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Safe N Sure Mouse Trap

Safe N Sure Mouse Trap

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Did not kill mouse, worked 2/3 times


Easy set up, but some are really sensitive that you have to adjust spring. One mouse that was caught did not die and the trap got just above the nose. Very bad, cheap product.



  • 2 reviews

Best trap I ever used


Absolutely Useless


When put down and set at the position needed the trap just goes off, can't stay set. Releases immediately. Even when as gentle as possible. There may be a special way to set.

Xy guy

Xy guyCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

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Not worth the money.


My sister who lives nearby in a bush area has had some mice problems recently and got a couple of these. Like others here these traps have been nothing more than a mouse feeding device. Bait gone, trap mechanism not tripped. Cant beat the good old wood ones i reckon, set them on the very edge of going off and work every time. Guess people want something easy and less hands on in setting them up like these things. Whats a minute or two of your time in the big scheme of things doing it right. Sometimes the old is still the best. These things are toys.

Would be good if it actually killed the mouse


Have caught 2 mice with trap and both were caught by the leg and the trap has insufficient force to kill them. Nothing like getting up in the morning and having to take the trap outside and finish the mouse off. Junk

Total Crap


Great way to feed mice. All plastic construction allows mice to escape EVERY TIME. Don't waster your money. We have used these traps for week and every time the Mice Escape.



Love this product. Has worked perfectly for me. Will definitely be buying a couple of extra ones. Peanut butter and wet dog food both caught mice. Highly recommend this mouse trap as it's so easy to use.

Excellent mouse trap


This is the best mouse trap after having used several other similar ones over several nights. On the first night I used this mouse trap I was finally able to catch the mouse. This is a very sensitive mouse trap so the mouse could not lick the bait clean without being snapped up by the trap.

Great! Now why can't I buy them?


The SafeSecure concealed Mouse Trap is Very handy . Cheap and they are humane and WORK. Can't get them at Coles anymore why?
Please, Please bring them back.
Nothing else on the market like this.

Steve C

Steve CWide Bay-Burnett, QLD

  • 3 reviews

They work


As with many others writing reviews, I too laid out a range of traps from different brands. I found the snap-E traps too stiff with mice just eating the bait and walking away. This included licking all the peanut butter which is the bait I use and it still did not set them off. The Safe N Sure is the only one of all that I used that has caught mice repeatedly and regularly as opposed to what seems to be one off flukes with the rest of them. I will use them only from now on as they definitely go off in less time than it takes a mouse to lick the peanut butter. Oh and they sell them in stock at Woolworths for the person who could not find them at Coles.


Leigh898Wimmera, VIC

  • 10 reviews

Cheap and good if they work


Great mouse trap - why can't I buy more!


this trap is far better than the one I'm currently trialling.
It doesn't matter that they break after many months use because it's very effective.
I'm very disappointed that they seem to have come off the shelves of Bunnings and Coles and I can't find anywhere else to buy them. And the mice just laugh at the current one I have. they are getting fat eating the peanut butter



  • 2 reviews

Great traps


I love these traps , I use 3 different types of mouse trap and only these go off and catch the mice .. only problem I have had is a neighbours cat taking off with the mice and the traps! I only got one back . Also using Talon baits I have cleared up a lot of mice very quickly . I want to buy more of these traps next time I head through Gawler .

Crap Quality!


I brought the SAFEnSURE twin pack mousetrap. Completed disappointed in the quality as one fell apart in my hands as I went to set it for the first time. Customer Service non existent! I tried to email to give customer feedback the email bounced back and so I then tried calling the number on the package... it has been disconnected.



Best mouse trap


This is the best mouse trap I have ever used. We have quite a few mice at the moment and I have been setting three different types of traps each night. The box type in which the mouse goes into the trap and then you have to dispose of it in the morning. Unpleasant!! - The type which bites your finger when you put it on the floor and if you do catch a mouse, it tries to get you again and then these little efficient traps which are easy to set, dispose of the mouse and reset. Great Invention!!!

Kyle H

Kyle HMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 7 reviews

Does the job well


Probably the best trap I've ever had, traps have had lasted me 8 years and still active

Does what they are supposed to do and kills fairly fast, tried other traps but they always would go off without anything touching them or go off after a mouse has cleaned the bait right off the tongue of the trap

Horrid! And USELESS!!!


DO NOT BUY!! One trap was licked clean and didn't go off. the other trap caught a mouse by the leg.....I didn't hear it....so the poor mouse was stuck all night. It dragged the trap under the dishwasher until it was completely wedged under there. Trying to get the trap out released the poor mouse with a broken leg.



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Not convinced


We live in the country so have had plenty of practice catching mice, tried these when one hitched a ride in our camper baited with a smear of peanut butter. 4 days later changed to a different trap and caught straight away, not sure they'd kill much if they did go off either, basically garbage!
Just a little further information, I spent about an hour trying to give this manufacturer feedback using various email addresses from their site and the packaging not to mention their contact form and all got bounced, total waste of time, what a top company!

Mike R

Mike RSouthwest, VIC

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At last a great trap


  • Verified purchase



The spikes for the bait do not securely hold anything. All I managed to do was feed the little critters. I am taking the back for a refund. The manufacturers email address general@zapcoaustralia.com.au does not work and neither does their web form on their webpage. Tomorrow during office hours I will try the phone number on the pack.

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Questions & Answers

Inga P.

Inga P.asked

How do you get the mousetrap to work when it triggers itself before you even get it in position. Some of the ones we bought works really well but the others triggers themselves. Any suggestions on how to get it to stay set.

1 answer

I posted this review about a year ago but see that the same questions still come up. I suggest that you read the reviews first where you will probably find your answer. Just Google 'safe n Sure Mousetraps'. Here is my original review. Read a couple of negative reviews and I understand exactly what happened. Some of these traps are too sensitive, others not sensitive enough. The solution is quite simple. If it is too sensitive, use super glue to glue a small weight (test to see how heavy a weight is needed before glueing) on top of the rear flap or use Blue Tac. If not sensitive enough, cut some short strips of cardboard (from breakfast cereal packet etc and again test how many needed) to glue underneath the rear flap to hold it a little higher which increases the sensitivity. So easy to set - my wife or grandchildren can set them without fear of getting a finger caught. We catch at present up to 13 mice per night - 90% in these traps, 10% in the old wooden ones which I also use. They are just super. Hope my comments help you.



Are these safe N Sure mouse traps available in stores?

1 answer
Kyle H
Kyle H

Yes they are still available in stores but are under a different name, not sure 100% but they are in a white box, they'll have an image on the back of them, readily available in Coles and SA foodlands



I bought two traps and on two nights the bait was taken (sultana then peanut butter)
but the traps did not go off. Maybe some trick in setting them? The bait pad seems
loose when set and requires a tap with a spoon to actually set if off... Any ideas?

1 answer

I had this same problem with one of my traps. No matter what I tried I couldn't get it to work. The other mousetrap caught the mouse by a leg and broke the leg = tortured mouse. I tried every which way to contact the company and couldn't get onto anybody. My Solution.... threw both traps in the bin!

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