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Sea World Resort & Water Park

Sea World Resort & Water Park

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Not accommodating for young large families!

My parents have stayed here many times and recommended I stay here. However, after planning to do a trip with my family of 6 (4 children under 5). I was told they do not have a room to accommodate for my family even though I was bring a cot for my 1 year old and bassinet for my 3 month old. I basically needed 1 room to accommodate for 4 people !
However, needless to say, they missed out on our money. We will be taking our business elsewhere as we will not be having our young children in a separate room.

Wish they would consider they young larger families...

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Terrible experience

We were given a disabled room. The bathroom was designed for disabled people. Water went everywhere when showering. The staff said the manager will contact me the next day but never did. Obviously they don’t care.

Ease of Booking
Trip Completed Yes
Booking Type Accomodation

Resort stay 4 nights

Beds were comfortable but that is about all it had going for it.
No milk provided for coffee not even a free cookie like cheaperhoteks provide, ridiculously expensive laundry facilities, rude concierge, paid upfront for buffet at the restrestaurant and then found it also charged to the bill, just fortunate the restaurant had proof we paid but reception was abrupt and rude when sorting it.
Theme park flood..had prime burgers, meat was like eating old rubber obviously precooked and reheated. Last stay here ever for us.

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Wasted valuable holiday time

Massive wait times for rides, no option to buy a cheaper ticket without rides. Wasted valuable holiday time and money. Might be ok outside school holiday periods but otherwise don’t bother

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Ridiculous water park is closed when its not wInter

Brisbane/gold coast weather is hot till way into year, and what do they do but close water park, only reason we came down for kids to play. Absolutely ridiculous at this time of year

Pathetic rip off by Ian C

I’ve been to sea world several times and today 13/3/19 would have to be the worst waste of money ive ever spent. Paid full price $179 no rides working half the shows cancelled. What made it worst is it was my wife’s first visit and after talking it up I was shot down. Cost of entry is to enjoy the whole park so if half of it is closed charge half the entry fee. A complete RIP OFF and will never go again or recommend it to friends and family.

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Was chased around the restaurant this morning by staff and then a manager stating i hadn't paid for breakfast making me feel and look like a criminal. Breakfast was paid for when we booked the rooms months before. No apology at all for their mistake. The cleanliness and attitude of reception staff is a whole other problem.

Customer Service
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Booking Type Accomodation

Waste of money!!

Waste of money. Whilst seeing the animals might be nice, it takes too long to find a spot to view them as everyone crowds around. Pushed in front of on monorail and no seats left. The staff are rude and very unhelpful. The rides arent open and no refund was applied.

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What a joke

Very old. Most the rides were broken. People squashed in like sardines compaired to other parks. Dolphin show a real letdown to what it was last trip. Never again.

I wish I read these reviews first :(

After a really difficult year including a death in the family I decided a holiday was exactly what our kids needed.
The whole experience has been issue after issue.
When entering SeaWorld resort (the lobby) it all looks very fancy ha! This is where the fancy ends.
Check in was pretty easy, and [name removed] the staff member was hilarious!
Get to our room, the floor clearly not vacuumed or
Moped, dead bug on the floor. The carpet stained.
The shower leaked the entire time. We had to have someone come up to replace tv remote as it didn’t work, the aircon works at first but can’t really be left on the whole time as while it says “on” it stops blowing cold air, we slept horribly as we all kept waking up sweaty.
The advertise “cable tv” pffft that’s a joke, only normal tv!!!! My husband went down to the bar to try and watch the cricket however they have the sound off and if your not dining you have to sit ages away and on a barstool with no support.
They have a movie package which is $35 for 24 hours!!!!
There is very little shade in the pool area, absolutely none over the pool itself, not enough chairs, had to store our things in the garden.
What annoyed me the most and what I will be taking further is when we checked in we were given a phamplet with prices, the buffet dinner was supposed to be $30 dollars, great we thought, we had a buy one get one free voucher from the PAID FOR entertainment
Book, when we were charged a fortune for dinner we asked for a receipt and For the buy 1 we were charged $50!! When I enquired about it was told the $30
Is a special price so if we use the voucher it goes to
1) we should have been told this before paying and using our voucher, I would not have wasted our voucher
2) I asked how long this special goes for and was told “this was their new pricing” pffft that’s not a special then!!
3) was told I was lucky the third adult in our party was charged the $30 because she would have charged us $50. I can’t even comprehend this . I am LUCKY you charged me the ADVERTISED price as your are legally required to do ?

The only thing for the kids to eat at buffet was party pies and some gross pasta dish that was mainly sauce and cheese. Had to pay for drinks separately, pictures I looked at online showed a soft drink bar, guess that’s been removed.

The following morning the 4 of us went to breakfast.... DISGUSTING. Bacon mainly fat, eggs were runny like they weren’t cooked properly. 3 of us left hungry. Such a waste of money.

We did have a family burger meal from the waterfall cafe and that was actually quite nice and quite well Priced.

For the price you pay just absolutely not worth it.


Poor Service

Long waits and thin walls. Can hear everything next door is saying.
Not a bit of care to help with disabled guest, apart from calling scooter company and the scooter company calling me , suggesting I ask for a different room. So at the end I spent so so much time trying to sort out something, that in another hotel would have not been as issue.
Just stayed at Mercure Gold Coast and the level of service cannot be compared.

good place to stay with family

We really had an enjoyable time at sea world as a family. was lot of fun for the kids and were able to see other places. Food also

Never again!

We have just checked into
SeaWorld resort, went to the buffet dinner to find a caterpillar on my dessert. This was certainly not something ordered or wanted as a bonus extra!
I spent my first night in the bathroom feely quesy.
The icing on the cake, I specially asked for a ground floor near the pool room. I ended up with a 3rd floor room overlooking the car park nowhere near the pool. Being out 3rd time hear in 5years, I was hoping for some loyalty credit. To make matters worse, my father in law booked last minute and checked in at the same time as us and was given a complimentary upgrade to a suite on the ground floor right near the pool overlooking the ocean! Bahhhhh!
They have until checkout to turn this holiday around otherwise social media, complete with caterpillar photos, here I come!

Terrible Service at SeaWorld Nara Resort

Upon arrival at Nara Resort, was told my attendant that there were no car parks available. So I was told to park at the SeaWorld Carpark & a red SUV car would pick us up in 10 mins at the entrance to SeaWorld. 20 mins later, I phoned Nara Resort & was told that a red SUV (with SeaWorld on the side) was picking up passages near the entrance to Carpark. So, drive back there. 20 more mins later, rang Nara Resort again & a red SUV (without SeaWorld signage now) was collecting passages near the seal area of SeaWorld (where ever that was?!). After an hour of waiting, parked my car on the side walk between SeaWorld & Nara Resort because it was faster to walk the 10 mins, than wait for any more incompetence. When I voiced my annoyance with the attendant, all she could say was it must have been a miscommunication!!

Then finally carried bags to room. Ran a shower for my 5 yr old son, which lost pressure about 5 times during a 10 min shower. I kept having to go in there, so that more than a trickle of water cane out of that shower nozzle.

Since I didn’t feel like walking out to the street at night with my son to look for dinner that night. Decided to get room service. The first call to room service rang out. Tried again, got transferred to reception, where they put me through to the restaurant, where the guy at the other end laughed at me & said we don’t do that, you need room service. Tried to call room service again, eventually got through. I ordered a steak for me, kids fish & chips, 2 desserts & a drink, which cost $90!! Ridiculously expensive!! & it took about 1 hour to get to us.

Rooms were not sound proof, could hear the people next door. Rooms were very small for the price.

Definitely will never stay here again!! The only thing that made this weekend away worthwhile, was that SeaWorld was amazing!!! The staff there are incredible. I will just never stay at the Nara Resort. Next time I will be finding a hotel somewhere else, after all, Nara doesn’t provide car parks for their guests, which I thought was the main reason you stay somewhere. Crap Resort.

Happy Birthday

Loved it! We went there on a weekday so the park wasn't busy at all. There's so much to see and do, lots of cute mammals, shows and rides.

Took a video of our experience and some of the shows here: youtu.be/gubmt1amls0
Ok the rides were mainly for kids, but it was just a nice relaxing chill out day.

Resort lobby, motel room, rude front desk staff.

Served by an unfriendly and rude reception staff at check in.
We booked two rooms, both of them are old and tired.
One of the towel in the bathroom was not properly washed.
The old hairdryer seems dangerous.
Definitely not worth for the price tag.

My sons was discriminated and left feeling very upset.

We booked a Groupon deal, it’s a great deal. However, I have a son with Spina Bifida. While I made contact to let the resort know we were coming, there was no wheelchair as requested, but [name removed] was helpful enough to get that bought down from the theme park.
I checked my 2 sons into Kids club, making staff aware of his disability.
There were forms to fill out asking parents to explain the disability if any.
I went ahead and answered all questions as requested. When it was time to go to Kids club (my sons cousins already waiting in Kids club for them to arrive) the people working at Kids club said and I quote ‘he has Spina Bifida and wears a nappy, he can’t come to Kids Club’! This was all said in front of my 8 year old son.
We walked away with him saying he hates his disability and wished he didn’t have Spina Bifida!!
How can your staff accept children with certain disabilities and some they can’t? Do you know what it must feel like for my son to hear this from your staff?
It’s direct discrimination, and it’s just unacceptable!
I did raise this with your office manager who was helpful.
My son was able to attend Kids club the following night along with his cousins, however, he didn’t want to move in case he was to much trouble he tells us!
He should never have felt like this, or been humiliated by ANYONE at the resort.
We stayed 5 days, and coming home all my son said was, I wish Sea world would accept kids like me!!!
As a mother my heart bleeds listening to what my 8 year old says. He was supposed to be going to his ‘happy place’ insted He came home very sad.
I hope you’ve read the disability discrimination act 1992. I Aldo hope you look at your policies to INCLUDE ALL ABILITIES!!!

Terrible shows

Show with seals was terrible, i thought i would see seals doing tricks but it was all about recycling, jet ski show was bad too, no jumping just driving around and standing in front of the crowd.


2 rides for teenagers - food disgusting - ANIMALS DEPRESSED will NEVER go again. Save your money and go to the beach!

Great day for the whole team

We really had an enjoyable day at sea world. was fun with a lot of learning for the younger team members

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I wrote a review after yesterday’s visit to sea world titled Pathetic rip off by Ian C. I would like sea world to look at redeeming themselves and offer half the entry fee back as only half the park was working
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We were there last week and the theme park was sub standard. Rides not open, areas closed off, shutting early, needless to say very expensive food. Big difference to the park ten years ago. Then there's the accommodation side. i was treated like a criminal on the second morning by staff in the restaurant stating i hadn't paid for breakfast (they later acknowledge it had been paid) but no apology for being treated like a criminal.

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