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Sunbeam Cafe Espresso II EM3820

Sunbeam Cafe Espresso II EM3820

MPN: EM3820
3.4 from 39 reviews

Perfect Sunbeam Product that keeps breaking down :-(

Well For the (almost) 3Mths that it worked, I loved it and made 3 or 4 excellent cups of flat white every day. {And as it was Christmas Gift from my family with Three Years Extra Warranty} Well then i tool it back to "The Store of purchase" And they didn't have any more in stock and was not replacing that model QUOTE "They have had a lot of trouble with ?This model" Soo I went to another store that sold them and The $199. for another one Now this one has stopped!
I have had a real trying time with this product but as i know Sunbeam always stands behind their customers Iam not worried. Soo as this is out of the warranty time because i have been changing the item Great product that dosent last long. Now for another new one

Purchased in December 2016 at Myer Retail Stores for $199.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product is used: Daily
Well now i have learnt that Sunbeam had actually Re-Called this Model: EM4820 Has been Re-called That is why i carnt seem to buy one anywhere! I May as well pay the difference and "Up date" to a better machine seeing i have ha so much bad luck with this one. Thank you Sunbeam Australia. Sunbeam has recalled this product. For more information please go to: http://www.recalls.gov.au/content/item.phtml?itemId=1057233&nodeId=504ef7fcfe5b50c2e40c4f23e1d07905&fn=Recall%20Notice.pdfHi Nea. Thanks for your review and apologies for the issues you have experienced. There was an issue with a small number of EM3820 back in 2014 but this problem was subsequently rectified and this has been an actively selling SKU since then (still current). The EM4820 was never a recall, this has simply been upgraded to the EM4300 Mini Barista which is currently our biggest selling machine! You should check it out!We have had Two of your Sunbeam Cafe Espresso and we are not happy. Could I pay the difference and would you do a Upgrade for us?

Good while it lasted

For the (almost) 3 years that it worked, I loved it and made 3 or 4 excellent cups of flat white every day. Easy to load the ground coffee with the instrument supplied and fairly easy to fit the container in. Pretty quick to warm up and leaving the espresso on the top to keep warm while heating/frothing the milk was great. I recommended it to all my friends and was a very satisfied customer. It is easy to clean, fill the water container and empty the water spillage tray.
However the on/off button started to stick and one day when I turned it on, there was a flash of sparks,some smoke and the machine died.
Now I’m prepared to admit that my enthusiasm for keeping the machine scrupulously clean may have caused a build up of something around that switch, though I think it ought not to have ended the way it did. Maybe it needs a fuse or something. Anyway, for the price I paid($77) I reckon 3 years is good going.

Date PurchasedNov 2015
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Hi Rob, Thank you for the review, your input is important to us...

Great little money saver!

I bought this to save me from spending $5-$10 a day in cafes because I have large almond milk coffees. It’s really making a difference :-). It’s so quick and easy to use and there’s something about the ritual of making the coffee that makes it more special. The only vaguely negative thing is I’d like to be able to make the coffee hotter so it lasts longer. It’s a great little machine and easy to clean and use.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
Hi Sammee. Thanks for the great review. Just remember that you never want the water temperature too hot as it will burn the beans resulting in a poor tasting coffee. The optimum temp for extraction is 92 degrees which is the default setting of the machine!!Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated :-)

Good Product - Great company

A good basic machine that makes a good quality cup of coffee. If your measure of performance is good coffee then this is a great little machine. it is priced about right at $150.

Although largely made of plastic rather than stainless, it still look fine. If your aim is to have your guests admire your artwork, then you may need an upmarket model.

This is a manual machine (which I prefer), simple to use and effective. It has good pressure in both the brew head and wand. I also like the positive on/off switch as you can have the machine plugged into a timer so as to have it and your cups pre-warmed rather than having to wait.

What was surprising in this day and age was the high quality service I received from Sunbeam when my first machine had an issue. They were very responsive, and despite my machine being out of warranty by a small margin replaced it without any issues whatsoever. They even freighted the replacement machine straight to me! Wow! I would buy Sunbeam any day if this experience is typical of their customer service as this was superb.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Hi Steve, great feedback on the appearance of this machine, we will pass this on for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us again if necessary and enjoy your cuppa!!

Great Coffee Machine

We are very satisfied with this coffee machine, having bought it 5 years ago. It hasnt missed a beat and is used every day. It is easy to clean and pulls apart very easily. I would recommend this coffee machine for its simplicity to use and price, they wont be disappointed.

Date PurchasedAug 2013
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Thanks for the great review Trent R!!

Reliable Coffee Machine Average Coffee

This is cheap for a coffee machine and so maybe the ole "you get what you pay" for comes into play. It looks nice in the kitchen but it can only make average coffee not as good as a cafe but better than instant. It always comes out a bit meh and ordinary - same with whatever brand of coffee we use.. I largely just use the old stovetop these days and put it in a cupboard.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Hi 70sDavo, sorry to hear you are not completely satisfied with the machine. This machine has a 15 bar pressure so it should perform really well for you. Maybe try a different coffee blend and tamp a bit harder, this may help to deliver a better outcome. If you need any assistance please contact our team on 1300 881 861...

Average Machine On A Good Day

We bought this because the old model had a cult following. This is just not as good as the old one. It works but it simple cannot make the lovely crema coffee that the old model did. I have tried everything. All different types of coffee - coarseness and fineness of grounds and tamping pressure. It just does not have the pressure inside to get nice espresso. It consistently produces ho-hum average coffee. Look elsewhere for a better machine. this is average,.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


After several weeks of use my machine only gives out drips of coffee. I read the handbook and followed the steps to correct the problem. I cleaned the head, didn't tamper as much and tried coarser grounds but the coffee still only drips out of the head. It is disappointing as my Dad's older model still works well.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Not As Good As Old Model

We had the old model and just got this. Long story short. It is no in no way as good as the old model. The old one was a popular because it punched well above its weight as an amazing producer of delicious cafe coffee with a good body and solid crema. This thing is like a bad knock off. Basically its worse at everything and the coffee is just insipid compared to the old model. I think the pump pressure must be much less, it just can't produce the results no matter what I do. Not happy with it at all.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Makes Nice Coffee

This is the 'quiet achiever' coffee machine. There are dearer bigger and fancier models but this just makes good coffee every day without fuss. Crema is nice, extraction good. There not much to it once you have the technique down. The only problem is if you overload the basket, it tends to drip coffee over the sides, apart from that it is a simple, no fuss machine and works well.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Fantastic crema every time. Fast and reliable.

This machine creates a very smooth espresso with a perfect crema. For an entry level coffee machine it produces a great coffee. Ive had mine near two years using it every day on average three times a day. Regular cleaning a maintainance which is easy is key to longevity of this machine. Once younwork out the tamoer pressure you will enjoy the same coffee style every time. Water cart is easy clean and good size. This machine will not dissapoint. Milk frother is fast and delivers a smooth silky milk formthat perfect cappuccino. I couldnt be happier.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Excellent Value Great Coffee

Bought this on the spur of the moment while away from home at Big-W for $149. This unit proves one thing for sure and that is never judge a book by it's cover. It may not be shiny but it works and works WELL! Now bare in mind the price tag and you will not find better value. The unit is very simple to use, makes coffee and Tea perfectly, is east to clean, has a large easy to fill water tank and does NOT LEAK all over the bench like a lot of other similar priced machines. Just make sure you clean the new unit thoroughly before use and do a few dry runs to clean out any debris left behind from manufacture and you won't look back. The machine I purchased is making about six to ten flat white coffee's a day and as yet I could not ask for more. If you like SERIOUSLY HEAVY FOAM however this may not be the machine for you but for Me I am very happy with this one and frankly a little surprised just how good so I thoroughly recommend it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Makes a nice coffee but needs a very gentle touch

The machine makes a lovely coffee, is easy to use and clean. However if the coffee handle is pushed the tiniest bit too far, it can become stuck and once stuck, it's really stuck! We learnt that the hard way and now take more care to be gentle. We don't use the steam wand, having never found a small coffee machine with one we liked (hard to clean and risk milk splattering everywhere), we use a separate milk frother which can run at the same time, no waiting, one item to clean and it goes straight in the washing up. We have only had our coffee machine for ten weeks. Sometimes machines at this price last only a couple of years, other times you can be luckier (I'm hoping we are lucky this time).

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Very Impressive Coffee From This

My wife had been bugging me for ages to get a home coffee machine and we bought this on a whim without doing any research. I would say we hit a bullseye first time.
It consistently makes cafe-quality coffee. Even a complete novice can run this unit and get good results. Lovely crema on top, every time. Even using supermarket coffee. No worries at all. It is a little fiddly to clean the grip but it comes with little cleaners to help with that. Want a latte? No worries it has a steam wand and with a little practice you can even get soy milk just right
I am more than satisfied with this machine. I see others say it leaks but ours never has. It has a quality feel to it despite the price and has never missed a beat.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Machine is Ok

The taste of coffee is great, its easy to use, but I've had to replace it under warranty in the first 3 months. It started leaking and steam wand only produce a flow of water. Crossing fingers this one is ok. I had no choice but to get a replacement as it was right on christmas week and I had a house full of visitors.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Perfect little coffee machine!

I am so please with this little coffee machine! My coffee tastes amazing and I can also froth milk with it for my cappuccinos. It's very easy and basic to use, there are really only two functions, so it can't get any easier than that. It's also very easy to keep clean. I've only had this machine for a little over a month. I'm shocked that something so affordable and little can meet all of my high expectations when it comes to making the perfect cappuccino.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great machine at a very good price!

Bought this machine about 5 months ago or so and couldn't be happier with it! Easy to use, coffee taste good, easy to clean. For the price, you cannot go wrong. I use it everyday and so far no issues. I agree with some other reviews that the space for the cup could be bigger as I use pretty large mugs but other than that, I think it's great!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Excellent for the price

We have had no problems with this machine and use it multiple times a day! Really great for the price and obviously doesn't come with all the features of a more expensive one but that's to be expected. Only thing is some large mugs (medium travel size) don't fit under it.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Good coffee machine for value

It is very easy to use but is not automatic you do the milk yourself and the ground coffee beans then get strained through to your cup.
The milk is pretty good but doesn’t get the smoothest fluffiest texture.

I think if you’re prepared to take abit if time to make coffees it’s a good machine.

The tray is plastic and little bit tacky but guess it’s ok for the price.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Waking up to have a cafe style coffee everyday.

I got this for my birthday and use it almost every day, love the taste and ease of using it. Super easy to clean and maintain. Only thing I wish is the space for your cup could be bigger to sit your mug straight under. And the steamer is very loud when in use. But I can put up with that for a cafe style coffee in my pj's

Date PurchasedAug 2017

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Questions & Answers

I have put my coffee in and it is stuck no coffee is pouring out nor can I now twist it off
3 answers
Is the water tank full? Is the lever on the front all the way over to the right? Can you hear the pump running? Sorry to suggest it, but it is switched on at the wall plate? Yes, thought so! And is the yellow light on or off? As far as the inability to twist the cup off, I wonder if you fitted it at a slight angle (easily done) so it jammed. With enough force you should be able to turn it and remove . Then make sure it’s straight (horizontal) next time you fit it.Water tank is full,lever is all the way,switched on wall and machine, pump runs loud than goes quite, my husband is quite built but still cannot remove the cup off, this has happened once before and I have had hot coffee explode everywhere.Thank you, its fixed.

Hi I have just refilled my water tank but the hot water coming through the where the coffee comes out is coming out very slowly in drips. Any ideas?
1 answer
Hi Carrie F, it could be your pipes may be blocked and may need a descale. You can do this by putting a vinegar/ water solution or a descaling tablet in the tank and giving the machine a good flush. Please refer to your instruction book for further descaling instructions or you can download from sunbeam.com.au

Hi, the frother on my machine has started regularly squirting our large amounts of water. Why is this happening?
1 answer
Hi Jackson S, it may be a pump issue but hard to say. Please call us on 1300 881 861 so our Customer Care Team can go through some troubleshooting with you...


Cafe Espresso II EM3820
Price (RRP) $149
Pump Pressure15bar
Water Tank Capacity1.7L
Release dateJul 2013

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN13: 9311445020456
  • MPN: EM3820

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