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Clio RS 200 Cup Premium, French and fantastique!

I've own a 2015 RS200 Cup Premium which for 3.5 years now. The 147 kw 1.6L turbo motor is a real gem and once the turbo's spooled up it's a real little rocket. The standard exhaust soundtrack thankfully is pretty subtle, and has it's pops & crackles off throttle, especially in Sport or Race modes. I always have the Nissan GTR soundtrack pumping through (via "R Sound Effects - RS" R-Link app) which adds a more muscular sound to the cabin, and then has the advantage to be able to be turned off on highway drives when the constant loud sound becomes tiring. Mechanically the car has been faultless, and whilst the DSG gearbox has the same low speed issues that afflict many other cars with DSG gearboxes, you learn to drive around it. I've almost 60,000 k's up now, and as a daily driver I can easily achieve low to mid 7L/100km's if I drive without using the available performance, which yields 700 - 750 k's from the 45L tank. Use a heavy right foot, and this'll approach 9l/100kms. It only needs Premium 95 fuel. A lot of the car review magazines/websites complain/whinge about the infotainment system's control stalk behind the steering wheel, referring to it a quirkily French, but now that I am used to it I'd love all my future cars to have the same close at hand control, as it can be used easily without taking your eyes off the road. Boot space is good for small car. R-Link infotainment system contains many, many options to monitor additional driving performance aspects of the car, water/oil/intake temps, power, torque & boost gauges, g force, wheel slip, stopwatch timer etc. via touchscreen. It's serviced by Renault, and this has been under their fixed price servicing model. Standard Dunlop tyres just replaced at 58,000 k's, and brakes still untouched. Only re-calls I can think of involved wipers & rear hatch spoiler.

Rear seat passenger space it tight, but hey, I bought it for me and not to carry other people (that's what the other car is for). The R-Link infotainment has the occasional glitch (maybe once or twice a year), but re-sets itself soon enough. Also annoying is that the system doesn't remember in which mode you were in when you switched off the car (unless radio), so getting back into the car again you have to re-select, say, bluetooth from your phone.

Cons: (1) Replacement wipers are $90.00 a set, such a rip off, and this is the first car over the last 35 years I've not been able to just replace only the rubber.__(2) Tyres: Pretty expensive at c.$350 per tyre for a big brand (and who'd buy a dodgy brand?), and needlessly so. What was Renaultsport thinking in using a rare 205/1840 tyre size? Just changing their specs to a 215 could have cut the price by c.$170 per tyre. Several tyre dealers have advised a 215's would foul the suspension, so short of going to the expense of an all new wheel & tyre combo, your stuck. __(3) No spare tyre.

Purchased in August 2015 at Pickles Auctions for $32,710.00.

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Good car! But bad sound system.

I use my car to get to work. Its small so it parks pretty much anywhere (small car only spots included). I get it serviced regularly and it runs nicely aside from the sound system. The sound system is very tinny sounding and the best songs sound horrible in my car. I had them checked out and service department said they were the standard ones. When I bought this car it was worth $23,000 and I wish Renault thought about the sound!

BadgeGT Premium
Engine Size1.2
Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Melting dashboard under warranty - told go away and don't come back!

I bought this car as a present for my daughter. We have wonderful photos of the car with a big red bow on it getting handed over in the showroom. In the first six months we started noticing something very strange happening - the dashboard material had started to melt. The dashboard is grey and in a diamond pattern and what happens is that firstly the diamond shape flattens and goes into a flat no shape, then it blends together with other diamonds on the dash and then it blisters and then bubbles. It started on the right hand side of the dash and now it is all over the dash in random areas. What is really concerning is that the it seems that the top material of the dash is sort of coming away from the dash itself and then where the airbag area is the actual dash is warping and in waves when you run your hand over it.
I went to the dealership and over a period of 2 years they took photos and said they were dealing with Renault. Finally after two years I was told that Renault had said 'no' and that we must have caused it ourselves. I went to 6 different panel beaters and sent photos to dash board 'experts' all of who said it was a manufacturing fault. Final straw was the General Manager of the Dealership told me that I was not a worthy customer and that he thought that I was a fraud and liar and that he personally would not recommend for Renault to fix the car. I taped this conversation luckily. I never have raised my voice, never sworn I was shocked and in tears. I reported this to the Motor Vehicle Traders and they gave me the dealer managers response that I was never to go to the dealership again and I am unable to get my vehicle serviced there. I bought the car new with a 6 year warranty and with a capped price service deal. Now I can't go and get my car serviced? I am a pensioner and am shocked that this has resulted in this level. I spoke to consumer affairs and they told me that the General Manager refuses and that I should go to QCAT. I heard from Renault Australia who said that on the recommendation of the dealer they would not fix the problem. However if I went personally with my car into a dashboard expert and got a sworn statutory declaration they may reconsider. I live in a regional area and the closest i can go is over 200kms away! I have sent photos, I sent the correspondence from the dash guys and it was just shut down. The melting on the dash now causes glare in reflection on the window and it is dangerous at times to drive. If I had known that I would be treated like this, or if I had known of this fault or possibility before purchasing I would never have bought this lovely little car. I am left with a lemon now! So disappointed that Renault did not bother to organise an expert to inspect the problem. They actually stated in writing that they will not and that on advise of the dealer it is rejected point blank. So $18k for a car that has a faulty dashboard, melting, causing glare and the airbag deployment is compromised. My recommendation - don't go Renault and certainly avoid Gary Cricks Renault on the Sunshine Coast at all cost.

Engine Size1.2
Date PurchasedDec 2016

Love it

Driving exprerience is amazing, I have always loved euro cars. Handling is great, it really is a sporty hot hatch. it isn’t a big car if you have family, limited leg room in the bag but still ample. It is very cheap to fill, I always use 98 shell ultimate. It costs me $50-$60 a week. I am so happy with my purchase. I love it.

BadgeR.S. 200 Cup
Engine Size1.6
Date PurchasedJul 2017

Nice motor

Bought secondhand - it stated out as a demo car. Nothing gone wrong at all, perhaps everything was fixed as as a demo!. Had a recall, something to do with the wiper motor, which renault also fitted a new set of wiper blades gratis.
A nice bit of style and fun to drive, but don't like the way it drifts backwards a we bit and its always in the wrong gear for what you want - I prefer CVT.
95 octane a bit of a nuisance but I guess that's the price for a small turbo engine. But very nice to drive.

Engine Size1.2
Date PurchasedFeb 2016

excellent choice for us

We've had our Clio GT X98 5D for some months now and am extremely happy.
- Handles really well
- Very comfortable sporty seats
- lovely interior, easy to clean
- Hasn't missed a beat, very economical.
- Had to replace the wiper blades, service and could get parts easy enough from auto supplier
- It is a little tight in the back for passengers on a long journey but perfect for city/commuting.

Engine Size1.2
Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Would NOT ever Buy again

Renault dropped their pants big time on recent pricing stinging everyone that bought prior to 2017! Meaning, they knew when they were selling you your car in 2016.
Clio is a Great little design (hardware) and could have been a great little drive ...but..(the software) hmm I've had annoying issues from blue tooth connection not consistently working to a gearbox that keeps neutralizing itself or gets confused as to when to change gears - I would NOT recommend Renault brand or Renault Sales.

BadgeR.S. 200 Sport
Engine Size1.6
Date PurchasedMar 2016

Clio RS 200

Love the car, it's quick, grips the road well, handles well, awesome sound with resonator deleted, especially fun in Sport and Race modes. I am 6 foot 5 and fit in nicely for a small car. Fun, good warranty, love it. It looks good. A great hot hatch. Would recommend it to others wanting a bit of fun out of their car for a good price. Got. Great deal drive away.

BadgeR.S. 200 Sport
Engine Size1.6
Date PurchasedJul 2017

Excellent small, cheap, fun car.

I've had my Clio for a year. I have the bottom-range model "Authentique" which misses a few unnecessary bells and whistles (like rear electric windows) for the cheapest price they offer. And actually gives seats with a prettier red trim than the normal grey ones. It's meant to come with a very basic radio, but was actually provided with a better model than advertised in the brochure.

Reliability has been excellent - I use it for commuting around Perth every day and give it a fair test on fast acceleration and braking while I nip around the city, and I've not broken it at all.

I enjoy driving it - it's only got 0.9l engine, and it's not a tiny car, but Renault make the most of that with the turbo-charge that makes it accelerate pretty well up to 80kph, and it still drives comfortably at 110 on the freeway. And I regularly beat sporty saloon cars off the lights. It corners really well around mini-roundabouts, and the turning circle is pretty reasonabl. Although some reviews said the visibility was poor in the rear, I've never really noticed, although I do see a bit what they mean.

My only main gripe is with the trendy key. My basic model needs the key to be in the slot for it to work, but once there, you then press the Start/Stop button to get it going. What is odd is that you can remove the key, but the engine stays on. This leads to the situation where you park somewhere, take your foot off the pedals and put the gear into neutral, the auto-start-stop-technology kicks in and cuts the engine, I forget to press the Start/Stop button, so the car never actually turns off even though I can't hear it working because it's on auto-start-stop, I take the key out, which it lets me do, get out of the car and walk off. So I think I've parked the car and locked it, but the car thinks it's just waiting in auto-start-stop mode at the lights and the engine then kicks back in soon after and I find I've walked off leaving the car still idling. This is unhelpful design!

And my little gripe is that the warning light keeps coming on (and bleeping loudly) if I put a bag in the passenger seat, complaining the "passenger" hasn't got a seatbelt on. The dealer told me there is no way to turn this off which is irritating as I periodically have to adjust the bag slightly to stop it setting off the beeps.

We also have a VW Golf, which is more expensive (the Clio is cheaper than the lesser VW Polo). In comparison to that, the clio:
- looks nicer
- is noticeably slower in 2nd gear
- doesn't have a good spot to put your right foot when you're using cruise control (though it does have a spot for your left foot)
- has almost exactly the same fuel economy (tested both (a) by doing the same straight, flat stretch at 70kph on cruise control in both cars many times, and reading the live economy figures on the car computer, and (b) filling the tank and using the trip computer to see how far it goes before needing refuelling. The golf (50l tank) does nearly 1000km per tank, the clio (40l tank) does nearly 800km per tank. So pretty similar and both pretty good - and it's not like I'm winning fuel economy awards).
- feels more rugged and growly (the golf feels more professional and smooth - both are nice in their own way).
- has better aircon

This car is excellent value for money. You can buy a better car, but it'll cost you a chunk more money. For this price, I couldn't find a better car when I was looking, and I haven't seen one since. The small turbo-charged engine feels so much more powerful than non-turbo engines nearly twice the size, especially in lower gears, and for normal Perth driving, I prefer that European setup any time.

Engine Size0.9
Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great Car!

Driven for 3 years without losing a beat. Fuel consumption running on around 5litres to 100 km. Very economical. Drives beautifully around town or on the open highway. Amazing features include cruise control, speed limiter and handbreak assist to make your journey troublefree. I'm very happy with my Renault Clio.

Engine Size.9
Date PurchasedJul 2014

Great designed little car

I wanted a small, well designed, good priced, European car and I got it in the new Renault Clio.. it not only looks great but run good to. I love the modern interior, especially the centre console. But the main two reasons I brought the clip was the day lights and the key card... (key in the shape of a key card)

Engine Size1.6
Date PurchasedNov 2015

Nice car allot of headaches

Love the car but from day dot I'v had some issues which can't be resolved. The most annoying is a rumble from the firewall through to the dash on start up. This is intermittent so it won't play ball when I'm at the dealers. The second is I had the gearbox master cylinder (Auto) go on me which is quite dangerous as the car accelerates without having your foot on the accelerator. This happened on a freeway. Roadside assistance organised a tow truck to take to the closest Renault dealer but will only give you $100.00 for taxi to get you home. Not good when your 90km from home @2.30 in the morning. Taxi bill around $150.00. Finally I just got hit up for $1000,00 for a 60,000 km Service. Yes that's right $1000,00....because the brakes and discs need replacing . The dealer advised that the commercial vehicles usually undergo the replacement every 30,000km ...What!! The funny thing is I love driving this car. Nothing wrong with the way it drives and the fuel efficiency. Has anyone had similar issues. I have the 2014 1..2T

Engine Size1.2
Date PurchasedDec 2015

Looks nice but a few small issues

I love the look of this car both inside and out. Very small leg room in the back. Seat height adjustment in the front would have been a bonus as my husband almost hits hit head on the interior roof.
Dashboard good but cruise control switches can be fiddly and you need to take your eyes off the road to look down near the gearstick.
Had some early issues with the connectivity and audio and on 2 occasions I couldn't turn the engine off then when we finally did and restarted it, we had no audio. Somehow this has corrected itself.
The air conditioner failed after just 2 months and needed a new compressor.
Car runs well but is very slow off the mark and I need to make sure I leave extra space for the car to get its act together and accelerate.
Has very serious blind spots on both sides so need extra caution when changing lanes.
Bonnet latch not practical on passenger side floor.
Very small glove compartment and drink holders quite shallow so cups can tip plus only for very slim bottles.
No CD player...just a sign of the times.
Would be nice if there was a small hidden compartment for coins, etc.

Engine Size1.2
Date PurchasedFeb 2016

A true drivers car.

I'm a current owner of a Clio X85 200. Quick in a straight line especially when you get between 4000 and 7500 RPM. Amazing handling. The thing with this car it feels like it is talking to you as a driver. Not many cars do that. This is one. The last of the great 2 litre NA hot hatches. (edit, still owning 2018. Great car.)

BadgeR.S. 200 Cup
Date PurchasedSep 2014
Engine Size2.0

Perfect in some ways quality is eh

considering so many reviews people seem to love their Clio and I did at first, but It could be mine is just a fluke as its been flagged with small problems, minor but for a near new car (ex demo 900kms on the odometer) all have been fully covered under warranty and Renault customer service I cannot fault at all. BUT, within a few months of owing (currently 2.5 years in) my ESC light has come at least 3 times car has driven fine but of course I've had to drop the car off at Renault each time it has gone off. Just after a year of owning my car I went to fill it up and heard a clunk didn't think much of it until I couldn't fill my car up with petrol as it continued to click, took it to Renault who informed me that the neck had fallen and that because of this blocking the fuel the easiest way to fix was replacing the whole fuel tank. Renault advised they had never ever seen this problem and a new tank was ordered and replaced in a week. During which I was picked up from work when my car was ready and dropped off to collect ( they also dropped my home as I was unexpectedly without a car!). Since this incident my anti pollution light has come on at least 3 to 4 times this year and been taken to Renault each time, had a part replaced but I have recently just returned from Renault who will replace the same part again. In saying all that Renaults customer service has been great and I've not been out of pocket thank you waranty, but for a near new car I did not expect to put my car in so many times. Also a niggly problem but I find my number plate is too low have almost ripped it off on curbs before. I really want to say I love it but ( I mean its features are amazing) but I will give Renault the benefit of the doubt for a few more months then we shall see. *note also had a flat tyre, my fault except the spare is max 80km* *EDIT looked at my receipts since owning my car for 2.5 years its will has been to the dealer 8 times and next week will make it 9 as my anti pollution light has come on again, less than a month after having the sensor replaced. I would so 10 times but its less then 100 kms off its next service so two birds one stone.

Date PurchasedJun 2014
Engine Size1.2

I love it!

I love this [Word Removed] car! Not much power, but what it lacks in power. It has s*** loads of torque so basically it doesn't feel likes its struggling up a hill as the power to weight is very good at only 1151kg it's a feather weight. One grime for me is like any DCT/EDC tranmission it shakes a little at low speed, but it's very good on fuel Eco if you use manual tranmission mode and not auto mode which will use a lot more fuel when in auto mode because the higher the revs the more fuel it will consume so just don't rev the [Word Removed] out of it just use man mode as we usually spend around 35-40 dollars a fortnight on primium unleaded 98. That's based around 500km to and from work for two weeks, because my wife doesn't like using manual mode it sucks up more petrol. When I keep telling her to use man mode she doesn't use it. So if u did use man mode it should be 600-700km not 500km on avg

Date PurchasedJun 2016
Engine Size1.2

Love my Clio

I bought this car second hand in 2007 as an urban commuter. Since then I have driven 70K trouble free km's, mainly around suburban Melbourne.

-it handles like a go-kart and makes roundabouts highly enjoyable. Suspension, steering and ride are wonderful.
-Fantastic heating and aircon for a little car.
-It fits into tight parking spaces that everyone else drives straight past.
-Real world fuel economy is 7.5 L/100 km doing 5-10 km trips, low 6's with some longer driving thrown in.
-Paintwork is TOUGH and scratch resistant (unlike my wife's fragile Mazda6).
-It has been the model of reliability. The only things replaced were a hazard light switch ($25 from EBay) and a seat belt clasp that my daughter broke ($10 from a wrecker)
-needs a preventative timing belt change every 100K kms or 5 years (roughly $800).
-Dealer mechanics are expensive and quite likely to break something due to their inexperience / low care factor. I found a local French car specialist who did a much more competent servicing job.
- some of the interior components are a bit plasticky but, to be fair, are pretty tough.
- only takes 95 or 98 RON petrol.

I still see plenty of these cars on the road so I don't think I'm the only one to have had a positive experience. I'll miss this car when it's gone, but I can't wait to pick up my new Clio next week.

Engine Size1.4


This car is so great, I was hesitant about getting it because their where so many other hot hatches I looked at the Volkswagen gti and also the Veloster turbo, I test drived the Veloster and actaully really did like it (even more then the Renault) but then I met a few people who owned them and they all where telling me how they had to get new tires after having it for a month or so, I also have one close friend who owns a 2015 Veloster turbo and as bad as this sounds he says he regrets getting the Hyundai Veloster because it lacks turbo so much compared to the Renault, a few weeks back I gave him a drive in my car and he said he could really feel the difference bettween the two he said the handling was superb in the Renault and as well as the performance compared to the Veloster, he likes the interior a little better in the Veloster but is actaully thinking about trading he's car into get a Renault Rs sport

BadgeR.S. 200 Sport Trophy
Engine Size1.6

Puts a grin on your face.

Bought a tce90 Feb 2015. By May 2016 I have 53k on the odometer. Just great. Bought it to do the 100k round trip to work but have driven it on a 4000klm trip and about 6 x 2000klm trips. Great long distance car. Very comfortable, very very efficient and just such a fun little car. Really love the torquey engine. Only gripe is lack of cup holders, poor interior light, but that is all. For $16k drive away it is unbelievable value. Bought my wife a new Camry Ateva S a few months before, great car, but we prefer the Clio. She wants one for her next car but will have to have the 1.2 litre as she wants an auto. I love the manual, great ratios and shifts very well. Brakes are also great, even though rear is a drum. Would recommend this car unreservedly.
Now at 75K Dec 16. No problems at all. No rattles, (the much dearer aforementioned Camry has one). Tyres are still very good. Don't believe it but they will crack 100K easily. Driven it on multiple 2000 klm return trips. Does it easily. On one I measured its highway economy over 800 klms. It returned 71mpg (sorry, converted it from litres per 100). checked it 3 times. Perhaps that is because I am 60 and just about ready to start driving with a hat. Might also explain the great tyre wear. If you do put your foot down it is fun, really tourquey, don't need to rev it! Quite lumpy at idle (3 cylinders) but smooth once on the way. Love the engine note, got a real growl. Definitely better on 98 than 95. Still will buy another Renault!
OK, now up to 116k. Few little problems! Water is leaking very slowly! Had my 105K service done by a licenced mechanic as I was too far from Sunshine Renault. They say it is a small o ring or seal and that Renault should fix it under warranty at the 120k service. Has only used 500ml in 15000ks so it’s a small leek and not internal!
Front brake pads replaced at the 90k service.
Car still goes really well, like new. But not at the moment. Battery collapsed yesterday, normal for the kms. However, what is not normal is the battery, a lead acid type (old school) and not the common calcium type used in most cars today. So it is sitting in the carport waiting for Renault Roadside Assistance to fit the correct battery hopefully tomorrow!
And.... no fault of Renault, the windscreen is to be replaced this week!
The first set of tyres wore out at 110k, well the fronts were finished. The backs would have covered another 30k. Changed them all for Michelin’s and did something I’ve never done, had them fitted to some nice alloy wheels! It looks so good! With the new windscreen, battery and the water leak fixed, I won’t be changing tyres until the odometer says 220k!
All in all, still love this car!
5 days later, the car is finally going well again, had to find the battery myself because Renault Roadside Assistance couldn’t, and left me to find it. How is that care? All they could come up with was that they outsource to NRMA and NRMA hasn’t got a battery in the country. Did find a battery in Lismore after quite a bit of hunting. Thanks Discount Batteries in Lismore. No thanks to Renault Roadside Assistance. Will be moving care to NRMA. If Renault can’t provide the battery what is the point in their roadside assistance. Not sure that while I live in the country, Renaults are a sensible choice.
Anyway, nice to have it back on the road, no thanks to Renault. Hope the slow water leak is covered by the warranty and that they don’t end up reneging on that too. Not too confident after the battery incident. Will let you all know how that goes. Service from Sunshine Renault has however been excellent in every regard to this point.
Dropped my star rating to 4 due to abysmal effort by Renault Roadside Assistance.
Car is a 5 though.
The water leak was caused by a fitting developing a small leak where the hose connected to the block. All fixed under warranty. The car now has 127000 is on the clock and drives like new. It feels very strong and good for some years yet. I usually move on to a new car by 100000 is but I cant get rid of this little gem. What a beaut car.
Now at 155000. Still drives as new. Still love driving it but will soon buy a van to use for surfing and mountain bike trips. Think I might keep the Clio too.

Here is a list of the non regular service items the car has needed.
On second set of tyres and they are hardly worn.
New brake rotors at 150000. Old ones so worn couldn’t be machined.
Water leak at head due to faulty coupling. Replaced under warranty.
2 windscreens replaced.
On second set wiper blades. Originals wore quicker but were much quieter.
Air con doesn’t work at idle. Going in to Renault for a look. May be compressor replacement. Renault says it is a warranty job. That warranty is very good.
Second battery. Getting it was difficult as described.
On second pair of front brake pads and still plenty of wear left.

Engine is still super strong. Actually runs really well on e10 95 RON which is great.
Wish I bought the mags when it was new. Love the look of the car with them.
Body is still tight as and no rattles.
If I keep it I’ll put in the next report at 200000.

Engine Size900cc turbo
Date PurchasedFeb 2015

One of the best small cars out there - Great value and MUCH better than the Mazda 2

I own the 0.9L 3cyl Turbo -

- The power on the little engine is equivalent to a 1.4-1.5 4cyl however the petrol consumption is way better!.
- The handling is superb
- The interior design even though simplistic is well put together.
- The drive away price is very very competitive.
- 5 years warranty.
- Reliable (so far)

In order to compesate for the low price you can see where they have cut corners:
- The rear passenger space is very cramped, you will have a difficult time fitting 3 passengers at the back
- Rear windows are NOT electric!
- Stereo even thought it has a bluetooth connection is so old style, just a dot matrix screen
- Speaker system is HORRIBLE, 2 stereo speakers at the front only, which are of the lowest quality (Luckily they are easy to replace - I put some Alpines and they are much better)
- No arm-rest in the middle between driver and passenger you need to buy at extra cost!
- Not many storage/cup compartments
- Only ONE (very dim) interior light on the roof!
- No much choice of accessories for the time being
- Small squeaks and creaking present in the cabin

Engine Size0.9l Turbo charged

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Questions & Answers

What are common problems with the 2015 renault clioGT line 0.9l ? How does it behave when climbing a steep incline?
1 answer
Sorry, I cant say as we had a 1.2 which was fine.

Hi Guys, Looking for a runabout car and stumbled upon a 2014 Clio 3cyl - any big complaints - secondary market can throw some lemons
2 answers
Hi, Our Clio was a used car and we have had no concerns. It probably depends on who you are buying from and whether it has been thoroughly checked over for problems. We bought from Autosports and they seem to process lots of higher end cars and have a reputation to protect. So far I have absolutely no complaints about our Renault. We have three vehicles in the family and the Renault has become my favourite for running around after kids. Good luck with your car hunting.No problem with mine. Love it, but it was new. As with any second hand car you need to have it inspected and full service history etc.

We own a Saab and a new Golf. Saab is getting up there in age and has a small coolant leak, which we believe is the head gasket (so sad as I'm a Saab nut). When we bought the VW the Clio second. While my partner is very happy with the Golf as am I. Love the look of the Clio the power is aplenty, fit and finish is quite decent. Does anyone have a Clio from 2011-now, and could you kindly advise any issues if any; build quality, any major or minor failures, etcetera? I'm happy to deal with the typical Euro car glitches and such; I'm more after major issues; such as major tranny problems, head gasket issues, major mechanical failures. I heard of someone on here having a timing chain actually stretch and broke. If you've owned one from new and it's about 2-3 years down the road, no pun intended haha, could you kindly let me know of any problems such as those? But scared of a French car, as that I've never owned.
3 answers
My Renault whilst it only did 10,000 km's prior to being sold was faultless - not one single problem. The new Renault's have a 5 year unlimited KM warranty so total piece of mind. Prior to buying it I wanted a VW Golf, but the internet is full of disgruntle VW customers with major problems hence why I went for the new Clio. Funny you are a Saab nut, my Mum and Dad had 2 Saabs in the 90's a 9000CD and a 9-3 Cabrio - both wonderful cars. Prior to the Renault I had a Peugeot 206 GTI 180 - this car was excellent however it had heaps of issues - so much so I knew everyone at Brisbane Peugeot pretty well (when it was on James St). The new Renault Clio is pretty good in all aspects - I very much recommend it!Hi. I have the previous generation RS Clio which is a little different to a regular Clio, and even the new RS Clio, which is automatic only. Only issue with my car, and it's a common issue, is a tiny, tiny oil leak from a bolt on top of the rocker cover. It occurs because when they put it together they did not not put in enough 'gunk' to seal properly. It appears as a tiny smudge of oil at the bolt and you would not even worry about it but as it was under warranty I got it fixed. Trouble is they have to take the whole assembly off including removing the timing belt, which then has to be replaced. Great news for me as I got a free timing belt replacement at 30,000km, but if out of warranty you'd have to pay. Not a real problem as you'd just wait to get it done when the timing belt is due and ask them to add the gunk then. If it's just out of warranty, I'd hit them up for a free fix anyway, as it's a known problem. Other issues - minor dash rattle that comes and goes from summer to winter. The pcv valve sits too loose, easy self-fix is a little silicon (see the ozrenaultsports forum for details). Leather sports seats (not recaro) can wear through on the sticth bump. It prefers hot weather to cold. It needs proper sticky tyres or doesn't handle like when new (Conti 3's were fine, replacement for Conti 3's (Conti 5's ?) not quite as sticky). As other cars have gone ahead, it's a touch too slow against it's competition, but the handling makes up for it. That and the price second hand - side by side comparo to say a Mazda 3 SP25, you'd be nuts not to go for the Clio. Very firm ride for rear seat passengers (driver is fine, not too firm). Love my RS Clio. I was supposed to get rid of it when the lease ran out, but I just can't bring myself to do it. More reliable than my series 5 Golf GTi. If I didn't own one, I'd buy one.We had a 2014 Golf, which overall was a great car, albeit a bit bland. We purchased a new 2017 Megane GT and its been amazing. Much more of a drivers car than the Golf. I also had several Saabs, the last a 2001 9-3 cabrio with the dreaded head gasket leak. Sold before that needed replacing. Being from Canada we don't have access to these fun little quirky French cars, but each time I'm behind the wheel you get that grin. I myself drive a '13 Pug 208 Allure which is and has been a great little car, only downside the horrible old school 4 sp auto. And since that purchase I've fallen for the Frenchies. My partner has the Megane and we were actually going to trade the Golf for a new A3, massive sale at Audi at the time, but our first stop was to test drive the new Megane. We drove it and bought it that night. For the price and amount of features, value is there. There have been a few minor integrity issues, such as both front door seals were misaligned, making the doors harder to open than they should. Was fixed under warranty of course but took a few weeks as they had to order from France. Sadly the issue has returned. And there's a small rattle in the passenger door especially when the bass is prominent on the Bose sound system. However northing that would stop be from buying another. I've dealt with far worse new cars and their issues. But the point is we got a top range Clip (led lights et cetera) when we brought the Megane for service and I was very impressed. For having over 20k kms felt as if it was brand new. Feels a touch smaller than my Pug, but in the works of trading the Pug for a Clio for myself. Oddly I have been wanting an E class coupe, but the amount I drove and as fun as the Clio is, not to mention the value and cheap servicing, I wouldn't hesitate to even buy a good Demo in the car lot. I really fell for the Clio we had for a few days, and even though I may have not had it that long, it's worth your while trying one out. The Megane is great and I'd expect the Clio to be the same, even with its small niggling little issues. After all coming from owning SEVERAL Saabs and other not the pinnacle of reliability cars, I don't think you could go wrong with a Clio. Great little run about. And the one we had for a loaner was returning 5.1l/100km of fuel. Double what my Pug gets, I'm sure do to its ancient 4 sp auto. Also theres some great French car clubs here in NSW and other states, join one and you'll get some really good info and honest opinions about these cars. They really are world players, albeit very affordable, but they can sure compete with anything else out there. If buying a Megane over an Audi says anything. Cheers


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