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A disgraceful service of thieves.

I fought for my home for near on 3 years when I discovered being 3 weeks behind, and it snowballed from there, considering I never had any problems before being sold off from Rams, after the service being rude and non informative, when I was being continuously fined direct debit late fees, when they were constantly told I was self employed and payment was usually the next day or two. Then after it increased to a huge amount and after one hardship relief when work got a bit quiet, they became severely rude obnoxious things got heated and then on came the legal fees and court proceedings of which all happened twice eventually making it impossible to catch up therefore taking my home and studio from me, of which they rudely said from the beginning that I can't afford my house. I actually made formal complaints to ombudsman of which nothing transpired or did RHG follow the rules in the court proceedings. These unprofessional thieves should never have been in business.

Customer Service
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Pay cash into Westpac account or else

I ended up with two mortgages after a disastrous separation from my ex - whilst ANZ, my main bank, were fantastic, once my second RAMs loan was handed over to RHG, the nightmare began. Constant bullying calls if payment was even two days late - the worst of it being when I was threatened that they would make a claim against my primary residence if I didn't 'pay cash of a certain amount into their Westpac account by a certain time the next day' - I had to call them the moment it was done.

RHG Shonky as shonky gets

I had a mortgage with Rams in 2002 (really should have made a submission to the Royal Commission but have left it too late) - I was a single pensioner, taking care of my son who had schizophrenia. I bought a run down farm and owned it but needed some money to renovate so took out a Low Doc loan through a mortgage broker who said 'just sign the form and I'll fill in the rest' - they got dodgy valuations of $700,000 - I later found out Rams sold my mortgage to RHG without my consent. I found myself in financial hardship so had to keep borrowing more. I had some casual work at times but it wasn't enough. Eventually in 2008, RHG applied to the court to take my farm and it took 12 months to sell, meanwhile they let all the hard work I had done fall into disrepair so it sold for $460,000 - my debt was $500,00-odd and I finished up homeless. My son died in 2009.

Most Unprofessional Company with rude staff

they have reposed my sons house and sold it with out contacting him Sold for $20.000 under value. Kept adding bank fee s for last 6 months once they had reposed house Legal fees ++++ and $20,000 taken off sale price before the remaining amount went toward loan Staff member Simon P is a horrible man to deal with and Brad Hooper has been named for double dipping in accounts

Poor Customer Service

I have had a couple of home loans with different lenders for a few properties I own and by far this company has been the worst. Poor customer service, it is so difficult to get a hold of them and when you do they often make a mistake in carrying out the action you requested (for example changing the date of your direct debits). They also have higher interest rates and just generally a difficult company to deal. I have just sold my house so thankfully no longer have to deal with them. To anyone considering this company my advice is to stay away and find another lender!!!


My brother died unexpectedly recently and I called them to ask for a minor extension on his repayments while we sort out his estate. His intellectually disabled daughter is still living in his house and is fearful of losing it until it can be paid out. The arrears manager spoke to me in an appalling manner and hung up. No condolences, no assistance. The entire conversation lasted less than a minute. I've never experienced anything like it and am still in shock. I feel very sorry for those of you caught up with these people for years on end.

Beware RHG "Customer Service"...

Like many others here I originally started my mortgage with RAMS. Service was always good and staff were friendly. At some point, without my consent I was switched to RHG and this is when the problems began. Apart from ridiculously high interest rates I was constantly blocked when trying to negotiate a better deal.

Tactics such as "lost emails", "we will return your call/email", (and if they did it took over a week) and finally, when I inquired about re-financing I was treated like a new customer, (I had been with them 11 years at this point...) Mountainous amounts of paperwork to fill in and my past history, which was exemplary, was not taken in to consideration. When I tried to speak to a customer service representative I was on hold for 20 minutes then automatically put through to voice mail, none of my messages were EVER returned. THis happened time and time again.

I was offered a much better deal from Bank Australia over the phone, the staff were lovely and helpful and I couldn't be happier.

As a final kicker, the discharge instructions were sent to RHG FIVE TIMES! It was only when I was able to get through to the RHG complaints line and mentioned the word "Ombudsman" along with the fact that what they were doing was bordering on illegal that they finally disharged my mortgage.

I gave them a single star because I had to...and they don't deserve that. Horrible people to deal with.

Still shafting us even one year after our Mortgage was paid out!

My husband and I also like many where transferred to RHG from Rams without notice, we had over the years had financial hardships and RHG have been hands down the most difficult company that we had ever dealt with in the form of communication and fairness, we never lost our home however when the opportunity arose to refinance we did, completely paid the mortgage out. Our loan was conditionally guarantored by my husband's family home so once we had paid out of course that should have meant RHG no longer have any rights over my husband's family's home but no a year later they are still registered as the mortgagee! We have contacted them many many times, our home loan broker from the original loan have contacted them, our convayencer has contacted them and we have threatened legal action, we have threatened to go to the media still no results, it still gets worse, their solicitors have lost the deeds to my husband's parents house and again after all this time no one is willing to help us at all, my husband's parents are elderly and unwell and have paid a deposit on retirement village, however we can't even get RHG's name off the mortgage a year later, actually we don't even own our home we sold last October, - I have to say the stress caused by this has sent me close to suicide I'm not exaggerating. Never ever do business with this company not only are they uncaring they also are incompetent

None existent customer Service

Rang them about a variation on my home loan rate, I was told it would take 2 weeks for them to review.
Its now a month later, I ring and they don't answer, get put through to "Leave a message" for a call back within 24hrs, which I have done.A week later AND STILL no call back, I have tried to ring several times in that last week and still can't get through to talk to someone, just get the same message to leave a message and someone will call me back.

No help

I too was shafted from rams to rhg and had no say in it. When I contacted rams to do a different mortgage as I retired on little money they said they wouldn't look at it until i had no re draw then I MIGHT be able to do another loan I wish someone could help me as don't want to loose my unit.

Class action needed for these robbers

I was forced to use ALL my superannuation when I went through financial hardship. They harassed me by phone continuously nearly causing me to breakdown. We need to stand as one and seek a class action and in the short term all of us need to contact and express our individual stories to the relevant ombudsman. The 4 big banks are in a riyal commission LETS MAKE RHG BE THE FIFTH. For a good start let's all get on board and start with an online petition on social media, let's involve current affair a d 60 minutes. Its time to act now, words and reviews are cheap, LETS ACT NOW.

Money hungry

I saw this when I was looking at loan interest comparisons. Whilst it's awful to read everyone's negative experiences, I am so relieved to know I am not alone. We too were shafted from RAMS to RHG. Their interest rates are highway robbery. We haven't had trouble paying, but at the rate we're going, in spite of the fact we pay more each week than we need to, the mortgage will still exist when we die of old age. I am the money handler of the house and suffer severe anxiety so haven't looked at refinancing. I don't know how they sleep at night.

Disgusting bullying

I’m so sick of this disgusting company harrasing me and telling me I have 2 choices 1 pay on time or 2 let Rhg take possession of my house, yes I fell on hard times so a judgment was put on my home , but it’s been years now and I pay on time except for maybe the most a few days late , than I receive the harassment and bully tactics nasty over the top . I complained about the rude message s only to be told they see nothing wrong with there workers treatment

Shoddy, nasty, beware

Since 2014, this putrid little company has steadily gone down hill. Staffed by a group of arrogant and incompetent people that do not respond to enquiries of any sort, RHG needs urgent investigation by the banking ombudsman, in regards to their practices. I work with people who are in financial difficulties, most banking institutions are usually compliant in working with borrowers experiencing hardship, but not RHG.
The arrears manager (S.P.) is extraordinarily rude and vindictive and i have been told he will hang-up on people enquiring about their arrears or asking for statements.
Paperwork, statements, reports are near impossible to get sent out, the staff are slack, communication contradictory, methods are shady.
BEWARE! Avoid this company at all cost. Slow to respond but quick to evict, these are the closest to corporate scammers I've ever had experience with.


I was with rams they palmed me off to RHG who stole money from my account they ran me into debit then sold me off to resimac who paid big bucks to purchase rhg, now they want the profit back from the purchase & the quickest way to get it is foreclosure on mortgages. If your unlucky enough to have a loan with this mob it is URGENT you refinance with someone else as fast as you can, time is running out, don't think you're safe, that was my mistake. You've been warned stay away from this mob.

Rhg is unconscionable

Had a rams loan but was transferred to rhg a few years ago, the interest rate went up around three percent. After many years I finally paid the outstanding amount owed around six weeks ago. Although the government has abolished exit fees I have paid around $800 in fees to get my title but still don't have it. I paid rhg the fees for their solicitor but now they say they cant transfer it to them so I had to pay it again to their solicitor direct in the hope of getting the title
I have phoned rgh many times but keep getting conflicting information. Such a happy and positive experience of paying a loan out has been totally soured by such unconscionable conduct by rhg. I had to get a loan to pay the loan payout fees, ironic

Thieving Rude Awful Company STAY AWAY!!

I recently lost my job and fell behind in my mortgage. I am in arrears $1000 (3 weeks) and they are now not interested in the arrears but trying to take my home. You can not talk to them they are RUDE loan sharks. BEWARE!!

Fed to the lions

When RAMS sold our mortgage to Rhg we had no idea the nightmare we were about to experience. They are the "cash converters' of the mortgage industry who have no scupals about extorting as much as possible from their unwary victims.
Their greed is only overshadowed by their hubris and contempt for their clients. Class action is the way to go!

Warning - this company are unreasonable, greedy and treat their customers with contempt.

I had a mortgage with RAMS and had no problems until the debit with transferred to RHG. Since then I have had nothing but trouble. The interest rate is exceedingly high, the staff are aggressive and whenever I fall even a short way behind in my payments (i.e. about $300 behind, due to short periods between employment contracts) these people harass me to the point where I begin having anxiety attacks. Do not deal with this company! Don't say you haven't been warned.

Ignores "Wrong Address"

Letters from RHG, addressed to the previous householder at my address, have been landing in my mailbox on a roughly monthly basis for more than nine (yes, 9) years.
Every single one of them gets my address crossed out, and the words "Not at this address; return to sender" written on it, and an arrow pointing to the address at the top of the envelope (which I underline) "PO Box H284 Australia Square NSW 1215".
I pitty the poor person who is supposed to be receiving this mail.Given the other reviews on here, it's probably another tactic to foreclose on unsuspecting customers. I have returned over 100 letters to you which you ignore.
How on earth can you be trusted as a lender if your policies don't cater for handling unopened mail being returned?

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Questions & Answers

If you are in arrears with rhg and council rates can you put your house on the market and sell it ?
2 answers
Hey mate..When RHG reposed our house we had arrears with rates they still managed to sell our house..Only if RHG give you permission, but I bet they won't cause they put you in that position so they can take your house. Go to Supreme Court Support Perth group on facebook there are ppl there who can explain it too you. If you have a lo doc or no doc loan you've been scamed

What is the current rate of interest of rhg may 2015?
2 answers
Hi Susan, I am not sure what their advertised interest rate at the moment is as they have may different loans, but we are currently paying 5.68% to my knowledge the last interest rate drop has not been passed on.7.14% is RHG's Victim's current interest rate as at May 2017, although they seem to change it for each customer but definitely not cheaper than this. Refinance your home loans now between 3.66% to 4.1% with most lenders, Heritage Bank has a very good offer at the moment at 3.99% locked in for 3 years, mortgage over 30 years. Check it out, this is who we are trying to refinance through at the moment. Will let you know how we go, just be honest with them and tell them about RHG, let's give Heritage Bank a chance to help us.

Does anyone know what happens if I hand back my keys to RHG? I can no longer continue to make payments & am keen to hand back loan I spoke to them about this 6 weeks ago, they told me to email them, I did so about 3 weeks later, they replied saying I have to call them to do this, where does this leave me?
3 answers
dont do it!Stay in your house. If you hand your keys back you'll need to pay rents somewhere and you'll still be liable for the repayments until RHG sell your house. This isn't America where you can just hand back your keys and walk away. Start the process to sell your house, contact an agent, get an appraisal, get it the paper for sale etc... With a three week marketing period and six week settlement period you can have it sold and settled in two months. If there's going to be a shortfall after sale RHG and the Mortgage Insurer will get themselves involved in the sale process (and this isn't necessarily a bad thing as mortgage insurers are good at maximising sale prices because they bear any loss). While the same process is going on find yourself somewhere else to live. Be aware, however; that if there is a shortfall the mortgage insurer has the right to collect the debt from you. After an initial phone call or two they won't usually chase you unless you have assets, otherwise they're just throwing good money after bad. Good Luck.SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE: When you borrow money for a house you always pay Mortgage Insurance whether you are told about it or not, it is set up at the beggining of every home loan and is paid for you by the bank (out of the 20% deposit that you initially had to provide when you first bought your home) this is why they insist that you provide that 20% deosit. In the case that you have to hand your keys back and there is a shortfall in the auction price and what is owing on the home loan; the financial institution auctions your home and your Mortgage Insurance pays the difference of what is owing on the loan if your home sells for less than what is owing on it, that is why every home loan has Mortgage Insurance so the bank never loses money. They will ring you later and try to extort extra money out of you, to which you need to remind them that; that is why you paid Mortgage Insurance and they have already received the insurance amount from the Mortgage Insurer; therefore there is a NIL balance. However, they will definitely put a bad credit rating against you and that stays in place for 7 years. If you choose to hand back your keys DO NOT sign anything saying you will pay extra, do not sign anything, just move your belongings out and then give them the keys.

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