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Good phone no issues

Bought iPhone 6s mid 2018
Never had an major issues with it, got sent heaps extras which all work fine
Quality is perfect, cables and Ac adapters work perfect thank you so much

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

useless warranty DO NOT buy from this company!

Weeks of emails all demanding yet more complex 'solutions' when my screen died ,the phone returned "not known at this address"; the only phone number listed was "disconnected" ,all this within 3 months of purchase! Thank Heaven for PAYPAL i now have a refund with no otherwise I would still be out of pocket as the company obviously had no intention of honoring the 12 months' warranty.

How to get a refund

Received a faulty phone and they avoided providing a return address by constantly providing resolution emails that do not apply. Eventually forced a refund by lodging a PayPal dispute who revealed thier return address and using tracked sign on return to prove they received it. To be extra sure I also raised a dispute with my bank requesting a credit card transaction reversal, after a quick chat they approved and provided a refund. Quite clearly the bank has them listed as a dodgy shelf company

Faulty Phones and no hope of refund

Bought 2 phones, one in June 2018 and the other in Nov 2018. First one lasted 3 months and then would not connect to the internet. Second one lasted 2 weeks and now won't charge or turn on. Have sent 16 emails so far and keep getting the standard "We are so sorry, have you tried this and that, send a video of the problem etc. I too wish that I had read the reviews. Do not buy from this company.

Waste of Money

Bought two refurbished iPhones back in June / July. They messed us around quite a bit with delivering the order, claiming we had not respond to an email that was never actually received at our end. Eventually sorted - but worst part - as soon as the three months warranty expired, my phone’s battery died and Inhad to spend $70 for a new one! And as for my wife’s phone - the screen is crap (despite following all of the online tips, you can barely read the screen outdoors). This company sold us dodgy phones. Stay away from them!

Phone does not work they will not help

I had purchased a phone from them in the past and it was great. Purchased a another phone this year and it failed after 2 weeks. I have been trying to contact them for over a week now and wish I had checked the reviews as I would never have gone with them again if I had seen all the bad reviews.

100% genuine Apple iPhone with third party hardware as it turned out.

I bought two refurbished iPhones in June from this company (one for a friend). Advertised as 100% genuine and with a warehouse in Australia what could go wrong right!
Well, it turns out the phones get shipped from HK, one of them was dead on arrival. I then had to prove it was shipped with a dead battery and after close to 2 weeks of daily emails was given an address to ship it to (at my own expense) and was advised I would have to wait 3 to 4 weeks for a replacement to arrive. (average postal delivery times here is 5 days) so I communicated the wait period was too long to be without phone so I would get a replacement battery at the local apple repair shop. However the local apple repairer found out the phone was fitted with third party hardware and thus not 100% genuine. Which is a big problem here because the repairer does not repair apple products fitted with third party hardware. Emailed the company questioning why they a) did not tell me I would find out it was fitted with third party hardware and b) why they did not send me a 100% genuine apple product as advertised and they argued it was! I told them fine send me a replacement phone which is guaranteed 100% genuine as advertised and guess what: I received an email reply stating they could not send me a refurbished apple iphone that is 100% genuine! So what is it,100%genuine one day and the next it isn't?!

It now seems to me this company is engaged in false and deliberately misleading advertising.
I raised the issue with Paypal on the basis that it was significantly different than described and the case was decided in my favour.

I had to send both phones back at my own expense, wait for the seller to confirm they received the items (something they were extremely slow in doing) and Paypal refunded the purchase price.

This saga took the best part of 3 months after finding out the apple repair shop would not touch it. So do yourself a favour and stay away from this company.

The phone arrived faulty

The phone did not work. I returned it but even after 52 emails the company refused to either repair, refund or replace the phone as required by Fair Trading. I have wasted many hours on this matter. A lot of this was in trying to find out where they were located and the name of the company.

Do NOT give these criminals your money!!

I wish I had read these reviews first.
APPALLING customer service and product. The phone simply did not work and it took a long time and a lot of effort to get a refund. NOTE: the refund was only obtained finally by lodging a dispute and then a claim via PayPal.

They wouldn't send an address so that I could send the phone back, it is like they are trying to pro

The web site looked legitimate enough great 5 star ratings, should look at true rating sites and never dealt with thieves!

10/10 would NOT recommend

Would not recommend doing business with this company. Phone worked for about 2 weeks then quickly started losing battery life/capacity. The customer service this company provides is beyond incompetent, the warranty apparently is irrelevant. Ask for the warranty and they’ll dodge it and completely drag you around it. Not having it. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Best place to find reasonable prices on high quality refurb IPhones

Best place to find reasonable prices on high quality refurb IPhones. Without a doubt, this was the best experience. I had ordered two phones previously elsewhere...the first one did not work....the second one looked as if it was carried through a war. When I received the phone fron this store, it looked like it was brand new and runs perfectly. I am extremely pleased and shall be a faithful purchaser.

I would use them again

I was a little hesitant on ordering a refurb phone since I have had 2 bad refurb’s from amazon and eBay. But this one from refurbiphones is what they said it would be. It came in the timeframe it said and has been great since I turned it on. I would use them again.

False claims,unethical company

Found the store easy to navigate and easy to find what I want. Range of products was plentiful. The product quality was totally unsatisfactory and 2 major malfunctions. Ear speaker did not work. The touch screen froze regularly and would not even type in my password or swipe to shut down.

I took it to PayPal Dispute resolution and finally they are giving me a refund when i send product back.PayPal ruled in my favor but did not refund my money as the seller didn't pick up the returned parcel from the post office so PayPal said the tracking I.D. number was invalid and the parcel is being returned to me. PayPal closed the dispute resolution and I have lost $488.14. I am disappointed with PayPal.


wish I had read a few reviews before ordering from this site. The iphone 6 I was sent looked immaculate, and worked well for exactly 1 week, and now there are multiple faults with it. They are not being helpful in fixing the problems. I understand I am unable to get a refund, so it will probably get recycled.
Don't buy from refurbiphones!


Took a few extra weeks to receive the 12 phones I purchased. Received some that didn't have home button sensors working on them and others with faulty motherboards. Sadly there is very poor customer service and if you have a problem it is not possible to discuss with someone verbally. A gmail address is all that exists and long waits exist when waiting for responses, if you ever actually receive one. One phone in particular had a glitching screen so rather than send it back I had the screen replaced at my own cost. The glitching problem has persisted so it is clearly the motherboard that is faulty. Even though there is no physical damage from the screen repair and it is a common problem they know about, they say it has voided the warranty, because it has been opened. So much for ACCC, even Apple don't void warranties to the motherboard if an aftermarket screen has been installed. Even the knowledge that I would no longer buy ten phones at a time was enough to do the right thing and replace the faulty device.

Terrible customer service, and ship faulty products

The iPhone they sent me doesn't work and had a dent on the back. They do not refund on faulty product. This company is a complete sham. DO NOT buy from them !!

Scammers Don't Use

While there prices are better than other companies offering refurbished iPhones I would pay the extra to an apple approved iPhone.
The reasons they're cheaper is apparent when you have issues, they wanted me to fault find the issues I was having even though the iPhone wouldn't even turn on. From the first week I had trouble with pocket dialing and phone disabiling itself, their response " we want video evidence "
So for 10 weeks I had the phone it only worked for 5 weeks, they rarely answer the emails unless you're forceful . All their emails start with "thanks for your patience and understanding ", after 10 weeks of their nonsense from them I had no patience. Before they would give the address to return the phone they wanted me to turn off iCloud and find my phone remembering the phone wouldn't even turn on or they May charge me $50 if they have to. I sent phone back at my cost and after 2 weeks now have another iPhone 6s , fingers crossed.
They advertise as an Australin company but are really a dodgy Chinese company.

Refurbiphone.Com.Au ---scammers don't waste your money beware buyers

Do not buy from this company they are absolute rubbish and need to be put out of business. Waited over 2 weeks for a delivery that came from Hong Kong. The phone does not work obviously scammers and will be notifying accc and any other government department I can think of. The warehouses are occupied by a company called buy yippee and if you check with the ato you will find the business is actually called digi inspiration registered abn is ultimo nsw. no refund and PayPal will not admit that these people are scammers so no money and no purchase.

Wish I had read these reviews before buying

Do not buy from this company! I purchased a mobile for my sons birthday, despite giving the impression the products are all in Melbourne they are actually shipped from Hong Kong. The mobile does not work, it freezes and the battery life goes up and down from 1% to 99% and then back again. I have had to raise the issue with paypal and after reading this website will be contacting Fair trading to get involved. They refuse to refund but want to send me another mobile which from the looks of other reviews will also have problems.

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