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Best purchase I have ever made

After adding a verandah to the front of our house we lost all the natural lighting. Redi-Lite has transformed our front rooms to bright beautiful rooms again

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Thank you Kathy. We are very happy that you love the Skyfixtures. Give us a call when you're ready to add more!! Thanks again for the kind words.

Really Impressive

I recently installed a Redilight 24 watt square LED Skylight Alternative and to say I’m impressed doesn’t quite do it justice. The light output and clarity is amazing!
The guys at Redilight were extremely helpful, so arranging the kit I needed was so simple. I can’t recommend and thank them enough.

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Thanks Sally. Really happy you love the light. Thanks again.

unbelievable amazing

I done a lot research into skylights and was going to put in the tube ones, but seeing this product and how you can have a few skylights of one panel was really good, without having lot's of hole's in the roof. I have only fitted two 24watt to start with and the change to the room was amazing, is going save me replacing light bulb all the time. I have day and night kit to put in on the next set which I will doing soon which I will send in another review we it's complete. Many Thanks a very good product. Will send photos To Joel.

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Fantastic! Thanks so much for the review and photos Mario, much appreciated. Feel free to give us a call when you are ready to add to your system!! Regards Joel & the REDi-lite Team.

Amazing difference !!

Done heaps of research for best quality lighting ... came across these guy's . So easy to install myself ... the end result brought a smile to my face ( and I'm very difficult to please ). Fit 2 x 24w ceiling lights in always darkened garage , now need sunglasses to walk through lol ..Quality product and no hesitation to recommend . Thanks guy's from Tuggerah office , Central coast .

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Thanks so much Vince. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Fantastic lite

This lite had few problems to start with but after a few calls all of my problems solved thanks Joel

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Thanks Ted. Really appreciate your help working through the slight issue and happy that you are now enjoying the light.

What a difference!!

We purchased 1x 48w, 4x 24w and 4x 6w from Redi-lite and the difference the lights have made amazing.
The 48w has converted my girls play area from dark and scary to light and bright.
We have the 24w in our kitchen and dining area and the 6w in the hallway and powder room.
I wish I could share the before and after pictures!
Easy to follow instructions, excellent customer service and fantastic products.
We are both definitely happy and are looking at purchasing more.
Highly recommended!!

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Thank you Lisa. Was a pleasure dealing with you. Joel

Would highly recommend this product, and this team, to anyone.

I purchased 8 skylights. they work way above expectations and have been transformational in the feel of the house - it's now bright and happy. I cannot have been more pleased with the guys at Redi-lite - their courtesy, speed and professionalism. Just everything was perfect. Thank you!
Would highly recommend this product, and this team, to anyone.

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Thank you Andrew. We're delighted you love the product. Joel

Great skylights, highly recommend.

Purchased one 24 watt and four 6 watt downlights from REDi-lite. The large light is in the kitchen, and I spread the downlights out across my ceiling in various locations. Really happy with the lights. Sure beats putting five holes in my roof. Before we needed a light on in the house all day it was so dark, now it's really bright and not costing me a cent. Highly recommended, especially if you want to spread light around your house in multiple spots.

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Thanks Nathan, much appreciated. Joel

Exceptionally happy with these solar lights.

Just want to say that we love your solar lights, we purchased the down light kit first and were so impressed that we bought 2 more larger 24 watt recessed lights, they are just as good as (actually even better than) conventional solar light but with even more benefits allowing flexibility of placement, no holes in my tin roof, no flashing leaks and I can even turn them off in the day if I want. I did my research and I am a fastidious person and I must say that the quality of the product is outstanding. Very, very happy and would gladly recommend I would never consider buying a traditional solar tube after using these. Thanks for you technical support also.

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Thank so much Billy. Much appreciated and we are really happy that the product is everything you need.

Better than expected

We recently did renovations and needed to replace the solar tubes we had in our internal bathroom, toilet and laundry. Because of the rooms' locations on the southern side of the house and the pitch of the roof, the tubes had never really provided much extra light and after years were basically no longer functioning at all, just collecting dust, debris and dead bugs. As soon as the REDI-lites were installed we were amazed at the difference. They are so bright and after a month we still forget and try and turn the lights off!
We installed a 135w solar panel with 2 large 24watt round lights in the main bathroom and study, and split a 4 pack of the small 6watt lights between the laundry and two toilet rooms. I had never been able to go into the laundry or toilet rooms without turning on the light as they have no external light source. To be able to enter the room during the day without doing so now is amazing.
I can't speak highly enough about the experience we've had with the REDI-lite team. I accidentally came across them through an internet search and my initial enquiry and subsequent email exchange took only a matter of hours. A day for installation was set shortly thereafter. I feel like a roving ambassador for REDI-lite now as I tell anyone who will listen how great they are. Do yourself a favour, if you are looking for skylights, look no further than REDI-lite.

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Thank you very much for the kind review Francine. We are very happy that you love the REDi-lite as much as we do, and thanks for spreading the word. It always makes us happy when hearing reviews like this. The REDi-lite team.

A wonderful Australian product

This product is truly fabulous. Once installed, there is no maintenance. A great benefit is that insulation is not diminished, as with traditional skylights. The cost is more than comparable too. I moved into a new (developer built) home 15 months ago. The garage/laundry and the walk in robe were pitch black dark and needed the light on during the day. Not too much natural light in the en suite either. What a difference the REDI-lite made to these areas. Even on a dull day the light is bright. I would, over time, expect it will reduce my power bill. Installation was quick, with no mess. I heartily recommend the REDI-lite.

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Thank you very much for your kind words Maxine. We love that REDi-lite has lived up to and hopefully surpassed your expectations. Thanks again. Joel


Purchased a 24 W unit to replace an old Solatube skylight after our roof had to be replaced. We chose not to re-install the tube as it had been getting progressively duller over the past 12 years or so due to the internal reflective surface breaking down. The REDi-lite was very easy to self-install and light from it is so much brighter. I was also able to locate the solar panel on the roof in the best location that gets more sunlight with no shading from obstacles – much more flexible than a light tube. Very happy with the product and the service when ordering was fantastic also. Thoroughly recommend and would use again.

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Hi Peter. Thanks so much for the excellent review. It was a real pleasure to deal with you and I'm happy that you think the same about us and our product. Feel free to give us a call at any stage. Thanks again. Joel

WOW!!!! Exceeded my expectations

We had two dark areas in our home, the kitchen and the bathroom. After getting a quote for two skylights to be installed we baulked at the cost so started looking for alternatives, after doing some research I found REDi-lite... what a great idea!!! What a great bunch of guys at REDi-lite, they were so helpful. I didn't realise that I had a choice of round and square light fittings and also a choice of the colour of light that is produced, we choose the warm white colour for a softer light.
We couldn't be more happier... my husband is a handy guy and decided to give it a go and had it all installed in only a couple of hours. The light is absolutely awesome and brightens up those two dark areas perfectly. Would happily recommend REDi-lite to everyone. We got two REDi-lite's for the price of one skylight.

Regards Deb

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Thanks so much for the kind review Deb. We are really happy that you love REDi-lite and that your husband could install the 2 REDi-lite SkyFixtures with ease. Thanks again.

Fabulous light source

Our electrician recommended them to us after he heard we were considering sky tubes or sky lights for 2 of our darkest rooms. We put one in a bathroom initially and within 48 hours had him back to install another in our study (both unbelievably dark rooms). The light source is amazing and since they are sealed units I believe I will never see a bug corpse in them - which I have observed in many other older fashioned skylights. When in full flight they are brighter than any of our down lights and we still keep on saying "you've forgotten to turn the bathroom light off again" - constant joke that we are not likely to tire of soon. Could not recommend them highly enough to anyone considering. We just have them in daylight mode so the soft dawn and dusk light they produce is also rather nice.

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Thank you so much for your kind review. It gives us great satisfaction to hear these sorts of comments. Thanks again.

Incredibly Illuminated

Gobsmacked! Do not hesitate purchasing these incredible luminaries and panels. They outperform anything else on the market by a long shot. Even on a cloudy Melbourne day, the 24w fixture actually produces more light than the window i removed from my bathroom, which was south facing, but none the less, natural light.

The quality of the kit is second to none. The solar panel must be incredibly efficient in order to capture the light spectrum on a cloudy day and turn that into usable power, do not over look this, it is of major importance.
Next is the light fixture. The 5000k unit has an amazing colour rendering. This is also very important if you like your painted walls and furnishings to look as they should. I personally have not seen a more natural looking light from an led, ever. Look at the difference during a cloudy day here.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTP3MgL-RLg

Backed up by great service and a 7 year warranty, you would be crazy to look elsewhere. David even gave me a follow up phone call to see if the install went ok and if i was happy.

I will be recommending this product to all my friends without hesitation. Well done guys, a great Australia company you have set up.

Jim, what a fantastic review. Thank you so much. It makes us extremely happy and proud to get feedback like this and to hear that the product has lived up to expectations, plus some. Thank you again for the review and we hope you continue to be amazed by the REDi-lite product.Credit where it's due. Well done and keep up the great work.

Fantastic lights, reliable company

The RediLites are as bright as they appear to be on the internet. At first, I was nervous about buying from a newer brand and from reading something on the internet. To my surprise, the boys at RediLite offer outstanding customer service. When I had queries after the installation, they so promptly responded, listened and acted. They are remarkably pleasant and honourable. And as an accountant, I can say that their skylights are good value.

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Thank you Lynne. Your kind and positive words about the product and also us means everything. We are really happy that you love your REDi-lite and thanks again for choosing us.

Fantastic product & service

The RediLites have transformed our long dark corridor. They were easily installed and work seamlessly. Everything arrived swiftly and the installations instructions were all that the sparky needed.

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Thanks for the great review Andy. We are so happy that you are enjoying your REDi-lite. Thanks again for choosing us.

Skylights exceeded expectations

Illuminating! Purchased 4 skylights that feed off the one solar panel. Very happy that I found this company as I almost bought from another place. My internet research led me to Redi-lite. My house is so much brighter - and stays that way, even on cloudy days. Never need the. lights on during the day anymore. A quality product.

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Thanks so much for the review Lyn, much appreciated. Great to hear you researched the concept and compared with other products and chose us as the leader. Thanks again.

Skylights without the hassles!

I'm very happy with my Redi-lite products, I bought both 24 watt and 6 watt solar skylights from the Spectra range, they have great performance and a 7 year warranty. They produce more light than my old tubular skylights and are maintenance free. I had a response the same day as my email and the skylights were delivered within 2 days of my order, packaged in bubble wrap in a branded box, with warranty and instructions. The installation was quick and fuss-free. I'll be buying more!

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Thanks so much David. It's great having you, The Skylight Man as a regular purchaser of REDi-lite. Many more to come. Thanks again.

Brilliant, wish they had come on the market years ago

Such a simple install and the result is absolutely amazing. They turn dark and dingy rooms into areas that you want to stay in . They helped to sell a house that had lots of dark rooms.
A small investment for a big outcome.

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Thanks Geoff. It's great to have you on board as a regular buyer of REDi-lite. Thanks again for the great review.

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Questions & Answers

Is there a dealer in Canberra?
1 answer
Hi, Yes, you can contact the following company. Skyvac Skylights P: 02 4871 3800 E: info@skyvac.com.au Alternatively you can contact our head office on 1300 55 99 86 Thanks

Will they work off solar panels already installed on the roof??
1 answer
Hi Kerry. Unfortunately our REDi-lite system is a system that operates on it's own and can't be integrated into your current solar system.

Can you provide more information about the day/night kit. Does this mean that you can switch the lights on at night? Also - can you switch them off during the day if you want some darkness.
1 answer
Hi Ian. Thanks for your question. Yes, the day/night kit is a power supply that is a manual changeover switch from the day (solar) feed to the night (AC) feed, which allows you to use the same light fittings for night time use. Yes you can switch these lights off whenever you want on this kit. Regards - Joel

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