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Samsung SRF719DLS

Samsung SRF719DLS

MPNs: 35904218 and SRF719DLS
4.2 from 240 reviews

Nice Product

The consistent and reliable temperature
the water outlet is the best feature.
The consistent and reliable temperature
the water outlet is the best feature.
The consistent and reliable temperature
the water outlet is the best feature.
The consistent and reliable temperature
the water outlet is the best feature.

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Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Yes, you will be happy with this fridge

Not every family needs a double door fridge with icemaker but for us it makes a difference. Icemaker works fine, we haven't had any trouble with it. Only thing I wish is the tubs in the freezer were shaped a bit better for stacking food

Purchased .

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Really good fridge

This fridge is very reliable and has 1 shelf that will open for your taller items. The main negative is there is no build in lock function so my 2 year old just opens the freezer doors and helps himself all the time and it's such a pretty fridge would be nice to have a lock full action instead of using ugly stick on child locks.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Good fridge- hopeless ice maker

Really wanted this fridge and saved for a long time. For $4k it’s not worth the outlay when it does the same things a fridge half the price would do. The ice maker after one year started freezing up and has done so for the past year every month. We have to used a hairdryer every time now to thaw the inside mechanism and then it works for a little while and then all happens again. We run the fridge at the recommended temp so I have no idea why. Great big space inside but heaps of wasted space. When I emptied my last tiny fridge contents into this one, I filled it to the max straight up!! Heaps of room to wave a wand inside but ....???

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great Fridge.

This was an upgrade from our old fridge and is much bigger and better equipped. No complaints at this stage and off to a good start. Cools well and quickly and maintains a good stable temperature. The freezer is stable and works well also and has plenty of room compared to our old one

Date PurchasedJan 2019


Let me first say that I love this refrigerator. Has enough room for everything. It is a counter depth refrigerator so it fit right where we needed it to be...but....as with others that I see on the reviews, our ice cube freezer ices up and we have to defrost it. I had a protection plan and they came to fix it, but it happened again 1 month after repair. My plan had ended so there will be no new fixing, which doesn't seem to help anyway. Today I was going to reach out to Samsung but I can see by the other reviews that this is a wasted effort as Samsung does not seem to care. Shame on you Samsung that you continue to sell your product but don't fix an issue that many owners are experiencing.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

RFRD719L BLK Fridge is great but not the service (that's a joke!!!)

We're happy with the fridge performance and it gets lots of positive comments about it's looks but the door has since purchase made a horrible noise (like a weird bird squeaking is how I'd best describe it). Purchased from Winnings who graciously offered to call for a service on our behalf, missed a call from Samsung on my mobile around a week later then when I rang them back I spent around 30 minutes on the phone to try to book a service call in without my serial number (which I didn't take to work with me). It was almost impossible but after so much time I didn't want to have to call back again so insisted on speaking to a supervisor and finally they booked a service call. Samsung management must be hard to work for, the poor guys in the service department tried very hard to get me to almost analyse what I could do to the fridge doors to fix the problem myself without a service call. Questions like "Do the doors align at the top?" "Have you tried to find out if the seal is properly installed" were asked. I told them that I work (which surprised them that I couldn't dedicate a whole day to the fridge repair), it's important I work to help pay for the fridge and the food in it I suggested. Anyway, I hope the repair will go smoothly, there's even a printed piece of paper I have to sign to give them before they will touch the fridge (so they get paid for their repair I suppose). All this took ages to organise and I was left wondering is this nice looking fridge all worthwhile? P.S. When I use the icemaker I have to be careful it doesn't spit ice shavings all over the floor by covering the front of the container the ice goes into but apart from that we have been using it for around 9 months and are happy with the performance of the fridge and the internal configeration suits us too.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

I was warned but didn't listen and now I paid the ultimate price and lesson learned. Waste of money

The fridge never preformed in the way it was intended to. I read a few reviews about this fridge, but thought that they may not be true. I went and bought the fridge regardless. The freezer is the worst I've seen in my life. Ice-cream will NOT freeze always runny, water in a 600ml bottle will take 3 days to freeze and not 100% frozen. Have set to lowest temp, mid temp, did the quick freeze but didn't work.
I've been a big Samsung fan and that is why I bought the fridge, but this experience changes everything.

The motor of fridge is noisy and runs for long extended times even if the doors are opened at minimal times. We tested both freezer doors below by placing the same bottle of 600ml water in the same location of each door at the same time. We did this a few times and never are they consistent or freeze fully...

If your after looks ONLY and don't care about runny ice cream and food not freezing then yeah make the mistake I did.

I will be returning the fridge and not accepting repairs. I don't pay over $3000 on an item to have it repaied.
So disappointed with Samsung and all the negative reviews relating to this product and costumer service that I'm really considering boycotting Samsung. Ill swap both my note 9 to an apple, all the family tabs to ipads and my Samsung tv to an LG... very disappointed.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Dont deal with Samsung

Bought a $3900 dollar fridge from Samsung
The worst mistake
Ice maker crap
Fridge guarantee crap
Dealing with Samsung,you get better reaction talking to a wall
Don't buy a Samsung fridge
Samsung was told about fridge in November
Now january still waiting
My Advice don't deal with them
My Name is Jix Michels I live in Kurnell my email is jix@tpg.com.au

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Nice fridge but don't expect cold water from the dispenser- had 2 service calls within 2 weeks of pu

I will start my review by saying we are very happy with the fridge size, capacity, variable options and look, so far this is a great fridge with a flaw.
We can also say we can not fault the servicing we have received from Samsung. I do say service as the day of delivery on the 17 December 2018 a few hours after installation we noticed a water leak from under the fridge over the kitchen floor. We turned off the water tap and checked all the fixtures were correct. Plugged in again and few hours later yet again still leaking. A service call was placed and a Samsung contractor was very quick to respond and attend. This must be a regular fault as the service man walked straight in and dismantled the ice dispenser and replaced with the a new one he had specifically brought with him.
The leak was now fixed but still not able to get cold water. The manual said to allow a little time for this. After 2 days we still had tepid water from the dispenser. When Samsung rang to check the leak was fixed and we advised the water issue and they said someone would be in contact soon. We did not hear from anyone so raised another service call to which they did respond very quickly but also assured us on the phone that the water should be cold. A repair man was here the next day. He knew exactly what we had a problem with and said he has to attend to this nearly every day. This fridge does not dispense cold water at all and never will. This is apparently the problem of having an ice dispenser. We specifically went to purchase a fridge that dispensed cold water, we did not require and did not want an ice maker in any capacity. We went above budget to purchase this fridge for the cold water dispenser but also due to the option the freezer could be used as a fridge instead. Apparently the only fridges that dispense cold water are the side by side. We were not told this at the time of purchase as this would have made a change to our purchase. Not happy at all that we paid over $3000 for a water filter.
I will finish my review on the fridge itself in saying the space in the fridge is great as we have now gone from 2 regular sized fridges to just one. The option to have one space as a fridge or freezer is also a bonus as we do require more fridge than freezer space with our lifestyle and now that I still have to keep water bottles in the fridge.

Date PurchasedDec 2018


There’s a door for the fridge that does not close easily and we always have to go back to close it. The water filter and ice is really cool and convenient. The inside is a bit small which is weird considering the size of it. The colour is great very fitting and not noticeable when it’s dirty on the outside

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Great Fridge

ve our new Samsung Fridge. Love the space, and the ability to covert freezer space to additional fridge space.

Clean design and lines, easy to open and close doors, and good water and ice dispenser. Enough space for our large family, and for entertaining. Look likes like a nice high-end fridge.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Excellent fridge, even better Customer Care from Samsung

We bought our fridge about 18 months ago. Love, love, love the fridge. Its amazing how much you can fit into it considering it doesn't look as large as it truly is. Use the facility of converting the fridge to freezer. However, not long after having it, we did have issues with the ice maker which we use all the time. It continually faltered. From dripping, to then freezing and then to not working at all (even after doing all the proper checks and home maintenance). The first two times the faulty component was replaced. After the third fault with the same part, a report was written to Samsung by the technician. He felt it would always be an issue, I think we were just unlucky. Not once did Samsung accuse us of it being User Error, nor did the technicians. Samsung within no time offered us either our money back or total replacement. As we love our fridge so much, we decided on the replacement. We were originally given 7-21 days before delivery. Didn't even wait a week, and it arrived on Christmas Eve (today). Amazing. Having had experiences of faulty appliances in the past (not Samsung) they are usually quick to blame the user. Not in this case at all. We usually end up continually replacing parts, often at our cost. Their customer care is second to none and I will not hesitate at all in purchasing more Samsung products in the future.

Date PurchasedMar 2017
Wow! We’re so blown away by your review. It made our day here at Samsung. Thank you for sharing this with us.My pleasure. Well deserved.

Great Fridge

Love our new Samsung Fridge. Love the space, and the abilty to covert freezer space to additional fridge space.

Clean design and lines, easy to open and close doors, and good water and ice dispenser. Enough space for our large family, and for entertaining. Look likes like a nice high end fridge.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Sandra, this is such sweet words. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a fantastic Christmas break and a Happy New Year

Samsung refrigerator

This refrigerator is the best. Love how it has a bunch of space and easy to clean. Easy to make ice and doesn't take alot of power to run. Bright light for the night when wanting a quick snack. Very convenient to slide on floor. Not a bad price. High quality. Yes. Recommend to friends.

Date PurchasedApr 2016
Hi Sandra, thank you for sharing your thoughts on our fridge. Nothing beats having a little snack to satisfy those cravings! Wishing you a fantastic Christmas break and a Happy New Year.Thank you. Happy New Year

Perfect fridge!

We love our fridge! The space is adaptable so we can change things around when we’re entertaining so That all the different platters etc. fit! The ice maker is great! Saves room in the freezer and holds a good amount of ice. It can be a bit noisy when refilling but you can turn it off if you need to.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hey there, thanks so much for your awesome review. Being able to customise the space within your fridge is one of our favourite features too! Especially leading up to the festive season. - Vicky


My samsung refrigerator is 5 years old and it is already ready to be thrown into trash. About 16 months after we bough it the ice maker stopped working. We went around that by turning off the ice maker completely and turning the entire refrigerator off for two weeks until it melted. After that we never used the ice maker. It just turned 5 years and off course warranty expired. Just one month after the warranty expired the fridge part stopped working. Called Samsung they sent a technician who said it is the compressor and due to the special gas in it we cannot fix it. It simply cannot be fixed due to that special gas since no one is licensed/certified to handle that gas. Please don't buy any samsung refrigerators you would regret it greatly. I had read this kind of reviews prior to buying this refrigerator but I didn't take it seriously. I regret that very much now. As one reviewer said "this was the most beautiful piece of crap I have every owned". I learned the hard way beauty is not enough it needs to work as well.

Date PurchasedMar 2013
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Hi Hasan, we're so sorry to hear about your experience. This will be duly noted and we hope to improve from this and continue to create the latest innovative products. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. Philip Samsung Australia

Fridge and refrigeration services

We have been using this Samsung refrigerator for 8 years now it has given excellent service recently a first damage we had was a door spring the technician visited our place and replaced it for $25/- great service and very timely service, the technician was very helpfull and also provided some valuable tips love the refrigerator

Date PurchasedNov 2011
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Hi San, it's great to hear such positive feedback. We're glad to hear that the service you received was quick and easy!

Great !!!

Very impressed with this Fridge, would buy again!! Highly recommend this Fridge to anyone who is happy to spend on a Fridge that will last a long time, I have other friends who have purchased this Fridge and have not had any issues with it at all. Great purchase !

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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We can’t thank you enough for your kind review of the Samsung SRF719DLS fridge. You’re awesome!

Very Disappointing !

Well it was going fine until about a month ago when we noticed that foods in the refrigerator section were not overly cold and going off very quickly ! Freezer seemed to be OK.
Temperature had been set at 3 degrees from day dot.

Called up the ( overseas ) call centre and organised a repair man to come out and have a look.
Was advised to turn the fridge off to see if that would reset the computer, it didn't ! Well , it did , it reset the bottom right hand " Freezer " section back to a fridge, so all the frozen items in that side were defrosted ( and lost ).
Repair man said that the compressor in the fridge section was gone , it could be fixed , but that would only last 18 months max , by then the warranty would be well and truly finished . He advised that the fridge be written off. The unit was purchased in November 2016 , so not quite 2 years old ! At least it was within warranty ( by 16 days ! ) .

As of today, I still have not had resolution from Samsung, apparently waiting on an ( Australian ) case manager to attend to my case. It's been 7 days since my case was lodged.
Daily calls to the ( overseas ) call centre have not helped, there is no way of contacting anyone within Australia.

If only this had occurred at the beginning of December, my Harvey Norman Extended Warranty would have kicked in and I would have been sorted out within a few days !!!

Be aware, the fridge was good ( when it worked ) , the warranty support has let this down !
I will NOT be purchasing another Samsung Fridge !

*** Update ***
During the writing of this review I was actually on hold with the Call Centre ( again ) and was eventually put through to a Case Manager in Australia.
There appears to be a fair amount of rigmarole attached to the process of refunding my money. Refunds can take a few weeks !
Samsung still want to collect the old unit, it will be sitting in my garage ,as I need to get myself a new fridge !

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Hi CazzyCaz, we are very sorry to hear about your experience with us, we've sent you a PM requesting for your reference number and contact details. When you do get the chance, can you please send those details through, so we can assist you? Jazz Samsung Australia

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I have bought the 719l 3 days ago, the flex zone is set to freezer mode. Till now being 3 days on, It is not freezing and the water bottle inside is not frozen and it has veenn3 days. Again the ice-cream tub inhave it not frozen. If this issue is common and can not be fixed, I will be defiantly returning the fridge and sharing my disappointed experience on product reviews and other means to warn people not to waste there money on waste of space . I expect a response with a solution as soon as possible...
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We bought a Samsung DLS 719 and have some mould in the fridge crispers but can’t seem to work out how to pull them apart as you can’t get to the mould as food gets stuck under it. Is there a way to pull them apart? Or can you order new ones.....
2 answers
I would unplug the refrigerator and spray bleach on the mold. Let it sit and then get a water spray and spray it with h20. The mold should just come off.Hi Jessica, thank you for reaching out to us. If you refer to Page 38 of your user manual you will be able to run through step b step in removing the refrigerator accessories. Please note, as per the user manual of cleaning the fridge; • Do not use benzene, thinner, Clorox, or car detergent to clean the refrigerator. They can damage the surface of the appliance and may cause a fire. • Do not spray the refrigerator with water while it is plugged in, This can cause an electric shock. http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/UM/201708/20170818143935260/DA68-03194H_EN-07.pdf Jazz Samsung Australia

My second in the house refrigerator is in garage , will be OK to unplug for winter since I'm not using it ?
2 answers
Will it be empty as if newly bought from storeHi there, as long as all the contents in the fridge are taken out and is turned off empty, there wouldn't be a problem. However I'd suggest turning it back on after Winter and let it run. Philip Samsung Australia


Price (RRP) $3999
Energy Rating2.5Stars
Fridge Capacity407L
Freezer Capacity312L
Release dateAug 2015

Visit official website - Download manual
  • MPN: 35904218 and SRF719DLS
  • GTIN13: 8806086664691

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