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Snooze VIC, South Wharf

Snooze VIC, South Wharf

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Sleazy dodgy sales people.

WATCH OUT! Capt Snooze are worse than sleazy used car sales people. My ex made the mistake of paying a deposit and signing for a bed after a home show in Melbourne where they promote a half price sale. Sucked in. At half price they are still way over priced. After splitting with my ex she did not take delivery of the bed and lost the deposit. Even though I had not signed anything, I was subjected to threatening calls, warning me that if I did not pay for the bed they would sue me. I referred them to my solicitor and have not heard anything since. Not smart business. I warn everyone I know now. Interesting that Capt Snooze don't seem to have a facebook page or a google ad. It would be flooded with poor ratings.

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
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Hi HKB, Your dissatisfaction is noted with sincere regret and we would like to review details with the store. Please email us at enquiries@snooze.com.au with your name and contact details and also details on the invoice (if these are different) so that this can be undertaken as soon as possible. Regards, Snooze

Simply amazing!

Recently due to a flood had to replace all my bedding with so much stress involved I went straight to Snooze at Southwharf to enquire about a previous purchase , the Store Manager was nothing short of amazing. She looked our our records complete with all our purchase information and had the bed out to us the very next week. IT was incredible they showed empathy in our situation and provided us with exceptional Customer Service that I had not experience at any store previously and probably never will again. Their beds are by far the best quality so I would never ever shop anywhere else ! thank you South Wharf Snooze I hope everyone gets a taste from you what true service and quality is

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
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Hi Caroline, thanks for taking the time to leave your review. Glad the store could help ease your stress at such a horrible time. We will be sure to pass your thanks and praise on to the team. Hope we see you again in store soon. Regards, Snooze.

Customer service was great!

Service in the store was amazing, I would reccoment to all my friends and family! Extremely confident knowledge of all the products, why would you shop anywhere else?

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
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Hi Nevasha, thanks for your review. We will be sure to pass your feedback on to the team at South Wharf. Regards, Snooze

Still Waiting

I wrote an extremely disappointing review here months ago about the absolute disgusting resolution I had with my clearly defective mattress going by the amount of people who have had the same issue with sinking and dipping of the Maddison regardless of rotating. I had a history and report in prior to ‘apparently’ spilling something down to the spring so them then taking compete advantage of that regardless of prior reporting and issue and forfeiting my 10 year warranty. I made a complaint at this shocking deflection and for face value I got a response by Snooze to email them and so I did and again nothing. No email acknowledgment and again disgusting behaviour of how I have been treated after forking out over $3000 for a bed. Shame on you Snooze.

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
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Dear Ally, thank you for your comments. We have identified you in our system and also the communication sent to you via email from the store. Our request to you is to please continue your communications with the store where it was left in July so that an amicable resolution can be reached as soon as possible. Regards, Snooze.

Made a deposit, items never delivered, refund refused

I made a purchase 12 months ago, with the agreement that I wouldn't be in the country to accept the order for 4 months. I initiated the process again after 5 months, was advised there was a 6 week wait. No response. Called for an update, apparently the last order was never received, new order placed. Once again, 6 weeks later, no response. Called one last time, was promised something was on the way from warehouses already and I would be first to have items delivered. Naturally, nothing.
Went to BedShed, found a perfect substitute. Today, called Snooze again to cancel the entire order - so tired of waiting and not receiving anything, not even a simple phone call. Was told that I would have to forfeit my deposit. 6 months of waiting, $1.2k later, and Snooze never bothered to deliver anything. BedShed on the other hand has already booked me in with a delivery date.
Don't bother with Snooze, they don't seem all that fussed with fulfilling orders, and are quite happy to keep your deposit following a number of their own stuff ups.

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
Update: Before I completed the publishing process, I was contacted by "Official" Snooze July 11 requesting more information. So more information they got! I've heard nothing since. Apparently the head office seem care as much as the South Wharf store. Following great advice from another user here, I'll be headed straight to ACCC.Dear WaffleMe, It is unfortunate that the information you referred to was not previously received. These details have however been reviewed with the store and it is our understanding that the bedsides you had ordered have been at their warehouse for a considerable amount of time. It was only approximately two weeks ago that you had indicated a change of mind. Regards, SnoozeThat's news to me! During the 3 attempts at arranging a delivery (over a 6 month period) I was told each time that there was no existing stock and needed to be ordered. Once confirming I wanted it asap, no one bothered to follow up. This happened for all 3 attempts. On trying to cancel, the store explained that my previous orders were likely lost because "There was a change in management and a period of high staff turnover". My "change of mind" was because I was no longer interested in waiting for another 4 weeks for nothing to be delivered.

Delivery Nightmare!! Driver refuses to ring doorbell and calls me psycho!

We bought a child’s bunk from Snooze in South Wharf Melbourne. The staff in store are lovely and what followed was not their fault but it still reflects very badly on Snooze. It took a long time (about 3 months) to come (that’s OK we understand sometime furniture takes a while). When it eventually arrived the first delivery guys brought it on time and we had paid for installation, however as the front pieces were attached, we were worried to see it wasn’t the colour we had ordered. We rang Snooze immediately, who apologised and explained Snooze had ordered correctly but the manufacturer had sent the wrong bed! So back to waiting. 5 weeks later I rang them to see what was going on and he bed was in, so the second delivery and install was scheduled. On the day of install my husband waited at home all day, expecting them between 10.30am and 2pm. At 12.57pm they called my mobile twice and I missed the call as I was in a noisy place- I returned it at 1.15pm, (times are exact) at which point I was told although they were still at our building they had moved on to another delivery in the building and would not be able to return for a couple of hours at least. When told my husband was at home he whole time waiting for them, they admitted they had not even rung our buzzer and said they ‘didn’t have to’ they ‘have done everything that was legally required’...’complain if you like’. They were so rude and basically the attitude was ‘ Tough’.

My husband tried to call them on the phone, got no answer and actually went down and found them in the foyer of our building. They said they ‘didn’t answer his call because they thought it was (my name)’ and I was a ‘psycho’. He asked them nor to call his wife a psycho and rang me to tell me. I rang the warehouse. They were told by the warehouse manager they should have rung the flat buzzer and to call us and see what could be organised but they never did call
at all, never apologised and drove away with our little boys bed. I have complained to the warehouse manager who has organised a third delivery attempt, but the point needs to be made that although these guys are subcontracted, they do represent Snooze to customers and calling a customer psycho to their husband because of the expectation delivery guys will ring the doorbell leaves both of us feeling very negatively about the purchase.

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
Dear Kate, Thank you for taking the time to provide details of your purchase experience, specifically related to the delivery issues. The Team at the Store at South Wharf are aware of these details and your comments are being forwarded to the Franchise Partner who owns the store and Snooze Management as it will assist in any process or training requirements. It is our understanding that delivery has since been rescheduled. Please accept sincere apologies on behalf of Snooze for the inconvenience. Regards, SnoozeThis is not true- it has been cancelled. They had rescheduled it for a day my husband needs to be at work is not available to wait for another full day. This is the THIRD day he has been told to take off work to attempt to get the SAME BED and it costs us literally thousands of dollars (he heads up our own business) each day he sits around waiting for your rude incompetent delivery driver. But no one at Snooze seems to mind or be at all concerned. It’s just too bad for us for having spent over $20,000 dollars with your stores this year and end up being called names be treated like our time is worthless. I can provide receipts for over $20,000 dollars worth of goods with Snooze purchased mostly via Traralgon. We absolutely regret giving you so much of our money. Take my advice it you are want to purchase some top quality beds steer clear of this company. With all the money we have spent at their stores they have had zero respect for us and zero concern about their delivery staffs behaviour. Never again.Hi Kate, Sincere apologies for any breakdown of communication regarding delivery as it is our understanding that you made a request to cancel as you were going to be away for a few days. You will be contacted shortly regarding your delivery. Regards, Snooze

Extremely Disappointed with Service

We have been purchasing from Snooze for a few years now and we have managed to convert some Ikea-lovers to buy from Snooze. The beds are of good quality and the customer services are usually satisfactory.

Unfortunately, not this time.

We have recently bought two new bed-side tables, a bed frame and a mattress from Snooze in May 2017. We have specifically indicated that we want a King-size bed frame and a Queen-size mattress many times when we were selecting the bed. [Name Removed] (our sale assistant) even asked us why do we need different sized and we said that it is because they are for separate rooms. When the beds are ready, we paid in full immediately.

After 7 weeks, [Name Removed] delivered a Queen-size bed frame and a Queen-size mattress. When I told that that's not what we ordered, he said, "we don't make mistakes like that". My husband came out and said that we have explicitly told him that we wanted the bed frame and the mattress to be the different size, he then recalled and agreed that it was his mistake. He said that he will deliver that bed again when it is ready, that is another 4 weeks.

During our visit to the store, [Name Removed] handed our tax invoice after we have paid our deposit. We did not check the item codes because we believed that [Name Removed] would not make a simple mistake by ordering the wrong bed frame. When the beds were delivered, only then, we checked the invoice and found out that the tax invoice indicates that it is a "QS" bed frame and a "QS" mattress, even-though we have double confirmed verbally at the store that we are ordering two completely different-size items and [Name Removed] knows that.

While waiting for the correct bed frame to arrive, we were sleeping on the floor for 4 weeks. [Name Removed] called back when the King-size bed frame is ready and wanted us to pay an extra $275. When we were negotiating for the price, we were only prepared to pay $3600 including delivery. We were extremely disappointment and felt like we have been cheated. I have written to you (enquiries@snooze.com.au) on the 4th September 2017. On the 14th September 2017, I received a phone call from the Regional Manager to "check on the situation". He said he would call me back in the afternoon, I have not received any phone calls since then.

I believe we have given them sufficient time to amend the situation, however, we have not received any apology and we have to pay extra for their mistakes. We are planning to buy a new set of bedroom set for my in-laws in December for their new home, will shop elsewhere.

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
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Dear Shal, thank you for your feedback. Please accept apologies for any delays in communication. Please be assured that the store has reviewed your case and will contact you shortly to discuss a resolution.

Staff didn't follow the contact

We ordered a range of kids furnitures (bed frame, mattress, tallboy and bedside table) at South wharf store VIC. The sales and us made the agreement that the delivery fee is $40 and we need to pay the driver directly at delivery day (it is written on the tax invoice). However, the sales phoned my husband today saying that we have to pay $60 more (that is $100) for delivery due to her wrong calculation. We don't have responsibility to fix up her fault. We are so angry and we will completely follow the contract. We will not pay even one more cent to SNOOZE! Otherwise we will find consumer affairs for help. Very bad store. We will never shop Snooze again!

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
If the sales contacts us right away or in one or two days with the explanation and apologise, we may understand. But she just phoned us after the furnitures arrival (6 weeks after we made the order) and asked us to make up another $60 for delivery. We are not happy at all.This issue has been sort out now. Store chose to honor the contract signed and deliver the products without extra charge. So a little bit of drama during the purchase process but guess the most important thing is both the lady and us are happy now. So I take the words of 'never shop Snooze again' back.

The BEST STAFF & furniture store in Melbourne.

Walking into the store this afternoon I was impressed with the furniture and mattresses. The prices are reasonable, the quality is excellent and the furniture is beautiful. However the staff are incredible. Russell and Rob took time in answering questions, helping in choosing the right mattresses and accessories. Both were professional, friendly and know their products. I definitely recommend to everyone to come here first to buy their bedroom furniture.

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
Hi Linda, Thanks for taking the time to provide details of your experience! Your comments are being forwarded to the team at Snooze South Wharf and will be included in our internal publication ‘Snooze News’ which is circulated to our Sales Teams nationwide. Enjoy your purchases!! SnoozeThe entire team at South Wharf deserve the recognition. They are a great team and management should be aware they are the best customer service staff I have dealt with.

Best service, friendly staff and value for money.

When we walked into this store we were greeted by Jacinta and Shannon Who were fantastic

The first impression they set was positive and friendly once we entered the store.

They were quite knowledgeable and offered some great advice.

We don't often send emails providing feedback but felt that these guys went over and above and provided a great experience for us.
Highly recommend to anyone.

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
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Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We're so pleased to hear that you had a great experience in our South Wharf store. We will be sure to pass this on to the Franchise Partners at Snooze South Wharf to share with Jacinta, Shannon and the team. We look forward to you shopping with us next time! Regards, Snooze.

Safety is not there concern

We purchased a Charlie bunk that is very dangerous to all kids with the mattress they sold us to suit bed which leaves a huge cap for kids to get the feet court in that could result in serious injury not happy

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
Dear CJ, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. Most of the bedframes in our range provide space to accommodate bedding and linen to dress the bed. It is our understanding that the displayed bedframe and mattress at the South Wharf store are similar to the products you have purchased. As such, a change to your choice of product at this stage will be considered as a change of mind. Please continue your communication with the store to possibly reach an amicable resolution. Regards, Snooze.I have contacted consumer affairs and will also contact choice and all media outlets has the store as done nothing to fix the problem beside trying to up sell I will not put up with this attitude towards children safety it is disgusting that this isn't resolved immediately. What happens if one of my child gets hurt??

Fabulous staff and very helpful

We went to Snooze today to buy a new mattress and base. As we live in the inner city but don't drive, I googled local bedding stores and found Snooze at South Wharf. The staff there (Russell) were absolutely fantastic - friendly, engaging and super helpful. We couldn't ask for better service - especially compared to another store at South Wharf where we had a look around as it was just before Snooze. No-one came near us or even acknowledged that we were there. So glad I went to Snooze, very, very happy.

Got a fantastic deal and also got rid of the old mattress and base!

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
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Hi Kaz, thank you very much for taking the time to provide your feedback! We're so pleased to hear that you had a great experience in our South Wharf store. We will be sure to pass your feedback on to the Franchise Partner at South Wharf to share with Russell and the team. We hope you love your new mattress and we look forward to you shopping with us next time! Regards, Snooze.

Their loss!

I went in with 1000 dollars to spend (which admittedly isn't much in the mattress game, but is still 1000 dollars) I had chosen the mattress I wanted, as a friendly sales rep had kindly showed us all the mattresses, and given us plenty of info on our choices a week earlier, he was very helpful. The salesperson on this day told me that this weekend I had to pay for shipping because free shipping was only last weekend, she had a quick look on the computer and said sorry nothing I can do, so I went and got a mattress from Bevmarks. I'm really happy with the mattress and Bevmarks were happy with my 1000 dollars and offered to sign me up to their VIP program for free shipping. Thanks for educating me though, the information was invaluable. Store was DFO Southwharfe.

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
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Thank you for taking the time to provide details of your experience while shopping at Snooze. Your comments will assist in any process or training requirements. Please accept apologies on behalf of Snooze for any inconveniences and know that your custom will be most appreciated, should you wish to shop at Snooze in the future. Regards, Snooze.

Faulty Bed.

I purchased a bed from [name removed] at snooze south wharf had a good chat with [name removed] and I was assured I was buying a good bed at a good price so my partner and I decided to go ahead with the purchase of the sealy posturepedic king size bed for around $3000.

We received the bed a week later we were very happy even after the rude delivery men telling my girlfriend she should be right to setup the legs on the bed by herself.
That all aside we were still happy with our purchase and very excited until
after only two weeks the bed developed a big unmissable MOUNTAIN! In the middle of the bed .
I rang to speak to [name removed] which he assured me this is normal and a "settling in period".
As I have purchased a few beds for different property's all queen size beds I thought this might be plausible but still thought this was a little odd but ok I trusted [name removed](mistake) .
Another week on the bed got worse with now the hump in the middle and as I can only decribe as dips on both sides of the bed and the hump in the middle .
Rang my buddy [name removed] so he sent out a inspector to check our bed at a cost of $50 to me !(nice one)
Bed is apparently within the allowable tolerances .
After a few emails explaining my situation to my buddy [name removed] he told me it's not his fault that I didn't pick a bed to my comfort level .

The bed is clearly faulty so I have asked for a refund or an exchange but I have been told in no uncertain terms that will not happen

No one is standing by their product so I will be preceding with the matter as far as I can possible go I think 3AW love to help out people in my situation so I may give them a call to see if they can help.

I would stay away from snooze south wharf as I have had to now go back to my old bed because of how bad my back is now .
$3000 wasted to potentially throw out a bed 6-8 months old .
I would love to get a better response from snooze south wharf but I won't hold my breath!!!!

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
Hi Nick Thank you for your message. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your mattress. Should you wish to discuss the options previously offered to you by the store please email enquiries@snooze.com.au and you will be contacted. Regards SnoozeThank you for the generic message reply . What options are you thinking for the faulty bed? Will it cost me more money ??Hi Nick As we are a franchise operated company we cannot offer you remedies on behalf of the store but we have spoken with the store who have informed us that there have been remedies offered. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you directly so if you could please email enquiries@snooze.com.au with your contact details we can arrange for you to be contacted. Alternatively you can call the store directly and discuss this with them. Regards Snooze

Poor customer service at Snooze South Wharf

My husband and I went to Snooze South Wharf today as we are looking for a new bed suite and mattress. We have only started looking and wanted to go to a couple of shops to compare product and price. We asked to use the bed matching service snd the customer service person said only if we are going to purchase a mattress while in the store and then accused us of wasting their time! I won't waste time purchasing from Snooze!

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
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Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We are very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience in one of our stores. We would appreciate the opportunity to look into this further for you so if you could please email enquiries@snooze.com.au with your contact details we can investigate further. Regards, Snooze.

Bedmatch rip off

Spent a fortune on bedmatch bed, firstly what was delivered is nothing like the bed on the showroom floor, ten times as hard and convex with huge hump in the middle, rang snooze dfo southwharf and was told bed needed to be broken in. Haven't had a decent nights sleep since i bought it, the $200 bed from salvos wa better, and you could feel the springs. Other side of bed should be green/gold but feels like an Asian futon, concrete would be softer.
Delivery was fast

Shop LocationVIC, South Wharf
I actually had some help with the snooze head office organising a modification for my bed which helped with the rolling, it has improved on one side with wear, however the other side is still very hard and sits higher, I bought using the sales girls advice, but wish I hadn't relied on the bedmatch as I should have gone lighter (gold) on the other side, so I would say trust your judgement not a computer, but the service after my post has been quite good. ThanksThey later contacted me and arranged to provide a flat board which stopped the roll on the mattress. However over a year later the bed is still no-where near as soft as the display and quite hard on one side and still higher on that side. Great after sales service after complaint though, although the mattress still isnt great.

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