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Stirling (Aldi) STR-23RSJAIF (2.3kW)

Stirling (Aldi) STR-23RSJAIF (2.3kW)

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It is so good and very good and it works amazing and my favourite product from the good guys! I got 2, and the do the job! I think there are the best. The way they work is easy to set up and place on! It works so well! All people should have it!

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Stirling Split System pathetic

I bought the Stirling 3.8 Split system at Aldi in Dec 2017 and the heating component does not work at all. I have had to call Stirling seven times who have given me the run around. I eventually spoke to an electrician from Stirling who said this is a common problem would order me the parts if they are not on back order. A month later and nothing. Will never buy anything from Aldi.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


I bought 2 of these and they are fantastic work perfectly, I would definitely buy again. 1in the bedroom 1 in the family room using on heat now for winter large one in the family room warms our very large room. Smaller one in bedroom is excellent as well. Thank you

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Certainly beats the heat

We brought this unit thinking for such a low price if it only done our bedroom I would be more than happy at such a low price and as I work shift work we would use it in the hottest part of the day n it would do the whole 30 square house and I would have to put my hands in front of it to see if it was working it was so quite n it took one man 3hours to put it in n he commented on how easy it was to install

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Exactly what I wanted. Works well. Low power consumption.

I bought 2 x 2300W-cooling and 1 x 3300W-cooling. Happy with both. Only minor design-improvements ALDI should take on board.
The unit is quiet and even quieter in sleep mode.
Somebody below complained about the long time until the unit starts operating - this is explained in the manual - it works like this.

I did detailed measurements with a power-meter:
Standby mode: 2W
Switching on in A/C-cooling mode: Power consumption for the first 3 minutes: 36W (if I recall correctly) - this is the power used by the fan of the indoor unit. The outdoor unit takes these 3 minutes to "prepare itself". After these 3 min. the power consumption climbs slowly from about 700W to approx. 1000W (that is what the rated power given in the manual is). It may not even go as high as 1000W, but stay around 850W - this depends on the outdoor temperature.

In case your wonder: "2300W cooling, but only 1000W consumption (of both units (indoor and outdoor) together)":
In the old days the cooling power was given in HP. I think 2300W is just a conoversion for the cooling HP, and one should simply not try to see a connection between the 2300W and the 1000W. It would make more sense to give BTU instead of cooling-W...

Sure, each time one starts the unit, one has to adjust the desired deflector-position again. It's no biggy, but recommendation to Aldi: Add a defector-memory-function!

I placed one unit in my bedroom, one in the kitchen. The remote offers the option of switching the illuminated display off... - well that is: all the symbols on the display, which make sense. However, this main power symbol, which is illuminated regardless, if unit is switched on or off (and thus does not make sense at all), can not be switched off. THIS is the major negative I have to mention about this unit, and a very loud shout at ALDI: Do something about this on the next model - people complain about this since years!

Anyway, I have my own way dealing with this: In the kitchen, I don't care - however in the bedroom:
Hey, Aldi: I want to sleep there. Not possible with that light illuminating the room. Placing a sticker over the top surface does not help much, as the light bleeds through by the top. Thus, one could do what somebody wrote below: Unscrew the unit behind the lid, where the light comes from and place something (non-flammable) over it. I however went on step further - not really recommended, as something might get damaged and/or warranty might cease...: I scratched off the 2 pesky light super-bright blue SMD-LEDs successfully. Problem solved... ;) I have to say, I was hoping to reduce the 2W Standby power consumption significantly that way as well - but no: Amazingly, this bright light comes from only 0.2W, i.e. after scratching off the 2 LEDs, the stand-by power is still 1.8W. But that is what the power-point switch is for: If you do not use the A/C for a longer time, just switch off the wall-switch of the power-point to save power. 2W power-consumption non-stop for 1 year (assuming 40 cents/kWh) is AU$7 per year...

I did not measure the power-consumption in heating mode yet. But good to know: Don't be shocked, if you switch it on an absolutely nothing happens for about 3 minutes, not even the fan goes. Nothing. That's normal. It heats well (after those 3 minutes).

Somebody below mentioned problems removing the sticker from the unit - I assume that is the power rating sticker...: Use a hairdryer to do this and the sticker comes off easy. I removed the sticker from the front and placed it on the side. Hey, Aldi: You should do this to start with. Nobody thinks the power-rating-sticker is a Piccasso!

About the copper-pipes, which one needs to buy: Caution: Do not use water-copper-pipes. They do not do the job. But even for A/C-copper pipes there are different gratings: One seem to bend only with difficulty, while the real good ones are made of soft copper. My local plummer shop sold it only as 18m roll (I think it was), both pipes and already with insulation around. That sure is expensive... - but I was lucky to find ONE (only one of many) friendly A/C-installer, who sold me what I needed (3m) as cut-off for a really fair price.
I bought the required tools from ebay and made some myself.

If your read the manual well, you will find that 3m is the max. length of copper-pipe, which can be installed without additional regasing. And since you are in Australia and not in the US: Good luck finding a way to buy a can of R400A...: It's not being sold here to normal mortals.

Btw.: I am also happy with the 3300W-cooling unit from Aldi.

I welded 3 extremely strong Metal-constructions to fix the outdoor units to the brick wall, one as low as 1.5m above ground, the other 3.5m above ground (requires 2 ladders and 2 people to get the unit up there).

The timer function is also very good and easy to use. When I go to sleep, I type everything into the remote with closed eyes.
My room-size is quite a bit larger than the room-size the unit is rated for (about 25% larger), BUT: The huge walk-in wardrobe of that room has at least a curtain in the door, which I close, plus I have huge wardrobes and other bits of furniture in that room, so that the m3-size of that room is about right for the unit. Meaning: Giving a m2 (square-meter) size of a room, for which the A/C is good is pretty pointless, Aldi! Required is a Cubic-meter-size, which this A/C-unit can cool without probs.

Also: I installed the bigger unit (3300W-cooling) in my extremely huge split-level-living room (again: m2 size does not make sense in a split-level room). The room is approx. 4 times bigger than the unit is good for, but: It does it's job the way I expected. Obviously the 1st-floor remains boiling hot, while the sofa at which the deflectors are aimed is a very cosy-cool place to sit in summer.
My reasoning behind buying a clearly undersized unit for the room:
I have 5kW Solar panels on the roof. The 3300W-cooling unit consumes 1.5kW Power, my own generated powered, while other appliances can still be powered at the same time, even if there is no full sun, i.e. a bit less then 5kW.... The room would probably require a unit which consumes 6-8kW to cool it completely, but then I would cool the upstairs area, where I do not sit and pay a fortune in power, which I then would have to buy, instead of using the free power from the sun...

Installation cost:
Keep in mind that a licensed A/C-specialist and a licensed electrician are normally payed by the hour. Thus, if you are really handy and you know what you are doing, you could discuss with the A/C-guy and the electrician what you yourself are allowed to do before they arrive. However, if you don't 100% know what you are doing, you will have to pay a big bill in the end.

Wrong advise in the ALDI installation manual:
The manual reads in short: The connection of the pipes is following by bleeding (=create a vacuum with a vacuum pump in the refrigerant circuit), the then release with a 1/4 turn refrigerant (which is stored in the outdoor unit) into the circuit for 10 sec., AND ONLY THEN START LOOKING FOR LEAKS... Well, that is wrong. It you use the refrigerant to find a leak, and you indeed find a leak, which might be substantial and not be fixable by tightening the union-nuts (=flare nuts). In fact, if the union nuts have been tightened with excessive tightening torque they could have damaged the flared ends, i.e. everything needs to be dismantled again at that location and re-flared. Which means: All the so far released refrigerant will disappear into the atmosphere and be lost for the function of the A/C unit. ALDI needs to revise the installation manual.
The proper way of installation is: Pressure test of the connected pipes via service port with (ideally) Nitrogen. ALDI needs to specify the pressure of the Nitrogen. Probably somewhere in the region of 250-450 psi. Test with leak-detector and/or soap-water (bubbles). Only thereafter: Vacuum & R410A release into the circuit. And: Test again!

Why the correct handling of the refrigerant R450A is important:
The outdoor-unit is pre-loaded with 1100g refrigerant R410A.
While R410A is heaps better than the refrigerants of the old days, which had ozone depletion potential, while R410A is said not to have that.
However, as GWP for R410A I found (on two web-sites) numbers of 1725 and 2088 (latter on a German web-site) - this Global Warming Potential (GWP) means: R410A is 1725 or 2088 times as bad for global warming as CO2, i.e. (going with 2088): The amount of R410A in this A/C-unit is (if released) as bad as 2.3 tons of CO2.

Amendment (to understand, what equals 2.3 tons of CO2):
LPG produces 1.51kg/l of CO2
LPG produces 2.32kg/l of CO2, which means in layman terms:
A car, which consumes 17.5 Liter of LPG/100km (1.51x17.5=26.425 / 2300/26.425=106), has produced 2.3 tons of CO2 after driving 8704 km.
A car, which consumes 12 Liter of petrol/100km (2.32x12=27.84 / 2300/27.84=100.6), has produced 2.3 tons of CO2 after driving 8262 km

Oh, and one last thing: I will have to improve on the design:
1. Close all unnecessary drill-holes in the outdoor unit with white sticky-tape (to avoid breeding mud-wasps)
and for the same reason:
2. Protect the air-intake and air-exhaust surfaces with aluminium fly-mesh. Since the flymesh itself reduces the usable surface, the flymesh needs to be bent like a box, so that the air has the original surface to pass through. The "depth" of that construction needs to be about 9cm according to my calculation.
..and I will also protect the outdoor units from rain, keeping in mind that the airflow is not being limited....
3. ...while ALDI needs to improve on: The mounting plate for the indoor unit - it is "not fun to deal with". Very frustrating, challenging and exhausting, until the indoor-unit can finally be attached to it. Mind you that the joggling-act of attaching the unit includes inserting the in-/outgoing pipes at the same time. Design improvement required!

And a last one for ALDI: The standby-power consumption of the 3300W-cooling unit is 9W. That is unacceptable - there is no reason for that to be more than 2W (i.e. what the smaller unit consumes in standby). I solved this problem my way...

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Would pay more a branded unit

The ac unit was very noisy and took a long time to start. And when it did it would start off very loud and then come back to normal.
The thermostat was really fiddly and woukd often switch off.

No memory function on the directiinal swing would need to adjust it evertime.

The airflow wasnt great. And overall wouldnt recommwnd it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Good Split System

Happy with cooling and heating performance
Installation was Ok
This system is easy to use, manuals give full detailed information how to install and use
Not happy that power light is always on.
Plastic finishing of indoor units is not of high quality
Had to spend time to remove stickers from indoor unit.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Aldi Stirling Air Conditioner

I have this air conditioner and would recommend it to anyone as long as their needs are a close fit to mine. I was looking for an inexpensive air conditioner that I would use mainly in summer when it was extremely hot and humid (Sydney summer). It's slightly under capacity for my living room but does a fine job for me but I don't want to be in a refrigerator-type environment.
The only shock was the installation. Even by doing most of the work myself, there was a fair amount of extra expense installing and connecting the two units (eg I had to buy the copper piping to connect the two units). A friend helped with the vacuum extraction but I had to pay a licensed electrician to connect the power to comply with insurance requirements.
The packaging does recommend a licensed installer do the installation. To be fair to consumers, there should be an indicative cost for this service on the packaging as it could affect a buyers decision to get the unit. Installation is a substantial cost whether you do it yourself or have someone do the whole job.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

2 units puchased - just going through warranty process with 1 unit

Bought 2 units in October 2014, installed and been working great up until 1 unit stopped cooling about 6 weeks ago. Now going through the warranty process to have it replaced as it lost all it's gas and caused corrosion. Other than this I found the units quiet, east to use and practical in the 2 areas used in. We'll be using the remaining unit a lot more now as we didn't use that one as much as the problem one......just to see if the same thing happens to this one.....lucky there is another 2.5yrs warranty left. Really hoping we don't have the same problem. Fingers crossed!

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Possibly should of spent more money and purchased a better one

I am a first time purchaser of an air conditioning unit
.My partner did a lot of looking around and said this one would suit .
We purchased 1 for upstairs lounge /dinning and 1 for downstairs in the main bedroom.
I am happy with the one downstairs except for the bright standby lights .I have had to put a sheet over it at night cause the light is so bright .
The one upstairs had to be re gased as the gas leaked out prior to installing.
I find this one is not at all suitable but that is not Aldi's fault.
The units are very quite . And the remote is easy to use .

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Seems to use way more power than claimed.

The 3 units we installed all work OK and run whisper quiet. However the power used by the unit in the living area, which admittedly is undersized for that space, runs continuously at 1000W - nearly double the 520W advertised on the box and only achieves about 5C cooling. I have an in-line power meter to measure the power.
The unit in the bedroom, which is appropriately sized, cools the room off very effectively and correctly switches down to low fan when the room is down to temperature. However, the power only drops below 520W if the room is closed up, curtains drawn and the room is down to temperature. I very much doubt that it produces 2.3kW of cooling at 520W power input as advertised.
The display is also very bright and lights up the bedroom like a night light. This was fixed by removing the display board from behind the front cover, putting black gaffer tape over the LEDs and re-installing the board (10 minute job).

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Doesn't cool effectively

On a hot day this small unit does not cool my very small home effectively, it is fine with heat but not cool. I have to put the temperature on 16 but it only feels like 24 degrees .The unit was very reasonably priced but cost a lot to install. To get another is just too costly.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Aldi $599 Air CON

I comment in general on the Aldi/Stirling air conditioner offerings, not on any one model. When Aldi first put an air-con on their Special Buys around 2009/2010 it was a 6.4Kw unit and priced at $599.00. I bought 3 and they all worked flawlessly (and still do) The only caveat I now have is that the ones on offer in 2016 are all weeners around 2 to 3Kw, and at the same price of $599.00. Such a unit is fine for a bedroom or other small room, but the value for money has pretty much gone. 6KW for $599.00 was fantastic. 2.3KW for $599.00 is a bit ordinary, and too small for many situations. I am disappointed that an effective price hike is masked by a downgrade in specifications. Smacks and excoriations to Aldi for that. Had they reduced the price on the weeners, Aldi may have retained some moral high ground.

Date PurchasedDec 2009

Not a bad unit one issue

We have only had this installed a day, so far it cools effectively. The only issue is that you can't make the power indicator turn off. So when you want to go to bed you either have to put up with a fairly bright blue illumination or turn the power to the unit off at the wall (which is outside on a standard installation).

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Cant complain

The a/c unit was relatively cheap and was 4 stars (out of six) on the diagram. One issue was the wiring diagram was a little confusing and the electrician/fridgy guy had to seek another from Stirling themselves. Apart from this the unit works perfectly. The advantages are:- it has mobile vents up/down and side to side, very simple remote control, quiet inside and outside operation, they didnt have to run a seperate wiring circuit (which saved on installation) and a huge 5 year waranty. Not sure about running costs as I havent got the first bill yet. Cant fault it!

Awesome split stsyem

Ok my review is for the Aldi reverse cycle 5.0kw split system not a portable air con. There is no option on this site for this brand of aircon in the list so will put it here. I purchased this two years ago and it has worked like a dream. The unit was only $599 and install was $700 so for $1200 all up I was very happy. The heating and cooling capacity on this unit is awesome. My power bills are cheaper using this to heat my home than using my gas ducted heater. I am warm in summer and cool in winter. The only flaw it has is that the fan is extremely noisy even on a low setting compared to the 1500 to 2000 dollar models like lg or mitsubishi. Other than that it performs just as well. Solution to noise is to turn the tv up a little. I can handle that. My advice to you would be to keep an eye out just before or as summer hits at Aldi to buy one.Last year they had them for $500 or $550 so they have come down a little in price over 2 years and I would say the noisy fan issue would have improved by now.

UPDATE. 4 years since install and the unit is now condensing to much and leaking water out the front and onto the floor. I guess 4 years use for half the price of a Fujitsu was worth it. I will replace with a Fujitsu air con due to them being ultra quiet. Would have thought 6 to 8 years use was more value for money seeing how noisy these units are.

Update 25th January. Took unit apart. Cleaned thoroughly. Ran unit on dehumidifier mode for a week. Aircon is now functioning normally and no excess condensation is forming. Might have just been a very dusty condensate tray that was not catching all the condensation. Still going strong.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Questions & Answers

Hi guys, I have a 2.3kw in the office. It is one of 4 I have in the house and has been running great up until yesterday. Yesterday about 5-10 mins after turning it on it stopped. LED light was off, fan not going, vents remained opened. I checked outside and the safety fuse had not tripped. I turned the isolator off and heard a distinct click in the outdoor unit (the same sound comes from a working unit next to it when I turn off the isolator) So as best I can figure, there is power to the outside unit but nil inside. I left it off for 20 mins from the main isolator, then turned it back on nil response (hard reset) I reset using the button on the right of the front of the inside unit, nil response. The system is still under warranty but can anyone tell me if I am looking at a PCB problem. I believe diagnostically everything points to the inside unit. Can anyone tell me of anything I may not have done/checked prior to making a service call? Thanks in advance.
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I have error code EF. What does it mean?
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What does WF stand for?
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STR-23RSJAIF (2.3kW)
Outdoor Unit Width256mm
Outdoor Unit Depth760mm
Reverse CycleYes
Cooling Capacity2.3kW
Heating Capacity2.6kW
Cooling Energy Rating4stars
Heating Energy Rating4stars
Indoor Unit Height280mm
Indoor Unit Width898mm
Indoor Unit Depth200mm
Outdoor Unit Height552mm

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