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Renault Koleos H45

Renault Koleos H45 (2008-2015)

4.3 from 51 reviews

Still looks good and runs well

I do alot highway and mountain roads and small city trips in between. I have already racked up 172,000 km. I have always had it serviced by trained Renault mechanics. I have two minor warranty issues, tailgate lock and wiper motor. All were fixed with no fuss. My only dilemma is how much I paid for the top model vs depreciation. As the car is so good and reliable I am going to run it for a lot longer than I have other cars. I usually get rid of them 6 months before warranty ends but the bells and whistles on this car will keep me satisfied for a bit longer. I have never been happier to keep a car so long and the fuel average after all this time is still sitting on 7.2!

Purchased in June 2013 for $46,500.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Good for 5 years till warranty last , now falling apart like a house of cards .

The car was good for 5 years but these are the problems faced in last 1 year and Renault should be ashamed of themselves

1) Break light switch sensor not working . Car wouldn’t start or move . End result lot of headache .

2) Air con stopped working due to faulty heater resistor. Went to three different specialist to figure out the issue . End result lot of time and money wastage

3) extreme vibration in the car when accelerating - needed drive shaft replacement . End result completely lost trust in Renault

4 A old problem has resurfaced again- when going uphill or accelerating hard some clunky noise from the engine .

God save the Renault and the other owners like myself .

Purchased in August 2012.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
TransmissionContinuously Variable (CVT)

Repeated failures

We have owned a Renault Koleos from new and it has been nothing but problems. The sun visors have failed twice, the chrome on the door handles is peeling and cutting our hands. The release on the tailgate has failed and can't be opened but the main problem is the air conditioning controller. The controller is electronic, buried under the dash and not subject to wear and tear. This unit, which multiple experts have indicated should not fail in the life of the vehicle, has now failed twice in less than 2 years. The cost of the part is in excess of $1,500 and I now have no confidence that the part will last a reasonable time if replaced. Not having air conditioning is not an option in an Australian summer. My wife loves her Koleos but even she has said she will never buy another one.

BadgeSport Way
Date PurchasedOct 2010

Spacious, reliable

I have this car for my family and it does a great job. We upgraded from a Honda CRV and we immediately noticed that we have lots more room and space in the car. The boot was comparatively large and we could fit much more groceries in there, more items when travelling etc.

BadgeBose Premium
Date PurchasedJul 2015

Our 3rd Renault Diesel vehicle is a Koleos

Our Koleos Privilege 4 x 4 with Renault Diesel engine and conventional 6 speed automatic transmission, is mated to Nissan 4wd smarts and multi link rear suspension. Built in South Korea at the Samsung Factory it truly is multi national.

Living in Western Victoria, half way between Melbourne & Adelaide, Diesel is the preferred fuel for distance.

Easy to get in and out of, (our main consideration after 50+ years driving) the rear seats fold flat for loading larger items. Electric leather drivers seat is fully adjustable, the electric parking brake is in my opinion the best advance in twenty years as its all automatic + manual when you need it, - love it!
Rear privacy glass in the back, sunroof, excellent climate control air conditioner, HID Bi-Xenon headlights are superb for country driving at night.

We have just had our 75k service without any reliability issues, only scheduled services. Original Continental tyres lasted to 46k, now running Pirelli Scorpion Verde tyres which will last far longer & feel very good on the road.
My only complaint is the speedo calibration, its too small to see, so an after-market 'Polaris' HUD speed control beams up the digital speed onto the bottom of the windscreen. A bonus is it also alerts you to fixed position speed cameras as you drive. It simply plugs into the cigarette lighter base.
Full size spare road wheel (on steel wheel unfortunately) almost completes the picture. The rear camera has excellent definition with guidance lines . Great visibility all round makes parallel parking a cinch.
So, our last 3 x Renaults, Laguna, Latitude & Koleos have all had the excellent Renault Dci Diesel engine, shame the new car has gone to Nissan propulsion & CVT in my opinion. (most probably the bean counters at work)

Ken H. Nhill Vic.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Car is good but minor issues keeps giving trouble.

Beautiful and comfortable car. Smooth drive. But...
Since I bought my Koleos bose 2014, so many minor issues continuesly giving me big trouble.
GPS navigation and voice control function issue which got fixed by service centre but voice command stopped responsing correctly. Technician tried to fix it but He coulden't so he forcefully convience me that it would stay like that and After 3 year, it's still like that. After few months, reverse camera stopped working which again drove me crazy as I had to drive back again to renault centre which is atleast 20+ kms from my home and finally got fixed after 2 visit and several hours of waiting. After that problem, driver side door handle electric motor part(or something) broken down from inside so coulden't open door from inside. I had to make 2 visits to get it fixed. In first visit they identified the problem and asked me to come after 3 to 4 weeks once parts arrive. On second visit, I had to put my car for more than 4 to 5 hours and they even hadn't provide me free loan car. After few months, driverside door started bouncing back. Again had to get hassle and parts had to replaced.
Just last year, Left side window glass also started bouncing back and keep happening for long time and renault service guys just tried to resets and keeps sending me back and still I have that problem in my car. I hope they will fix this issue before my warranty expires(which is next year 2019).
I would say, above issue got fixed as car was under warranty and I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket execpt spending time and money on petrol driving there for so many times.
Overall I am happy with smooth car with loaded features but very very very disappointed with poor built and poor customer service.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Beautiful car

Very nice features, adorable car, approx. 11L/100KM, comfortable leather seats, Bose speakers, spacious boot, Cruise Control, fog lights, looks beautiful. The car is spacious, and the a.c. works very well. The only negative thing I can think is of is that it requires premium unleaded petrol, but the features offset that.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

2015 Koleos - Excellent car

The 2015 Koleos (purchased in the latter part of 2016) was our first "European" car after I traded in my Hyundai Tuscon 2010 model. The Koleos was the base model BUT came with a full 7" sat-nav, no key entry, card start and a 2.5 litre engine. The overall performance of the car is great. Handling is very good and it has enough power to go up steep hills while the air con is going without missing a beat. Front leg room is excellent but the back leg room could have been bigger but overall, the car is nearly perfect for my needs. My German Shepherd Dog loves the "boot" space and is very comfortable on long trips. So far, it has been very reliable and as it has the first 3 years capped service, the maintenance costs are very reasonable. Its petrol consumption is also very good and is comparable to my Tuscon which was only a two litre engine. Overall, it is an absolute pleasure to drive.

Date PurchasedJul 2016


Bought the Renault Koleos Bose 2015 as a demo model. It's now got close to 20,000km and we've not had a problem with it. The on road performance is excellent. Visibility, power and responsiveness all great. Braking and steering are good and, importantly with children, it's safety rating is good. It's a good looking vehicle.

Most surprisingly, however, the ride comfort is as good as much higher priced vehicles. Seamless and intuitive blue tooth connectivity, heated seats, electric seats with memory, sat nav and, obviously, sound system, rear camera, driver assist. It really is packed with extras.

We have 3 small children and it gets a bit tight if we're going anywhere with heaps of luggage but has otherwise performed fantastically for us.

We've had a Renault service done and the customer service was excellent. It was also no more expensive than anything else. Along with a 5 year warranty, I'm very happy with our choice.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

The car is ok the customer service is not

The car itself is good except the lack of CD player. The engine makes a bit of noise and on the high way it can get shaky. The interior is nice however the functions are not user friendly and takes time to get used to. Difficult to switch between medias (no short cuts). The legroom is adequate and the fuel seems quite efficient so far.

Bose is no longer included in the 'Life' option.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Awesome car meet all your need

I purchased the 2012 bose model with diesel engine. The engine is so powerful that I do not feel any struggling when going uphill. So far I have travelled to 50k and no problems at all. Diesel engine is high recommended because it give you more power with less fuel. My Kolios consumes averagely 7.5 litre per 100km. Considering cost and performance I reckon French cars stand out, such as Renault, Citroen. Those French cars are built with good quality performance and intelligence. The little things are very convenient such as the sun blinds at the rear doors, I noticed there is no such blinds in the Germany cars. I believe more and more people are going for Kolios as this car is catching more people's attention.

Germany cars cost you a fortune, Asian cars are too cheap, French cars like Kolios have the Germany car quality and Asian cars cost. My next car is definitely Renault or Citrone.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Renault number four totally trouble free motoring

This is now my fourth Renault I can honestly say that I've never had one single problem with any of my vehicles not even has a light bulb blown. My new Koleos is fantastic to drive with plenty of room for someone over six foot tall like me. The cabin is very high tech with all the latest features and a huge touchscreen in the centre console. The ambient lighting is also another cool feature making the cabin and night time look totally different with each colour you select. There are so many great features like cooled seats automatic tailgate and sensors surrounding the whole car. I guess my advice to anyone looking for a new car is go out and test drive one for yourself it may not be a common brand in Australia but trust me it's definitely worth a look the staff at Renault were fantastic.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Good looks good to drive

Have only had the new 2017 Koleos Zen a few weeks but so far I am impressed with the way it drives and the way it looks. Basically a Nissan Xtrail but with Renault accoutrements, it has a similar shape to a lot of SUV's presently on the market but the seller for me was the 2.5 litre motor and the inside appointments including heaps of leg room both front and rear and loads of boot space. We hired one before buying, to travel on a holiday around Tasmania and with 4 adults and all their luggage the car performed well with comfort. I just love the media system, it is top class and gives you easy contol over appearance and performance of all navigation, media, dashboard appearance and courtesy lighting in the car. All controlled via the beautifully set 7inch screen. I also like the range of controls on the steering wheel although the controls on the stem are sometimes a little hard to see through the spokes of the wheel. Push button start electric brake and auto headlights and wipers are all a new experience for me but they work well. This car is replacing a Nissan Pathfinder so I just hope that it gives us the same fantastic reliability. I will be reporting more on this in the future but with 5 years warranty I hope to have good motoring. Oh I forgot to mention the Sales Manager Lachlan at Metro Renault really looked after us.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Koleos Intens - Excellent

We have just done 10,000km in 6 mths in our new Koleos Intens and I could not fault this vehicle. I Fuel economy averages 7.6L per 100kms. Features are fantastic, seating is not only heated but air conditioned & we use it all the time. Tyre pressure monitored alerted me to a puncture & you get free roadside assistance. The side mirrors fold in which is great for car parking. Just have to remember to top up the windscreen wiper reservoir bottle as servicing is at 30,000 kms and is free for 3 years. It has auto parking features which I am yet to use, multiple storage compartments in the front and good leg room in the back. Sensors all round and reversing camera comes in handy. Love the panoramic sunroof. Checked out a top of the range Honda CRV and no comparison on features and the price was around the same. Absolutely love this car and Cricks at Springwood Qld have given great customer service.

BadgeIntens 4x4
Date PurchasedOct 2016

Provides Perfect Professional Purpose

As a full-time share ride provider, I needed a vehicle which would deliver a professional experience to all my clients. I wanted a mid-size SUV which would be economical and roomy. Renault's marriage with Nissan has delivered a vehicle which is the best in class, in my opinion. I have received numerous comments from riders regarding the roominess and set out of the interior. They have been almost as impressed as I have been. And the external appearance has also drawn attention. Add to this the 30000 km service schedule with the first 3 services free (Yep you heard right) and the 5 yr warranty (an extra year added on by the dealer to make it 6 yrs) and I couldn't go past the Koleos. I chose the Zen 2WD and it has delivered above and beyond what I expected. I can only throw superlatives at my Renault Koleos. The CVT is smooth. The fuel economy is around 8 litres per 100 km and the majority of my driving is around town. The features are impressive and by no means gimicky. It is a comfort to drive. My work adds about 2000 km per week so I consider I am very qualified to comment on the vehicle's performance. I am converted.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Excellent SUV

We just bought our 2017 Koleos Zen+ 4X4, with a few options, so far so good, the interior is amazing, the ride is supple and is much better on our backs, the engine has enough go in it, even in ECO mode, its not a hot hatch, its a heavy, tall vehicle, the CVT transmission has a drone and a little shudder down low, the Rio's 4 speed transmission felt and sounded weird, but having owned CVT cars before, Mitsubishi Colt, its not bad and tolerable, once up to freeway speed, 100 kmh its magic, revs low, quiet, at the moment its still being run in, but still getting 7.9 per 100 kms, our Kia Rio 1.4 litre auto average was 6.9 to 7.9 litres per 100 kms, so the 1 litre more is not that much of an issue, it has insane amounts of room inside, the backseat passengers can stretch out, plenty of room, boot space is massive, the steering is direct, the brakes progressive, the tyres are little ordinary, Nexen, but they can be replaced, the cost of good tyres is only about $185, they cost that much for the Rio 15 inch, not 18 inch as on the Koleos, overall I think we made a great decision and got the car at a great price from Barry Bourke Berwick, full size spare is welcome, $299 service costs, we got 3 years for free, 5 years warranty, will report more in the future.

March 28th 2017 Update: Very good SUV

The car has performed very well with great fuel economy 8.1 litres per 100 kms, we have now got 2000 kilometres on the clock and it was in for a software update which helped a great deal, the 4WD system is fantastic in the wet, very stable, the tyres are not the best, will change them soon to a better quality, the tyres do need to be pumped up to 37-38 psi, any lower and the car handles badly and shutters at speed that are low, 50 kmh, no rattles yet, does like premium fuel, 95 octane minimum, will run on 91, but forget about fuel economy, dealership great, Barry Bourke, really looked out for the car and was happy to explain everything in detail, service as well, will give further updates as the kilometres go in.

April 9th 2017 Update: Not a bad car, but

The car has now developed a shudder in the transmission, at all speeds, it is felt through the steering, the dealership did a software update, but this did not really fix it, this is not a CVT trait as many put it, everything checked, tyres, rims, etc, will have to take it back again, more lost work time, hope they get to the bottom of this as we really love the car just not the shakes, also the rear parcel shelf cover rattles like no tomorrow, annoying.

February 4th 2018 Update: Koleos

We now have 15,000 kms on the clock, it has been back to the dealer for first service, also again to check transmission shudder, they advised that it is a trait of the car, no, we drove the same Koleos when testing and it did not have the shudder, nor did the Nissan X Trail we tested with the same Transmission, have to live with it till we sell it very soon, Renault offered 3 free services, got the first after many hassles, but trying to get the other 2, forget it, it would be easier to get blood from a stone, if you buy one, have them give you the service cards for the 3 services before you pay for the vehicle, 13 emails and phone calls and nothing, was even told that not eligible for it, yet it is on the contract signed by them, very shifty dealings, would not buy a Renault again, go with Peugeot instead, they really disappoint, also, we are very car proud, so the car is always spotless inside and out, under bonnet and under the vehicle, every time they look at the car, grease stains, oil, greasy finger marks inside not the white window sill, even after telling them that the car is spotless and want it back that way, still greed up, that's it so far, Focus, French speakers are fitted and make a huge difference, out does the Bose.

December 6th 2018 Update: Ordinary SUV

We now have 30,000 kilometres in the car, it has had 2 services done, the shudder in the CVT transmission is still there, updates did not fix the problem, so many rattles inside the cabin that you would think the interior will fall apart, have used sponge under the bonnet to fix rattles, so many cant find all of them, when the air con is on the car is very loud, tyres are still in good shape, though the Nexen tyres are horrible, service department at [name removed] in Berwick is good, everything done well since they now have there own service area, even washed the car and rotated the tyres, the Koleos is just a mid range SUV, suggest spend a little more and buy a little bit better, thats what we will do soon, fuel economy is good for this size SUV, 8.1 litres, ok to drive.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Perfect urban SUV - reliable with lots of bells & whistles

I have the non 4x4 Koleos & I love it. It's reliable & not too bad on fuel, the CVT transmission is very smooth (to the point I need to watch my speed as it's easy to sneak up & not realise how fast you're going!). The mod cons provided are fab - like the built in sun visors & drop down trays for the rear seats. I really appreciate the front & rear sensors to help me park too!
Cons would be there's not as much leg room as I'd like.

Date PurchasedMay 2013

Nice beautiful car

Koleos is very reliable and hasn't given my trouble yet .. The seating position is what I like most about it.It supports me perfectly and long drives are hassle free. I want to explicitly mention about the noise levels in the car. There is a certain website that is hell bend of scribbling about Koleos noise levels. This is not true.This car is not meant to be handled rash. If you floor the accelerator ,the noise levels are indeed high and annoying but if you are a sedate driver with your kids in the back seat ,its perfect ..the cabin noise is almost zero most of the time on the highways and the car is extremely happy around 2000 rpm. Another thing I like is the turning radius,its like driving a small car.

My car is just past the 60K service, the stock tyres are still running good but will change them soon as normal tyre life is around 40K and rear thread is touching 2 mark. I had to change the brake pads ,battery n wipers and cost me around 1 grand.
My car doesn't have the bose sound system and instead has a dutch system .Display isnt great and it restarts once a while when on BT .Audio quality is good.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

I don't understand....

A car built in Korea, with Japanese parts from Nissan... is held over for a 6 weeks repair waiting for parts from FRANCE!!! Perhaps you might like some swamp land I have for sale in Queensland.

I had previously owned a Toyota Corolla which I had problems with. The dealer I bought the car from was useless. Changed dealers... Toyota was brilliant again. I have a 09 Koleos 4X4 diesel with 185,000km. Reliable as a Nissan, better built than a euro Renault, great on Diesel (~8l/100km). The only difference between the two is the Renault engine parts are a little more expensive. Nissan transmission, and everything else not particularly expensive.... prices the same as the X-Trail.

If you are having issues with the dealer, Report the issue to Renault/Nissan and find another one.

Date PurchasedMay 2012

Never buy european again!

I would not reccomend the koleos or Renault to anyone. We purchased ours several years ago for $45,000, all fhe bells and whistles. We have had one thing or another go wrong including an unfixable aircon and now shopping for another car because the renault is our bottomless pitt we have only gotten $4000 for a trade in. And we are buying new again! We tried a few car yards and basically they all told us that noone wants the renaults. They dont even bother keeing them to sell through their used cars, they just move them to a wholesaler. We were so gutted by this. Noone wants the renaults because they cost so much to service and fix. We pretty much pay $1000 for a service and any work that needs doing is crazy. This car is our second car that I drive around locally, it had great mileage and treated with respect and the things that have gone wrong were gear box (when it was delivered it already had to be sent back 3 times to fix, took renault 1 year to fix the gearbox), the aircon has been fixed 3 times and something else in the car is cause it to go and no mechanic can find the prob. Tital aircon cost now $4500, the driver sunvisor just fell off, terrible bubbles in tint windows after 2 years, CD player probs. we didnt expect all this from the top of the range koleos with all leather etc. i do feel terrible to run down a company as I have never done this before but unless u literally have money to burn then stay away from european cars and they have no resale value at all. The best thing I can say about the koleos is that it drives and handles real nice which is important but i expect more for the $45000 price tag. My husband bought a second hand toyota for $12000 about the sametime and its barely had anything wrong with it

Date PurchasedOct 2009

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Hi I have a Koleos 09 just wondering about when do I replace timing belt/chain which is it belt or chain thanks
No answers

Hi guys I have a 2009 renault koleos 2.0l Diesel.I've had the clutch replaced but since then it's randomly cutting out with an exhaust emission on display. Driving fast and slow it cuts out. If it idles it will idle fine for a while then give a rough idle and go dead it won't start after it cuts out but I found if I disconnect the computer box it will start. Any help?
2 answers
Sounds like when someone replaced the clutch they did not reattach the sensor wire to the oxygen sensorThank you any idea where I can I find it google doesn't show much on Renault koleos.

I noticed on Sunday (after the end of daylight savings) that the time does not show on the screen anymore. It shows --:-- and it is also greyed out in settings. Whilst trying to find a solution, I pressed the home button and the navigation system turned itself off and all I could see was the Tom Tom logo flashing on/off even when the car was turned off. Anyway took SD card off, updated on PC, everything came back on again, except for the time. Everything else works fine. Anyone else experienced this?
2 answers
My Megane did the same thing - no explanation yet ....I also have this issue!


Koleos H45
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Discontinuation dateDec 2015
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