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would rate zero if i could.

so i ordered online from Shein the other day and it was my first order with them and with free shipping too i thought why not. anyway, after some time they sent me an email saying that the item i paid for is out of stock due to popular demand (though it showed as instock online at the time when i paid) and that i have been refunded. more than a week has past and still no refund..so i contacted Shein myself and ask about the progress of the refund (as they email said to contact them if 48 hrs has past and its well past that) to then be told by one of their customer service staff that i need to return the item to get a refund. this is repulsive!! how can i return an item if i never even received it?!? crazy right?? if the customer service representative read my message properly and also looked into it more, they would know that i never received my item. it shouldn't be this difficult to get a refund IMO and especially if it was their error. i understand if they made an error with the stocks by having it showing as in stock online, but there is no need for me to keep on chasing up about my refund when they should already be processing this automatically and they should be able to know on the progress of the refund. i would seriously not even give them 1 star if i could, but i really think they need to get their act together in regards to the customer service area because it really is ridiculous to say the least.

Awful another $60 down the drain

Arrived today and I'm totally gob smacked. Order a jumpsuit and black dress. The material is awful very cheap polyester the dress is way to small and the jumpsuit I could have a party in it, the crouch sits down passed me knees and the width of the pant legs is bigger than the 70's ever dreamed of. Both the same size ordered yet very different sizing. Learnt my lesson won't be buying from them again

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing Very small
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Unable to contact Australian supplier

Just received my order but none of the items fitted, at least two sizes smaller than stated. Can’t get hold of an AUSTRALIAN supplier to return to, so far they want it returned to America! I’m not paying for that!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing Very small
Product Appearance Not as advertised
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Follow up to my comments that Shein has sent me 3 emails a day since contacting them & they are now going to pay half postage for returning goods to America $17

Avoid!! Very poor quality fabric, sizing is out, they offer you a partial credit instead of a full refund.

I ordered a t shirt which on the model showed tucked in with fabric to spare - it arrived and it's basically a crop tee that doesn't cover my belly and the sequins on the pocket are falling off. Not as advertised.

Also ordered some pajamas which are a horrible scratchy polyester. Definitely not worth the $33 charge for them, I could have bought nicer at KMART.

I contacted them for a refund and they offered me a partial credit not a full refund, and I’ve had to go back and fourth four times to say that I do not accept a credit for half the item - I cannot wear it so I want my money back in full. This contravenes Australian law!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing Slightly small
Product Appearance Not as advertised

No Button on Dress and No response at all on complains

No star at all. Dress doesn't have button on it. I've been emailing them a couple of
Times but there's no response at all. Never order again to this site. Full of rubbish. You could not even wear it

Ok quality - would rather spend money locally for better product

I ordered a couple items from shein and the order arrived in good time. The clothes fit well BUT iam a very small person and I can see how the average person may have some sizing issues. I found the quality of the clothing to be ‘ok’ wearing out after a couple wears. I would rather spend my money on some cheap local clothing that is much better quality.

Terrible quality, poor sizing. Would not recommend at all.

I recently ordered two crop tops and a dress from SheIn (AUD customer). Both arrived promptly but I was severely disappointed in the quality of the items. One crop top was so small I couldn't fit it over my head (I am a small or extra small normally), the other was made of thin and scratchy material that did not look anything like the product description. The dress was lovely and the quality was fine, however the sizing was all wrong and no matter which way the straps were tied, it did not fit correctly.
I have contacted the company to begin the return process, only to find out that it is going to cost me upwards of $30 to ship the items! Even if the company covers half (like they said they would in their reply) I am still going to be down $15 at the very least.
I would not recommend ordering from SheIn as the products are wildly inconsistent and their return policy is appalling.

No issues

Delivery was very quick. Ordered and paid for the items on 24th Jan and received it on 30th Jan.

Paid AUD46 for 4 tops/blouses, the sizing received as described (using measurements details), no issues with this.

Quality = you get what you pay for. Thin, low quality fabrics used for making the tops etc. Haven't worn it yet but can tell not breathable materials.

Love love shien australia

I bought 2 4 xl playsuits n 1 xl panties set im very happy with the quality of my garments n sizing is perfect this is my second experience with shien australian will b buying more plus size clothing they a huge variety in my size n do explain to u to use the measurements which i have done n happy the products came one week after ordering

Quick delivery and exact product

My experience was great (AUD customer). I bought 4 items, 2 lingerie and 2 top and short matching sets. Yeah the material isnt the best but its cheap for a reason? Still looks great, and too be honest its the same quality material that you are getting everywhere these days, all companies are going cheap!! I ordered my items on a sunday and had it by wednesday. And I got heaps of notifications on it! Definitely ordering again, all fit great one of the lingerie pieces was a weird fit but i think it was more my body then the product lol

Great products, do your research before buying

FYI I'm not a paid reviewer, nor am I a competitor! I've purchased clothes from the Shein website a couple of times and have had great experiences. The clothes fit to size, and were delivered in a reasonable time. Having used my fair share of dodgy websites I understand not everyone's experiences have been the same. To ladies, or guys, who are purchasing from this site here's some advice:
1. Do your research. Read the reviews and look at the images of people who've bought the product before, take into account their measurements before buying.
2. If there's no / little reviews, simply don't buy it. There may be reason why there are no reviews, don't be the Guinea pig that loses $30 on a bad item.
3. Always look at measurements and size up or down depending on how you want it to fit you. This may not always be the case but its a great start.
I know this won't solve common problems people have had with shipping or refunds, and unfortunately that is a risk with buying from clothes warehouses in China, but this will help to make smarter purchases.


Bought a dress and top. They arrived quickly, were budget friendly and good quality. They fit well and boyfriend loves how they look.

Damaged product very bad quality

I saw the ad on Facebook and thought it was reasonably priced even told my daughter who warned me to check all the bad reviews. I thought I'd be safe with a handbag. It arrived damaged to the point it can't be closed also slashed with across the back looks like a box cutter slash. I emailed and they don't reply.

January 22nd 2019 Update: SHOCKING PRODUCTS

TAKE WARNING. The quality of their products are the worst. They do not offer refunds either. Once you contact them they go to ground and you never hear from them again. The handbag I bought and a slash/split across one side and was completely crushed so bad it couldn't be closed.

Shrinking in wash

I have purchased from here a few times. Nearly everything i have bought has shrunk! waste of money!!! the fabric is cheap and i will not buy online from this site again.

Top bikini looks nothing like the photo

The top looks nothing like the photo, poorly made, when complained they told me they can't see anything wrong with it

Please do not buy.... Terrible sizing and I am still trying to get a refund 60 days later.

I bought a couple of tops, which the sizing was WAY off. That is fine, this happens. But trying to get my Refund (which they have promised in writing) has been a nightmare. I had to lodge a complaint with Paypal to get my money back and now Shein will not refund me my money until I cancel the complaint with Paypal. I strongly recommend to avoid this online shop - plenty of other ones. It is also weird that there are no negative complaints (or any comments at all) on their Facebook posts - I would say it is strongly moderated. I have never had so a crappy shopping experience. I still don't have my refund and I am about to give up trying....

Deceptive seller - not in an au company despite au website.

The products were not true to size and made of very cheap fabric.
They use a website au.shein so you think it is Australian based but the items come from China.
Returns need to be sent to America which is very expensive to return to. Most Australian online shops you can return a big package for $10. It cost me $80 to return the poor quality not true to size clothes.

Poor quality, inaccurate sizing

I recently purchased a skirt online from Shein. I am glad I only purchased one item because the skirt will go straight into the garbage. The quality is poor and the colour is nothing like the picture. The sizing is also too small.

I've given two stars because the item was delivered quickly.

Can't return online

Don't buy online sale. You can't return and dress looked nothing like picture. Disgraceful rude customer service. Referred to internet 15 times. Just asked a simple question from a human store assistant. It's your job. Don't but online

Disappointed and will never wear the articles I bought

Completely unsatisfied. 3 items all ordered medium all completely different sizes and badly fitting. One set leggings so tight other pair so big bikini bottom unwearable and top doesn’t even sit properly. I want a refund but can’t find a way to contact to send these terrible garments back. I never buy myself anything so this was a big treat to myself. So disappointed ☹️

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After 2 seperate orders, the pants I purchased for a teenagers costume doesn’t fit. I now have 5 pairs of pants to return. (one splitting after being tried on) 3 questions: 1. How does large adult sizing not fit 3 average 12 year olds? 2. What address do I send the return to? 3. Why is there no receipt, paperwork or emailed proof of purchase sent with product? How am I supposed to identify my items? A speedy reply would be appreciated, as I am now significantly out of pocket, having to get pants professionally made at the last minute.
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they will supply an address IF you are persistent and lucky enough to get a person at Shein willing to tell you how. BUT Australia Post will charge you (and Shein will not reimburse you). Australia post quoted me $42 to send back a top to the USA address. SHEIN should be better organized as Ezibuy.com as Ezibuy has a much better return policy. try: SHEIN Customer Support www data @ shein . com (tighten up the gaps to get this address) here is what they asked me to do: First, please pack your items in their original package. Second, please go to your local post office to make the return to our return address: Recipient: SheIn Group Inc - ( they quoted me a number here - but that number is possibly linked to the purchase I made so I will not include that number - but customer support should be able to give you the right number for your purchase) Address:200 Docks Corner Road, Suite 221, Dayton, NJ, 08810, USA Third, after the return process, your local post office will give you one receipt. The tracking number is on the receipt. Then, please kindly send this receipt and your tracking number to us in this email.their "advice" was a bit skewed - in truth they are asking you to FIRST (not thirdly) pay for tracking and make sure you get the receipt at the Post Office, and yes to do that you have to pay more for postage/ shipping PLUS tracking. DO get the signed for type and tracking and guard your receipt carefully (don't lose it, in case they claim they never received your parcel) Yes they request it - but you need to send them the proof SEPARATELY. via an email - is the only proof they will accept in order to consider giving you a refund. and scan/copy that tracking number etc,. As far as seeking a refund - seek it if it i worth the trouble. the top cost me less than $20 and I fail to see any joy in spending another $42 that i will never see again just to get a $20 refund, Instead, for me, it will be easier to NEVER buy from Shein ever again

How long does shipping take to Brisbane Australia? I put my order in November 21 and I need it before December 13th!
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I can't tell you exactly, but it took no more than 1 week. I need to go back and update my review. The product is a fraction better than I had initially mentioned!Thank you Bob! That helps! I bought sweaters and stuff to keep me warm in Canada before I fly over, and it would be very unfortunate if it came the day after I left. I would be one cold chika.I have placed 3 very large orders with shein and all of them came through within 5 days ive been wearing my new dresses and tshirts since end of Nov after washing them first. All the dresses and tee shirts i bought from shein were under $15 and i cant fault the quality or the fit and super speedy delivery.

I made an order 4 days ago and it officially shipped on the 27th of October, I desperately need it by Saturday 10th November! I've had a notification since yesterday saying "In Transit to Destination". Is it possible that it will arrive before the 10th? I'm located 1.5 hours south of Sydney.
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