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What has happened to Seek's search function?!

Something is seriously wrong with Seek's search ability. It seems to have fallen off in quality badly since the last time I had to use it (about two years ago).

Search for 'marketing' jobs and it will show you jobs for CNC machinists, drivers and other completely irrelevant positions. Ditto for location - put in a specific suburb and it will show you the entire city.

They also seem to have removed filters, so it's *really* hard to get rid of all the garbage.

Seek.com trading as Certsy

Do not upload you information to the direct website.

The employer is NOT asking for this information Seek.com and seek.com trading as Certsy are!!!!!

I am still waiting for mine to be deleted as you are not able to do this yourself

Bewaring of Manipulation of applications

I have actually contacted people i have applied to through seek after getting 'has indicated that your application for' I believe seek has a filter and if you dont have the 'ping' words your application does not go through annnnd then seeks Auto system sends this through... More the 90% of my applications do not get through seeks filters... Dont use it... Indeed, careersone, jora look for others.

I have reported seek to the appropriate authorities... You should do the same. As when you put in the relevent questions to find answers. Seek has deliberately made this a rat warren... They have No transparency


Worst customer service ever. They have the don't care attitude if you are dissatisfied about something. Don't advertise through these guys. Don't give them your business.

employers reviews a fraud

I wrote two reviews about two catholic schools and one Anglican involving bullying, false allegations, harassment, high level of discrimination. All certified band proved by won work compensation court cases, accepted claims by the human rights commission etc. However none of my stories has been allowed to come out. they are scared to loose the advertising and jobs publication. So as far as I concern do not offer the service if you can keep the standards.
Very low standards and ethical levels.

Ageism or ERMS

I never had any trouble getting a job up till about 5 years ago. I took some time off at the end of the mining boom in WA. Since I have been trying to reentre I have hit an invisable wall. Seek seem to have a monopoly in this area & they use ERMS technology that is discriminating on age. Everyone I know over 60 cannot get past this to get a job in their usual occupation. Its high time the Goverment had an investigation into the actions of Seek & other companies that use erms.

Employers Review

I just read a comment on the review option for employees to rate and comment on working with companies.
i Agree with the Business owner, how is this even considered to be justified and correct when it is usually a one sided story from disgruntled employees that were not performing and problematic. We are the ones paying for the service yet they allow negative comments on your Business to be posted. Our Business prides itself on Honesty, integrity and a great working environment where staff turnover is low and have many long standing employees that are totally dedicated to our organisation. This is a terrible and damaging very unprofessional seek .

Please explain

The site wont let me log on and when I try to reset my password it says link is invalid.

Never had a reply to applications, been using seek for many years.

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Still waiting for explanation. Still having the same issue, tried other computers, phones, WiFi and data.

Small Business Owner

As a small business I purchased x2 AD packs at $709 each, well waste of time, no hire all unsuitable not qualifying for Trades positions. Candidates applying from all African states and South America! In the ads clearly stating AU & NZ Residents Only! One hopeful candidate ticked all boxes qualified only to contact him and he advised me odd as he was 72 year old retiree! Did not apply for position!

So Seek are you purging and pushing non existent applicants resumes to company email, these applicants really didn’t apply for role! Waste of money, provide a service and if roles are not filled then companies and businesses can relist jobs until there’s a hire! Yeah but no! Money hungry grubs!

Will never ever use SEEK again! Rating??? Negative-0

Useless site and app

Dozens of applications sent out for jobs that I was qualified for. Not ONE single response. Not even “ sorry we passed on your application “!!! I’d be almost 100% certain these employers don’t even get my application
Complete waste of time.
If your an employer... don’t use this site.

Waste of time

Where do I begin? I wish I could rate zero stars because I'm unsure whether any of the 'jobs' posted on seek are actually real, or if they're all just recruitment groups!!!
There are so many jobs that are 'too good to be true' and that's because they are, they're bait to lure people in and to get them to sign up for recruitment companies where they attempt to sign you up for training and waste vulnerable people's time!!!
I have contacted seek about this many times where I'm told that its unacceptable and they do not support that as a part of their terms and conditions, yet the multiple job advertisements for the same position and the scamming companies are allowed to continue to post??

It's hard enough to get a job, and seek makes it harder by allowing companies to waste your time!

We have decided to stop using Seek as an avenue due to their poor technology and awful customer serv

We have used Seek to advertise roles for the past 15 years and generally been pretty happy. We implemented an HRIS solution a couple of years ago and were initially having trouble getting candidates to apply through seek to that solution. After some discussion Seek agreed to allow us to post the links to our HRIS.

Recently we formed another company and setup a new Seek profile. Seek advised us they would no longer make an exception and allow us to post links from the Seek adverts to our HRIS citing term 25 of their T & Cs. It makes no sense for any progressive company who has taken the important step of getting a good HRIS to work with job advertisement boards/companies that do not integrate.

The customer service was some of the worst we have experienced in our time in business. We have terminated our relationship with the company and will use alternative providers.


I paid $300 dollars for nothing.
My job description was a MR Truckdriver/ Labourer to do treelopping very simple.
They sent me Plumbers, Sheetmetal workers and a variety of others tradesman WITH no truck licence.
Hopeless I should have burnt the $300 in my hand.
Tried to talk to anyone and also e mailed them
No one wanted to get back to me or talk to me.

CEO ([name removed]) doesn't know what's going on or only worried about his bonuses.


Last time, waste of effort.

They undermined three weeks worth of applying for particular jobs because their stupid Facebook style profile keeps saving default CVs, even when you delete them; it is a nightmare. They think that everyone uses one CV and does not edit it or add and remove things for the benefit of your application. A complete waste of time now. It used to be much simpler although problems with saving files/ letters were more common This is the last time.

No replies on Seek

Seek ads email you an annoying confirmation of application email then nothing happens. There is no doubt that agencies post fake job ads too.
Something else though - if you do happen to find yourself on the dole Centrelink makes you apply for ten jobs a fortnight.
This will stuff you up with employment agencies very quickly.
It is counter-productive to you finding a job.

It also drowns employment agencies with 10 times the number of job applications they receive.

While you can see why Centrelink do this, it totally damages the whole jobserking pricess.

And if you are genuinely looking for work it kills 95 percent of your hopes off before you come to understand how selective and disparate and diverse you needed to be in your job applications.

Centrelink kills Seek, you, and your hopes of finding employment if you are genuine about trying to find a job.

Employers point of view

I have a business that has taken 25 years to build up. In that time I have employed over 200 people and currently employ around 60. Sadly some employees have to be terminated or are asked to move on because of lack of ability or significant issues where continued employment is no longer sustainable. Those employees can then post up the most one sided, distorted reviews which are often downright lies and its simply posted. This is extremely damaging to a business and its hard won reputation. There is apparently nothing that can be done about it.

Security failure and lack of interest

Customer service team FAILURE FAILURE FAILURE. I contacted them in regards to receiving emails for my exhusband at my email address. Initially I thought that he had used my email address as a backup however i was to discover my profile no longer exsisted and he had 2 seek profiles which brought in the question of hacking ionto my account. I asked them to remove it because he could of published anything. I thought it was sorted until I received another email for him from them. They have obviously done NOTHING. This is not good enough. This is possible hacking and they do nothing. Where is the security measures? Where is the follow up? A company such as seek has a care of duty in the protection of such personal information.
The customer service person came back to me and was help. It took nearly 2 weeks to sort and should of been taken more seriously at the start. This is a programming issue more so than customer service. A simple email verification process needs to be created by seek.

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Basically he took over my seek account and made it his own. For whatever strange purpose who knows. However i lost valuable information. I lost time trying to find out the problem. My exhusband would not cooperate. I went round and round on circles. Isnt the hijacking of someones account illegal. No one gave a damn.

Employer Alert

Employer Alert. If you are an employer, think very carefully about using SEEK.COM. The company is no longer permitting links to external application forms within a listing, or providing hyperlinks to the website of the employer, and/or even permitting the citation of the employer’s web address. Many employers (like the client I was working for) choose to have all relevant information about a position on their website, plus key information such as the position description, the application procedures and the appointment timeline. SEEK does not enable you to alert/refer job-seekers to such information. Rather, you have to cherry-pick key information from your web page to fit a template of their making and try to make it work as best you can. In my instance the position description did not make the cut as I had used the maximum character allowance of their template.

I tried hard through their compliance team to negotiate the citation of the web page address but they were inflexible on this matter. Their response was “We take the jobseeker experience very seriously. Our site has been designed to enable candidates to quickly and easily make applications using their SEEK profile and stored information. As such all jobseekers must have the option to apply through SEEK. If you wish to contact the applicants after their have applied and redirect them to your website you are able to do so”.

Curious, isn’t it, that the employee experience is taken so seriously, but not so the employer who pays for the ad and who wants some control on how the position is presented and how the application process is to work. The employer might also want to provide comprehensive information (e.g. a detailed position description) so that the applicants are clear about whether their time, effort and energy in submitting an application are likely to be well expended.

Nobody is a winner in this current policy position, least of all the employer. I also fear for the job-seekers and their ‘employee profile’ that is stored by SEEK for other business purposes.

Not heard back from a single job!!

I have applied for over 7 jobs in the last 2 weeks, all over which are in the same role that I am highly experienced in. I have uploaded a resume (which I have had professionally done) and included a cover letter. All of the steps seek advise for applying for jobs I have carried out exactly. This website just wants numbers and takes advantage of people genuinely looking for work- I would absolutely understand if I was not offered the job- but I have never received feedback for a single job I.have applied for. It’s disgusting.

Absolutely useless website.

Don't be fooled by this worthless website. Everything seems so real, but it's not. I used SEEK for the better part of six weeks, and applied for over 60 jobs. I was overqualified for every single position I applied for. Simple jobs that required a licence or experience - I've had both for over ten years.

The "employment agencies" obviously rarely get any notifications from SEEK. The automated replies mean nothing; don't get your hopes up. After six weeks, and after seeing re-posts for the SAME job more than three times, that I applied for EVERY time (with MORE than ample qualifications) - I instead chose to walk into the listed business and hand over my resume. My same resume listed on SEEK.

I started the job two days later.

I contacted my references immediately, and found out they hadn't received one single call over the six weeks. Not even one. Sixty applications, 100% of which I was completely qualified for.

I don't know why SEEK even exists. The poor and non-existent service is robotic and pathetic at best. Clearly the robots have no idea what it's like to be job-hunting while trying to pay bills, mortgages, and covering basic needs as a human being. Absolutely pathetic service. Don't even bother, you're better than that.

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