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Sportscraft Skyler dresses hole very quickly

I have bought a number of Skyler linen dresses over the years. They have all developed small holes which within a few months made the dress unwearable. I washed them as per instructions but obviously the fabric was of poor quality. I have contacted Sportscraft but received no response.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Crap Quality

I normally wear a size large polo shirt. I had to buy a XL shirt in the one I really liked.
After one wash it has shrunk to about a men's size!!! Why? Cheap cotton design. What will I do with this expensive shirt now?

Faulty product. Don't publish negative reviews.

Received faulty product should have been picked up in quality control as multiple flaws in material. Asked to do a review. Gave a negative one. Received email it had been moderated and now live. It had not been uploaded. Dishonest company. Will be shopping elsewhere.

Poor quality jumper

I am a long time customer of Sportcraft clothes, bags, shoes etc. A few months ago I purchased from Sportscraft Miranda a dark navy blue and white check jumper with matching check pants and shoes. I have many Sportscraft jumpers and have never had a problem. I have worn this jumper half a dozen times and find it is balling badly not only under the arms but also around the front. The jumper looks old and shabby.
Very disappointed with the poor quality of this garment even though it has the Sportscraft quality label and I paid top price, I did not receive a quality product.l

Very expensive linen pants poor quality

$199.99 for linen pants. Shrunk a full size on waist, cant do them up and more in length after following washing instructions. And the ones I had bought had not been tried on in the store.
Apparently I have to try to do the return through sports craft even though I bought them at David jones. We will see how that goes. From reading other reviews I dont like my chances.

Internal processes make faulty item claims very difficult

Long time lover of Sportscraft products.

Purchased a bag which is great in design, however zipper broke within first few days of using and adhesive/binding of handles disintegrated within a short period of use.

Contacted Sportscraft to investigate options; provided photos and had a really positive initial conversation with customer service team. However, subsequent emails advised that as I had purchased my item at a concession stall in David Jones, I would have to visit the counter and negotiate my quality issue in person, before the concession stall made a decision whether to forward to customer service. I also needed to find my original purchase receipt to make any claim.

Their internal process make it prohibitively difficult and time consuming to claim manufacturing faults.

All responsibility is on the consumer to prove authenticity of product and purchase, rather than Sportscraft ensuring consumer is provided with quality item that fulfills intended use.

A faulty bag is no real complaint in life, but it's frustrating to meet resistance from a brand, where there could be a reasonable and positive experience and outcome.

Disappointing purchase that lacks quality

I recently bought a marino wool long sleeve grey cowl neck shirt whilst on holidays. I wore it twice on cool nights
then when I got home I washed as per instructions to hand wash and lay it flat to dry. I noticed there were 5 small
holes upon inspection - very disappointing. I decided to repair but should have returned garment to our local store.
It can only be worn under a coat now and its only 2 weeks old ... The price that was paid should have lasted a lot
longer... maybe should stick to kmart

Not quality anymore.

Purchased two pairs of jeans/trousers - male & female. He wore his for approx two hours, then put them on to go out a week later. The pants have grown! The fabric has masses of “give”, so much so, they really have grown to the next size. I tried mine on, great fit. Half an hour later, same deal. Luckily I hadn’t taken the tags off as they will definitely be going back - not to be replaced. At $150 per pair, this equates to an expensive exercise. Country Road did the same thing: won’t buy that brand again either.

Outstanding service Pitt St Sportscraft

Unfortunately my bad day translated in my poor behaviour yo the staff in the Pitt Sportscraft shop.
The Manager was outstanding in managing my expectations and outburst. She was calm, firm and helpful.
A true professional in every sense of the word.
An asset to the brand and to customer service.

Poor representation of a wonderful clothing line.

As a patron who spends thousands of dollars every year, I encountered the worst service and attitude I have ever had from a member of sportscraft. Absolutely lacking in customer care and representation of Sportscraft. The attitude shown to me by an 'assistant manager' was appalling to say the least. I returned a garment which had been partly paid for with a bonus award, the 'assistant manager' begrudgingly put through the return (top in excellent condition) sleeves were too short. All with tags attached and receipt, I was curtly told that I would not be getting the total refund because of the bonus used in purchase - when I expressed regret that I was not informed earlier, I said I would just keep the top, I was told that the transaction could not be reversed. In other words - too bad, your loss. I feel quite aggrieved about the lack of information whilst returning the top and the attitude of the person serving me. She literally showed me she 'didn't give a damn' I will never return to that shop and I will think very carefully about what I purchase from Sportscraft in the future. I might add it is the only time I have ever had a problem with Sportscraft service. Very, very poor service and representation of a wonderful clothing line, of which I have purchased many, many items over the years.

Charging credit card without having item in stock

Sportscraft advertised an item, charged my credit card and then sent an email stating the item wasn’t available. And if that wasn’t enough, sent an email asking for a review of the item I didn’t receive and then rejected the review that simply stated the facts of the transaction.

Best clothing quality ever!

I have been buying sportscraft shirts for years, mostly Liberty brand, and I believe their quality is second to none!
I have been wearing some of my shirts for years, washing them in the washing machine and at times put them in the dryer, but they still have almost the same color and texture. They are worth more than the money I paid.

Quality of Clothing Very Average - Not as good as it used to be

Used to love Sportscraft. The clothing was expensive but the quality was always good. Can't say that about Sportscraft anymore. Although the clothing is still expensive the quality is very average. I have a gentle front loader and even on the most gentle cycle the clothes are looking tatty just after a few washes. The material is thin and see through, the zips break and the buttons fall off easily. I have purchased Sportscraft for over 20 years but no more. Goodbye Sportscraft - looking for better quality elsewhere now.

Love the shorts but need to pack a sewing repair kit.

Love the Sportscraft cargo shorts but need to pack a sewing repair kit.
I love the Sportscraft clothing range, comfortable and practical, BUT found that the last two pair of cargo style shorts are poorly finished. Many of the buttons have either fallen off or are nearly off. The problem started immediately and at first I thought maybe it was just one button but the problem continued. I have noticed that there are only a couple of threads around each button.
"I do not sew buttons" and repairs just add to the cost and are inconvenient.
I would consider Sportscraft again but will inspect the quality and loose button threads prior to purchase.

Terrible customer service

Some products are quality items, however, in regarding to customer service, it is terrible, tried to return to online warehouse, cannot find a number to call until I googled, called, no answering, then tried again and again, finally some one picked up, but in a such rush to hang the phone. It was just so difficult to return to store (you must exchange on the spot, cannot even get a store credit, and for sure no size for the same item). Avoiding order them online!!! Especially use Paypal to pay, you will have to pay up to $9 for a return.

Not one but two jumpers damaged!

Last season my husband and daughters purchased for me a black knit jumper, on inspection it had a hole. So my husband returned it for a replacement jumper (unfortunately no black so he exchanged for the burnt orange colour). I have literally worn this jumper twice (would have worn the black more) but now today on putting it on I see two holes on the back, so had to wear a jacket over today to cover up....so disappointed, not once, but twice! Would never purchase again at the price he paid!

Disappointing Customer Relations

I'm a Sportscraft VIP and receive regular emails for On-Line Sales and In-store discount offers. Last week there was a 50% off On-line "Frenzy" Sale with garments heavily reduced . Being a Sportscraft devotee as I'm so small and fit is an issue I found the pants I wanted at the lowest price they had ever been. I added 2 pairs to my Cart which added the 2 low discounted prices total and went to Checkout to pay only to find the price had jumped back to the original Full price. My son phoned Sportscraft who said they'd try and help. As it was a Sale and we hadn't heard back after 4hrs he phoned again and was told they couldn't help.
I sent an email to Head office and the reply from Customer Service said the Garments I chose were never on sale. We had copied the On-line listing on the day as it was advertised and sent them an image which specified below the garment ' 9 colours available'. The negative reply that came back from Sportscraft including a scan of the listing showed the image with the "9 colours available " cropped off. They offered me the garments at half price but it was disappointing being told I was totally mistaken when I had sent them the Listing as Advertised and for which they declined to fulfill a genuine purchase.

Quality reflected in price but overall nice (:

Their items are pricey but go on good sales quite often, if you can pick up something thats 100% silk or linen or cotton for around $100 then you cant complain!
I find that although the items are aimed at an older demographic, they suit younger people well if they are more cuvry! I have always looked horrid in clothing designed for girls in late teens/ early 20's because they are designed for poles and are always skimpy.
My sportscarft stuff is always flattering and comfortable, it may be less stylish on me as a younger girl, but I can mix it up with trendy items and look amazing.
People always comment on the lovely colours and shirts I get there, and the accessories also.
Personally the shoes are a little meh. But every bag I have is still looking fab and going strong.

If your on the hunt for a classic, smart casual look, this is the place to go! Just take your wads because your bound to fall in love with a $300 coat haha

Not usual standard

I also have been buying the Simone straight leg jeans as I find they suit the more mature figure perfectly. Very disappointed to find this years style so much more fitted. Have refused to buy this years slimmer version so shopping elsewhere.

Lovely salesperson

Lydia at Myers Miranda gave my husband and I excellent service today when we purchased two shirts. She made the shopping experience very special showing us stock we did not see. Thankyou Lydia.

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Questions & Answers

I am DESPERATELY seeking a Sportscraft jumper called the ' Lisbeth textured knit ' in colour Rosebud size XS. i love it so much but I cannot find one. Is it possible for you to help me with this? Happy to pay postage etc. I live in Sydney. Looking forward to hearing from you with good news I hope! Kind Regards Amanda Hislop
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Hi Amanda, I am sorry I am unable to help you with the jumper. I was asked to submit a product review for some Sportscraft items purchased on-line and I am not involved in retail. I do hope you are able to track down the jumper. Cheers, Pattie

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