and I don't have to return the item. Anyway, I bought it for the gifts but i couldn't gift anyone with such a poor quality item, very embarrassing.

First order never arrived... Second order was sent to wrong address.

First order never arrived... Second order was sent to wrong address. Not impressed. Frustrating you can't even call anyone. In the end I demanded a refund... Very frustrating

February 17th 2019 Update: Not happy.....

Apparently the post has Lost my order now 3 times!!! .... Never mind the fact that Redbubble couldn't send it registered. This company should be shut down if they're going to take people's money but not deliver the goods! Really not impressed... All you get is a voucher number where I guess I'll be ordering a 4th time only for that order to never arrive too! Absolute waste of time and money

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Faulty products. $3000 worth. Want to return and are not able to get in contact with them at all.

We have been ordering with them for many years. Had been very happy. Have noticed that once they moved to America, the service for us in Australia has been getting worse and the quality also.
Very disappointed with the last order of $3000 worth of Tote bags. They are of a very different material to what we used to get. The canvass used to be strong and well sewn. These ones are badly sewn, the writing cut off in corners, the picture not clear and the stitching comes apart. The worst is that we sent 6 emails, tried to find a phone number, the one we found had an answer service, nobody called back. We found way of chatting to them still hoping to get a response and just robot replies. Very, very disappointed. Have got 2 big boxes and want to send them back and get the money back. Do not buy anything of them!! This is really the worst customer service we can imaging.

Items never arrived and customer service have gone dark

I ordered a bunch of note books, some of these Christmas gifts and for early January birthdays. I was assured these would arrive by 24th Dec 2018 at the latest. They didn't so I put in an enquiry and within a few hours my order was marked as dispatched on the system and I was then promised 31st December at the absolute latest - still waiting and eMail that I previously got a response on has now bounced back in error and no longer valid. No response from attempts to raise the issue via PayPal either so I guess I will have to escalate as a claim. Christmas and Birthdays some of these where intended for has well past even though I suppose I could put them aside for next year I'd actually have to receive them first. Horrible customer service and can't even comment on the product because I don't have it and am guessing I never will. Another example of a business who seem to put more money and time into avoiding customers and missing scheduled delivery times than it would actually cost to run an efficient business and respects its customers to generate return business. I don't know but sometimes I wonder if what these types of businesses are elaborate fronts for and what they may be really running in the background.

Very happy with it!

Only took 6 days to ship, love how easy and cheap it was to buy what I wanted, and very happy with the result! Thanks A lot, will definitely buy from Redbubble again

I wish I could give zero

I ordered 3 shirts for Christmas presents 1 week before the cut off period to deliver in time for Christmas, thinking that I had got in my order well in advance. That was very wrong as the shirts will not be arriving until the week after Christmas. I live in a metro area. Very dissatisfied with the guaranteed delivery before Christmas and then failing to do so. Will not be purchasing from this store again and will be earning other customers of this.


Was very easy to get through to the product I wanted loved every design. Bit late on the delivery though paid extra still come same time as if I didn't

Beware! Wouldn't use it as an oil rag.

BEWARE... the T-Shirt I received was of such bad quality I had to throw it in the bin just to do it justice. The 'cotton' :) is scratchy, harsh and heavy. The print is ugly, cheap and nasty. Why didn't I send it back? I needed it out of my life quicker than that.

Terrible tshirt quality and print

I am very disappointed! I ordered a dark blue tshirt with a simple print. What I got was a totally different shade of blue not even close to the colour chosen! The tshirt quality is super poor! And the print looks very chip! I wont be able to give this present away! Will give it to Salvation Army...Ever again from this place!!

Failed to deliver what I paid.

Received a delivery which was missing an it Em I paid for. I paid more for express delivery which Redbubble failed to deliver on. This was for a birthday gift. They have made it impossible for me to contact them and speak to someone. Have emailed a complaint and haven’t heard back.
I would never use Redbubble again and have heard of your poor service from others this morning.

Great Design

Recently ordered the funny Coriander T-shirt for a gift. Nice T-shirt, good graphics, really fast delivery to QLD. Wished I had ordered the slightly better quality though as it's a gift....maybe next time.

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