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Sensodyne 24/7 Protection Range

Sensodyne 24/7 Protection Range

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New formula of Rapid Relief...

Old formula worked. New one with Fluoride in it does not- in fact it has made the sensitivity much worse. Plus it takes some skin off the inside of my mouth and lips

Purchased in March 2019 at Safeway for $6.99.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No


After using this product for years, but 2 wk ago, half my tooth broke, my mouth is full of ulcers, tongue badly split and swollen, throat swollen, eating is excruciating.

Purchased in February 2019.

Do not use!

I have been using this product for two weeks. Apart from it staining my toothbrush pink, my mouth started to feel sore and dry. I checked my tongue a coupe of days ago and it looked like the skin was stripped of in a couple of places. On top of this, my teeth were feeling very rough. I stopped using the product two days ago and will the product back to the store.

Purchased in March 2019 at ALDI.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Don’t use unless you want mouth sores!

I started using Sensodyn toothpaste a week ago due to tooth sensitivity as recommended by my dentist
Now I still have sensitivity if not more sensitivity and mouth ulcers and it’s like my lining in my mouth has been stripped of its skin in places
I am now going back to my go to toothpaste Pepsident to see if this improves
Just a warning to others

Purchased in January 2019.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Not happy

I used Sensodyne, helped with the sensitivity but after using it for a few months it felt like it was stripping the enamel off my teeth. Now i feel i have more problems now then before using it.

My toothsaver!

Wow!!! I have no words.. I was about to extract my tooth due to excruciating pain and swollen gum line. Dentist recommended I do a root canal or extract the tooth to my dismay. Tried Sensodyne repair and protect for a week. It's been 3 weeks and the pain has vanished. The best part is: I can even chew on that side of my mouth!
Thank you !!! Love you Sensodyne repair and protect.

Created build up on my electric toothbrush

I have used sensidyne toothpaste along with sonic electric toothbrushes for many years. My husband uses a different toothpaste with exact same model of sonic electric toothbrush. Over the last twelve months I have had severe build up of toothpaste residue on my brushes and already had a replacement brush from Sonicare. My husband has had no issues with his toothbrush. I am convinced it is the toothpaste - anyone else experience this? I always remove brush head and rinse after use but still get build up.

Alergic reaction to sensodyne toothpaste

I suffered from - burning mouth, throat and tongue, headache, painfull roof of mouth, upset stomach. I will never use Sendodyne again. I'm glad I read the posts of other sufferers.

Made my teeth so sensitive!

I have been using this product since 2 months ago, at the beginning I thought it was ok but I found out that my teeth are being sensitive when eating suger or cold water! It’s totally opposite to what they advertise it for! I don’t recommend it!

This product is dangerous

My dentist gave me a sample of Sensodyne Pro 7 day’s ago, I had another dental issue which was painful so when I was told to use this toothpaste and not rinse I complied. My whole mouth and gums are very painful, my teeth felt lose, the roof of my mouth felt sandpapered, the pain was quite bad so I visited a GP for pain relief he said my entire mouth was covered was white. Because of the other issue, i didn’t realise this was a reaction to the toothpaste. I think this product is unsafe and toxic.


The old formula was great but the new sensodyne rapid relief is dangerous. Been using for a week and the skin on the inside of my cheek blistered and started bleeding and is really sore. My husband's tongue started hurting and he cant taste his food now. Whatever chemicals are now used I believe are dangerous. I think we are going back to a simpler toothpaste with less chemicals. The warning says not to use under 12 yrs which is an indication that it is not safe.


One year ago went to dentist with complaints of blistering torn gums. Could not eat properly and in constant pain. Dentist was perplexed along with 3 other doctors I went to. This product is poison. I figured out it was my toothpaste. I suffered headaches and stomach aches along with the burns in my mouth. I am currently seeking counsel.

Has the formula changed recently?

I have used Sensodyne Repair and Protect since it first came on the market. The last tube I bought in March 2018 was not like the product I've been using for years. The tooth paste foams in my mouth like I was rabid. If I can bear to use the whole tube, I will definitely use another brand of toothpaste.

Quality of the latest manufacturing is bad

I have developed preference for U.K. produced products after spending time in U.K. in the 70's and finding Pearl Drops. I have started using Sensedyne in the 80's. It was a great product. I used it faithfully until earlier in the year and ended up with mouthful of ulcers.
Considering that I paid more for the uk made rather then the Thailand made one (Colgate made there also gave people ulcers) I was extremely upset. Of course it was partially my fouls-I should have checked on where the ingredients came from, but still you are the people who made it! I now use Oral B. I get annoyed when I see your commercials on tv as your product is now a risk to people's health. Ulcers are very unpleasant, they hurt! PS . I don't have no idea where the receipts is as this purchase was around Feb/March 2016 and quite frankly I am now using another product so Isi just be irate when your adds come on

Great toothpaste but the NZ ad is enough to turn you right off the product

Been using the toothpaste for years. It's great, the best sensitive toothpaste on the market, but please change the NZ ad, the girls' voices could crack glass and makes the ad unwatchable.

A disturbing toothpaste

Try it out for more than 3 minutes and a wired bitter taste starts appearing in the back of the mouth, after rinsing with regular water the bitter taste gets worse for about 10 minutes. Now I repeated this several times and it keeps happening. In the product's defense I did wash for a few days and noticed a complete recovery of sensibility to cold and hot liquids and the slight discomfort is gone but the bitter taste is just so bad.

- now it might be one of those chemicals that taste bitter to some and sweet to others but on the other hand it might be a allergic thing or a symptom of a larger developing problem...so more testing would be needed.

-now considering all doctors recommend it all the time even to healthy patients "as the best out there" I'm thinking this would be the result of a marketing related thing so they could definitely afford a study...if they cared.

-issue is I can't find much info online on the bitterns of it so since I can't be the only one out there with this reaction I encourage people to wash for 10-15 minutes and see if they get it - point is this can't be healthy can it?

So I'll be dropping this great paste due to the unknowns I mean I like the result on the teeth but don't like the reports about cough and stomach issues online.

nz ad being 'flogged' as australian...

How could you believe in a product that talks about australians liking the toothpaste when your tv commercial has new zealanders spruking the product!! Seriously?? Couldnt you afford to produce a local ad...you had to recycle a nz ad!!!you do realise we are different countries...

Can't use anthing else

I usually would use a sensitive toothpaste but then I thought it would be fine to use any tooth paste, after using macleans normal toothpaste for a while I started to get a really bad sharp pain on one of my teeth, I went to the dentist and had xrays and all that jazz, in the end nothing major was wrong they suggested that I should try using sensodyne to see if it goes away if not them come back in. I used the sensodyne and literally after 1 brush the shooting pain rapidly went down, after about a week it was no longer a shooting pain and now after 2 months I have no pain at all what so ever! My pain was so bad before that I couldn't eat anything too warm because it would create the worst pain, but the food was really a normal heated temperature that everyone was eating, now I haven't had that problem once and I'm literally scared not to use sensodyne, I would never ever change!

Burning Mouth after using Sensodyne Whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Will be throwing my Sensodyne in the bin where it belongs. Could not work out for months what the problem was with my mouth starting to burn and feel like there was no moisture in it. Have just searched 'burning mouth' and came across a stack of forums and posts about the exact symptoms I have. Guess what! We all use Sensodyne. Well not anymore. Will stick to a non SLS herbal toothpaste from now on.


Your advert on Australian TV is a Disgrace. The woman that talks about ice cream and says " in your gob " is terrible. What kind of an example
Is that to children or young people that may see this advert. You need to change it quick smart. So many people feel the same way I do. I will not buy your product again, until you change the way you advertise it. So, so disgraceful.

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why is Sensodyne 'Original' no longer on supermarket shelves?
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why is it hard to purchase sensodyne original in botany or eastgardens pagewood.They are no longer on the shelves at coles or woolies?
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I have no idea!!! Ask the store managers!!


Sensodyne 24/7 Protection Range
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