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Far out all I did was fill in a survey online and now I get 15 emails a day from this company. I have followed the prompt at the bottom of the emails to unsubscribe about 10 times and emailed the company. I am still receiving 15 emails a day not happy

No Reply

As a business i wanted to list my services with them. But looking at the feedback's below and whatever little i have experience with them till now disappointing to say the least. Customer services person [Name removed] has been of no help. Horrible company with horrible staff. I am glad i am not going to provide them with any business.

Don't Go!

Staff rude, entrees cold. Didn't get the meals described in the deal. Excuses they don't have any pudding have a tart instead. Have chicken and cabbage fried rice disgusting! No pork and prawn fried rice. Made to feel very uncomfortable when ordered Chinese tea man said you pay now extra. Really awful service!

Spreets are thieves!!!!!

I purchased a Nutribullet in the first week of January 2015 for $179. They told me it would take 5 weeks. Well, today it is the 15th of April and I have NOT received my purchase. After many emails back and forth, a promise of a $20 credit that NEVER happened, more emails and false promises of a delivery date, I just found out that the third party company they got us involved with have stopped trading and now we have nothing!!! They stole our money and nobody got the goods they bought. Please don't buy anything from this guys. They are scamming hundreds and hundreds of people!!!! You bunch of thieves!!!!!!!!

Can I pick '0'

After being redirected from their website to a 'partner company' of theirs we made a purchase. It was for a NutriBullet $179.00. We waited patiently for 5 months and sent many emails to spreets asking for assistance. We never received the NutriBullet. Only received an email yesterday to say that they were really sorry but the company that they deal with had gone broke and closed for business. No goods and $179 down the drain!

Total joke

Total scam no product no money and paypal won't help! I payed and have received nothing. When I went through the dispute resolution process with paypal Spreets told them they had set up a process so paypal said they couldn't resolve the issue for me and that I needed to follow the process Spreets had set up...ie saying I has received the product and then complaining that I didn't like it??? What a scam...but I had no option so I went to try....only they hadn't set up a process they had just closed my account so I couldn't get to the evidence of purchase. The order was a Christmas present one of two - One turned up late Feb and wasn't what I ordered and they other just hasn't turned up at all! Yeah Merry Christmas Spreets. But no use complaining to them - they really just don't care and are rude as well.

I paid and they didn't send anything

Spreets Complaint. im not happy at all :(

I have bought different vouchers from your service & so far all of them are fraudsters. Conveniently their phone numbers are disconnected & when you go to the address, the business does not exist or has closed down. I am taking my story to current affair because i am sick to death of my parents & myself being wrong done by. We buy these vouchers because we are struggling financially & have serious medical problems & are we are being clearly taken advantage of.

the only voucher that has existed & worked without any problems out of the ones that my family has purchased has been "The Blue Fish restaurant in Darling Harbour.
conveniently have disconnected phone numbers; business doesnt exist or the business fails to provide the service

Great experience

I recently had an issue with one of my vouchers and the merchant not delivering the mattress. Spreets displayed great customer service, they followed it up and ended up giving me a full refund. They kept me in the loop and did what they said they would do. Well done Spreets on not letting me down.

Great until last buy

I've bought plenty off Spreets but my head is breaking with my purchase from 'prints on glass', bought 3 vouchers $564 in July 2012 for a Christmas present & I'm still waiting Feb 2013... They refuse to pick up the phone, return calls etc that my next step is Fair Trading for all involved!!!!
I deserve better respect as a paying customer...I'm dumb founded that people run their business this way!!!!!!!

Failure to deliver goods

I've purchased 9 items over past yr and have had no problems.

I've purchased 9 items over past yr and have had no problems. They responded quickly to my emails when an order hadn't been received and gave me the product companies contact details to find an order which had been delayed. They have been very polite to date.Unlike Groupon and Living Social - I've had horrible experiences with the companies these deal sights use. I would say spreets is the best by far.

Spreets deserves a 0 rating

After my experience with spreets, i have learned not to trust the not so "great"deals they offer. The items are worth much less on other reputable online sites, the business deals are from pathetic and cheating companies. I bought two vouchers from them, One was for a photobook from an obscure company called photobook express, which was so worthless, they didn't even have any viable system for uploading my pictures to begin with. it was impossible to order a photobook at all. Other one were voucher for small earrings on sale for 2$. What happened after buying them was that i was taken to their sister site neverland sales to redeem the voucher which added the delivery cost of 8$/ voucher! even though they were delivering together, they charged 16$ for delivery of the tiny earrings. I later learned on researching that the earrings were not worth more then 1$ themselves.

Spreets deserves a 0 rating.

Bad Bad Bad

These guys seem to go hand in hand with 'Deals In Australia'. My experience has been typical for anyone having a bad experience with a dodgy online retailer.
No replies to emails to find out where the products are & worthless automatic responses if at all.
A very disappointing online Australian experience, will stick with US stores as they know about service.

Yes, I'd ordered 2 for the same reason - g'kids & Christmas. And yes, not impressed either! Have escalated the issue with Paypal to recover the funds (I used them to pay for the goods) & will see what happens. I received an email from Spreets yesterday to inform me that the units will be delivered this week as DIA 'had an unfortunate delay'. Spreets DID apologise for any inconvenience.Funnily enough that's EXACTLY what I was told &, you guessed it, nada! Will see what next week brings but I'm not hopeful.Well, I DID get some action. No, they didn't arrive in the time stated from Spreets - about a week later & a week apart, but they did arrive. Unfortunately neither unit works correctly. One will not turn off but cycles back to on & then sits there & the other doesn't cycle down but crashes. Couple that with the covers I purchased that a child has NO WAY of being able to find & press the off button (should they work!) Will be returning to Spreets for a refund. Will keep you posted.

Order early

If you want to receive you order for Xmas then order well before November then you may have a chance of getting them for Xmas. Disappointing if you are buying Christmas presents then find out you won't be getting then before January next year. Takes all the pleasure out of it for us
Nothing havn't got the items yet
Slack delivery

Another disappointed customer!

I am one of many who receive a daily email from Spreets. I saw these Christmas lights - Solar powered fairy lights - 100 of them, perfect for outdoors. I paid $28 for them and figured they must be something special because according to Spreets they are normally $99!!

Today I received my fairy lights - what a croc! There is barely 50 lights and the customs sticker says total value $5.0!!! Argh! Cheated again! Never again will I buy anything from these people! Be aware of who you are buying from and check them out first.

Overpriced and did not get what was advertised

Magazine subscription expired

I purchased a 12 month subscription to Better Homes and Gardens. I recently lost my father so the past few weeks have been very emotional for my family and me hence I misread the redemption date on the voucher. I contacted Spreets to see what could be done to re-activate the voucher due to my circumstances. The reply I received was no they could not - even after I gave them the reason. Obviously losing a loved one makes no difference to this lot. I will never again use this organisation or recommend them.


Beter homes voucher

Bought voucher never recieved email contacted spreets no answer contacted again told was out side of time limit wich was 1 month first contact was wityin the month dont wont to know obout it some rule its not there fault if we dont get email thake my advice be careful dealing wit then they do not want to know obout you

You will be disappointed

I've learnt my lesson triple times. First ordered a wine cooler which clearly stated 6 month period to redeem. Two months after when I tried to purchase the Company response was expired voucher...many frustrating hours spent chasing both Wholesaler and Spreets. My case was black and white... end result zilch, Spreets seemingly could not get Wholesaler to honour sale. Bought a earing/ ring diamond set spare of the moment for my niece's birthday, had to email explaining the supposed diamong in the ring broke in two and fell out.. no response or action for returning of item. And then there is this wait till a sale is finished and then redeem your item by a process of entering another website etc... no follow up email or prompt... and bang I was two days late, thank you mam money is ours no exceptions. So bad I prray people abandon Spreets and they go out of business as hopefully karma will take them.

Disgusted with Spreets

Deal for the cordless iron 2/8/12 with estimated delivery 6-8 weeks. Why that long anyway?? 29/10/12 and still no sign of the product. All Spreets keeps saying is "it's on the way". I have now been told to wait till 6/11/12 and then check again. Why? They will not refund your money. I have been told it is a breach of contract but Spreets don't care. I have now lodged a dispute with my credit card compant. Let's hope that sort's them out. I will never use this mob again.

Not delivered

Nemani Amour - shockingly bad

I noticed that another terrible review that Spreets received was not about Spreets itself but the company Nemani Amour that were selling brushes through Spreets. I whole heartedly support the negative review- it has been SIX months, several emails, and Nemani Amour have just refused to reply or try to deal with it. What a waste of money.
easy to use
fradulent companies

Terrible long wait for Product.....if ever!

Read the fine print!
I ordered 3 Duck Feather & Down Quilts 29th May, thinking good price these will be great for winter as they stated in the Banner headlines ....."Stay Warm All Winter".
What a joke about winter. The fine print states 6-8 weeks for delivery. Well today is 8 weeks and no quilts. So email Spreets, no, the 8 weeks does not start from the when you buy or redeem vouchers, but from the end of the validity period which pushed it out another 3 weeks. This takes it out to 11 1/2 weeks from purchase & 2 weeks from the end of Winter!

False advertising, as it won't be keeping anyone warm for winter, and deceptive practice of giving false info on delivery turnaround.
Also Paypal cannot help, as it is outside the 45 day period....so beware of buying anything with a long delivery as you have no come back with anyone.

Final word.....Don't buy from Spreets!

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