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This oven looked beautiful at the shop and so far the reviews are excellent too. I make macarons and the oven has to have even heat contribution otherwise macarons will be ruined. Can you tell me this oven will be good at making macarons?
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This is a good oven. It has 2 fans and various different heat settings. I love it and I will be purchasing another similar one at another property we have.Hi Bonjoo, This oven has a static oven function which gives very even heat. Regards, Smeg Tech Support.

Hi in the details section it says that this product is a pyrolitic oven, is that correct? Thanks Mel
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NoThank you for your enquiry Mel. This model has a vapour clean function- if you have any further questions in regards to this we would love to assist you further - please contact us direct with your full name and contact telephone number via email - enquiries@smeg.com.au or call us direct on 02 8667 4888 thank you Smeg Australia

I’m considering purchasing this oven. However has the problem with not being able to clean the glass door been resolved? I don’t want to invest my money in a quality oven & then be let down by having to look at a dirty glass door.
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Hi Rose. Thanks for your enquiry. If you contact us direct we can advise how you clean the oven door over the telephone, However, in our Instruction Manual there is extensive instructions on how to remove the whole door and then also how you can remove the internal glass panes for cleaning ( we do recommend that you clean with a damp sponge and a neutral detergent ).Kind Regards SMEG AUSTRALIA

Hi, so I purchased this oven and recently found out I can’t remove the glass door for cleaning. Why would Smeg design a double glass door oven, a gap for liquid to drip into but unable to be removed to clean? I’ve got these drips I can’t get to. The oven looks disgusting! Is this a design fault? it’s very disappointing considering how much this oven cost!
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Dear Carole, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address and contact details. Once I have this information I will be in a position to arrange a service call to fix this problem. Regards, Steve CullenHi Steve I have the same problem. My oven is 2016 and I am unable to clean the glass door inside. The instructions on the manual do not work and I was unable to find a youtube video fitting to this model. The door does not unhinge as per instructions. Can I dissemble/ unscrew the glas with the door in place? Regards Elke

what is the bottom compartment for?
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Hello Clee, The bottom compartment on the TRA90 is a storage drawer. You can store your oven trays in this compartment.

Can food be simmered for a long period of time in the gas stovetop without burning?
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Hi Lynne it all depends what you are trying to simmer and for how long, in the end it will burn if you leave it long enough. Regards Chris

Can the rear SMEG plate be removed, to accomodate splash Backs?
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Yes it can but trust me it looks so much nicer with it on!Hi Kim it can be removed as long as the splash back behind the cooker is fire rated. Regards Chris

Is a copper pipe better?
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Use a flexible hose. Easier to move cooker when required. Delivers gas as well as copper

Have some more questions too! Is this a noisy oven? Is the black surface hard wearing and easy to clean on the outside? Can the door glass be cleaned? How long would it take to heat to 180deg? Thanks again.
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I would say yes, the black surface is hard wearing, easy to wipe clean. The glass door has been pretty easy to clean also and I'm generally not the oven cleaning type.. to heat to 180, I haven't timed it but I do turn it on 15-20min before putting something in it. I've had so many compliments about this oven. I love it. A good friend has the other version with the three or four separate oven compartments and 6 burners (also in black), she absolutely loves hers as well.Forgot to answer your question about the noise. I don't find it noisy. The fan in the oven does stay on for a short time once you turn the oven off. I assume this is the cool down function.Thanks! Did you go with a matching rangehood? Happy with it?

Hi Kellyville6 Just wondering how things are going with the smeg oven, we are thinking of purchasing one as well...
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Yes it is still working very well. Just make sure the clock is working before the plumber does the gas fittings. The oven won't work if the clock isn't working. If it has to be pulled out again to get the clock fixed Smeg won't take any responsibility for cost of plumber as they advise to get a plastic pull out hose connection for the gas. My plumber said a copper hose was a much better option but you can't pull the oven out without disconnecting it.

I am looking at your TRA 90BL. In the brochure. What is the price? The terrible reviews have scared me. Where are the appliances made? Ann
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“Thank you for taking the time to ask your question. In order for me to best assist you directly with your enquiry please contact me on (02) 8667 4888 or alternatively you can reach me on info@smeg.com.au. Look forward to hearing from you.”

Hi. I have been considering purchasing this model for my new kitchen. The only review is negative. There are many Smeg reviews that state the clock fault causes the oven not to function. How does Smeg address this problem and what percentage of this model has problems with reliability? I like the look of it but I'm worried I will have a brand new $5,000 range that doesn't work. Also, if I buy it from an online discount warehouse, can you confirm the warranty is still good. Many thanks. Niki
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did you end up purchasing?

Has anyone got any positive feedback about the TRA90? Does anyone have anything good to say about it?
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Hello Kellyville6, Thank you for taking the time to ask your question. In order for me to best assist you directly with your enquiry please contact our Head Office on (02) 86674888. Look forward to hearing from you.”Hello, I'm looking at this product also, any recent reviews is most appreciated. Thank youHi Carole, I ended up getting one of above Smeg models, been using it for two weeks now and all good, everything is great. Didn't receive a manual in the packaging but looked it up on Internet and downloaded it so I can refer to it as required. The hob and oven are both working well and I'm finding that food I cook in the oven is very moist (in a good way) compared to previous ovens I've used. Loving having the control of the gas job again after using halogen hob in rental house. Hope this helps.

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