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Sassy Treats
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Rude customer service

Didn’t even get a chance to try their products as I was literally appalled by their face to face customer service. I’m glad to see there are other reviews about this business very similar to mine as I was worried I was over reacting. Clearly im not. I still can’t believe how I was spoken to by someone trying to promote this business. Disgusting.

Product Quality
Customer Service
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they add molasses to their treats - seriously?

molasses - that's 75 carbohydrates, no protein, no fats - the pancreas of your dog will have to work overtime. To top it the main ingredients comprise also flour and honey. All in all a terrible unhealthy recipe for a treat that is meant for dogs.

Wonderful product and service

I truly love Sassy Treats! I believe it has literally saved my puppies lives. We were constantly at the vets for rashes, ear infections etc and it has now all stopped. Best of all they LOVE it and the quality is amazing (preservative free, grain free options etc). I live in North Queensland and this doesn't prove a problem at all with delivery as Sassy's arrange overnight shipping. The Team are so helpful and respond quickly to requests. I thought it was something I may try once or twice, but it has now been a year and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much Sassy Treats!

Dreadful, will never use again

I ordered a birthday cake for my dog to be delivered on his birthday and they didn't send it !!

Happy dog. Happy life

I started Sassy treats because my 3 year old collie was having liver issues and had lipids on his eyes caused by foods with high animal fats. Since this change in diet, his liver is now completely fine and the lipids have disappeared. Not only that but his coat is looking fantastic and he has more energy then I no what to do with. Love Sassy treats and the fabulous service they provide. Leo also loves there treats and chews and I no longer have to be concerned about what is in his food. Highly recommend the wonderful product to anyone.

Great personal service, fabulous health benefits for your dog, worth every cent.

I recommend that you just try Sassy Treats food for one week. You will not be disappointed with the results!

Lets just say, that our new, second dog - who was 1 at the time - had wind. Very, very bad wind. We fed her the same as our other dog, but it got to the stage where we even entertained the idea of not letting her on the couch. Or even in the lounge room for hours after dinner.
We tried different store bought foods, to no avail. It was a weapon of mass destruction.

Enter Sassy Treats.

After email discussions with [name removed], we placed an order for food selection that sould cure the problem. Within one week the problem was solved.

Better yet, BOTH dogs improved in their behaviours (they were much calmer, ate all their dinner all the time. Their coats and eyes shone brighter than before.

Thanks [name removed] and Team

Katie, Rocky and Stella (rest in peace beautiful girl!)
Reliable, great selection, value for money and bespoke service

Great product and service

Sassy treats provides a great preservative free diet. I have three toy poodles who compete in competitions for dancing, obedience and agility so I need to keep my dogs in peak comdition. With sassy treats I don't have to do my own cooking I simply rely on my monthly order which has a great selection of meals. And most importantly I know everything is preservative free and great for the dogs. They just love it.
Reliable, preservative free, great selection

My cats and dogs love Sassy Treats

My dogs and cats have been on Sassy Treats for seven years now. They are fit and healthy and this is partly due to the diet they are fed. Sassy Treats has played a part in this & I wouldn't have it any other way.
Organic and natural complete diet. I don't have to do any preparation or cooking. Plus it is home delivered.

Highly recommended range of horse and pet treats

I purchase from the treats range regualarly for my horse. It's a healthy and natual treat to reward him and means he is always waiting calmly for me in the paddock when he sees me coming with his headcollar and it is time for us to do some work together.
Sassy Treats are a pleasure to deal with - orders are always quick and reliable and communications with them are very easy.
Reliable service, high quality natural products, will post to all locations.

Natural food for pets

After living in USA during the tainted pet food time my 2 cats & dog survived by pure good luck. After that the industry totally shook its self up & changed to provide a huge range of natural, additive free, organic food for pets. When i came back to live in Sydney i was shocked & dismayed at lack of good healthy food available here for pets, until a google search revealed Sassy Treats. Fabulous products & the special kidney diet for cats gave my poor kidney diseased cat an extra few years i'm sure. The owner is incredibly friendly & helpful & if you want the best for your 4 legged family members i strongly recommend Sassy Treats.
Natural ingredients & nothing else

Fleagle highly recommends..

Heard about Sassy Treats on a radio program about the appalling things that go into commercial pet food. (I knew there was a reason I hated that stuff.) I've been enjoying Sassy treats a lot ever since. Best regards, Fleagle xxx
Brilliant, friendly and reliable service.

Healthy & Happy

I've only fed my nine year old Border Collie Sassy Treats and if you love your pet and do the research to see what's on the market, you'll see that Sassy Treats food is the healthy option. Bonnie loves it (she is at the door waiting if it's late being served any night to her), her coat is healthy and the check up's at the vet are always noting how healthy and good she looks.
Sassy Treat's is easy to order and [name removed] level of service (updates and newsletters on new products, flexibility in last minute orders etc)is fantastic!!!! I would only consider the best food on the market. [name removed] is such a pleasure to order from, she's my only choice!
Highest quality food and reliability

What a difference the right diet can mean for your pet.

When our 9 1/2 year old Bichon Friese, Audrey, was diagnosed with liver problems it looked fairly dire. The choice was not pleasant and we were either up for some expensive vet bills or making the difficult decision.

We discussed our situation with [name removed] and taking her advice, along with moving Audrey's diet to Sassy Treats, has been one of the most thankful decisions we have made. Within a couple of months, the liver readings had returned to normal and we've also seen an improvement in weight, coat gloss and energy levels.

Considering Sassy Treatts costs less than what we were paying with vet recommended science diet, not only are we getting fantastic fresh food, which Audrey loves, but she has her health too.

The Perfect Health Food for Your Pet

You can forget all of those expensive supermarket brands, and replace them with one simple order from the gorgeous Luciano at Sassy Treats. Select one of the special blends, and you will find that your pet will devour, with great enthusiasm, Luciano's wonderfully healthy meals.

Zaki (my daughter's Cavoodle) and Zoe (our Sydney Silkie) have both enjoyed the Popeye Blend for many years now, and we wouldn't feed them anything but Sassy Treats. [name removed] keeps all of her happy customers up-to-date with developments and sends out regular newsletters, as well as the important monthly reminder for her next visit to your area.

Sassy Treats is well worth your consideration.
Exceptional value and quality, as well as delivery to your front door.

Treat your pets better then you treat yourself

I started feeding my animals Sassy Treats after reading about the ingredients in, and processing of, commercial pet foods. The side effects attributed to commercials foods appalled me. I would not feed this kind of food to myself so why would it be acceptable for my beloved pets. Since changing to Sassy Treats I have seen a marked improvement in the health of all my animals. Both of my dogs have a history of skin conditions and both are now itch free. One of my dogs was medicated for hypothyroidism. He is now off medication with perfect thyroid function. My cat was regularly hospitalized with pancreatitis. This hasn't occurred since changing to Sassy Treats. I credit this organic, natural diet with the amazing health my pets currently enjoy and would never consider feeding them anything else.
Natural, organic, unprocessed, great personal service

Fantastic, animals go nuts!!!

The service is A1, the food is fantastic and the animals go nuts. Food is ultra fresh and natural. Great range available. What more can I say!!
Reliable, fantastic service, animals just love the food

Makes old dogs young again

I have been using Sassy dog food for many years with fabulous results. My three dogs, being old timers now, still enjoy a good quality of life due to an excellent diet.
All natural, easy to use, different diets re medical conditions and home delivery

The best food my 15 yr old cat has ever eaten Fish & Chips and Bubble & Squawk are her favourites

My cat had been eating commercial cat food for years. Since changing to Sassy Treats her fur is wonderful and she is active and happy. Not sure why more people dont know about it. It gets delivered to my door FREE. How great is that! If my cat could talk she would tell you that IT IS THE BEST MEOW Prrrrrrr

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