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Sanitarium Weet-Bix Organic

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Organic

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They are hiding something

I have contacted Sanitarium asking if this product has any amounts of glyphosate( Roundup) in it. as all Australian wheat and other crops are heavily sprayed before harvest to speed up drying. One week later and still no answer. So much for the customer support.

Pretty much the same as regular weetbix

This is classic market segmentation - they taste exactly the same as regular weetbix. Same salt level, same sugar levels. The main benefit is that you get to feel a little chuffed because the ingredients are all certified organic. And you pay a little more for the certification by SAI Global - you can look up Sanitarium's certification on SAI Global's website. Well perhaps there might be lower residual chemical levels...but who knows? This comparison information with the regular product is not published. If you're into organic foods then you need to ensure you pour organic milk over your organic weetbix and enjoy a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice from your organic oranges to go with it.

To summarise: the taste is the same, and I'm not convinced they are any healthier than the regular variety. If Sanitarium were really concerned about making this product healthy they would reduce the salt level from 290mg/100g to 120mg/100g as per heart foundation guidelines.
It's Organic. Certified so.
like most cereals it has too much added salt

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i would like to know if your gluten free weet bix are sprayed with glyphosate if so why? Sanitarium supposed to be a health food company we know that glyphosate is highly toxic
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