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Sell My Property Now

Sell My Property Now

4.8 from 89 reviews

Saved thousands!

I usually do not complete any reviews but when you have a company that can save you thousands, I had to do it. Thank you Susan and Glen. I researched a lot of companies that advertise through realestate.com online and Sell My Property had the most competitive rates for the premier ad. I plan on using the service again later in the year.

Save thousands, and be in total control!

If you don't mind negotiating directly with prospective purchasers and show your property when and how you want, then you simply must sign up with "Sell My Property Now". They offer the best value for money. It's not rocket science: By saving tens of thousands on commission, you are able to advertise at a slightly lower price, ensuring way more interest and a much quicker sale. That's all folks!

Excellent tool for assisting in the sale .

I found this service to be simple to use and affordable . My property did not have a huge value but the ability to send interested buyers to well known portals was invaluable . I have recommended this service to at least one other person.

A Rare Find, Genuinely Helpful In Completing Your Objectives and Save You Money

I found Susan & Glen of "Sell My Property Now" to be a professional, well run company that actually takes the time to listen to you and offer great advice. After working 28 years in the industry as a real estate sale representative; the deal and total costs I got from "Sell My Property Now" was substantially cheaper than I could have received from any agency I worked for. Thank you Susan & Glen.

Saved lots of money and was so easy

I'm very happy with my choice of using Sell My Property Now.
It saved me a lot of stress and money and I handled it all myself.
The sale settled today and an identical house through an agent is still for sale about 3 streets away, and it was a larger block.
I'd highly recommend the team at Sell My Property Now and will definitely use them again.

Well organised system

I found the pricing was very competitive and the service very helpful.
The Dashboard system was easy to operate and provided many options.
The response time to upload my ad and any changes was very quick.
I thoroughly enjoyed using the system.
I sold my property within several months - very quick.
I would definitely recommend using Sell My Property Now to everyone seeking such a service.
Thank you guys. Keep up the good work.

Great Service and a Great System!

We have sold a property and leased 2 in 12 months by using Sell My Property Now. Excellent prompt service and an easy system to use, subsequently our results speak for themselves. Will definately use them again!

Smart Saving

As long as your asking prices is right and you have right description along with good photos of the listing, then it does not matter if you are selling yourself or via the agent. It will get sold and if you do it thru SellMyPropertyNow you will save that extra commission which you need pay to agent if you sale thru him/her.. My property sold with-in 3 months of listing in a slow market which is great and I saved over $5000 on agent commission.

Saving Money

Although it took two years to sell my property privately it was worth saving the agents fee of over $5,000. I am renting now but if I had another house to sell I would sell it the same way with SMPN. Lin

Excellent service

I have used this service and strongly recommended to future property sellers to try this before appointing an agent. You could save thousands of dollars. The customer service is excellent as well

Rude emails from the seller

I asked about when I could view the property and what the charge 35k per couple meant? I was send a rude email telling me to actually read the add and Did I know it was a cooperative. When I sent back I was actually interested in buying but would not buy from someone so rude. He replied telling me he does not sell to narcassists.
Very unprofessional.

I am the owner of Sell My Property Now and we did not send you the message you are complaining about. All of our properties we list, including the one you are referring to, are being sold directly by the owner and not by our company. If the owner of this property sent you this rude message then we apologise for their conduct and will ensure this does not happen again. Unfortunately we have no control over the owners of the properties to list on their behalf as to how they respond to buyer's enquiries.Thanks for your response. It is disappointing that people are using your service in an unprofessional manner. I hope you look into this seller. Happy to send you the emails.Yes, I would appreciate it if you could send me their emails as we will take the appropriate action with them. Please note that in the 6 years we have been operating that we have only had one similar type of occurrence from one of the owners we have listed their homes for as nearly all them (this is in the thousands) conduct themselves well.

Back yourself - Ability to sell your own property your way complete control

After trying to sell my property over a few years, relying on agents both budget and high end , when it came down to it was all about price and if you need to lower your price expectations then you don’t need to factor in the agent commission when selling privately. The best part dealing with “sell my property now” was the ability to get the premier listing at a reasonable price, and any help required organising the listing was promptly given. I never backed myself previously to sell it myself but after spending about $9000 on agents upfront marketing expenses over a few years of trying to sell a very up market house, and a couple of failed contracts I thought I’d give it a go and because I was the owner any questions the buyers asked were answered immediately, and they also did not mind dealing with the owner, which is what many agents had told me previously, in fact because we had more negotiating ability as there was no commission to factor in , they liked that. I was worried about contracts but that was a breeze as my conveyancer just drew one up for me and charged an extra $275 on top of conveniencing. You need to approach it professionally and you do have do a bit of running around but at least you know what the feedback is rather then relying on a third party to give their interpretation on it , I liked being in control of what was said and also did not push buyers who were then likely to break the contract later down the track. Finally success with a good price to happy buyers.

So Easy Who needs an agent?

Easy to use.
I knew my rural properties details far greater than any real estate agent.
As a retiree I had the time to spend in home opens and taking calls and answering buyers questions directly.
I valued the property correctly having multiple offers within 0.5% of my listing price.
The site allowed for easy editing which I did a couple of times after feedback from buyers.
Having a sign out the front was what actually started the buying process.
First time user - would use again if I ever decide to sell other property.

Who needs an agent?

Easy to use, manage and update any time anyway you want. In the current market where prices are dropping, saving an agent's commission is worth the exercise.

It did the job for me!

I sold my investment property in just three weeks. The site is very user friendly: I had control on adding/editing content and photos at any time. SellMyProperty team was relaying contact details in a timely manner and were courteous at all time.

easy, helpful and succesful

Thank you for all the help and the easy process to get my investment home sold.
First time user - highly recommend

Sold in a week

Really good deal would lokie to buy some more so i can make a profit.
A ma chester man said to me can you dance

Simple, effective and value for money!

I’ve listed my property twice to lease on sell my property now and both times the experience has been simple, effective and their prices competitive.

I will keep using them and would happily recommend to others.

Keep up the good work and keep looking after your customers.


A waste of time!!

A lot of the properties we inspected that Sell My Property Now have listed have already been sold and not through Sell my property now. When we complained they blamed the sellers for not removing the ad. So much for service.

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This complaint is totally fabricated. For a start it is impossible for a seller to remove their own listing, this has to be done by our office and only after we are notified by the owner it is now sold. But more importantly, this person (Beth) who is making this defamatory claim which is obviously just an attack on our very successful business which we pride ourselves in quality service because of this one important fact: We list properties all over Australia, and seldom you will find more than one or two located within the same suburb that a buyer would be searching in. So how could Beth (if that is in fact her real name) find several properties at once that were all sold yet showing as available. And lastly, we do not sell the properties ourselves as they are sold directly by the owners and therefore how would it even be possible for 'someone else' to sell the person's own property, except for themselves. PS> view all of our other reviews to see that we supply a superb service every time. Business Owner, Sell My Property Now

Super fast sell

Getting the ad up was easy and we received a personal welcome email from Susan within a few hours (not just the automated email). A minor issue with some numbers on the ad (not their fault) was fixed up quickly. Enquiries were forwarded very promptly.

Importantly, we sold our block of land in under 36 hours after the ad was posted. We didn't expect it to sell that fast, so were very pleasantly surprised. No complaints at all about this service.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I have a question re photographs. What are the acceptable formats eg .jpg etc and is there a preferred file size? How are they put up on 'Sell My property' Thanks Peter
2 answers
Yes, photos can be uploaded in a jpg or png format. Regards, SMPNSize of the photo doesn't really matter as they will be still be able to be uploaded. You will add the photos from within your own members account, just like attaching a doc to an email. Any trouble doing this we can add them for you.

We are thinking of listing with you, and my question is- Is one of the first steps to sell is it to have a contract to sell created by our solicitor? We have photos etc. Regards Julie
3 answers
Hi Julie; I am from WA and also a real estate sales representative. Here you can get the stationary (contracts and conditions) to do offer and acceptances yourself and as we can use a settlement agent to do settlements rather than a solicitor they can also advise you on what to do and use of correct wording for a more economical outcome. I do however advise you to proceed with Sell My Property Now, especially when they have great deals on advertising through realestate.com and put those deals in place for when you are ready to go because you don't have to activate the product until you give them the go ahead in writing.Straight question-straight answer. Yes, the Contract of Sale must be ready before you advertise. You will also need to make sure your solicitor has a trust account to take 10% buyer deposit, or use an independent third-party trust account. Then go ahead, sign up with "Sell my property now", advertise, handle inquiries/inspections and sell your property yourself. Very straightforward!Thank you all for your feedback Julie

Hi Sue Interested in using your package to sell a two bedroom one bathroom unit with share pool under cover parking and reasonable BC fees in Port Douglas. It's part of a Body Corporate building but not looking to put up any for sale signage. We are listed on Airbnb so I suppose my main question is how long does it take for the ad to go live on Domain etc? I think in QLD the process for selling is pretty quick (6 weeks) if you get a contract and wouldn't want to cancel any holiday people. Please advise the time frame for going live once signed up. Kind Regards Soo
2 answers
30 days settlement in Queensland & 6 wks in NSW. When I contacted sellmypropertynow on the Wednesday & then took all my own photos, then downloaded the pics to sellmypropertynow with my typed up add, then on the Friday 2 days later after first contacting sellmypropertynow the add went onto realestate.com.au & domain.com.au + 4 other property websites. Then sold my property the day after. I spoke to a couple of staff from sellmypropertynow & mostly dealt with Susan who was extremely professional and helpful in explaining the entire process. Good luck with your sale & hope this reply helps. Stephen .....Hi Soo, from the time you sign up to the time we have you live can be as little as an hour. If, however, you want to work on the listing and have it go live at some later date, say a week later- or longer, we can wait until you're ready to make it live. Feel free to give me a call on 1300 547 869 if you have any more questions. I'd be happy to discuss how this might work for you. Regards, Susan

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