Overpriced and garbage quality

Bought a Samsung S3 tablet last April. $850, has been slow since day 1. Developed a crack across the screen. Stopped working altogether in February. 9 months. Sent to Sydney to Samsung, phone calls, lame excuses, no remedy. Tried to con $600 out of me to repair case before will look at why this thing won't start. I asked for a replacement, refused. Sending it back to me. Samsung have slipped in quality, and consumer warranty is worthless. Scabs, never again Samsung. Will be pursuing consumer law remedy.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes

Samsung 16kg front loader - wonderful!

I’m really happy with our 16kg front loader Samsung washing machine. I can wash our entire household of 5 people’s sheets in one load. My only criticism is the annoying tune that plays when a cycle ends. This can be turned off though.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Classic marketing scam

Let me tell you about my experience with this "great company". I bought the Samsung S9+ model while the advertisement was being played for a month on all media promoting that one gets the S3 gear smartwatch as a present with the purchased phone - naive me, I fell to it, and at the end not a trace of a smartwatch, no reply to my emails - nothing.

During a direct call, from support I only got the transfer of responsibility to some "Mickey Mouse" marketing firm they supposedly hired and just after waiting few months and making a lot of tedious support calls in order to resolve the matter completely I ended with apparently not complying with their "terms" on that promotion.

I bought the Samsung phone and believed it was not a classic marketing scam, I remember thinking "well they have a reputation, so I'll go for the deal", I couldn't be more wrong. After all I did not bought a bag of candies but a phone, and as I see it now, my last Samsung phone.

Sorry Samsung but you just lost over a decade long loyal customer.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product PurchasedSamsung Galaxy S9+

Never buy Samsung again!!

Phone 18 months old and still under warranty and hasn't been charging properly for a couple of months. Overheating so bad that I couldn't touch the phone around the charging port and lead. Would charge one day not the next and did this right up until the day I put it in for service. Technician rang to report it was caused from physical damage and I would have to pay $250 to have it repaired. I queried the girl who phoned to say it was physical damage but she didn't want a bar of that. She wouldn't even explain how the physical damage happened. Phone sent back to Samsung store as I wasn't prepared to pay the money as I was disputing that it wasn't physical damage. Reviews showed me that this was a common problem. Tried to speak to the technicians but to no avail they are off limits. All calls go through the call centre which was in India. They didn't even know the phone had been returned to Samsung. I phoned the next day to say I would get the phone fixed as I didn't have much choice as it was still on contract for 6 mths. I wasn't allowed to speak to Samsung as they don't have a number for them. Call centre said they would email them and I asked if they could call me before the phone went to Samsung techs. No phone calls received and no contact made to let me know. Phoned call centre again and the same process again. Had to send an email to Samsung again blah blah blah. I asked to speak to their supervisor but couldn't and they said they would phone me that afternoon. 3 o'clock the next day I get a call. When I decided to get phone fixed I wanted to pay on line to get repairs started but not possible I had to go into the store. My advice to anyone thinking o f buying Samsung is to think seriously about it as in my view and reading reviews on the products they all appear to be inferior quality and after sales service given is virtually non existent as all correspondence goes through a call centre staffed by foreigners and was impossible to speak to anyone of any importance at Samsung. DON'T BUY SAMSUNG

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Product PurchasedSamsung Galaxy A5

Samsung customer care.

I have a Samsung washing machine which was repaired under warranty, almost two years later the same fault reappeared. It has taken many phone calls and emails to Samsung, (this is probably their downfall, hence my 4 star rating). But to their credit, after a very lengthy process, they have agreed to fully refund the purchase price of my machine which is almost 4 years old. I would advise anyone with a faulty samsung product to keep contacting them. If you have your proof of purchase and you are completely sure the fault should be covered by warranty, or a historical warranty, if it has already been repaired. Just keep at it! The process is long and frustrating, but they are actually quite fair.

Samsung - worst warranty service ever

I had a Samsung split system air conditioner installed in a residential property. It stopped working after only a few years and it has taken two months to get their agreement to have it replaced. The replacement unit was due to arrive on Friday and it has still not arrived, two days later. Warranty escalation person told me he was "away from his desk" for over a week and no-one else reviewed the matter in the meantime. It is the worst warranty support I have ever experienced and for this reason alone would never buy or recommend a Samsung air conditioner.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes

SAMSUNG: never again.

UHD TV packed up in 2 years. Thankfully had paid for extended warranty. This is where the real problems started! Difficult and time consuming to get assistance and finalise. Very frustrating experience dealing with Samsung. Staff do not follow up. Hours wasted on the phone chasing Samsung for refund. Such a horrible experience. Never again. Very disappointed......... !

Product Quality

Samsung; if there was a zero option I would mark it as such

Unbelievably atrocious support. I recently moved into a dwelling that has a Samsung split system installed; no manual is included
The remote has 17 buttons which is difficult to familiarise with without a manual.
It is getting close to 4 months now that I have been trying to obtain a replacement manual; I have spent over 4 hours on their chat line, which have been entirely wasted.
Each time I am told that I will be contacted within 24-48 hours; never happens. I have sent a photo of the remote at least 6 times at their request, but nobody responds.
I have been a loyal supporter of the brand over many years, but this farcical situation has taught me a lesson.
I would write to somebody responsible if I could however no address is available on their website

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UPDATE; about a week after this review, I received a request from Support to provide contact details, and did so immediately on the 13th February, surprise! no contact since then.

Don't bother with warranty

Got the new samsung note 9 and I've only had it for a few months. Some how the pen will no longer stay in it's area and seems I've gotta pay for pen replacement because it doesn't cover under warranty. Pathetic, if it was Apple it would 100% be cover under warranty.
After this I'm going back with Apple.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Product PurchasedSamsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB

Worst Customer service experience ever and worst product I ever bought.!

I purchased the UA55ES8000M Television, in June 2012, with extended warranty came to around $5000. I purchased it through JB-HI Whitfords W.A. The problem started in Nov 2018. Went to JB-HI , gave me the run around like usual, had to contact Samsung direct. I mentioned that the unit freezes and there is a line of dead pixels down the left side of the tv screen (panel). Samsung was reluctant to proceed due to the warranty being expired. What the problem here was they took 3 weeks to get back to me, which they could have made a decision in a much shorter period, just wasted my time. I lost count how many times I contacted Samsung about this matter in that period. When I finally received a answer, saying they would not be proceeding any further with the matter. I forwarded a second complaint about the matter and no response. This all started in Nov 2018 its now Feb 2019, 4 months. I don't think warranty should be an issue in this instance, due to the fact, Samsung know that there panels are defective and they should be appoint more responsibility for their product. Far as I am concerned they have no product control with their products. A close friend of mine purchased a top of the line 4K samsung television, cost him $4900 from JB-HI The unit is 2 years old and he is currently on the 3 panel (screen), so what does that tell you, in regards to Samsung product control. I will never purchase a samsung television again with the customer service I received was the worst I ever experienced with a manufacturer . That will be the first and last time. Should have purchased a Sony Television as I done before. My name is:
Rupert Pluktchy: [details removed]

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes

Samsung warranty SCAM Faulty product rejected repair cannot use it - waste of time and money

I have a tab 2 from Samsung bought end of 2016. Two months after my purchase I have taken the product to be checked and fixed because it would take 1h to charge 10% and would never complete 100%. The battery would drain in 4h of use and I could only use it again after 24h with less than 50% charged. I've been taking it to Samsung 6 times already!!! The answer is always the same that nothing can't be found, so they can't fix it. When asked about the charging issues they repeatedly say we don't know why the device is not charging, here is a new charger.
I've bought a product that can't be used because it need to be constantly connect to a power plug and even like that, the battery drains itself. When will they do something about it? Well, now the 2 years warranty have expired and they can't do anything about it. It's a SCAM to stall the customers and not to repair, exchange or refund the client!
In the past 6 times I've been to Samsung I've heard people coming back with charging issues. Same issues as I am having since Oct 2016. Not only tablets but Samsung S9 phones as well. It's outrageous to treat a customer like this. I've could barely use the plan that I've got with the tablet, and I just went so many times there sending the tablet away to the VOC Samsung experts that I couldn't even use the product I've acquired and paid for. I feel robbed and tricked by the scam that Samsung has stalling its customers until they run out of warranty without resolving the issue! The technicians acknowledge my issue, understood the device doesn't charge but if they don't find fault in it, they can't give me a replacement. Isn't the charging issue enough fault in a tablet? How am I suppose to use it without battery???

If you buy a product from Samsung hope that you won't need to use the customer service or send it to technical experts, you will lose your precious time and money!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes

Samsung Warranty Non Existence

I own 55" Samsung Curved TV, I bought this TV 3 years back and now the TV has an issue on the screen fading darker. I reported the issue to Samsung and they booked me an appointment with their technician who reported the issue is more related to motherboard and Samsung would honour the damage. I got a text with case number so i called them only to be narrated with the scripted note by the case officer that they cannot go ahead with the repair based on the purchasing price and date. They were not concerned on what caused the issue instead offered me third party number who can fix the TV & bear the cost. Such a shame with the service level from a big company like Samsung.

No complaints, fully satisfied

A while ago my Samsung Galaxy S8+ started glitching (I will post a separate review of Samsung Galaxy S+, this one is only about warranty service provided by Samsung) .
Eventually, when my USB port died, and I could not even charge it, I went to the store in Chermside to repair it under the warranty.
To be honest, before I had read all reviews and expected some awful treatment based on the overall score of 1.7 out of 5 here (as on 03/03/2019).
It was Saturday, I brought my phone to the Chermside without any appointment, yes, they asked me to ait for 60 minutes (actually they sent me a text after 20 minutes), I was served and left my phone with promises that it would be fixed. The guy was extremely helpful and fully agreed with my list I believe had to be fixed.
Surprisingly, on Sunday I received another text that my phone is ready for pick-up, so they fixed it between Saturday and Sunday.
I really appreciate Samsung Chermside for the service I received.
Thank you. You really shifted my expectations.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes

Read before you buy !!!! Samsung Note 8 screen burn in (Samsung call it "User fault after 4 times s

After 8 months of using my brand new Note 8 developed screen burn in. I did contact Samsung and they exchange screen with the new one (note: you will waist 2-3 days without phone and you will have to go through the process of whipping your phone completely). 2 months after that screen burn in happened again and when I visit store, I was told that the issue was created by me as user since I used it incorrectly. I did ask store manager to provide me with detailed instructions what I should and shouldn’t do and he was unable to do that. My use includes phone calls, emails, gaming and watching movies and I am considering it as moderate. After second screen was replaced, within 3 days another burn in appeared. This time when I visit store, I was informed that Samsung head office will analyse this case and contact me with solution. After going through the process of whipping my phone completely again I was contacted by “Technician” that provide ma “solution” “Since this is the issue caused by the end user, all we can do to replace your screen again”. Each time I did ask question, I was provided with script respond.

If you consider buying Samsung phone with OLED screen, PLEASE DON’T.
There is big chance that your phone screen will develop same issue. Do yourself a favour and check other reviews.
Samsung support is a JOKE. For amount of money you would normally pay for “Top End” phone you should expect better support.

Non existent support

Dear Mr Samsung
1) For the first time we had to contact you Mr Samsung
2) We got a case number and 24 hours later we got a text with another reference number to call them with.
3) So we called again with our new Ref number and running through everything again
4) The person on the line was already armed with a script that said we cannot help you, it was so obvious
5) We just got palmed off to a local appliance repairer
6) We tried very hard to know why, especially being a fridge with food in it but all we got at the end is zero tech help, bugger all, nothing which is exactly what we will do when choosing our new fridge: Zero bugger all nothing Samsung - EVER.

Works well

I purchased a Samsung 55" Smart TV a few years back and loved it so much I purchased another recently. The only disappointment was they changed the stand. The new model isn't as aesthetically pleasing and looks quite cheap. Otherwise happy.

3rd Samsung device, 3rd failure! NO MORE!!

First device was a Samsung S4 mobile which was deemed irreparable as they couldn't figure out why the microphone randomly doesn't work (after 2 repairs).
Second device was a premium Samsung LED TV whose panel failed catastrophically after 3.5 years. This is after spending $3800! Only to be told by head office that I needed to spend MORE MONEY on a replacement. Mind you this is in contravention of Australian Consumer Law. After misleading me to fork out another $330, now the piece of garbage replacement TV is also unwatchable!!!
The wifi has stopped working.
The TV randomly switches off.
It also randomly turns itself on in the middle of the night.
On top of that a purple/green vertical line has started to appear on the panel!
Samsung have conveniently denied that this is their problem and won't offer me an acceptable solution (replacement/repair/refund at their expense).

THIS IS THE LAST STRAW. Samsung products are absolute rubbish! After spending over $4100 with them they mislead you on your consumer rights, take your money and deny all responsibility. I'll be reporting this to Consumer Affairs.


I would not recomend this compay for any product

I purchased a refridgerator from Good Guys (i spend $40 ooo dollars with them
The fridge cost $3900 it has never worked properly since the purchase,having 3 times service people comming out,1 time paid mysrlf,because
samsung to slow,
Anyway while away fridge blown the fuse,leave our floor a mess ,and obviously the food,
Repairman came out ,and I was told Samsung should replace or money back
,anyway some 15 calls,i and 4 weeks later they would refund money ,but they said they pick up fridge ,and send refund ,up to 3 weeks later
That is why i wont release the fridge untill they refund money on pick up
Can people believe after the service they gave ,i can trust them

My Name is Jix Michels I live in Kurnell ,and gladl answer anyone on Samsung
Would love to hear comments

Ripped Off. Never buy Samsung products

Bought a Samsung galaxy s9. Offered headphones as an incentive. Followed complicated redemption process, told not eligible cause insufficient proof of purchase. Bought phone on Optus contract. Optus said just quote order number and redemption process would be ok. Samsung and Optus cheated me out of $350 headphones. I am never buying a product from Samsung again and will post on social media my experience in dealing with them. They are corporate theives.

Found flip phone on hard rubbish!!

I found the perfect flip phone on hard rubbish, I think it’s brilliant. No one can contact me because it’s broken and I’m fkn enjoying the peace and quiet!!

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Questions & Answers

When can I get a feedback about my lost product? I ordered water filter for my fridge through Samsung online as I thought it would be less to worried about. But it proved much more problematic. I ordered the product online on Dec 28, 2018 and received a message saying it’s going to be delivered on 3rd Jan and I would be contacted before delivered. On Jan 4th and 5, I checked my mail box and front yard and there was no card or any package about the product but my order was marked as Delivered online. I reported this issue to Samsung via 1300 call last week twice and they promised me response within 48 hrs. However, I haven’t heard anything after 4 days passed. No update, emails or any feedback. This is the worst online purchase experience I’ve ever had in my life.
No answers

Why does Samsung Australia dishonour Australian warranties in contrast to much smaller competitors who have excellent warranty, return, refund practices, Samsung seems to be a nightmare to claim any warranty issues with? (going by reviews here/elsewhere , personal experience).
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Hi I have a samsung s7. In the past 3 weeks when i send a text a web page automatically attaches.example my text ended with end.im or mum.xxx this particular web page turned in pornography. i found this so annoying cause that text turns into irrelevant web pages some inappropriate!! Its frustrating that i have no control of stopping these dumb web pages being attached. I went to my phone provider n he laughed then suggested i go to samsung shop they couldnt help either.i want this to stop ive been texting for over 20 years and have never been so embarrest with these attachments that my family or friends are recieving when sent. This also may affect young innocent kids that invest into a samsung phone whos text are abbreviated. Why cant there b a option to turn this off on my phone or is there???? can you tell me how to turn it off. PLEASE?
3 answers
I think you must understood my comment, I think Samsung customer service sucks, I am not a phone problem consultant. Best of luck.Hi Julie, we truly apologise about your experience. Unfortuantely there isn't an option to remove this feature. As using a phrase like mum.xxx turns in to a link, you will need to always space it out or the operating system will pick this up as a shortcut for a website. If you write the phrase 'Love mum. Xx' or 'Love mum xxx' this issue will not happen. Websites. Feedback will be sent internally, but please be wary of putting spaces between words that are spaced by only a dot, as this is how websites are designed. Philip Samsung AustraliaWhat a surprise! Samsung Australia not taking responsibility for an issue! Lol

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