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Sunbeam Cafe Series Planetary Mixmaster MX9200

Sunbeam Cafe Series Planetary Mixmaster MX9200

MX9200 (Stainless), MX9200K (Matte Black), MX9200R (Red) and MX9200W (White)
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Do companies only make poor quality products now?

Maybe one of the worst mixers ever made. Was disappointed that it never seemed to touch the bottom when mixing and today motor finally stopped working after just over 2 years and limited use (lucky if it was used 4x a month). Expensive waste of time, never buy from this brand if you want value for money. Hope companies start to realise that a poor product that looks good isn't what consumers want. We want the Sunbeam our grandmothers received as wedding gifts that their daughter eventually inherited because it still works as well as the day it was unboxed.

Purchased in January 2017 at Harvey Norman for $680.00.

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Hi Melinda, So sorry to hear of your issues with the MX9200R. Please call us on 1300 881 861 as we would love to assist you further.

Very Disappointed

I've used Sunbeam mixmaster for 45yrs.Bought my new one round 2yrs ago,hardly use it.Whipping butter & sugar together to make a cream is impossible,all sticks to the side,the base seems to be too wide.I keep reverting back to my hand mixer.The motor also seems to have a high pitch sound.Just bought another brand mixer,it's great.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Love this Mixer

My husband brought this for Christmas at least 4 years ago. I am surprised at the bad reviews as I LOVE MY MIXER. I don't use it every day but I do use it regularly and it hasn't missed a beat. I do agree that you have to scrap the sides and the bottom but I would do that regardless of what mixer I have as that's the way I have always had to do it. I love the way it looks and I love the speed control. I noticed it was the one they used on My Kitchen Rules and that is why I wanted it and I haven't been disappointed yet.

Date PurchasedDec 2014
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Thanks for the great review mwatson!

So disappointing

The motor sounds like it’s straining all the time. The paddles and mixer attachments don’t mix well at all because they are to far away from the bowl so always have to stop and scrape the sides of the bowl, even with the scrapper attachment. The cover part for the bowl has to big an opening so mixture still comes out. So disappointed with this machine.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
Hi Rach, So sorry to hear you are not happy with the machine. We will pass your feedback on to our design team. Please give our Customer Care team a call to discuss this with you on 1300 881 861I'm in New Zealand so a call would cost a lot. Do you have a NZ number.

Not for Doughmaking

This unit is 5 years old but used only a dozen times for light mixing. Over the last 6 months, I made dough a couple of times and found the unit struggled and so I took the dough out while still very wet. This last time, I let the mixer knead while adding a tablespoon of flour at a time in order to not overtax it. There was a loud clunk and that was the end of the motor as the gear broke. Also, the "Planetary Mixmaster" label started to rub off when I first wiped it down, so have gingerly cleaned around it ever since. Steer clear of this product if you want to make dough. For the price, I expected better quality. I will not be replacing this unit with another Sunbeam mixer.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Two have gone the same way

The first mixer I bought lasted a few months,developed a grinding noise and was replaced under warranty.
The replacement is about a year old and has also developed the same grinding noise.
If you buy one, don't expect it to knead bread dough, as advertised. They are not very robust unfortunately.

March 22nd 2018 Update: Spare parts

I wrote a review stating both my original mixer and its replacement developed bad noises (ie gearing). Since writing the review I have had my mixer at the local repairer. He said he couldn't get spare parts, and consequently had 4 of the same model in his workshop unabled to be repaired. The good news, for me, is that was able to repair mine from parts in his broken collection.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great Machine but After 4 yrs all blades were broken after infrequent use & after 5 stand base metal

I loved this machine - pause & timer which I thought was silly was brilliant & I loved the scraper, it has been a great machine. The pause works irrespective of timer so you can have it running & then hit the pause with your elbow to say chuck an egg in or have a look then elbow it again to start. Also works with the timer.
HOWEVER, as I was only using the scraper I didn't realise that the metal blade used 2-3 times had the coating chipping away, so too the top of the whisk and dough hook, the scraper plastic broke recently (only ever hand washed). Now the stand itself has pitting at the base. I only use it around 1/mth & it is kept in cupboard not on bench so not damp. Also it is a pity that second bowls are not readily available for purchase. So now without any attachments I have to decide what to do. The motor is still great.

Date PurchasedSep 2013

Love it

I love my mixer, I don't use it every day or anything like that but have never had any problems with it. Previous to this mixer I had a cheaper model sunbeam stand mixer that wasn't planetary. I like how the whole mixing bowl is used, it's great for making cakes, whipping cream, whipping egg whites. The only downside is that it is too big to fit in any of my cupoards as the shelves are fixed so has to stay on the bench. So I would recommend measuring the space you want to keep it in before purchase.

Date PurchasedJun 2016


It's 4 weeks old , used 4 times An has an odd noise like grinding not sure if that's normal or not . Hopefully it's not a bad purchase as it looks like by reading reviews it could be more problems to look forward to . Hopefully not . Great colour is the positive

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Disappointed. 3 Broken machines and counting.

I bought my MX9200 in September 2012. I was initially pleased with the performance. Over time, the gears became louder and the machine eventually stopped working at higher speeds and then stopped working altogether. The machine was replaced and I received a new machine, this machine never sounded as smooth as the first one, it was always much noisier. Within just a few months it too stopped working. This was also replaced under warranty. I have had the 3rd machine for 11 months and today it too suddenly stopped working. I'm at the point now where I'd prefer a refund to being replaced with another machine which will break quickly.

Date PurchasedSep 2012
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Hi Lou, We are very sorry to hear about your experience with your product. Please be assured all customer feedback is taken seriously and your comments will be forwarded on to our development and technology teams. Based on the date of purchase you have provided, this model is still under warranty. Please return this to the place of purchase for a replacement. You may request a refund on the product although this will be up to the retailer. Kindest Regards Sunbeam

this is a piece of crap

Never will again purchase sunbeam product. Sales and customer service is hopeless in NZ. I purchases in sydney while on holiday.did not lasted 30days. Sunbeam nz cannot replace in nz and was told to take it back to australia for refund. Now why cant i get a replacement in nz sunbeam

Date PurchasedJul 2016

It's Rubbish - Literally

We bought this mixer at DJs, based on the brand allegiance to Sunbeam from years past. Didn't use it much in the warranty period as we were busy with retirement and resettling, etc. When we got time to use it, we encountered recurring reliability issues. Mixer would not re-start after stopping to add ingredients, and display would flash. Wouldn't work again for several hours. Suspect a major programming issue within the control chip. Got so sick of this happening, we have now thrown it in the bin, so it is now literally rubbish. Now bought a KitchenAid, which is probably what we should have done in the first place. Take heed!

Sunbeam cafe mixmaster

I brought my sunbeam cafe mixmaster not long ago and I love it I've always had a sunbeam mixmaster over the years and I've never had any problems with them it mixes great and whips up cream and egg white fast I would highly recommend it if your thinking of buying one .

Three-Year Wonder

We bought the Sunbeam Cafe Series II back in August 2013 and it was going fine until recently when it suddenly went Zit! and stopped working. There was a flicker of light from the back and a burning smell. Am in the process of deciding whether to have it repaired (apparently the power board has gone). Less than three years old and not overly used, am very disappointed. While it worked great, am very reluctant to pay out more money for something that could just go Zit! again and die. Perhaps they should make them without power boards like they did in my mother's day (hers lasted more than 20 years).

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Hi Lisa, I do apologise for the issues you encountered with one of our Sunbeam products. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be passed onto the product team. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Extremely happy!

I bought this and didn't know what to expect as I've read mixed reviews. Anyhow, I'm very happy I stuck with my original thoughts on Brand. The red colour is gorgeous for a start. I love the fact you can select a power setting and there's a display timer to ensure you don't under/over beat. For such a powerful machine, it's super quiet! I use it at least twice per week and I can't complain. I'm a super happy camper :)

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Hi Vee, Thank you for your great feedback on the Sunbeam MX9200R! If you require any further advise or information on the unit, please don't hesitate to give our Customer Care Team a call on 1300 881 861 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Great, for 18 months... then boom!

I bought this Mixmaster 19 months ago and have used it every 2nd / 3rd day over the last 6 months. I make sourdough bread every 2 or 3 days and prefer to use a mixer. This is my first mixer. The motor was fine until this morning when there was a loud crack and a burning smell. And no response after that. How sad... and I'm not happy. I paid NZ$390.00... a lot of money for me. The attachments were good, a scraper, whisker, mixer and dough hook, all the options I wanted. But 19 months performance for $390 is not good by my book.


Bought it for mum 3 years ago for mothers day and she has only used it a hand full of times gear box broke and is seized. Repair man said it was immaculate inside but the gear snapped breaking the gear housing.
Really disapointed this thing took a whole month to save up for on an apprentice wage

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Dear Jamienotsohappy, Thank you for your feedback! Please contact our Consumer Support Team on: 1300 881 861. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Not very happy

I purchased this mixer about 15 months ago and on a couple of occasions the digital screen would flash of and on and the mixer wouldn't start, the mixer has only been used half a dozen times and I can't even get it to start, very disappointed, especially as it is just out of warranty, I have never had any issues with sunbeam prior to this

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Hi Johnm, I do apologise for the experience you have had with the Sunbeam MX9200R. Please give our Customer Care team a call on 1300 881 861 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Love my mixmaster!!!

I bought my sunbeam cafe series 9200 in the hope of making my life a little easier. I own a small cafe and bake all the slices and cakes myself. This mixmaster meets all my expectations! It has timer with memory, pause button and broad variable speeds all while not making a heap of noise. Highly recommended for anyone that loves to bake!! Oh and if you want perfect pastry or meringue.. this will be your new best friend!

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Hi Moyzie, Thank you for your great feedback on the Sunbeam MX9200! If you require any further advise or information on the unit, please don't hesitate to give our Customer Care Team a call on 1300 881 861 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Rough and Noisy

This machine has a high pitch squeal from day one under no load. The bowl had metal swarf inside and is very roughly machined inside, glass would be safer. The scraper attachment bounces in and out of contact with the bowl. It looks the part but lacks quality materials and finish. I suppose it's better than a spoon!

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have just used my sunbeam Planetary mixmaster 9200W and the big bowl is now stuck on the base and I have tried to turn it anti clockwise to unlock it but it is not coming off. What should I do, please help.
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Hi, I have a MX9200 and when I turn the speed on it doesn't change the speed. The LED display tells me it is changing to whatever speed from 1 to 12 but the motor maintains the same speed. Any ideas? Regards Andrea
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Did you manage to solve this? Mine is doing the same and I've only used it twice.

Is there a smaller mixing bowl than the 4.5 litre that it comes with if so were can you get it?
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I didn't look for one but have seen smaller ones in the shops, I don't know if it fit this model.


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