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Sanden Eco Heat Pump

Sanden Eco Heat Pump

4.3 from 51 reviews

Very efficient and neat unit

Plenty of hot water and has never run out (315L system). We replaced a 27 year old gas storage system and we have the Sanden programmed to run during daylight hours (rain or shine) if required so it runs off the solar panels so costing us nothing to run. Whisper quiet compressor. Pretty quick installation as everything is on ground level so its cheaper installation compared to having water pipes run up into the roof and back. Recommended.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Surpassed expectations

Just purchased and had installed. Super quiet and super efficient. Great installation - so neat, well insulated pipework, neat electrics, got rid of excess supply hot water pipe so that we do not now waste hot water waiting for the hot water to arrive. Could not be happier. I am already recommending to all my friends and will continue to do so.

Date PurchasedJan 2019


Have had evacuated tube solar hot water heaters on 2 previous houses in Brisbane which were ok as long as the sun shone. Decided to go Sanden heat pump with a new build having moved to Tenterfield, NSW 2 years ago. Incredible unit - ample hot water, has never run out (315L system) and we have it programmed to run during daylight hours (rain or shine) so it runs off the solar panels we have, thus costing us nothing to run, in effect. Whisper quiet (when showing a neighbour the system he didn't believe it was running until I took him up to it). No E040 error code yet although our water is good quality.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Hasn't missed a beat

I've had the unit just over a year now (315 Litre). It hasn't missed a beat and i am happy with the product and corresponding reduction in power bills.
It's very quiet and is programmed to come on in the middle of the day to maximise the available solar power.
I have had no problems with high demand periods.
My only criticism is that it isn't particularly user friendly as far as programming goes. I'd like to modify the start time by an hour, but not very confident.
I'll update if anything changes but so far so good.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Dread EO40 error

As per many others I have found the EO40 error problem on my three year old unit. Have tried the filter cleaning repair, but it doesn’t make much difference, the unit turns off every few days and has to be rebooted. its clearly a systemic problem as many people report the same issue. This is using Melbourne water which is normally considered reasonable quality. Curiously I have the same unit at my farm where we use tank water, but its passed through 20, then 2, then charcoal filters before use. No problems there, but that is a pretty extreme cleanup that should not be necessary.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Hot water that isn't hot

Have a major problem with getting hot water. All I get is a water temperature between 45C and 50C at any time of the day. The business I bought it from brought the plumber back to the house and then stated categorically that he would not adjust the mixing valve on the hot water cylinder to a higher setting.
I'm sorry that I was stupid to buy this highly prized hot water system. Phoned Sanden and was informed by the receptionist to get in contact with the firm I bought it from. End of conversation!
Where my 250L Rheem worked flawlessly the Sanden hot water has been a problem from day one.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Really unreliable, turns itself off at the drop of a hat

My mother bought one a year ago . Keeps turning itself off, not for obvious reasons, seems very sensitive to quality of water and electricity, sometimes with error code, sometimes apparently not. Not really fit for purpose.
High installation costs, does not save a huge amount of electricity unless you are using a lot of hot water.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Problem with Heat Pump

Had a Sanden Eco Heat Pump installed at our home in Plumpton NSW in June 2015. Then at 1 am in January 2018 woke up & heard water running. Went outside with a torch & found water pouring out of the back of the Heat Pump Unlt. I rang the Plumber who installed the Unit & he told me the heat pump is gone. He arranged to get another Heat Pump for me from Sanden. Lucky I have 3 years warranty but for the Heat Pump to go in under just 3 years come on & what about if we were not home. Not impressed.
The new Heat Pump has just been installed on the 19/1/18 but I am waiting to hear from Sanden to see if they are going to give me another 3 years warranty on the unit, I would have only 5 months left on my old unit which they have taken away. This is a brand new unit so I should be covered for the 3 years.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Amazingly efficient and quiet, also no more gas bills :)

This was installed in our Melbourne home in May 2015, we have the larger 315 litre unit. I set the timer to only come on at 1pm when our solar pv is generating.
Most days it runs for approx. 1 hour which means it's using 1 kWh or approx. $0.24 cents. But because we predominantly use solar energy it's costing us the $0.11 cents we would have received from our power utility.
Even on the coldest days in winter it still works perfectly.
We now don't have gas connected to our property as we use heat pumps for heating / cooling as well and an induction cook-top.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Excellent system

Had a new Sanden Heat Pump installed by Philip Gilliland (Brisbane), who was very knowledgeable, quick and efficient. Endless hot water and much better pressure than the old Rheem (which did 22 years sterling service). My only issue is the LED clock, which the manual completely fails to tell you how to program, Sanden telling me to call out Phil, who came without complaint.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Sandon heat pump

I actually wrote a review about it few months back and wanted to update on the progress further. Heat pump is excellent provided you do everything by the book and the most important part is the installation. Go with a plumber who is experienced in Sanden heat pump. I had trouble with water running continuously that was due to instability in the water pressure. The water pressure in the tank needs to be 500. Had to get another plumber to fix the problem. No issues now. Very happy. My last quarter bill looked like a bill from 1980's . Very happy customer.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Sanden Heat Pump

When our electric water heater died on us two years ago, we decided to replace it with the Sanden Heat Pump. It has been brilliant. It was a big investment (just under $5000) but we never run out of hot water and our bills reduced greatly. Obviously, we're hoping it will pay for itself in the next few years.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

My second Sanden system was a lemon....... then turned into Lemonade :)

In January this year we had a Sanden Eco Heat Pump and it was fantastic! I couldn't tell enough people how impressed I was with it after having years of trouble with an Edwards System. Fast forward 5 months and we moved house. After having issues running out of hot water with the existing Rheem system that came with the new house, it was an easy decision to have a new Sanden Eco Heat Pump installed.
Since the installation of this system we have had nothing but trouble. We run out of hot water at least twice a week (fabulous for a young family in through the middle of winter!) and no one seems to know why. i know the installer is getting sick of coming and looking at it, and even when it was displaying an error message on the Heat Pump, I was told the people at Sanden had never had experienced seeing it come up before!!
I just wanted a reliable cost efficient system.......So so disappointed

I am happy to report that since the latest service call out I think our technician has solved our problem. Apparently there is a valve that mixes the hot and cold water (??) and it was faulty. Whatever the reason, our heat pump is now working beautifully and we have not run out of hot water again.

Even with the problems we have had, I would still be happy to have the same system if we were to move again. In addition to what now feels like an endless supply of hot water, is the almost non existent electricity bill we will have thanks to a good solar electricity system and our Sanden Heat Pump.

If we didn't have the issues to start with I would give this product 5 stars, but considering this, I give it 4.

I am happy to recommend this product

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Bad caused trouble getting it fixed

New Sanden Water system installed not even a year. It's already not working properly intermittent issue not producing hot water. Very annoying not hot Water In winter What a joke. Thought this would be more reliable than gas hot Water system and older electric system...btw I'm heavily pregnant this is awful.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

5 years old, still running well

We are having a Sanden/Edson heat pump combination, installed 2011, and so far only one problem in those years where the Sanden unit failed due to leaves/water inside. A technician cleaned it out and it's running again without any issue. It was certainly worth to pay a bit more and glad we didn't go with a Dux.

Date PurchasedOct 2011

Love them, simply the best

Inhave read on here a few bad reviews ,id honestly say from our experience that these units when installed properly are the absolute best
We have installed well over 200 units and i absolutely love them ,we have had our own personel unit for six years ,it never ceases to amaze me how reliable and cheap these units are
We have lots of photos of our installs on our facebook page OREGAN AIR CONDITIONING have a look for yourself
Oregan Air Conditioning pty ltd

Date PurchasedJun 2010

Very Happy

Our large family house had a Quantum Heat Pump HWS for over 16 years and it served our family of 4 well. Sadly the tank started leaking and we looked to buy another Quantum heater.
Frankly it lasted so long as I changed the anode every 5 years or so, tested the relief valves and installed a water filter unit to keep sediment down, its amazing how dirty they get.

I contacted Joe and he suggested the 250L Sanden Unit. (I later opted for the larger 350 Litre unit).

Quantum are now built in China and after reading a number of reviews not many people seemed happy with them anymore.
The Sanden isn't the cheapest option but given I'm expecting it too be a 15 year investment I took the long view that it will pay for itself in time.

Joes guy arrived as promised, he was an interesting character in himself.

Did a great job of installing the unit. Workmanship was very good, being involved inthe building industry this is something I always pick up on.

The unit was started and I was amazed how quiet it was and it started heating straight away.

I was impressed with the install kit supplied by Sanden as it came with water filters for the tank, a ABS plastic stand to prevent corrosion and to insulate the tank from the ground.

OK , Its only a few weeks old and we have not had any issues nor run out of water. The real test will be in the future.

On the downside, they say the tank is warranted for 15 years but a pro- rata part kicks in after a set time ( 10 years??).

The heat pump part is separate and the warranty is much less. However being seperate units, either can be replaced if needed, although I'm hoping it wont be required.

Hope this helps others.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Bad buy

We've had problems with our Sanden heat pump since we got it back at the end of 2015. It started with corrosion of the external covering of the tank and around the water inlets/outlets meaning constant leakage. We've had to replace the thermostat within the first year as we were getting no hot water. And for the last few months for some reason it has been switching off so every time we want a hot shower we have to remember to go out and turn the power off for a minute then restart it to crank it up again an hour before we shower! I'm not happy and living 2.5 hours from Perth, no-one seems to want to come out and help us sort it out. Great when it works, but too many issues.

Date PurchasedOct 2015
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One thing I forgot to add to my review which has obviously made all the difference with having this system, is that we are not on scheme water where we are and the water running through it is ground water and quite harsh with minerals etc. We did have our water tested and sent the results to our installer before purchase but were never told that this would or could affect our Sanden. We also have a Hydrosmart water purifier that the water runs through before it reaches our hot water system. We have cleaned out the system but are still having the same problems and having to reboot it all the time.

Oregan Air Conditioning North West Sydney what a great installation!

A year ago when the service technitian representing Rheem told me my Rheem Heat Pumps compressor was gone and I should replace it I was unhappy. It had been troublesome since it was installed in 2009. I decided to check out Sanden after reading their reviews and Greg from Oregan Air Cond came by to quote me. He was honest and reliable and fixed the Rheem unit in 5 minutes and left without charging me. He could have easily said the Rheem was kaput and quoted me for a Sanden.

Fast forward 12 months and the Rheem finally gives up the ghost. I went back to Greg and got a Sanden this time. For an extra $500 more than the Rheem they are twice as good. They only use 4 watts that's half the power the Rheem unit uses. That's because the heat exchanger used CO2 and has a bigger surface area than the compromised Rheem unit where all that stuff is housed on top of the water tank.

The Sanden unit is far superior in my opinion and the separate compressor means a much less complex design that can be more easily serviced.

I'm highly impressed with the product and Greg and his lads were great installers and took a great deal of care to have the install looking neat and included extras like an isolation switch at the unit itself.

Jason at North Rocks

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Wonderful until it breaks down

Not at all happy with my Sanden heat pump. $5000 and three years later it has died and I now learn that it only had 3 years warranty. How can this possibly be described as an economic and efficient system?
No word on whether it can even be repaired. If I have to replace it, I certainly won't be investing in another Sanden.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014
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Sanden have now agreed to replace my heat pump for $1000. Fingers crossed I'll have better luck with this one

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Questions & Answers

I have had a Sanden Eco Plus 315L installed in Melbourne Victoria, we had fantastic water pressure before installation. But since installation our hot water pressure or flow has dropped by more than half. We used to be able to operate two showers at the same time with little noticeable difference, now we can barely run one. The cold water pressure is fine. Any ideas? I’ve called the installer about a month ago but we still haven’t had anyone come to check it out. (First it was they are on Christmas break understandably, and then just to busy with more urgent work to even give us an appointment time, now he is waiting for his plumber to get back to him after the third exchange of emails with me?
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The pressure drop suggests the stainless steel filter at the cold entry point is clogged. This is a very common fault in Sanden heaters. You can find this at the point where the cold water enters the heater. After shutting off the mains supply and relieving pressure this can be taken off ising a set of multigrips or similar, and then cleaned. If left dirty it can lead to the dreaded System 40 error and the heater will shut down. I would suggest turning off the unit power for this process. Unfortunately I have learnt this while trying to get my Sanden to stop shutting down; although common this wasn’t the problem with mine. Another issue that may occur with Sanden units, although I was informed it was corrected on more recent units, is there is a pressure reduction valve in the system. If your problem was immediately after the installation this may be the issue. I would not recommend removing this yourself unless your handyman plumbing skills are exceptional, but its a very simple task for a skilled plumber. I have no idea how that would affect your warranty.We have never experienced any pressure problems since installation (May 2017) but the town water here (Tenterfield, NSW) appears to be of good quality although being at the top of a hill in a small town the water pressure is not brilliant at the best of times. The E040 error code is lodged in my mind, however, and I am prepared for it should it arise and Tony R's response above seems clear and perfectly logical to me.An update, the plumber came out and it was indeed a blockage in the filter. Rinsed out under the tap and replaced. Pressure is now fully restored. I love my Sanden heat pump, with my solar system I now have free hot water from the sun.

Sanden 315 Eco system ~June 2013 $3500 Fault: E071: Fan motor revolution error ("Replace fan motor" GAU-A45HPA inst manual) "If that action does not solve the error problem, a malfunction of the PCB controller is highly likely." Heat pump is functioning OK but the fan starts up, reaches full speed, then falls back to 0 RPM, repeats; cycle ~ 3x/min. New service co visited, confirmed my obs, then consulted Sanden who advised fan motor replacement=$560. According to the manual, a new PCB needed if the fan motor NOT guilty. A saving of about $1000 over the 5 years, a capital cost of $3500. Electricity down from ~65KwH/qtr to 15 (off peak rate)' Wasn't worth it. A new fan would pay back only if the system's OK for a further 3yr, longer if I need a new PCB and get to keep and pay for a new not-really-needed fan. Ideas? Nick Sharp Curl Curl
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I like heat-pumps, but what you have pointed out is the ridiculous cost of imported spares into Australia. That electric fan must have a >1000% markup on it. Maybe the only solution is to have a 'star-rating' system, whether heat-pump units, or imported cars, where the cost of spares relative to initial purchase price of whole object is ranked. Sanden seem to be following the example set by the major European car manufacturers. Another option would be an Aust/NZ standard that the sum of parts costs cannot exceed 250% of a total unit's initial purchase price, if the item is to be bought by any level of government, or included in any government project. That pricing would then need to be available to the public at the same rates. The idea of 'free market' rip-offs has to end.

What is E0401 error on sanden hot water heater?
3 answers
Sorry Sheila - I have no idea - best to ring Sanden support direct or your installer. Rgds AndrewFrom page 22 and 23 of the installation manual https://www.sandenwaterheater.com/sanden/assets/File/Sanden_240912_installation_manual.pdf The E040 and E041 error codes indicate HP water outlet over temperature Check the heat pump piping filter for blockage/debris - Check for any piping bend, blockage or kinking - Inspect for frozen pipes - Ensure mains water supply is available - Ensure all shut off valves are open - If the water circulation pump is not working, replace the pump It is very likely to be the piping filter which can be washed and reinstalled There is no E0401 error code. Error code only have 3 digits. Perhaps the extra 1 indicates the number of times the E040 error has occurred, or it is a typoA previous update to a review noted the following that could cause a problem: ***UPDATE*** I am happy to report that since the latest service call out I think our technician has solved our problem. Apparently there is a valve that mixes the hot and cold water (??) and it was faulty. Whatever the reason, our heat pump is now working beautifully and we have not run out of hot water again.

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