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The most inhuman healthcare service I have ever experienced

I went to the store to choose a frame for my prescription. After choosing my frame ( with no help), I asked it to be made for my prescription. They refused to make it based on my already made glasses and asked for a prescription document. This is despite what they had already told me about being able to make it based on my prescription glasses. The lady sitting there looking at me , not being helpful at all and I had to ask them three question to get to the point to know I have to make an appointment, get my eyes checked again and then make the frame to my needs. Although this option was too hard for me having a baby, I accepted having no other choice.

I turned up the next day being 10 minutes late ( guilty and apologetic), after having an accident, holding my baby and panting after running my whole way to the shop. They checked my Medicare cards, doing some admin and after 10 minutes of waiting, they refused to see me because I was late. Showing no empathy, giving no alternative option ( waiting a bit longer, or coming after an hour, ...) but coming back another day. I would rather to be seen by a robot than them.

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Our family have traditionally gone to OPSM for many years. Today decided to try Specsavers Castle Towers. Saw Deb - who was visibly not interested in helping. Her manner was dismissive & impatient, as I tried to choose glasses & assess costs via Healthfund. The manager was professional & helpful - but by that time I had lost all desire to go ahead with choosing my new glasses. Back to OPSM for us!

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Poor customer service

My wife went to Specsavers several months ago at Westfield Geelong, she made an appointment and was being assisted by a staff member, at 3.00 pm the staff member said "I'm at the end of my shift and went home", there was no-one else to take over and the staff member made no attempt to arrange someone else to take over, so my wife walked out. I ordered new glasses four weeks ago, after being told it could take up to two weeks. I phoned the stored to find out if they had my glasses, was told another week, pathetic service. No communication from staff.

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Cracked glasses frames

I have a pair of Specsaver frames which have cracked where the lenses are held, resulting in the lens coming loose and falling out.
As I was driving at the time I picked up some super glue from a service station and glued the cracks (3) to stop the lenses falling out while driving and avoid creating an unsafe situation.
According to Specsavers this invalidates the warranty.
Specsavers policies and warranties really don't reflect the real world where their poor manufacturing left me in a bad situation and I had to take action, which invalidated the warranty.
Super glue repair aside, it’s obvious that the manufacturing of the frames is substandard.
The staff have no ability to make decisions and mindlessly repeat company policy.
They are not that cheap and sell poor products.

Disappointing customer service

Last week I was going to buy some contact lenses. This was a southern suburb store in Adelaide and the store manager I found was very unprofessional apparently he is just filling in on a temp basis - I found this out later ,maybe this explains his attitude anyway he ignored me for a while too busy talking about his girlfriend to staff but eventually acknowledged me and served me. Felt uncomfortable in the store staff very clicky not welcoming so I left and went to Marion - lovely staff and great customer service. will keep going there in future.

Bad customer service

I purchased 2 pairs of glasses from Specsavers in Geelong Westfield Shopping Centre. One of the pairs seemed to be wrong prescription so I went there to check on that. The girl serving me with [Content Removed] first didn’t even look at me and was very unfriendly. When I wouldn’t just leave she got the manager and I clearly saw her rolling her eyes at the manager. Before the manager talked to me though another girl sat down with me friendly enough and was trying to figure things out but still seemed annoyed as if. I am troubling them. In the end the manager sat down and looked everything up and was helpful but by that stage I felt like I was expecting too much help. Very disappointing never going to buy glasses at that Specsavers again. They really have to work on customer service.


Spec savers are a con. They offer different lenses at different prices and then want extra for a reflective coating. If you don’t get the reflective coating, then your glasses will be rendered useless. It’s a money making ploy, and don’t get me wrong, business’s need to make money to survive, but, when I go overseas and get a beautiful, single vision pair of glasses, reflective coating as standard, for $60, then I have to wonder how spec savers can charge $350 for exactly the same thing. My advice is to get glasses overseas if you travel. And also overseas they do not make you pay extra for super slim lenses (shaved) for high prescription, it’s a standard thing now and has been for a long time but spec savers is still trying to ring out every dollar from this so called new technology that is now old.

Would have given zero star rating if I could - terrible service

Extremely poor customer service & quality of glasses leave a lot to be desired. Both my $249 per pair glasses had issues right from start. Loose arms & lenses that smudged very easily, despite my taking evey care. Was told this was the coating they had pushed me into getting. Both glasses had arms snap off and was told I had to pay for repairs despite my only having for 6wks and 8wks and issue caused by arms constantly coming loose. I have a $2 pair of glasses from Reject Shop that have lasted longer - 2years!!!!! I will never use SPECSAVERS again & have advised family, friends and work colleagues not to either. The follow up customer service is absolutely atrocious. DO NOT USE, Go elsewhere, we know use OPSM and much better experience, sevice 110% better.


I think that it's a ripoff that you can not get anything added to your glades after 3months when you pay a large amount for the glasses
To me it just a way so you have to purchase a new pair and that they dont know how to communicate with people

Disappointed and Goodbye

Have been a Specsavers customer for years and my last eye test was 2 years ago. Went to the store for an eye test after getting the text reminder, the testing all went well. However, prices for the light frame that i used to have had gone up and the thinned lenses also causes more money...Anyway, when i collected the glasses, i noticed the cut /position and thickness of the lenses is very different to the old pair even the paper says they are supposed to be the same. Right eye is blurry and the whole thing just don't look right. Then they said the actual prescription for the right eye is different from the old pair even the eye test result didn't say that! I suggested them please double check on everything, cut/position/thickness all not quite right compare to the old glasses. Glasses were sent back to the manufacturer to fix. After a couple of weeks i went in to collect again, right eye is not as blurry but everything else same problems. NOW comes the best part, they said the reason that i feel cut/position/thickness of the lenses different from the old pair is that the old pair was not properly made and they already finished the contract with the old manufacturer. They suggested I can continue to wear the wrongly made one or adapt to the now "correctly made" one. Big GOODBYE Specsavers! i think I reserve the right of getting a refund for the wrongly made one or maybe your so called correctly made one?

Exam does not account for clients with preexisting conditions

I have Absence Epilepsy.
For those with a more serious version are prone to more violent reactions. It should be standard procedure to enquire prior to the commencement of the testing for the clients history as it involves lights that may trigger a seizure.
I suggest a review of your testing procedures.
Short of this, the staff are wonderful, the products of good quality and the deals make them competitive in the industry.

Goodbye Specsavers, standard of service has really gone down- Noosa Civic

I had a 10.10am appointment for an eye test today; 20 minutes later I was still waiting. The courteous staff of the past are no longer there, along with punctuality and service. Since I had another appointment at 11.00am I cancelled my appointment. The receptionist seems either run off her feet or can't handle the pressure as she was abrupt and doing a lot of sighing. You sit in a waiting room, like a doctor's office. I felt like you were being processed thru, like in a factory. This would have been my 3rd eye test with them and, if I am honest with myself, the only reason I go is because they do the macular test for free whereas other places charge extra. I also feel the quality of the lens they use has gone down. Extremely disappointed.

Specsavers rude and terrible customer service

Spend $350+ and bought a pair of glasses from Specsavers for my daughter and broke within 17 months of purchase. I brought them back to the Cranbourne store (thinking I can get a new frame) and received a terrible customer service. Guy at the counter said, "supplier is no more supplying the same frame so simply put that in the bin and get a new pair" (of course they can make more money). No apology and very rude service. did not even attempt to help in anyway.
Very disappointing and I am not going there again.

Terrible customer service

Found Spec Savers Maroochydore Plaza to be lacking in the service department. Customer service was very poor ,borderline rude in fact.
What on earth has happened to good service?.

Terrible - arm on frame of two pairs of glasses broke after two months - no instore apology received

I bought two pairs of glasses from Specsavers - both pairs broke within 10 months of purchase. Same issue, one arm had completely snapped off each pair. I brought them back to the Canberra Centre store and received terrible customer service, no apology and was informed (after leaving the store!) that they did not have one of the pairs in stock and that I would have to come back another time to pick out another pair - again no apology given for a second issue on their part. Very disappointing considering both products come with a 2 year warranty and the value of each pair is $199.

Hearing aid, SpecSaver Burwood, NSW

I have been looking at getting a hearing aid, I had 3 hearing test, and felt very pressurized to purchase some expensive one, and couldn't see the value for it.
Went to Specsaver Burwood and notice they have an Audiologist on site, I felled very confident and comfortable with the advise, They have a good range for different need. I bought the Sonic one and very please with them.
I want to say that the follow and the service are excellent, and totally recommend this Audiologist.

Total garbage. Pay the extra and go to a proper optometrist

Totally agree with all the negative comments on here which I've experienced. Bought four pairs at the same time including an expensive flex frame which failed after two months. Took back, totally disinterested and no resolution. Another pair were a Jeff Banks frames fitted purely for reading glasses, low magnification, came back with lenses the thickness of Coke bottle bottoms! totally useless and too heavy to wear. Once they've sold (up sold) you glasses there's no after sales service except when your due your next annual check.
Appears it doesn't matter which outlet you go to, service (lack of) is the same. I just put their reminders straight in the bin. Had to give a one star as no star is not an option! You give the option of 'posting review' or privately for the store to have a chance to respond. Well they had that chance when the glasses were taken back!!

What a surprise

I thought independent, boutique retailers for spectacles were the go...but Specsavers proved me wrong! I’m very impressed and will continue to use their service for years to come.

Costs and scam

Went for yearly eye check and was taken to a room which was set up differently to the normal pre-test room. Was asked to check my details in an iPad which I had previously done at main counter when checked in for appointment. When I asked what it was for I was told it was to test my hearing? Why?why?why? If I want to get my hearing checked I would go to an audiologist. The staff are not trained in checking ears. As a nurse hearing can be affected by wax in the ears, are they going to check for that and do an ear syringe before the test —-of course not, they will just do the test and bill Medicare. My taxes at work again. How many people are duped into doing this test and taxpayers paying for it. Shame.
Then to get a pair of prescription sunglasses , the frames were $199 but it was going to cost me $240 for the lenses. Come on. I know they are access lenses, but the script details are put into a computer and a button pushed and lenses done. Then as my script changes I am going to be up for $60 per pair of lenses to have them thinned down so they fit into the frames. If you are prepared to sell frames in different widths well at least be prepared to supply the correct lenses. Every where you turn there is a catch and more money is required.

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Hi Sandy, Some Specsavers stores now provide audiology services. The screening offered is done free of charge and there is no charge to Medicare. With your sunglasses, the lens cost appears to be for Progressive lenses which are custom made for each prescription. Your local store can clarify that for you. Kind Regards Specsavers Feedback

Eye test - all they want to do is sell you glasses!

They had more staff on than people in their waiting room. You first walk in and are greeted by someone, who takes you to someone else to get checked in, who sends you with someone else for an initial test, who then sends you to the optometrist, who tests your eyes, then sends you with someone else for another test and then wants to see you again after that test! They were all lovely but it was full on. I mentioned that I had seen an eye specialist last year who said my eyes and eyesight where perfect. All I really wanted was for them to look at the health and condition of my eyes. I hadn’t actually been having trouble seeing things. By the end of the time with the optometrist she decided I had long sight and needed glasses. She continued to push this on me. Even after I said I didn’t want them and didn’t need them. My vision is perfect according to an eye specialist. My suggestion is to not tell them initially that you have private health insurance that covers glasses! Please be aware that they will probably try to sell you glasses at the end of your appointment even if you don’t need them. Medicare covered 100% of the cost for the appointment.

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Questions & Answers

I have brought vari focals and i cant get used to them having blurred parts on the sides, can i return them and get bi focals as i need the sides of glasses to look through for work without them being blurred
1 answer
Hi Andy, If you have had your glasses for less than three months, you can return them and have bifocal lenses instead. This is covered under our "No Worries, No Fuss" guarantee.

Does specsavers give specs rebate or discounts for nib customers?
2 answers
Hi Noela, Yes we do. In order to find out what discounts and rebate you can receive, pop into your local store and a member of the team will be able to advise you.Thanks for the info. Will do.

Can i go into shop and buy glasses without eye test?
1 answer
Hi Mandy, Yes, this is fine as long as you have a copy of a prescription with you that is in date. If you are going to the store you originally had your eye test at, this will already be on file.

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