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Solahart L Series

Solahart L Series

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solahart hot warer system

I have had two solahart hot water in last thirty years first lasted twenty years the last one just over 10 years I would not advise fitting one any where south of the divide as you go further north would be better as south of divide not enough sun they use electricity at least 60% of the time and the last one started leaking water and was going to cost $4000 just to replace the tank besides having to replace thermostat 3 times have now fitted 60c gas continuous flow only cost $750 now I have perfect hot water all the time

Date PurchasedDec 2007

excellent product and service

Very happy my new solar hot water system. The service was excellent. They were prompt and completed the job of installing the new system within the time frame. They did extra work suchas to clean the roof and gutters and replace broken and damaged tiles and glue any loose tile . Excellent after service. I will recommend this company and product.

Date PurchasedOct 2018


Have had problems with our hot water system since it was installed 9 years ago.. Still having to turn on booster to get hot water and distributor doesn't get back to you. Last time he came out was because I was in the office complaining and he just happened to walk in. Also when installed was not put on straight.

Date PurchasedNov 2008

Solarhart hot water system

This system is useless in winter - 2 short showers & a load of washing and the water is only lukewarm for the rest of the day. In summer there is no problem (we live in hot summers, cold winters). Plumbers have advised us that in winter the system needs to be turned on to day rate, which is high peak costs. The only alternative is to have a gas booster installed. We are installing a gas hot water system as it will be more economical.

Date PurchasedApr 2010

Love it. Best thing i ever did

I am a plumber by trade and have a lot to do with hot water. I have a 302 lcsd. There are 4 people in my family and i only have to boost 1 or 2 times a year. I saved $200 on my first bill. What i have found is when someone has a problem with there hot water 90% of the time its a valve mixing wrong or running water out. I think due to the sun that shines here we're crazy not to have one on every house.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

not good value when it only last for 8 years

had to fix tv antenna and found heater was leaking ,water quality is very good ,old heaters would last 8 to 10 years with poor water quality will not be fixing my solarhart over priced poor quality wish I had this review page 8 years ago.would not have put one in.

Date PurchasedAug 2010

Beware of solahart hot water heaters not lasting

We had a roof solar hot water installed in about 2012 by solahart. After the instillation we found the hot water was not very hot (the booster is on 24/7) after 6 years the water heater started to leak from the tank. Solahart would not give any warranty so we spent over $2000 on a new tank
I do not recommend solahart

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Booster not boost so good.

I have a 302L Solahart 3 years old. Have an in house booster switch I use when necessary. I can boost any time of day for 2-3 hours and never gets hotter than Luke warm at best. My previous unit was a 25 year old Rheem and the booster worked fine. Just the 2 of us. 3 quick shrs a day. This unit does not perform as described in my booklet. PIPING HOT WATER ALL YEAR ROUND. I think not. I have been told the booster should be on continually and the internal thermostat should switch on and off as required. ?? Any thoughts on that ? I am in sunny Cairns so my system should be operating at it's maximum on sunny days one would think. Disappointing to say the least.
Cheers Greg

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Booster using too much power

Solahart with automatic booster our power bill has increased. Trying to eliminate other appliances by switching them off as advised by western power.
In a 2hr period this am the booser was switched ON and used 5kw power.
In the preceding 24hr period with the booster switched OFF there was only 5kw used.
Solahart people won't have it that the booster is using excessive power has to be something else.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Rheem/Solarheart/Solar Edwards No Difference

Rheem/Solarheart/Solar Edwards systems are all owned by the same mob now. If you check out the reviews for all of the different 300L roof mounted models they provide there is definitely an overwhelming similarity in the reviews submitted.
Brought my first Solarheart in 1982. What a beaut, lasted 22 years with no problems just had to change out the anode every few years. House has been rented out since 1993. Replace that one with another Solarheart, why wouldn't you after such a terrific run with the previous one, but unfortunately that one only lasted 6years, just out of warranty of course. 2010 I replaced it with a cheap Chinese 200L unit and it still seems to be going strong.
1998 built a new home and gave Solarheart another go. It lasted about 8 years and tank went. Was selling that house so just replaced it with the cheapest Solarheart I could by, don't know how that one ended up.
Late 2010 moved into a new house we built and got, on advice from many people and reviewers, the Rheem Premium Close Circuit 300L colour coordinated unit. Stainless steel tank, coated collectors, you name it we got what we thought was the best on offer. Here we are now mid winter 2017, 6 and a bit years old unit and tank and fluid leaking already. No one wants to know about it, the place we bought it off went broke, Rheem insists it only has a 6 year warranty on the tank, so we are thinking of moving away from solar hot water now, such a shame. When there was pride in building the units, and they were most likely made in Australia in the beginning, they were worth the effort for the environment, now sadly they are just a money maker for the multitude of manufacturers/owners that most likely have no idea of the decline in quality.
Seems to me that all of the manufacturers/owners are only interested in turnover, just like many other things now quality takes a back seat and the consumer, and environment, lose again.
Where to here for environmentally friendly household hot water supply?

Date PurchasedNov 2010

302L tank only lasted 10 years

Two commercial installations of the solarhart 302L. One tank just went, and the inspection on the other tank shows it is leaking and also needs to be replaced. These tanks should last longer than this! Looking online you can find many companies that offer 10 years warranty on the tank.

Date PurchasedJun 2007

Well below expectations

We had a solarhart hot water system installed 6 years ago and have just had the bad news that it is all rusted out and needs replacing. After expecting to get much more time this was extremely disappointing. The solarhart guys
gave us this news and then an invoice for $163 call out fee, with no help offered for the immediate leak problem.
We have lost faith in the solarhart brand and feel that Solarhart should review their call out fees. Would also advise everyone who has one to get it checked before the 5 year warranty runs out.

Date PurchasedFeb 2011

Wonderful, I am very happy

Solahart Rockhampton, did a fantastic job I am very happy with the hot the hot water system , the way it was installed. No fuss they cleaned up well after them. I was a bit worried about how hot the water would be but its so great and as hot as the electric one I had before, big tick to Solahart Rockhampton. I am about to price a Solar PV electric system from them as well

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Poorly installed. Panels not strapped to the roof, only held in place with the copper water pipes

Solar hot water system stopped working after 12 months. I just rang solarhart and they don't have an out of hours emergency plumber. Had to wait untill 7am Monday to book a call out. I was hoping it would work for longer than 12 months before it failed. No hot water, for 3 days and still waiting for their plumber.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Effective water heater

The first solar heater on our house lasted 20 years and the 2nd one 13 years which was a little disappointing. Most recently ours started to leak within the collector panels and the assessment was to at least replace the collectors. The tank appeared ok and has had the sacrificial anodes replaced etc. However at $2500 to replace the collectors and $3400 to replace the whole unit we made the decision to replace the whole unit. Average life of these heaters is estimated at 15-20 years so 13 is a bit less. Our 302 L series faces north on the roof and we have never had a problem with hot water or problems with heating elements etc. Except for 3 months over winter we hardly ever use the booster. In winter we leave the booster on 24 x 7 and our power bills are not excessive. I got a quote from rheem for the solar edwards eqivilent and then could not find any positive reviews on any review sites. It would appear that the original stainless steel solar edwards heaters may have been good quality but no so in recent times. Happy i stayed with Solahart. Its a very good solar hot water heater.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Solid, reliable system. Exactly what I wanted.

After almost six years my Solahart is still going strong. Water is always hot, and there is always plenty of it. I'm in northern California, and the Solahart system is perfect for this climate. My equipment is reliable, dependable, sturdy, and requires almost no maintenance on my part. Highly recommend.

Date PurchasedJun 2010

It stopped working after 1 week

When my solar hot water system stopped working after just 6 years I was recommended by the plumber to purchase a whole new system from Solarhart - he told me they were the best. In good faith I followed his advice and did so. After just 1 week it stopped heating. I contacted the provider and was eventually told that even though the green light had gone out (which the manual said indicated it was not heating) it was heating!
Confused?! She was the business owners' wife and she said her husband would contact me later that day when he was available. That was 2 days ago and I'm still waiting.... To be continued. ( but I wish I had checked out this site before trusting the plumbers advice.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Going strong after 15 year maintenance

Bought a house with one of these on the roof. Electric boost wasn't working, Solarhart Sutherland replaced along with anode and pressure valve in a 5-year service (cost $450). Working like a dream. Boost kicks in, but only at night after using lots of hot water.
Some very negative reviews here, maybe manufacturing quality has dropped?

Date PurchasedJan 2001


Sadly, I poorly invested $6,000 dollars on a three panel solahart hotwater system thinking it would last longer than 6 years. However, the system has suffered a catastrophic premature failure. Leaking panels. Lucky for Solahart it just made it past warranty, with Solarhart giving me the two finger salute. Solahart is owned by Rheem so beware of this namesake product range too. I found Choice magazine a great place to start looking for your replacement system. Im thinking a straight electric hotwater system with a solar power panel system may be the best replacement. Main thing to take away from this is "buyer beware" of solahart / Rheem. You wont get any product or after sales support.

Date PurchasedOct 2010

Solarhart - No thanks!

We installed a gas boosted Solarhart 220 in 2001. The system boiled water on hot days - which created a problem in that, as the hot water was continually being dumped via the pressure release valve, the lost pressure subsequently allowed the off grid water pump to switch on again - to replace the lost water! A recycling event that kept going all day long. Advice from the 'firm' was to cover half of the panels to lessen the solar radiation. All well except it meant someone had to climb onto the roof every year to install, then remove, said covers - that's if a storm hadn't already done so in the meantime. Eventually, a retro-fitted Hartstat Over Temperature Relief Tank was installed - which solved the problem for about 3 years before it too, failed! Then the gas booster gave up the ghost after about 8 years. Repairs to same cost an arm and a leg and it was cheaper to install a separate gas hot water system to work in conjunction with the solar section when required. After a short while, the solar part of the system failed to heat water altogether and soon after that - no water supply from the solar system at all! A call to the 'Firm', and a subsequent visit, indicated that one of the panels was leaking - and quite possibly the water tank itself had rusted through! No way to discover the problem unless all was removed, taken apart, and inspected. Strange.......Only had it serviced four years ago with the advice by the 'firm' that the system had no problems and was in good order. Best advice - decommission it and start afresh! Total costs to date for our Solarhart over 15 years, including installation and servicing = $6500. Get another Solarhart? Not in a million years!

Date PurchasedAug 2001

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can the solar panels be replaced in my unit the tank seems ok
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can the solar panels be replaced in my unit the tank seems ok
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Hello. I am going away for 3mths and have a 300L roof solarhart system on my roof. I am concerned about hot water leaking off my roof excessively. What should I do to prevent this? Should I turn off hot water fuse in electricity box meter and turn off internal hot water booster in house and/or should I turn water mains off to property or shall this effect the elements in the solar hot water unit. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Donna
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L Series
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