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2.0 from 26 reviews

Very happy beautiful dress.

After seeing some negative reviews was a little sceptical but received my dress in good time and absolutely love it . Bought two and returned one had to alter mine a little was a bit wide at the sides but that wasn't the manufacturers fault, I'm a small person. Thank you. Very happy.

Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Can't be bothered returning...

I purchased a dress value approx $50. It is poor quality fabric and doesn't fit. It will cost be at least $17 to return it, and from the other reviews here, it's unlikely I'll even see a refund so just can't be bothered. Will put it in a charity bag.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing Very small
Product Appearance Not as advertised

took my money

Took my money did not deliver the item can not contact website for refunds but site appears to closed down. Tracking numbers are confused can not contact by phone. Never again

Return Claim MadeNo


Not satisfied with quality, returned 2 pairs put in paypal dispute, saying you didn’t receive them, not happy. Will never purchase again from this company or any associated company. Purchased 2/12/18, returned 17/12/18 with my details. Arrived in usa 26/12/18 and delivered 29/12/2018.
Very unhappy
Beware make sure you get sign for when returned/ delivered

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing Slightly large
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Give me my money back !!!

I ordered a dress from Rotita in october 2018.. the dress arrived early November. Dreadful quality so I returned the dress with all my details on the 7th November. Followed by 2 emails....it is now 28th dec and still no sign of my REFUND. I will be lodging a paypal dispute for the return of my money.

Shoppers Beware

I placed an order for 2 dresses on November 30, 2018, I still haven't received the items I've paid for. I had an important event to attend this Saturday Dec. 8, 2018. Ridiculous, they took my money and waiting 10 days November 30, 2018 to take my items to FedEx to be shipped. Then they sent it FedEx SmartPost, where you can't and the FedEx can't make any notes or changes to your shipment. This is the worst experience as a first time customer I've ever had. I will never purchase anything from this company EVER again. They have no customer service number for you to speak with anyone. Shoppers Beware!!!!!!!!!! I would give them negative stars if it were an option.

Really bad returns service.

I wanted to return two $50.00 dresses. One was too big and one the zip was broken. I followed the procedure and asked for a full refund. This was 'approved' and I paid for postage and sent the dresses. 12 hours after I got the full refund approved, I got an email stating they were refunding me $70.00 without the return of the dresses!! I had sent them already.

Criminal people do not trust

They charged me in USD instead of AUD but they refuse to rectify. Many emails a touch with paypal still they will not pay my refund. I will not be taking delivery of my order will be sending it back. I will then open a dispute on paypal for my refund. Do not deal with these people, they are clearly Chinese and this is how they roll.

Unhappy customer.

Quick to take your money, but refund is another story.

The dress and swim suit which I ordered were many sizes larger even though check it against their measurement chart on their website. And they make you send the items back to US when refunding even though the package is sent from Australia.
Reason is that it will cost you so much to post it to US that you would not be bothered to return them. This means they have already got hold of 50% what you have paid for (or even more since these items would cost less for them as they are made in China). So in a way, it's a scam by itself.

The dress and swim suit are poorly made, material is cheap quality. I could easily buy similar products for the same price and better quality and hassle free refund in Australia for that price. The refund procedure is a nightmare...Will not buy from them ever again!

Dreadful quality and you Do NOT ever get your refund.SCAMMERS!

Very happy to take your money, but will NOT refund.
It says packages are sent from Australia, but if you want to exchange or refund you have to post back to US or China.
Terrible people!

Very happy with my dress

I love the cocktail dress I bought. It has a flowing overlay which is perfect for a larger lady and covers any areas that need to be hidden. I would prefer a longer length but its still acceptable. I followed a review recommendation to buy the next size up, and I'm glad I did. A perfect fit. Looks great and easy to accessorise with bling. Delivery was within advised period.

Would not buy from them again!

I did not receive my product even after several attempts of emailing them! I received an email saying they would see what they could do .....but nothing.

Terrible product quality - unwearable

I purchased online a brown shirt with music notes. The item arrived quickly. Yet it is unwearable. The brown fabric has patches of splattered white that are definitely not part of the pattern, just very poor quality fabric dye. Sizing also smaller than anticipated. Looked up returns policy on their website and their procedure is way too complicated. Will now throw it away. I'm not ever buy from this site again.

No problems

I ordered a jacket, a top & a to They arrived with no hitches. The jacket was not the material I expected but it's wearable & smart. The top was a medium & a smidgen on the smaller side,, but a beautiful garment
Both items were exactly as advertised on their site. It was a good experience for me, & I'm about to order more items.

Beware - You don't actually ever get the refund!!

Ordered three items last October (2017). The medium size of one of the outfits fits fine, but the large size of another was far too small and I couldn't even get it on. I was promised a refund. Their communication process with promises of a refund is an absolute joke - they are literally taking the "mickey" out of you by continually assuring you the refund is on its way - the communication is still going around in circles - I keep requesting and they keep assuring....and the months keep rolling by... I have evidence of all their communication and will join in on any legal action possible against this company for FALSE ADVERTISING. If you order - BEWARE - order on the basis that there is NO REFUND. Oh, and by the way, they NEVER reply to your email - you need to navigate your way through a long URL to get to their communication page where you need to log on in order to communicate with them.

Won't order from this on-line company again.

I ordered 2 tops. 1 B/W so colour was true to picture but quality was only just acceptable. Wearable but without pleasure. The other was nothing like picture. Colour and quality very poor. Will never be worn. Certainly could have bought better and cheaper locally. No problems with process and delivery.

Product poor quality and nothing like the illustration, colours washed out and poor quality fabric.

Product poor quality and nothing like the illustration, colours washed out and poor quality fabric. Not even a manufacturer's label. Why it was charged in US$ when it came direct from Shanghai China with a stated value of $6 US when I paid over $30.00US. Extremely disappointed.

Great swimsuits- exactly as described

I ordered 2 swimsuits online. The delivery took about 2 weeks.
The items fit perfectly and the material is good quality.
Very happy with my purchases.

Not what I expected!

I bought 3 items for the first time from Rotita. They arrived on time. One item of the 3 resembled the photo on their website. One was nothing like the photo and another was the completely wrong item! The item that resembled the photo is ok but my son suggested I might consider just wearing it at home! Buyers beware!

Happy customer!

Purchased around $200 AUD in clothing. The items were shipped promptly. The packaging is very basic (it's basically a cellophane bag) but when I first unpacked the clothes, they looked very much as they did on the website. The colours were accurate and the cuts were "true to image". I've pushed several of them through the washing machine, and there were no mishaps: they've held their shape and colour. Overall, a very good experience!

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I am trying to check my order, I have my order number but cant see my tracking. This is my order numberW1905031927435916 Can you please tell me if my order is on the way. Thank you
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Are ROSEWE and ROTITA and same company? There products look very alike. Jackie Queensland
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I am a aus size 14 in swimwear. Not sure what size to order through Rotita. Could someone advise? Thanks
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