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Poor quality. Didn’t last 12 months

I bought a GKEZ/GK7 just on 12 months ago and it failed with less than 12 months use. It just blinks red now. My old cheap Chinese model lasted about 6 years but I thought I would go high end, but all I got was high cost low quality. I have been waiting for over a week for my pool shop to advise if Spa Electrics will replace it but I am unsure if I want the hassle again and maybe I will just go back to the resin filled Chinese model.

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Fixed a Faulty Light

I am a bit surprised to read such bad reviews. I rang spa electrics and they requested I post back to them to review. They sent me a new light within days. I found their customer service excellent. I suppose the pool light failing was frustrating but very happy with them when switched on. If the other one goes then I will probably question there long term reliability.

Expensive AND quick to fail

Our first light lasted less than 4 years, the replacement 'refurbished' light they sent us after we mailed the old carcass back to them at our expense (was almost as expensive as a brand new light) has just died after about 3 years. I can't recommend a product that sits unused for 6 months of the year and is turned on for roughly 10 hours every 12 months - while my six dollar LED downlights are still burning after 5 years and counting. The WN9 we have (part of the WN series which includes the WNRX) seems designed to break - an expensive and failure prone piece of equipment that doesn't live up to the flashy promises of the Spa Electrics website. Hard to find reviews on their products but I thought I might save someone else from making the same mistake we did by installing a Spa Elecrtics LED pool light.

SpaElectrics poor quality lights

Spa Electrics pool & spa lights are a scam, we have replaced 7 x LED light fittings in the past 6 years and on average they last 2 years. We very rarely turn our lights on eg. a maximum of 20 hours a year, very occasionally for scooping the leaves at night, we don't entertain! There is no doubt the LED diodes and circuit board components are of the cheapest quality designed to breakdown after a short period of time, especially when comparing to LED downlights used in a house which are exposed to extreme hot temperatures which damages the LED's. Now I know why they are such a massive profitable company for selling budget lights at a premium cost dominating the whole market, This is TERRIBLE!!!

Don't last looking and past a premium price

Rubbish product! We installed 5 off these lights in our pool as we thought that were long lasting and a quality product and one by one they all failed within 4 years. Cost was huge! Customer service and warranty non existent unless I wanted to pay you have them replaced!

No Quality Here

We purchased 3 LED pools lights at a cost of $1,650.00 - 3 1/2 years ago through our pool supplier and was told that they were top quality Australian made and we should have these lights for a long time, (not like the Chinese lights that do not last - apparently), we were told it was a component issue, I understand that maybe 1 light would have a component issue but all 3, more like there was a problem with this batch of lights, however we had to return all 3 lights not under warranty of course and were charged a further $400.00 (heavily discounted scary to think what we might have been charged if they weren't discounted) to replace components in them, so in the last 3 1/2 years these lights have cost us $2,075.00 incl postage to return these lights, which is way too expensive obviously, if we had purchased cheaper lights we could have thrown them in the bin and replaced them for the next 10 years. We have also been told that we should have turned these lights on every week for 20 minutes, for what reason we do not know as LED lights do not heat up, so if it is for the evaporation who knows. We were also fortunate that we had a friend for an electrician otherwise there would have been additional costs for the removal and refitting of these lights. I would not recommend these lights at all, do your homework and don't believe what companies tell you regarding their products. Last but not lease we are Australians and we believe in Australian quality however this has left a bitter pill to swallow.

Great customer service

Spa Electrics were quick to resolve an issue I had with light installation I had done from an independent pool company. Arranging to replace and install the light, with one of their qualified installers. Thank you

Spa Electrics - See before you buy

If you are looking to replace your pool lights with LED ones, ask to see pictures of ones already installed before you buy. If you are expecting a uniform colour throughout your pool then don't buy this brand, Spa Electrics. This pool light has a narrow beam and the sides are black with only colour seen across the pool. I can provide pictures of the mistake I bought and the company confirms this is how it should look like. If I could I would go back to my old ones that coloured the whole pool evenly.

Questions & Answers

Hi, did you go back to the company and highlight the issue just in case you have done something wrong or it is just faulty? I am also looking for new lights and was just about to buy these ones but will wait for your feedback. Thanks
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Shawn, yes I did make contact with the company and I shared multiple photos highlighting the issue but they were not interested in helping me out. This is how it is supposed to look based on the technology they use. Admittedly it does light up the pool but the dark shadows is not normal. Just don't buy this brand.

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