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One of the Best Builder and team experience in Adelaide

I have had the best experience with RossDale. Would give 5 Stars++++++ recommendation for Jessica Ciotti who has helped me with the build process journey. Looking forward for completion shortly

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePre-Construction
Construction End DateNovember 2019

We love our new house

From the beginning of the process, it was all about what we wanted. Having never gone through this before (but having heard of lots of horror stories from other people who had built - not necessarily with Rossdale), we were worried about what would go wrong! We couldn't have been more happy with how smooth the process was. From our first meeting with Rob Phillips at the display home - who was a great source of information on the process and finer details of the build - to the hand over with the site supervisor Damien, the process was relatively painless. Well done Rossdale. They were always happy to discuss any queries we had or solve any problems that arose (usually of our making) during the build without complaint. The tradesmen they use have a great eye for detail, even the bricklayer making sure that the brickwork on the pillars on the front veranda lined up with the brickwork on the house - what workmanship! The finish on the house was superb. We would like to offer the following as points of improvement on an already good process - we would have liked more regular information on how the build was going without us having to ask (perhaps monthly updates or monthly schedule of works) and having to go all around the city and outer suburbs for our selections was a pain - we live in the Hills and had to go out as far as Holden Hill to choose our selections. These are very minor points in an otherwise positive experience and we would always highly recommend Rossdale to anyone wanting to build.

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateFebruary 2019

Rossdale Service

We can't thank everyone at Rossdale Homes enough, for the excellent service we have had the whole way through.
We have been fortunate to have Guy Henderson as our building consultant. He has been easy to get along with, comfortable to talk to & listens to our concerns & finds a solution. He knows what he's talking about & has been very flexible with appointment times, as we both work full time.
We also have Steph, as our go to for any questions or amendments we may have. She has been a pleasure to deal with & has also been lovely enough to bring up some issues with our design, that had originally been overlooked, & help us find a solution to fix them.
As our home is only half built, we will be able to update this once it has been completely finished, but overall, if we ever build again in the future, we look forward to working with everyone at Rossdale again :)

Construction End DateMay 2019

Amazing Build

The build process was quick and easy. We were kept up to date with everything through the build process and our building consultant Tiff was always willing to answer any questions that we had. Our site supervisor would always return our calls in a quick manner and was more than willing to assist with anything we asked for during the build. I couldn't recommend anyone else to build with expect for Rossdale.

Construction End DateMar 2018

Positive experience

We have had a positive experience, building our first home, with Rossdale Homes. From the preliminary service to the final handover, it had been a smooth sailing. Leon Margaritis (Building Consultant ) is experienced, and he provided us with several valuable suggestions about various aspects at the designing, and contract stages . His service was indeed reassuring, and Leon guided us through the crucial initial stages. The building progress thereafter was hassle free, and went on as scheduled. The customer service coordinator and the interior designer were helpful, with their prompt communication and professional advice, respectively. Tom Parker ( the site supervisor), was professional and amiable; apart from providing comprehensive information about the usage and maintenance matters, his diligence was evidenced by his prompt completion of all the handover items, and ensuring a gratifying experience for us, at the time of final handover. We are satisfied with the overall standard of workmanship, and are particularly impressed with external and internal finishing. I would recommend Rossdale to anyone who are keen to build a quality home.

Construction End DateApr 2018

Happy with house plans

Leon Margaritis has been of great assistance in making the drawing of the house plans an easy and rewarding experience. I acknowledge the thoughtfulness and expertise he showed in the preparation for the build. This would have been my second build with Rossdale.

Unfortunately due to ill health I was unable to carry through with the build. During this time Leon has been most understanding.

Construction End DateMay 2018

Really good build experience!

A big thank you to Leon Margaritis (sales consultant) and Michael White (site supervisor) for all their help and guidance, to all the Rossdale trades people that contributed in building my house, and to the office staff, Stephanie (customer service coordinator), Linda (accounts), Teresa (selection), that kept me informed throughout the build process.

Before deciding on Rossdale most of my weekends were spent going through different display homes with my mum (always good to have a 2nd opinion!) and we kept on going back to the Rossdale ones at least 3-4 times! Leon I found was knowledgeable about the build process, and that gave me the confidence to go ahead with Rossdale.

So, to anyone that’s looking to build a new house I can highly recommend Rossdale Homes, excellent workmanship and build quality, house was completed within time frames, prompt response by staff about any queries, and just really nice home designs to chose from.

Construction End DateApr 2018

A very good finished product

We started the process of building two houses in September 2015. There was a significant amount of preparation that was needed such as land division and engaging a private planner and organizing some of our own suppliers in addition to your regular council approvals etc. We originally chose a design that was off the plan and altered it so much that it was no longer considered off the plan but a custom design. I assume that this made the price go up quite a bit. During the planning stage, it felt like we had to always check the changes we requested on the plans and drawings at the next meeting because we noticed that these were not always being followed through on. There were bumps along the way where we expected a bit more communication with regards to where the process was at and what/who we were waiting on but once we received all the necessary approvals and signed the contract earlier this year, construction began in February/March and both houses were completed in July. We were amazed at how quickly and smoothly the actual build happened. Overall, we found Rossdale to be fairly reasonable as there were changes we made during the late stage planning process and where we would have been charged an additional fee, Rossdale waived it as a gesture of good will. Huge thanks to Leon (sales consultant), Damien (site / building supervisor) and Steph (customer liaison) who were always willing to assist whenever we called and that was much appreciated.

Construction End DateJul 2017

Upfront Engagement and initial deposit for plans

The sales person is great and has tried his best to keep me posted however after making the initial deposit for plans and waiting 8 weeks, i am told their outsourced drafting company is at full capacity and will respond when they can. I think Rossdale needs to advise customers upfront of the delay so when customers like me who are looking to build urgently can look at other options before making a deposit. I am now rethinking if i should go with Rossdale. If this is my experience before signing the contract, then what will be the response after. Feeling very frustrated.

Construction End DateAug 2017

Overall fantastic build

Hubby & I researched builders for a few years. Signed with one that went bankrupt & almost signed with another until finally going with Rossdale. They are hands down the best quality for the price. We did a lot of negotiation whilst still residing interstate. This was not a problem at all, we found everything straight forward & easy.
We dealt with Leon Margaritis. He was friendly & really helpful without being one of those obnoxious salesmen! He was prompt with phone calls, emails & clear communication. You never got the impression he was making stuff up, when he was unsure he would say so & get back to you with answers.
We found Rossdale very accommodating to our needs/requests. For example we really wanted a natural hardwood timber floor. For this to be done well it needs to be installed before the cabinetry. Builders don't usually allow this, flooring is done after handover. But management were willing to negotiate & work something out so that we could get the finish we desired.
The only thing we weren't 100% happy with was the 2nd fix carpenter. His finishes & attention to detail let the other trades work down. Having said this he no longer works for Rossdale. Being very picky now hubby & I also went over every weekend & swept out the entire house & put rubbish in bin etc so the worken came to a clean site each week (they were pretty messy)
Overall we absolutely love our house. Very happy with the product, customer service & experience. We recommend Rossdale if you want a quality home for a great price. There are plenty cheaper but the quality is shocking & plenty that have exceptional quality but they cost a fortune.

Construction End DateNov 2016


20/02/2018 - I’m currently building with Rossdale Homes at Gilles Plains. I have had to drop my previous ratings for this builder from 4 star to 3 and now 2 for the following reasons. The concrete pour (slab) was completed last Wednesday and to my disbelieve, they missed a floor waste/trap in the ensuite. So far no apologies forthcoming and no resolution on how they propose to address the matter. Despite my many emails, I keep getting the same reply that their supervisor is trying to contact the plumber. I haven’t met or spoken to the Supervisor and it’s Rossdale Homes’ policy not to provide their Supervisor contact details to their customers. I’m disappointed that a builder like Rossdale Homes is very poor in resolving issues that arise during construction.

27/02/2018 - To my horror, the builder has now cut the slab without consulting or notifying me. This is not the outcome I wanted. All Rossdale Homes had to do was to communicate with me as to the options available on the table to fix the missing floor waste. Instead they have proceeded to cut the slab without notifying me of their decision. Had I known earlier, I would not have agreed to the cutting of the slab and would have just done without the extra floor waste. I’m now worried the slab may have been compromised and that I could face problems as a result of this in the future.

01/03/2018 - Building frames have now gone up without slab being repaired. I’ve picked out 9 of the 14 door frames have been incorrectly framed to 2.1m height instead of the required 2.4m height for my 3m high home.

05/03/2018 - Incorrect door frame heights have been fixed now but still waiting on the concrete slab to be rectified. Have identified an incorrect shower outlet height in the bathroom, should be at 1800mm, not 1500mm as it currently sits.

06/03/2018 - Aluminium windows and sliding doors went in yesterday; identified an incorrect colour in the sliding door handles; paid $106 extra for frame colour coordinated handles but it arrived in black. My privately hired building supervisor also completed the 2nd stage of the build inspection yesterday; he identified 3 major and 5 minor defects for rectification.

16/03/2018 - The cut slab in the ensuite is currently being repaired; however the slab now has been jack-hammered in two spots within the bathroom area for plumbing corrections and not rectified yet. The incorrect colour for the sliding door handles has been fixed. The major defect within the wall frame has also been actioned with most minor defects corrected. The gutters, facias and roof are now up and the bricks have arrived on site.

18/03/2018 - The builder is currently undertaking a lot of hard work to repair the cut slab; this major error and inconvenience could have been avoided if they have better communication line in place.

22/03/2018 - The bricks have started to go up and still waiting for defects identified previously to be repaired. I wish someone would just talk to me and provide assurance that the defects will get looked at soon.

06/04/2018 - The incorrect shower outlet at 1500mm has now been fixed together with most framing defects identified previously. The missing floor waste in the ensuite has been installed and necessary repair work undertaken as per the engineering report. However, the cut concrete slab couldn’t be filled with concrete in the end. They had to use Renderok LA55 instead due to termite treatment infill. Stage 3 of the build is now completed with the completion of roof and brick works. My independently engaged inspector has also completed his stage 3 inspection and reported only one incomplete work which the builder has acknowledged and has assured will be completed once the down pipes are fitted.

11/04/2018 - The electrician on site yesterday pointed me out to the Rossdale Homes supervisor in charge of build whom I have never met or spoken to before. I wanted to introduce myself and ask a few questions on the electrical works and outstanding defects. The supervisor was on the phone and I waited a good ten minutes to talk to him. After realising I was waiting there to chat to him, the supervisor just walked away and got into his ute. I was shocked by his rude attitude. Nevertheless, I pursued him, introduced myself and spoke for a bit. The eaves and all electrical works were completed yesterday.

26/04/2018 - I'm beginning to lose my trust with this builder. The external and internal insulation batts went in couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately many of the batts got blown away during the wet and windy weather we had not long ago. The builder assured me this will be fixed. However, the gyprock works has now been completed and I can see that the missing batts were never replaced in the Alfresco ceiling. Now, I'm questioning myself weather they even fixed the missing batts in the internal walls before the gyprock went in. I'm trying my level best to get the missing batts replaced in the alfresco but the builder has gone quiet. The customer service coordinator is on leave and I left a message for the supervisor at the office but he won't return my call. It might end up being like the L-brackets defect that never got fixed and now it's too late. I feel this whole build with Rossdale Homes has been quite stressful and a major rip-off given I’m paying $1600sqm for the build and I’m not getting what I paid for. I don’t even have many luxury upgrades like stone bench tops, have gone with mainly the builder’s range of tiles, no flooring, no stormwater system, no driveway, no fencing, no landscaping etc. etc. The least I expected is for the builder to build me a quality home and rectify any defects identified. It feels like I’ve to fight every inch of the way to get the defects rectified and even then it’s not happening all the time.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Big cheaters

I was initially given a quote for $320k & then asked to pay a deposit of $3,500 for a detailed costing. When paying the deposit i said if the final quote is significantly different from initial quote i will not go ahead with the quote. I was assured at that time by the sales rep that it will not be the case. I was again asked to pay $1,200 as part of deposit & again after assurance that the final quote is not significantly different from initial quote, I paid 600. Then the final quote is $450k because they discovered an error in the initial quote.

Construction End DateFeb 2016

Happy Customer

We bought our Senator home in 2002 when it was 4 years old and as the second home owner it still contained the original soft furnishing and landscaping as a display home. After six months into our newish home, to our surprise, we discovered white ants had penetrated through the under slab poison treatment then substantially infested our house.

Whilst the Pest Control treatment had failed under its guarantee, Rossdale Homes together with Termimesh had no hesitation to investigate the infestation source. Whilst the Termimesh treatment was good, the under slab poison treatment was identified as the primary fault. Secondly there were partially filled concrete slab-peg holes they were found, that enabled the white ants to substantially infest through the peg holes into the house.

Rossdale Homes then sealed the peg holes, repaired the walls and roof struts and under an arrangement with Termimesh, then installed bait stations around the house permitter, and placed the house under a formal inspection program.

Since the peg holes have been sealed several years ago, no further infestations have occurred within the house, but only within the highly effective external Termimesh bait stations.

Rossdale Homes have also attended to several minor building faults within 5 years of being built.

During our post built experience, Rossdale were very transparent and highly customer service focused.

Would be more than happily recommend Rossdale Homes to all my family and friends.

Construction End DateAug 1998

They just don't care

It's 32 weeks since I paid my deposit. They stuffed up the first plan, I went back to the bottom of the pile. I don't have a price. I don't have working drawings. I don't have time lines. I don't have any idea what is going on, and that hasn't changed this year. This stage was meant to take 10-12 weeks, at 32 weeks I think it's never going to happen. i think I've done my $4,500 with this company. How can I continue a build with a company that cares so little about a customer?

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I thought I would continue with Rossdale because I had come so far. They continued to be slow, but also came in over budget, they talked about removing rooms, not having robes, downgrading the kitchen etc etc. It took so long, around 40 weeks, not even close to starting, so many mistakes, blatant errors ( I even had a custom plan done and they designed all the living areas on the wrong side). I liked the final plan, but could not afford the price it came in at. After much angst I felt I could not trust Rossdale to build a house and have cancelled. Not a word from them since, the fact they didn't care was consistent from beginning to end. I have signed with another builder and can't believe the difference, fast, efficient, setting meetings ahead of time, its been really refreshing. I wish I had never hear of Rossdale, if I had signed with the other company first I would have been in my home, not wasting $500 a week on rent.

Happy Customer

I built with Rossdale 5 years ago. Was more than happy with the service I received and the finished product. Being a first home owner knowing exactly what I was spending was very important. Am now ready to build a second larger home and have no hesitation going back to Rossdale. Would happily recommend to all my family and friends.

First build experience

From the first appointment with James at Rossdale to discuss the options of our build to the handover with our fantastic building supervisor Matt, our build was flawless. Rossdale were very transparent and helpful & walked us through the entire process. James was always accommodating & never tired of my endless & naive questions. During the build there was open communication and the ability to view each stage as it progressed. Matt went above & beyond what was required of him & took the time to double check details before any mistakes were made. The trades are of the highest quality which resulted in the most professional & high standard build. I would definitely build with Rossdale again.

Love our new home

We love our new home, the workmanship and quality are of high standard and the build was managed professionally and in a timely manner. No build is perfect, but the little hiccups were dealt with promptly.
Its a big home with very special needs and nothing was too much trouble when requesting exactly
what we wanted.
We would definitely build with Rossdale again.

Rossdale Homes professional and efficient. Our final dream home.

From the moment we commenced the process nothing was too much trouble. We changed one of the Rossdale designs to suit our block with many helpful suggestions from the Rossdale design team. The fixed price guarantee was an absolute winner for us, so we had no nasty surprises through the process. Other builders appeared reluctant to offer this service. Our supervisor, Matthew Leonard, was fantastic to deal with and we appreciated his advice and experience during the build. If you are thinking of building, we highly recommend speaking to Rossdale Homes.

Very Happy Home Buyer

I was personally very impressed with my whole overall experience building with Rossdale. As this was my very first house it was quite a daunting decision to build. Rossdale put all my concerns to ease along the way and there was always someone there to talk to and they kept you informed throughout the building process. I was especially happy with the quality of the final build and anything I was not sure about they changed around or fixed straight away. The fixed pricing at the beginning helped gave me that piece of mind that you wouldn't get any nasty surprises at the end. overall I would highly recommend Rossdale if you are looking for a quality affordable builder.

Rossdale Homes because Trust is a Must

We have just finished building our home away from home with Rossdale. After a rocky start to building because another company went broke we settled on Rossdale to build our home. Leon Margaritas looked after us extremely well and did everything we asked of him. His professionalism was top notch and building went ahead without any drama. Our home was finished before the expected date and we have no complaints about our build. Rossdale were very helpful as they were 26 years ago when we first built with them. Michael and Megan Smith
We'll priced and finished before expectation

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Questions & Answers

We have given the initial deposit for a land and home package for a Rossdale estate. Having read these reviews we have started getting a bit worried as its our first home. Has anyone ever had an experience with them with an estate?
1 answer
Hi, from what I have heard from others, if you have a problem you seem to have continuous problems, they can't manage it. If it runs well at the beginning it is ok through the project. They just don't seem to have a culture that fixes problems.

Those who had good experiences with Rossdale, did you buy off the plan and not make changes?
3 answers
I found a floor plan that i liked, but then made quite a few changes. eg made the house longer, changed the layout of the ensuite...... it was hard not to make changes, as i felt like i didn't want to have the same exact house as someone else :) hope that helpsWe designed our own home to fit the shape of our block and to place rooms where we wanted them. This was no problem at all for the Rossdale team.Our home was a custom design on a very difficult site. We have no complaints very professional and great quality product. This company has built 100s of homes over the years. Most people that are happy dont write reviews. Hardly any reviews on here ?

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