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Not happy with service

I am not happy with Selectus. I'm not happy with processes in place to continue payments for the following year. Was not sent adequate information regarding processes for the following year.


Eventually gets the job done

I have had several issues with Selectus which has resulted in me having to call them several times to eventually get things sorted. I find it very frustrating that every year at the end of the FBT year Selects seem to screw things up and again I have to chase to get it sorted. Once it is sorted then the rest of the year runs well until the end if the FBT year again, then the same problems. Come on Selectus get with the game.


It began well....

The initial paperwork was easy to complete and our lease was ready to go well before we were going to take delivery of our new vehicle. It was then two days before delivery that I was required to sign additional forms. My salary on these new forms was wrong multiple times and a witness signature was not accepted twice. This delayed us picking up our new car.


I have never had to do as much work with a novated lease as I have with selectus. I would send the whole company to sgfleet so they have a clear understanding of what a novated lease is. The whole point of buying a car and having it leased so the company looks after all matters regarding the vehicle and deduct an amount that will cover the car and running cost. Not with selectus you have to do all the work and you still get charged fees. Furthermore the balance is always in negative, even though they have supplied you with an estimate and you stick by the kilometres.

Good but not Great

After a couple of initial on-line inquiries and an email directly to a consultant who had set up another package for me about a year prior - I contacted the call center and spoke to another consultant - Once I spoke to someone everything moved really quickly - my package was setup and I took delivery of the vehicle within 2 weeks


Selectus Salary Package

I have been with Selectus for almost 6 years and have been given excellent service for all of that time. I currently salary sacrifice a Landcruiser (2012) and I love the fact, that what I would normally pay as income tax, actually pays for the car and it's expenses. Plus, I get the GST paid in those expenses, returned back to me. As far as I am concerned, it is a Win-Win for me!


Good but can be better

I have recently renewed my car packaging. I received an email saying fuel card was ordered - 5 days after the renewal date. Why not earlier - ten more days before I get it.


Customer Service

Customer Service, is Absolutely deplorable.!!!
I have been lied to on multiple occasions, gone through the official channels, and still nothing has changed.
If you DON'T contact a Manager of a department, (And know the correct person who that is, others will pose or act as though they are a manager) Team Leaders are not much better than Customer Service''s front-line either.
If Proof is needed, search up complaints.


Dreadful service

It took 8months to put a salary sacrifice package in place. If I was able to use another company I would have done so. Some staff on phones were helpful.

On the whole Selectus works well

Selectus have been helpful for me with regard to my superannuation contributions and my novated lease. It has been problematic for my husband to log on to submit claims though.


Great follow up and quick turn around of refunds

I have always receive instant support from the very friendly, knowledgable staff.
There is never a long wait on the phone and I love that I can upload receipts etc instantly.

Great when dealing with cars. Very ordinary with other aspects of salary sacrifice

I have used Selectus for a number of salary sacrifice scenarios. Bend over backwards to help you when financing a car. Very poor service when looking to salary sacrifice for other items.


Excellent customer service

The staff very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.
The response time is quick.
The Selectus App is easy to install and use.
The communications are varied, interesting and readable.
The deals are very competitive.

I really appreciate the functionality of the new claim system

I have packaged 3 vehicles through Selectus and improvement is evident, the new on line claim system works a treat and packages are well thought through and I enjoy the savings.

Product review

I have had three vehicles salary packaged through Selectus with only one (the first) of them being a smooth transation. The second two leases and associated transactions were poor in several areas, and the last of the three the worst with no mention of the baloon payment changing from 20% to 30% until after I had committed to purchase the car. I was VERY annoyed with this piece of non advice at the time. Since then, I have currently (about to finish) a Car Loan arranged through Selectus and financed with Macquarie Leasing. As with the last two salary packages, there have been multiple errors made with incorrect calculations (and associated emails to correct) and one case of an additional repayment being deducted from my account. All events were rectified quickly, so cudos for that, but in all, I have been disappointed with my overall experience with Selectus. I will not be salary packaging any further vehicles, in part, as a result of my experience with Selectus. Apologies if this is not the review you were looking for, but this is how I have felt for some time now. Cheers.


Customer service and advice was very good.

I have found that the advice given specific to my questions were sound and well articulated. Friendly and not forced.I have found that the people I have dealt with at selectus have always been pleasant and insightful.

Selectus salary package

Selectus have been easy to deal with and even though there was a minor issue with incorrect payments being taken, it was resolved nice and easy. The only problem is not being able to use more of my salary.



Aside from one admin error that needed to be adjusted at the last minute my overall experience was great. Monica was excellent and very fast in responding to my email


What a rip-off

I purchased a Honda civic for $23,000. A year later I needed a payout figure to buy a house. They came back with a figure of $28,000!!! This is after I paid around $15,000 that year to them already.
This company is a complete rip-off.


It's good in terms of having no stress regarding upkeep

Logging into account is problematic and very cumbersome. That said having all running cost essentially paid for is great. Looking forward to no stress come rego and service time. Yay


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Questions & Answers

What is your response to such negative reviews???? Is there any level of customer care once client signs up or are you on commission to sign people up then they are on their own?
3 answers
Seems like you are on your own. Lucky i experienced the poor customer service before I signed up. Maxxia has a far superior service.I have no idea what their deal is but I know that even at lease end, and even when I mentioned legal action, I couldn't get a response or even acknowledgment of my emails. I ended up contacting the financing company directly and cutting Selectus out of the conversation. I don't yet have my final account so not taking legal action off the table yet.They have no response. Not to endless emails, threats of legal action or consumer affairs involvement. No apology. No explanation. I’ve never wanted to urge other people not to use a company as badly as I do with them.

I just found out that Selectus have not paid the car to the bank for the past 4 months... they did not pay insurance, so i have been driving uninsured so none of the things they said they were paying were paid... The bank called and said they are going to reposess the car... Where can I go for legal advise? I wanna sue them!
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