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Missychrissy72Sydney, NSW

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It works


My nearly 8 mth old
is teething and this has been a lifesaver for us both. It does have a strange smell and he hates the taste and blows
raspberries after application BUT it works within a minute! My grumpy, sad baby has some relief and becomes his happy self again. I wont use any other teething gel now as this one actually provides him with relief.

Purchased in December 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.


Flextape420Illawarra, NSW

Heck yeah dude


People who are complaining about “the pain of it” are soft! This gel has helped me out multiple times and I would really recommend it unless you have a high pain tolerance. Seriously grow up it’s fine

Purchased in August 2019.

Pain before the calm


I have been using this for years. Works well but might be painful when first applied. I would also recommend flossing and brushing teeth with a salt toothpaste and rinsing with xylitol beforehand to lower the bacteria level in the mouth. Also helps to get adequate sleep as I am more prone to mouth ulcers when the immune system is weak.



this is awful, applied this trash t to 3 ulcers; the pain it causes when after applying is ridiculous - I have a high pain tolerance but this was dumb. My eyes were watering, and the damn trash only lasts 10-15 minutes before I have to reapply and go through the damn pain again. It sounds like it’s ideal for teething; but damn oath fools don’t use this trash on any open skin or ulcers - just doing ya self damage!!



i get mouth ulcers so very often, nothing else works for me not salt nor vegemite or anything. it taste good and does the job in at least a week. i am also terrible when it comes to spicy foods this works really well and stings the tiniest bit, i would say this has been the product that has worked the best for me personally and honestly!

Horrible & Painful


Used it on my ulcer and boy “ OOO” boy that was painful.
Stung like a bee and I flew like a butterfly.
Back to the chemist.
Hopefully I find someone with some experience to help me.
Just trying to make up fifty words or so, so I’ll keep trying.

Stings like crazy


I used this stuff on my lip for a bit each time it nearly sent me thru the roof with the horrendously bad stinging (I have high pain threshold) I wondered how babies tolerate it, once the sting went after about 30sec went numb which was want I wanted to stop the pain, I have decided not to use it as it hurts so much, so I am using savlon antiseptic this does not sting at all, but then again it is not numbing lip either, but is like a bit of moisturizer.


Mel1983New South Wales, 2287

  • 5 reviews

This is the only thing I have found to work.


This is the only brand of teething gel i've found to work on my toddler.

She likes the taste and happily lets us put it on her gums.

I tried a few other brands on my daughter and myself and this is the one that really numbed the gums properly.



  • 5 reviews

love this teething gel


i find it really effective better then other brands and the ingredients look good too . You definitely need to get this gel if your little one is teething. My little one used to be screaming in pain at night but not anymore with this. Can be purchased from most chemists.


karenn.elizabethPerth, WA

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My poor 1 year old had teeth coming in left right and centre since 6 months old. I tried everything from nurophen, panadol, and other teething gels. Nothing was working until the pharmacist recommend Sm-33. It gave him instant relief. It worked wonders. Only wish it came in a bigger tube.

I found this the only brand and safest especially with babies ,. One of my babies is allergic to a f




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Creates more pain then relieving!


The Sm-33 was recommended by the chemist assistant - apparently this is the best one...
When I applied the gel, the pain was horrible...like I froze from the pain - I can take pain well, but that hurt! it stings and makes it throb even more. The pain lasts for about 30secs then it numbs the area..for a whole 10min! The ulcer pain returned with no change of pain.
The instructions advise to apply it every 3 hours!!!! if it was only for every 3 hours then the relief should last for 3 hours! - I think the trust Bonjela is the winner still



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More pain than it soothed.


Alex S

Alex SMelbourne

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Better see a GP


It relives the pain to certain extent but does not resolve the problem. My GP says it is of no use......at least it's not poisonous and I can swallow it. I heard it's more suitable for little kids as they tend to swallow everything in there mouth...Not sure if I will use it again.


MummytotwoBrisbane, Queensland

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Have been using SM33 for years


Love this product, so much better then Bonjela.
Although it tastes horrible to kids the numbess once it starts taking affect works great, I use this on my 13 year old still to help his mouth with his new braces and his wisdom teeth coming through.
I have recomended SM33 to so many of my friends/family for their little ones and all feedback from them has been positive by all.


JanGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Stings really bad


Chemist recommended this for my mouth ulcers, put it on and nearly went through the roof. Wow did it sting.
However once the stinging subsides he does numb the ulcers.
Please be careful when putting on babies if they have any broken skin! I believe it is good for cold sores also.



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So Much Yes


Tried SM-33 for the first time when my son was 18months & cutting his eye teeth (natural remedies weren't doing anything to ease the pain). Worked wonders.

Used it once on my 2nd bub and worked well for him also. I don't think you should use it unless nothing else is easing your babies pain - natural remedies first.


kazm76Southwest, VIC

  • 45 reviews

Relieves gums quickly


My sister recommended this to me via a friend and I'm glad I purchased it. I notice when my son is teething and I put this on his gum, he calms down within five minutes. It's a good product
Works quickly, easy to put on (provided child complies!), son doesn't seem to hate it when I put it on


happy_lifeQLD, 4817

  • 71 reviews



I love this product and used it for my daughter after she refused to take a other well known brand. In fact after trying it myself up against other brands it works the quickest.
this works instantly, and it doesn't have the yucky flavour that other well knowen brands have.

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